What’s next for inappropriately dressed smirking ‘hot lips’ Lohan?

Kaiser and I were tuned in yesterday afternoon to see if Lindsay Lohan would finally get her comeuppance, but as you know by now she was simply given yet another chance in a lifetime filled with wasted chances. When Lindsay realized she wasn’t going to jail at that point she smirked involuntarily and I’m sure everything the judge told her about how she was just like everyone else was completely lost to her, since it’s not at all true. Lindsay wore a short tight white dress and told TMZ that it signified her “innocence,” which goes to show that she thinks just like a murderous bisexual stock character. Justice may eventually come limping after Lindsay, though. Lohan has another court date on February 23 and faces charges both for stealing the necklace and for violating probation for the umpteenth time. Oh and she’s back on Twitter of course.


She’s due back in court for Feb. 23. In addition to a maximum three years in prison for the theft charge, Lohan could be looking at jail time for possibly violating her probation from her 2007 DUI cases, which isn’t set to expire until Aug. 11.

Less than an hour after hitting the road, Lohan was checking her Twitter account, responding to a concerned-sounding tweet from Celebrity Rehab establisher Dr. Drew Pinsky. (Oddly, her first apparent tweet was a link to a photo of her and Kanye West, taken Feb. 4 at a dinner party for designer Giuseppe Zanotti, but that disappeared a few moments later.)

So what did the celebrity Twitterverse have to say about the embattled star.

“That lindsay lohan necklace is one crummy looking piece of jewelry for twenty five hundred. can barely see it,” quipped Howard Stern, a relative Twitter newcomer, having just signed up last week. “Felony grand theft? I would get an appraisal on that piece of junk.”

“I am mortified how @Lindsaylohan is getting attacked when she is so fragile and just establishing her sobriety. Not at all what she needs,” read the more serious tweet from Pinsky.

“@drdrew thank you for your support.. I appreciate it,” Lohan tweeted in response. And that post stayed put.

[From E! Online]

Is Lohan ever going to get serious jail time for her crimes, or will she continue to skate on the edge of the law, laughing, popping pills and pilfering things she thinks she should get for free? TMZ reports that it’s likely she’ll cop a plea that will allow her to avoid jail time. She just got more publicity for her latest crime than for anything she’s done professionally for years. If she wants to retain any sort of career she’s got a lot of work to do. Lindsay expects everything to come easy for her, though, and I doubt she’ll be able to make any sort of comeback. She’s just too entitled, too addicted, and too much of a narcissist.






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  1. jen says:

    Gotta be honest, it’s the best she’s looked in years.

  2. saintdevil says:

    The duck lips and the “Bitch, please!”-look in the last picture are really cracking me up!

    (Pun definitely intended.)

  3. Marjalane says:

    I have to believe there’s some kid sitting in a cell in L.A. for 18 months because he stole an ipod, doesn’t have any DUI’s and is pissed that he didn’t think to wear white so he could show the judge he was innocent.

  4. brin says:

    Yeah, she is too into denial to get back on track, she doesn’t take any responsibility so she will keep doing what she’s doing.

  5. aa says:

    She should go to jail for that lips. Lilo’s never ending drama. How boring she is.

  6. njnick says:

    So according to Dr Drew, Lohan can do whatever she damn pleases because she is fragile and in recovery? Of course he needs to attach his name to this story and with an idiotic statement. She broke the EFFING law, why are people supposed to feel sorry for her????

  7. Nanea says:

    Why do people think trout pout looks good on anyone?

    And why don’t people of LiLo’s age don’t realize it makes them a lot older?

  8. flourpot says:

    I think calling her “hot lips” gives her credit where none is due.

  9. Rita says:


    If you visit today, I just want to say that I think you’ve really nailed the “Lilo Persona and Problem” threads perfectly.

    By the way, when I was in Australia I saw a duck billed plattalohan in the wild.

  10. Sara says:

    I’m just wondering when she’s going to run out of money. Can she really keep up her life style by selling leggings?

  11. YT says:

    I wonder if her lawyer reminded her not to wear anything stolen to court.

  12. Xx says:

    Heres a weird take on this and I am not saying she should get away with this or anything. BUT on the business end of things with respect to the boutique/shop that pressed charges against her, do you think that it is bad for business to have thrown her under the bus with all the publicity they knew would flow from it? If I were a celebrity, I would think to myself that all of this could have been resolved privately — (There is obviously money available to make them whole) — and I would certainly steer WAY clear of a shop that was so media hungry and so eager to throw a celebrity under the bus for something that could have been resolved with a few phone calls and a few attorneys. Not saying Im right, but could this backfire on the boutique and chase away any celeb clientele? Just thinkin. I’ll stop that now.

  13. DoMaJoReMc says:

    “I am mortified how @Lindsaylohan is getting attacked when she is so fragile and just establishing her sobriety. Not at all what she needs,” read the more serious tweet from Pinsky.

    Could Dr. Drew be any MORE of an enabler? Geeesh! SHE is the one who is bringing on this drama to herself….not the bullies of the media. Good lord, is Dr. Drew dating Dina Lohan or something? SHE did what she did, WHEN she did it, and she should (but probably won’t…UGH!) PAY for her bad behavior. Just sayin’…

  14. mln76 says:

    I saw Dr Drew last night on Showbiz Tonight, that the man calls himself a doctor is really disturbing. His basic argument is Lindsay’s in recovery so she shouldn’t get punished for anything-I think he just wants her Celebrity Rehab, I am betting that’s the only gig she’ll be able to snag.

  15. devilgirl says:

    Between her call girl dress and her attitude, I have really grown to hate her in the last day or so.

    Anyone else, even those in the real world, in a fragile state of recovery, would be behind bars. This is getting out of hand.

    Robert Downey Jr didn’t do a fraction of what this little, entitled bitch has done and he served prison time.

    And Dr.Drew can shove his opinion on Lilo up his you know what! I wonder if he feels the same about all drug addicted, thieving DUI offenders, or is it just the down and out celebrities he hopes will be on his show when all other channels for work have failed.

  16. the original bellaluna says:

    Blohan will continue to skate until she winds up “borrowing” from the wrong person (like a Columbian drug cartel) and gets killed. Or until she kills someone.

    I don’t want either of those statements to be true, because I think death (hers or someone else’s) is a terribly high price to pay for her narcissistic sociopathic personality disorder.

    On a completely separate note, that judge may as well just “wah-wah-wah’d” a la the adults in the Peanuts cartoons; his speech had about as much impact. And we all know the judge is full of it: if Blohan was the same as everyone else, she’d have been in jail (or a mental hospital) a very, very long time ago.

  17. Diane says:

    I’m seriously thinking she is never going to jail. The judge and whole system is kissing her ass. The special treatment she gets is nauseating.

  18. Marjalane says:

    @18 Diane

    It seems that way, but why? It’s not like she’s some great, philanthropic addition to society. I don’t understand how she could have any “celebrity” left that would enable her to get this cushy treatment.

  19. lucy2 says:

    She looks horrible. Her whole face just looks off.
    Dr Drew needs to go scratch. He’s making excuses for her now? She stole valuable property (while sober) and that is against the law. END OF STORY!

  20. macey says:

    Dr. Drew is only speaking out to get his own exposure. He’s nothing more than a famewhore as well.

    Who cares how ‘fragile’ she is, which i doubt for a minute. She’s loving every minute of this attention. Its sickening how much she is getting away with. I’ll be boycotting anything that has to do with her.

  21. happygirl says:

    @ Rita – LMAO @ plattalohan! Haha!!

    Well, now her tatas aren’t the only floating devices she has.

  22. GeekChic says:

    Kaiser, I realize you were using the “hot lips” phrase ironically, but Lohan crackheads so rarely understand things like irony, subtlety, and sarcasm (or truth, consequences, reality, the difference between stealing and borrowing, and the likelihood of “accidentally” moving in next door to your ex in a country of 250 million people) that she is likely to think that you are complimenting her.

    Here are some other suggestions to describe her lips:
    platypus lips
    duck lips
    stuffed sausage lips
    chorizo lips
    bee stung lips
    horse lips
    giant tree fungus lips (http://www.flickr.com/photos/16373901@N00/3962766276/ [not my photo])
    Easter Island statue head lips
    fish lips
    Pete Burns lips
    the lips from pouter space

  23. Jackson says:

    Sad thing is, I think there will still be B- and C-grade movie people after her for their projects. Probably not as a lead due to insurance reasons, but in smaller parts and cameos. Their projects will get noticed with her in them….and will let Lilo feel like everyone still wants her. It will also keep some cash coming in and allow her to continue her cracklife in the public eye – which is just where she wants it to be.

  24. poopie says:

    I HATE HER ! I would love to have someone find her broken and sitting on a curb with a brown paper sack in her hands, cig hanging from lip with long ash, momma lohan right beside her, with lil sis lohan holding the ‘will act for crack’ sign above them.

    her getting off on any and all crimes committed is just OBSCENE OBSCENE OBSCENE.

  25. the original bellaluna says:

    @ GeekChic – And don’t forget the classic “trout pout.” ;)

  26. Isa says:

    @ 23 Geekchick:
    Great job coming up with those alternatives!

    My pick is the lips from pouter space!!!

  27. Roma says:

    I’m having a really, really hard time believing that she’s not using. I saw some other pics of her and her eyes were way off.

  28. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    Here is an idea about Dr. Drew-

    crackhead HATED him because of his previous comments (the ones about if he were her father he would plant drugs on her, etc).

    If Dr Drew seems to be on her side NOW then when she needs rehab, she’ll go to him. He’ll have her on celeb rehab…and it’ll be the most awesome show to watch…

    I mean, it seems like a totally reasonable idea.

  29. ghostwriter says:

    As I said yesterday, cracked out Lilo knows how to dress for for court:
    1. short tight dress
    2. chipped manicure
    3. streaked fake tan
    4. white dress (yes, I am old school, and we just don’t do it unless it’s winter white)

    You might say it’s not important in the bigger picture, but isn’t her “stylist” part of her defense?

    Her lawyer, who i imagine is getting paid big bucks to rep her should have counseled her on appropriate court apparel, which she may have done. Most lawyers do. Although, Linds likely would ignore the advice.

    On a more serious note, the judge is a joke. Setting the felony bond and probation violation bond at $20k each are absurdly low from my experience defending indigent clients. Money and privilege. Maybe he’s a fan. Whatever. I don’t see her getting jail time out of this even with a clear probation violation that resulted from picking up a new charge.

  30. Bella Mosley says:

    I have a question. If it were a loan, wouldn’t there be paperwork signed by both parties?
    A loan of jewelry ususally happens when the star can promote the store or designer at an event. They sign for it, have a date to return it, etc.
    What event would Lohan be attending?
    And seeing all the diamonds she wore to court – why would she want to wear that necklace? It looks like a $100 job you can get at Penneys or Target for that matter.

  31. EzE says:

    You people really don’t grasp the american concept of justice being predicated on the idea of “innocent until proven guilty” do you? Are all of you from china or iran or something?
    Lindsey Rules!

  32. poopie says:

    maybe they were having a jewelry trade show charity event at PROMISES?

    i wouldn’t think ANY jeweler would want FIRECROTCH displaying their line.

  33. Marjalane says:

    TMz has this pathetic post up now about how Lindsey is just an absentminded girl. It’s oddly sympathetic to her.

  34. Innocent says:

    20k is a standard bail amount for felony grand theft.
    As for the probation then she was already paying 20k for the felony grand theft and if they went by her case it would have been up to 400k. So i guess they decided to just knock it down to a reasonable amount for 3 misdemeanors.

  35. geekylove says:

    so, you’re telling me that it isn’t appropriate for my younger sister to look at the photos of underage (in our part of Europe grown) 18-and-more-yearolds smoking cigarettes or pot (which let’s be honest, they see at and hear about in school), but they CAN be bombarded with all the media attention this DESPERATE, would-be-tragic-if-she-showed-one!-bit-of-remorse-and-trying-to-change (B)lohan through the years?!!!??
    hypocrisy at it’s best.

    sorry for the rant. she gets me every time.

  36. anoneemouse says:

    Her expression says it all….she’s LOVING the attention…look at ME…look at ME…it’s all about ME


  37. Franny says:

    @@eze….yeah, she rules at stealing, lying and avoiding real punishment even when our” great american justice system ” finds her guilty

  38. la_chica says:

    just stop it with the lips already! They look NAST

  39. foobie says:

    I feel very sorry for her.

    Because she doesn’t seem to understand that punishment (in this case incarceration) is possibly the only thing now that can get through to her, maybe even save her life.

    By NOT getting what she deserves now, Lindsay will keep sinking in her crappy little life of delusion and enablement, wondering why no one wants to work with her anymore.

  40. Bodhi says:

    I read that no matter what deal she pleads to she will get jail time, either for this theft or for breaking probation

  41. Lady D says:

    Doris Payne of San Diego, 80 was sentenced to 5 years in prison yesterday for the theft of a $8900 ring. She had a long criminal record for theft which is why she got 5 years. She will also be sent to Michigan to face theft charges there. (AP Press.) Let’s hope crackhead gets in sooner and longer.

  42. Ron says:

    She needs to do Dancing with the Stars right now. She would have to have that structure and discipline to do the show and she could change the public’s perception of her in 3 months. Whoever is representing her should push this idea.

  43. Cheyenne says:

    @Bodhi: One can only hope. I agree with Foobie: jail is the only thing that’s going to save her life.

  44. JenJen says:

    I think the judge was way too polite as he said he would be (wth?). Asking her to please stay out of trouble. Right, like she didn’t get special treatment.

  45. minnie says:

    CB, from my understanding she isn’t going to escape jail time even if she cops a plea. she will avoid PRISON time on the theft charge, but she will still have the 6 month jail sentence for violating her probation. so no matter what happens, she will do time. (unfortunately only a fraction of the 6 months. such a joke.)

    like most everyone else, i was hoping to see her arse carted to jail right after the hearing yesterday. however, after reading more i believe that there was no way the judge could have sent her straight to jail. the judge wasn’t being lenient or just “smacking her on the hand”. he couldn’t send her to jail right then even if he wanted to. here’s why: part of her probation is that she can’t commit any other crime while on probation. the problem is that there has yet to be a trial to PROVE that a crime has actually been committed. remember the whole innocent until proven guilty thing? so basically, from what i understand, the judge really can’t do anything (revoking bail is unheard of in this situation) until her trial (or until a plea is worked out).

    once she has her trial, tentatively set for the 25th, i think, if she is found guilty, THEN she will be violating her probation and sentenced to jail time for doing so in addition to the prison time she would receive for the theft itself.

    so i really don’t think the judge was letting her skate. his little speech was all that he could really “do” to her, given the circumstances.

    anyhow i’m almost positive that to say she’ll avoid doing time by copping a plea is inaccurate. my understanding is that she’s doing time no matter what. too bad it will only be like 35 minutes. such. a. freaking. joke.

  46. my brother in law got in trouble in texas once for drug possession and after that the poor kid just kept on getting in trouble for running a stop sign and then violated his probation when a cop gave him a ticket for having a decorative sword he was taking out of his car and walking inside his home when a cop spotted him with the sword. and you know what happened to him? he killed himself because he thought he was going to jail for violating his probation. but people, I am not in Lilo’s side: I think she needs to be put away in real rehad in an island somewhere to detox but I also think she shouldn’t be going to state prison for stealing an overpriced necklace.

  47. Innocent says:

    Yeah EVEN i don’t see how she won’t be found guilty of violating her probation again. I don’t think her probation will be reinstated but 6 months is like less than a month so she will just have to do the time.

  48. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “I read that no matter what deal she pleads to she will get jail time, either for this theft or for breaking probation”

    Bodhi, I read that too. I think the scenario is like this…

    if she pleads to a misdemeanor in the theft case, then she’s admitting to violating her probation and will face time for that.

    if she doesn’t plead, and goes to trial, she runs the risk of being found guilty (which is likely) at which point she’d have to serve time for both the felony theft AND the probation violation.

    her only hope is to go to trial and be found “not guilty”.

    don’t hold your breath.

  49. KJ says:

    So, all joking aside, although I love a good Blohan joke, let’s look at the real disservice the justice system is doing here. Nevermind that if Lindsay wasn’t a “celebrity,” (can you really be an actress when your last movie was in theatres in 2007 and universally panned?) she would’ve been punished eight times over by now, nevermind that the LA County sheriff and the whole judicial system in LA has a big hard on for famous criminals, never mind that she’ll probably beat this too using some weird loophole or plea deal. Nevermind all that.

    What no one gets here – including the judges, her own attorney, her parents and everyone around who keeps telling her that everyone is just out to get her – what no one gets is that all these near-misses she keeps having are moving her step by step closer to death. I say that with total seriousness. If she doesn’t have to face up to her actions in some REAL way, she’ll never get better. Ever. The odds are stacked against her as is. She’s surrounded by enablers, constantly, and grew up into a completely entitled and selfish narcissist with a penchant for hard drugs, hard alcohol, pathological lying and compulsive (and entitled) stealing. If she ever gets her life together, I’d be shocked. Add to that the fact that she’s never really had to face any consequences that make a significant difference to how she views herself. She’s going to OD. If she doesn’t see what’s happening for what it is, if she doesn’t have to be accountable for her actions for ONCE in her life, she’s going to die. We’ll be reading about her overdose. Absolutely tragic.

  50. operagirl says:

    Awwwwww, come on, people. Relating Lindsay to ducks and platypusses is a new low. I mean, really. It’s an insult to ducks and platypusses everywhere! Can’t we just be nice? ;>

  51. Lem says:

    where’s the mugshot? I want to know what I’m getting on the commemorative shot glass set! (we are at 6 by now, right?)

  52. AngelMay says:

    Dr Drew sure has a hard on for Lindsay. He is dying to get her on Celeb Rehab. She’ll end up there. What other work can she get.

  53. melinda says:

    Her lips are beyond disgusting.

  54. julbug says:

    Like I’ve said before, wait until she kills someone. It’s coming.

  55. original kate says:

    “Easter Island statue head lips”

    LMFAO, geekchic!

    she really is a self-satisfied, talentless, streaky little twat, isn’t she?

  56. CB Rawks says:

    “what no one gets is that all these near-misses she keeps having are moving her step by step closer to death.”

    Agreed. But it will be the death of some nice worthwhile person, not her! That’s why I want this effing bitch thrown out on a remote island somewhere. Then we’ll burn the map.

  57. CB Rawks says:

    If you visit today, I just want to say that I think you’ve really nailed the “Lilo Persona and Problem” threads perfectly.”

    Thanks honey! :)

    “By the way, when I was in Australia I saw a duck billed plattalohan in the wild.”