Kate Gosselin tweets “pit bull victim” stories in response to pics of kids cuddling dog

Kate Gosselin’s ex husband, Jon, has a new girlfriend of less than a year, after having broken up with his last one in January. Of course he does. The guy has Ed Hardy underwear that will last years longer than his average relationship. His latest girlfriend is a single mom to three kids, and Jon has been dating her from almost the moment he broke up with his last girlfriend. It’s safe to assume there was some overlap there, given his history. Anyway Jon’s latest girlfriend is tweeting photos of him and his kids, particularly with her pit bull dog. In response to two photos of her kids cuddling with the dog, (the ones which are here), Jon’s ex Kate retweeted another person’s message about how pit bulls are dangerous. It was a passive aggressive, bitch move, but I can’t say that this Liz woman is any better. She’s getting into Twitter arguments with people complaining that she shouldn’t be tweeting photos of another woman’s children. Here’s more, thanks to Radar Online:

“The most pure and genuine kind of love & affection,” Liz Jannetta tweeted last weekend, showing one of Jon’s daughters hugging a pit bull.

The photo immediately sparked outrage among some of her followers because of the dog’s stereotype of being aggressive and unsafe around children, so Liz followed up by saying, “My kids r around pitbulls every day.. Frm Dobies, to German Shepherds to Rottweiler, now Pits- the desire 2 blame wil nvr fade.”

Liz then posted another photo of one of Jon’s sons with the pit bull and wrote, “Photography enables such devotion and feeling… <3 these two."

One follower shot back at Liz implying that Kate would be upset if she saw the photos.

"Sure u want 2 be stiring things up Liz..or u wouldn't be tweeting another woman's kids with pit bulls..Yes did U have permission?" they wrote.

"permission from.... Twitter?? Yes, "another woman's kids" also the children of my boyfriend. Kindly... Keep comments to urself plz," Liz shot back...

"Children who were victims of pit bulls Take a look & see why people care," Kate retweeted from one of her followers on Saturday.

[From Radar Online]

You know what, this chick sounds just like Kate! She’s probably perfect for Jon. I also want to say that pit bulls have a bad reputation because of bad owners. They can be very sweet, well behaved dogs when they are properly trained and treated well. I don’t know what it is about pit bulls, but they have the sweetest faces and I find myself drawn to them. My son’s friend has one and she is the nicest, friendliest dog and good with kids. Also, Kate hates dogs. We’ve heard that she physically abused and neglected the family dogs, two German shepherds, before eventually returning them to the breeder. She’s not a responsible or caring pet owner to say the least. I bet she ripped Jon a new one for this while her kids were in no way in danger. German shepherds can be aggressive if they’re mistreated, so Kate probably risked her kids’ safety much more by beating on their poor dogs, but I wouldn’t expect her to realize or acknowledge that.

This is Jon’s girlfriend. She looks like Kate a little, right?

Photo credit: Fame Flynet and Twitter

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  1. Erinn says:

    What gorgeous dogs. I always have a soft spot for them. My mom is terrified of them. But she at least recognizes that the difference in the temperament is in the breeding and socializing. Our own dog bit me once. Just a little nip. She was having a bad dream I guess, whining in her sleep, and I tried to wake her up and she lightly grabbed my hand. Didn’t break skin, but the thing is; any dog’s capable of aggression. Not just an ‘aggressive’ breed.

    What makes me sad is the people that vehemently hate on a breed because they’ve heard the horror stories, and are unwilling to see that the problem is, quite often, people and not the breed.

    • tmbg says:

      And the horror stories are trumped up in the press because they make a great story and bring in the views. Posting something positive about the dogs wouldn’t make nearly as good press because people love a scandal.

      I had a Catahoula Leopard Dog who was a very loving dog to me for the most part, but he had a couple of triggers and nipped at me once over a toy he had. Heck, any breed can do it. Even Barney Bush snapped at a reporter and gave his finger a pretty good bite.

    • LadyJane says:

      The Maryland Court of Appeals recently deemed pit bulls and pit bull mixes “inherently dangerous”.


      That is enough for me to think that I would prefer them to not be around my children. My choice.

      • Erinn says:

        Exactly. It’s your choice, and only your choice on the kinds of dogs that your kids are around. I understand why people get concerned about their kids, and they have every right to be concerned.

        But I’m not going to write a breed off because a court said so. Socialization is the key. I’ve personally witnessed many extremely hateful, nasty tiny dogs than I have witnessed in a larger breed.

      • laura says:

        That decision is extremely controversial and being fought by animal rights groups in our state. It’s forcing people to chose between staying in their homes (if they live in a rental property) and keeping a loving family pet. Pit bulls are not inherently dangerous. Yes, I own a pit bull with a sweet temperament towards people who thinks he’s a lap dog. We rescued him, he was likely fought and pretty much a bag of bones when we took him in because all the shelters were going to put him down. For full disclosure he did bite another dog once, we are responsible owners paid for the other dogs vet bill and promptly took our dog to obedience classes and have not had a single incidence since. So yes, I understand the “public opinion” of these dogs, but I am not biased. I have owned many different breeds of dogs, the only one that actually bit another person was a pure bred boxer, and there was a bone involved. ALL dogs have teeth and are capable of biting. If we give our pit bull a bone when we tell him to drop it and leave it, he does. Pit bulls are smart, easily trained dogs, when they fall in the wrong hands that’s where the problem lies. Responsible dog owners need to understand the temperament of their dogs regardless of the breed and provide a home and life that suits them. Pit Bulls definitely require a firm owner that likes to spend time with them.

      • tmbg says:

        Actually, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to keep animals away from kids until they’re quite a bit older unless the kids are mature and educated about how to properly treat one.

        You go on YouTube and see all of these babies and kids harassing these dogs and cats and then parents wonder why they get bitten. Grabbing an animal, throwing themselves on top of one, getting in their face, pulling on their fur/tail/paws/whatever will virtually guarantee you’ll have issues unless somehow you wind up with a truly bombproof dog or cat. There was one video where the dog repeatedly raised his lip and was not happy with the toddler who was pulling on his feet, but did the parents do anything? No, they laughed. Pathetic.

        It’s just like that reporter who got bit by the Dogo Argentino (I think). She got right in the dog’s face! For Pete’s sake, learn how to be around an animal and respect their boundaries. Take some training classes. They’re not toys.

      • Lady D says:

        Ontario has banned pitbulls. There is a grandfather clause in place for those that already have them. An animal rights group is fighting to get the banned overturned but for now, no pit puppies in that province.

      • ORLY says:

        Lady D – There is a ban on breeding Pit Bulls, but they aren’t euthanised if they come into shelters. You can still adopt them.

      • themummy says:

        That decision is absurd and based in nothing.

        Just because the court said it doesn’t mean it is so.

        Many pits are raised to fight and so yeah, they get a bad rap. BUT almost any dog raised to fight would be that way. I have a pit and she is the sweetest darling in the world. I’d trust my life to her. Not an aggressive bone in her body…but then again, I’ve snuggled her, loved her, petted her, walked her, played with her, let her sleep on my bed, and taken care of her since she was 10 weeks old. She spends most evenings sprawled across my lap on the couch like a baby. The age old question, nature versus nurture, applies to dogs, too. To any animal that can learn.

      • Tommy says:

        All I know is that one of my dearest friends almost had her nose ripped off because of a mutual friend’s seemingly sweet and innocent pit bull. That alone is enough for me to stay far, far away from the breed.

    • Canda says:

      I am a huge dog lover myself, as I have 3 rescues and love them with all my heart. I don’t particularly care for pit bulls but I would never hurt one or see it suffer or be mistreated. The one major “problem” with pit bulls is that they are the only breed of dog who has a locking jaw. There are stories far and wide about how people have taken baseball bats and such to the head of pit bull who has latched on to a child or a small animal or whatever, and is not letting go… it sometimes has to be killed before its jaws can be wrenched open to release its victim. Any other dog, nuts as some of them may be, can be stunned enough that their jaw may release just enough to reduce the grasp of whatever they’re attacking. Maybe people don’t understand this, and think that singling out pit bulls is unfair… it’s not their fault, but they are one of, if not THE, most dangerous breeds because of this.

    • Me Too says:

      So true Erinn. I’m on the board of a small animal rescue group in my community and the prejudice against Pits is amazing. It’s not the breed–it’s their owners for the most part. If a dog is mistreated and encouraged to fight, which sadly so many people seem to do with Pits, then yeah, they’re going to be aggressive. I don’t doubt there are Pits who are in loving homes who have passive aggressive personalities and may be dangerous…but hey folks, the same can be said for every other breed. It’s either the environment they’re in, or, for whatever reason–genetics–the dog is passive aggressive. But I will tell you, with one exception, I’ve never met a dangerous Pit. All the Pits we’ve dealt with have been loving, good family pets.

  2. Cathy says:

    My sister has a pit bull and he’s a lovely dog. Very friendly and overly affectionate. He loves to lay next to you and get petted. It’s not the breed, it’s the owners who ruin dogs.

    • deehunny says:

      Pit Bulls, like many big dogs, are a high energy breed. The problem is they are widely overbred and people don’t realize the commitment to a dog of that size and energy (after all, they are terriers).

      They were originally bred as family farm dogs to protect the family in the US. That’s why they have all of these different characteristics.

      I used to foster pitbulls until they could find a home; I have extensive experience with the breed.

    • Steph says:

      My brother does too. She is overly affectionate,
      And would be touching a human 24 hours a day if allowed.

  3. CC says:

    Not a very attractive woman, but I digress. She shouldn’t be tweeting pics of someone else’s kids. It’s her “boyfriend’s” kids, not her fiancee’s not her husband’s. Her boyfriend’s. she has no ties to those kids, and she’s just another one in a long line of…well, whatever you want to call the women that get involved with Jon.

  4. Kimlee says:

    She looks nothing like Kate.

    I don’t see the big deal with this Liz person posting the pictuers. The kids are cuddling up with her dog and thier face are not really seen.

    Anyway cute pictures

  5. yellowshaba says:

    Kate is just being her usual ignorant twat self. Carry on dog lovers!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t think I would ever take pet advice (or parenting advice either) from Kate Gosselin.

  7. Bluedog says:

    There must not be any good quality single men if Jon is able to find so many girlfriends.

  8. yael says:

    the hate-on so many people have for pit bulls is completely unfounded… more bites and deaths come at the hands of german shepherds, huskies and labs than pit bulls (at least in canada, i can’t comment on the us). hell, even weiner dogs have more bites on record than pit bulls.

    it is so wrong that an entire breed is banned (in places) and bullied (ha, you see what i did there?) because of a few terrible owners who trained their dogs to be vicious.

    fact: the staffordshire bull terrier (a version of pit bull) is known as the nanny dog in the uk. they are GREAT with kids.

    kate and anyone else who writes/speaks/acts before thinking or researching needs to sit down and stfu.

    • Mel says:

      Oh my God, Staffies LOVE kids. They are wonderful dogs to have around children.
      I can see why people have a problem with these dogs. Take a Staffy, for example. It has a huge, powerful mouth like a Great White, and unfortunately, one good bite from a Staffy or similar dog means a LOT of damage. But I look at it this way – A Staffy IS just like a shark, we hear about a shark attack but forget that thousands of people die or are hurt in other ways in the water for every one shark attack. Its the same with so-called agressive dogs. For every one attack there is very often a bad upbringing for the dog involved, and you also never hear about all the kids getting hurt by labradors, spaniels and terriers (I have a spaniel-terrier cross and I know for a fact he would bite a kid faster than my brother’s Staffy).

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      They’ve be called nanny dogs in the US as well. They’re great with children and sensitive to people with special needs (Helen Keller owned a pit). In the US it’s also true that more popular breeds deemed “child friendly,” bite more than pits. Anecdotally, my 4 year old and 19 month old sons climb all over our pit, take away his food, tug on his lips etc., and he has never gotten annoyed. He is an amazing companion, protects my children, and he is part of my family.

    • Anguishedcorn says:

      I usually don’t jump into the pitbull argument, but I am going to just say that we have a Staff Terrier/lab mix and she is the sweetest, kindest, most tolerant dog I have ever owned. She absolutely is. My four-year-old son’t best friend, and is so gentle and loving with him.

    • hatsumomo says:

      You really should come to San Antonio, TX to see why pits have such a horrid rep. Six kids and elderly persons have been attacked so far this summer. I know you can talk til you’re blue in the face about how wonderful and gentle and blah blah blah they are, but you’re really not making any new arguments for them that haven’t already been said. Im all for banning/regulating the breed here because, until you can get EVERY SINGLE pit owner on the same page about responsibility, things arent gonna change. Im sure we’re both aware you cant stop a stupid person from popping out kids if they want ‘em, because its their god-given right to reproduce, but you can stop a stupid person from owning a dangerous dog. Which is pretty much going to become a last ditch effort to curb the attacks and deaths here.

      • hoopjumper says:

        I think the urge to ban pit bulls is misguided. Bad owners are bad owners, and they will have bad dogs no matter what breed they own. If you ban pit bulls, you’ll just have a different problem two years later when everyone who dumped their pit bull went out and got some other large dog. Multiple people on this thread have already said they remember when German Shepherds and Rotties were the bad guys.

        I think the approach of weight restrictions would be much more effective. Also, people need to keep sharp eyes out and call Animal Care and Control when they see a dog being treated like crap or trained to attack.

        Imma go snuggle with my pit bull now. :)

      • katherine k says:

        Dogs attack people around the world. Going to your town won’t be particularly enlightening to anyone. Where I am, only pit bull bites make it to the news, even though they aren’t the worst offenders.

        It’s the owners, not the breed. Take away the pitbulls and they’ll just move on to German Shepherds or some other large breed.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:


        Helen Keller loved dogs and had several throughout her long life including a pitbull. She also owned a Boston terrier, an akita, as well as mastiffs, setters, and spaniels.

        Sources establishing her ownership of a pitbull:
        http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/dog-care/dog-care-pit-bull-information.html [See "The Pit Bull’s Bad Reputation," paragraph 2]

        Perhaps you should also read this


        It also has a photo of Helen Keller with her pitbull (along with other facts and court rulings).

        @hoopjumper, well said!

      • hatsumomo says:

        Those links arent working. From what I can google, she only had one, or there is only one pic of Helen Keller with a pitbull. She famously bought Akitas to America after being gifted with one in a ceromony celebrating her and its pretty well-known how much she loved the breed, owning quite a few Akitas. If you care to look at my gravatar, its a pic of my dog Leonard who is a pit/chow mix but it doesn’t make me blind deaf and dumb to the dangers of pits here. Im fiercely protective of my dog, but that doesnt mean everyone is. If they were, there wouldn’t be packs of them roaming the streets and attacking. Plain and simple.

      • videli says:

        Hatsumomo, the legislation you favor is going to take away YOUR dog without any questions asked. You won’t be able to prove that you personally are a responsible bully mix owner. But hey, anything for the cause.

      • themummy says:

        So punish the dogs, even into extinction, instead of the people who are breeding them to fight and be violent, and abusing them?

        Um, ok. Logic fail.

      • tmbg says:

        I’d be willing to wager that the owners of those dogs were idiots like these featured in this video:


        That is the Caucasian Shepherd and I think we can all agree that it’s fortunate they aren’t more common. Pits have a reputation for kindness towards humans, but these dogs are purposely bred for aggression. The breeder says so. Notice how the breeder takes the dog out and some idiot puts his *baby* down next to the dog!! I think it’s at 3:26 in the video. At the end, it shows some puny runt who can barely hang on to his dog. I guarantee that it will probably attack someone one day. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but a gun would be safer.

        My point is that in an idiot’s hands, any dog can be a danger, especially if they’re powerful breeds. If you ban pitbulls, backyard breeders will still somehow be producing litter after litter, the dogs will wind up strays or mistreated and in shelters and then automatically be put down. Then responsible owners miss out on the opportunity to have a good pet and the dog has no chance either.

      • Chloeee says:

        I think we need to look at these on a case to case basis-do you have any links on these occurances? What were the cirumstances? Let me just ask a few questions.
        1. Were the dogs spayed or neutered
        2. Were puppies around or involved in any of these incidents.
        3. Were the children under supervision?
        4. Where and who are the owners of these dogs?
        5. Was the dog tied?
        6. Did the dogs even have owners or were they strays?

        There are so many factors that come into play here.

      • Rumorhasit says:

        We can’t regulate who has guns in this country, or what kind of bullets they shoot. And statistics show guns have injured and killed more people than all the pit bull attacks on earth put togather.

        But my own American government can tell me what kind of pet I can keep in the privacy of my own home?

        As a responsible tax paying citizen, this doesn’t sit we’ll with me. Government should stay out of my womb, my personal medical care, and my ownership of a family pet.

      • Fatkid says:

        Fellow San Antonian here and I think our big problem is the ‘owner’. San Antonio is notorious for adopting/gifting animals that they don’t care for properly. It makes me sick. The answer is responsible owners, not breed banning.

      • Jordan says:

        One reason there may be a lot of agressive pitbulls on the streets is that people who use them for dogfighting will turn their dogs loose rather than be caught with a dog used in fighting if they hear the police are going to raid them. Banning the breed isn’t going to stop those people, who are breaking the law anyway. It will just cause the euthanization of the ones in good homes, of people who don’t break the law. I remember growing up and Akitas had a very bad name for being agressive, but then the people who had Akitas made them agressive to make themselves look like badass’. So, one day it very well could be the police coming after your Akita mix if they are deemed the next “inherently dangerous” breed.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        I got mauled by a chihuahua. Really – bit the crap out of me.

    • Meaghan says:

      I had a staffordshire bull terrier! She was an amazing dog, very friendly and affectionate. And there are more attacks by golden retriever then pitt bulls.

    • missv2g says:

      i love you for mentioning the nanny dogs of the uk. i found several black and white pictures from 100+ yrs ago showing infants with their “nanny’s”, big Spuds McKenzie looking dogs that most people fear now. I have two pit mix rescues and i would trust them over any toy size breed around children. Unfortunately size seems to blind owners to their dogs bad behavior.

  9. Mel says:

    Great, the dog gets dragged into a twitfest with a bunch of idiots? Lucky pooch (NOT). I won’t comment on whether the kids should be on her twitterfeed, but I love that the pics show the wonderful relationships that occur between animals and humans :-)

  10. tmbg says:

    Kate’s a freaking idiot. As with any breed, there are good and bad examples, but pitbulls are known for being very loving and kind to humans. They can have some aggression towards other dogs (not the case with mine – he loves people and most dogs and goes nuts when it’s time to go to daycare and play with the dogs there), but that’s understandable given their history.

    If you look at the body language in those photos, the dog has a soft, loving expression and even when he’s being squeezed by the girl, he still looks very patient (you can tell when a dog isn’t comfortable and being held like that isn’t always their favorite thing).

    I attended a play date with pitbulls from a local rescue and they were the friendliest group. A few came running up to me with their tails wagging and just thrilled to get some love.

    I loathe Kate Gosselin. She is a toxic waste dump and far worse than any pitbull.

    • Dawn says:

      If anything Kate is more dangerous for those children then that pit bull. She has pimped them out since the day they were born for money. She has shown them potty training outside, she has welcomed strangers into her home who were cameraman, producers and gophers and made her children believe they were family. She has swatted at the children with wooden spoons, she has left one on the cold floor of a laundry room with a mere blanket because he was sick and his father was not home to care for him, she has made the children fear getting dirty because she throws such wild temper tantrums. She left their father telling him to do what he wanted but he better show up at filming and then let a multi-million dollar company turn him into the villain when he did just that. This woman will do anything for fame and money. The truth is that dog is most likely far more tender with these children then their mother has ever been. This woman is evil and her fans are simply pathetic.

  11. Sandy says:

    I knew a guy with two rescued pit fighters. One wanted me to play fetch with him constantly…with a penny he’d carry around oh so delicately in his mouth. The other would snuggle up to me on the sofa, get on her back and submit to belly rubs. The only dog that has ever bitten me without cause was a Jack Russell after I gave him a dog biscuit. My cousin’s dachshund bites me constantly. I’m more wary of those tiny ankle biters than I am of pits or AmStaffs.

  12. Mimi says:

    Huh. Once again Kate is a vile, ignorant twat and Jon’s hanger on is a fame whore. Oh and for all you pittie haters out there, my pit saved me from a black bear attack in my own driveway ten days ago and spent the next 8 hours getting his throat sewn up at the e-clinic. BSL is BS; it’s the people that make the dogs; blame the deed not the breed. badrap.org is a great website for those interested in pro-bully press.
    Okay rant over.

  13. karley says:

    I agree with Kate on this and I usually hate her. My cousin’s pit was the sweetest dog and we all loved her but on thanksgiving at my grandmas in 2004 she out of nowhere attacked my uncles penkinese and killed it. Like it was nearly decapitated in the backyard while we were all standing around frying the turkey. Pits can be sweet but they have the capibility to do more harm than other dogs when they do snap so I think its better not to allow them around small kids.

  14. videli says:

    I have two pit bulls and I wish more humans I meet would be as sweet and considerate as they are. I also wish that a cuddly toy puddle would bite Kate’s ass.

  15. emmie_a says:

    I’m not too sure how with one tweet you can decide that Jon’s girlfriend sounds like Kate. As for the dog, Kate’s kids probably get more *hugs* and *kisses* from the pit bull then they get from her…

    And off subject but does anyone know what ever happened to Kate’s dog? A few months ago I read that the dog threw up in her house and there hasn’t been word or sighting of it since.

    • atorontogal says:

      It was stated in the article the dog went back to the breeder.

      Kate hates dogs. For me thats all I need to know about a person.

      If you don’t like dogs there is something not right because dogs just want to love you no matter the breed.

      • emmie_a says:

        The article isn’t totally accurate. Yes, originally both dogs were returned to the breeder but then Kate took one of the dogs back. She had it recently. She even had a column written by the dog on her website, because she loved that dog soo much (eye roll – more like she knows most other people love dogs and it was good advertising for her to get free dog supplies)

      • SmokeyBlues says:

        You should reconsider your view on people who don’t like dogs, Atorotongal. I am not comfortable around dogs, don’t like to pet a dog until I get to know it, and try to quickly remove myself from any situation with a very big or unleashed dog. Why? Could be because I was chased down and bitten when I was little.
        People alway take it personally and offensively that I don’t feel great around their dogs. Listen, I have loved several dogs that I got to know well. I don’t wish anything but happiness for any dog, and yes they are usually very cute. But they make me nervous and I don’t like to pet new dogs, at all. There is nothing WRONG with me, it’s just how I feel due to past experiences. I feel this way even after having a very sweet and trustworthy family dog that i felt comfortable with.

      • Lady D says:

        I believe with all my heart that there is something inherently and fundamentally wrong with people who hate dogs.

  16. Sandy says:

    Re: the dachshund, he bites when he gets ‘excited’ if you get my drift. ;oP Hopefully he’ll be fixed soon, lol!

  17. dorothy says:

    She doesn’t sound like Kate at all. I was always under the impression, that given Kates temperment she ate pets and small children for lunch.

  18. Samigirl says:

    I hate this stereotype. My Skipper girl is a lab/pit mix and she is a wonderful pup! My children love her and she loves them as well.

    Mean dogs are bred NOT born!!

  19. MonicaQ says:

    I love my pit Normandy–he’s a big ol’ softee. My baby cousin shoes up and he just sits next to her and brings her the ball so she can throw it (she’s 3). Then he takes nap time with her next to the couch. I have 2 cats too and they’re perfectly find, if anything the cats are more “angry” than the dog!

  20. Anname says:

    Once you put your kids on a reality show, I think you give up the right to complain about their innocent pictures on twitter.

  21. The Original Mia says:

    I know we’re supposed to automatically hate Kate, but I side with her. I’m sure there are some adorable pits out there. In fact, I know there are because my friend owns 2, but I wouldn’t allow my kid around them. Sorry, but I’m not willing to bet it’s only a nurture over nature situation that makes them dangerous.

    • videli says:

      But then don’t trust any dog, big or small. There’s no breed or individual dog that has a ‘will always be gentle with children’ card. It goes both ways, if you’re suspicious of pit bulls, there’s no guarantee that other breeds should merit your trust. I know it sounds a bit mean, but I really don’t mean it that way.

    • Bertie says:

      Yeah…that’s definitely just your own personal issue. You’re basically saying that you just refuse to believe reality because you already have preconceived ideas about pitbulls ingrained in your brain. Are dogs the only thing you do this with?

    • MonicaQ says:

      The meanest dog I’ve ever seen was a Pomeranian that scarred a co-worker’s child’s face and by scarred I mean she’s blind in 1 eye and missing her left nostril. Doesn’t matter the size of the dog or breed, treat them wrong/don’t train them and guess what you get? That.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      I’m with you Mia. To each his own I guess, but I’ll keep my distance from Pit Bulls. I’ve just read of too many instances where a pit bull kills someone–not scars or maims or injures, but KILLS. I believe the experts when they say that it’s the size and strength of a Pit Bull’s jaw that makes it inherently more dangerous than other breeds.
      All dogs bite, but not all dogs have jaws the size of a dinner plate with the strength of a vice grip.

  22. aang says:

    My golden plays with a pit bull at the park. Very sweet dog but what a jaw. Goldens have very soft mouths, I can pry her mouth open or pull a toy out, that pit bull has a mouth like a vice.

    • L says:

      most goldens do have soft mouths. But again, alot of that is from responsible owners. My neighbor had one growing up and everyone on our street knew that dog had a fierce hold. (it destroyed quite a few ducks during hunting season)

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        I have golden retrievers. If you train them correctly they won’t damage anything with their mouths–not even a sock! You can never play “tug” with a golden for example, or it will learn to clamp down on things because he thinks it’s a game. A lot of people think they can take the family pet out to the duck pond and have a go at it. Not true. If you want a dog to hunt, you have to start training it specifically for that as a puppy.
        We don’t hunt, but I grew up around it. And a good hunting dog takes a lot of training.

  23. Katyusha says:

    Yes, crap on the pictures of pit bulls being totally affectionate with children.

    Way to support your cause! Idiot.

    The best dog I’ve ever owned was my pit bull of 12 years.

    “German shepherds can be aggressive if they’re mistreated…” – of course, anyone knows that any dog can be aggressive if they’re mistreated.

  24. L says:

    30 years ago this was the same trend with German Shepherds. Lots of media, lots of people saying ‘they are dangerous!’ and ‘it’s part of their nature’ It’s a trend to have certain breeds that are feared and described as violent.

    My best friend is a vet and works in animal rescue. She’s worked with aggressive rescue pitbulls, but she says the most dangerous dogs are the small yapper type dogs. They bite WAY more often and are much more aggressive, but people let them get away with it because they are ‘cute’ or ‘don’t do much damage’. Until the described kid friendly dog bites the 10 year old. All breeds and individual dogs have different temperaments, but a majority of it has to do with owners and training.

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      One difference. The ankle biter can’t kill someone. As long as there is a dog fighting breed that people will abuse, we will have this problem.

      My doxies were never biters, none of my dogs has been, maybe because they are loving companions like all of yours. Pits are normally great dogs, but they can act on their natural impulses. A doxie doing this will tunnel in your yard for gophers, a pit doing this might do what our friend’s did. The dog was housed in a yard with other dogs near the owner’s 4-H sheep’s pen. When they got home, the yard was a bloody smear with red wool scattered around. The dog often jumped a good 6 feet up to grab squirrels in the tree. Shepherds are great, but will get excited and eat a chicken or herd and nip at a horse’s heels.
      They just do what WE have bred them for. An unhappy, unstimulated border collie is a nightmare. One that has a job is brilliant.
      Also, I love all animals and this pit seems sweet. I have Arabian horses, which get a crazy rap, but when they are treated with love and exercised properly are the sweetest ever and were completely toddler safe. BTW, Kate’s kids are 8 now, old enough to know how to interact with dogs.

  25. Nan209 says:

    Bad breeding (and over breeding), bad training and bad owners all lead to their bad rep. I’ve seen pits that are absolute angels. Kind, protective, not aggressive, funny and all about cuddles.

    The reality is all dogs have the potential to be aggressive and bad training/breeding are the biggest culprits to bad behavior. By those pictures that pit bull is well behaved and a little lover.

  26. JustaGirl says:

    I’m a pet groomer. I get bit a lot more often by chihuahuas, poodles, maltese, and yorkies than I do the larger breeds that come in. The small dogs can be super aggressive. The problem is the bigger dogs that do bite tend to do more damage so they get tagged aggressive.

    • ShaeW says:

      Haha +1 I am a groomer as well and we have only been bitten by tiny dogs and also a very aggressive Aussie.

    • amurph says:

      I agree with you. I think because a larger dog’s bite tends to do more damage because of their size, they get the bad rep. Though I have had horrible experiences with smaller dogs, the scariest dog-moment was with my friend’s Alaskan Malamute. He was so food and toy aggressive if you even walked near him he would snarl and snap at you. He also takes everything as fair game to eat. He ate the futon, jeans, socks, and tried to take down the cat. He’s better now that he’s been formally trained and my friend got a better handle on him but still, he’s scary.

  27. LadyMTL says:

    Although I do believe that pit bulls have gotten a bad rap, it is also true that they can be more aggressive (in general) than other breeds. My father used to train dogs when he was younger and said that PB’s – when trained properly – could be as sweet as all get-out but that he always had to be extra careful around them in the meantime. Also, they have a grip that can practically crack bones, so if they do bite they can do a lot more damage than a smaller dog ever could.

    That said, though, I think Kate Gosselin’s behaviour is extreme. The dogs and kids in these pics look fine.

  28. carrie says:

    my point of view is that every dog (tiny or big) can be aggressive for some reasons so always be careful with kids & dogs

  29. judyjudy says:

    I trust my two pit-mixes around my children more than I do most people.

    Kate Gosselin can k my a.

  30. e.non says:

    there’s a cable show that i caught for the 1st time this weekend — pitbulls and parolees. a remarkable woman has a program that rescues pits who are then rehabbed by parolees she employes. giving second chances to 2 groups regularly shunned and demonized.

  31. Random Devotchka says:

    Owner of a Pit Bull here. Thank you for writing this. They are great dogs <3

  32. Oi says:

    Totally agree with lots of dog owners on here. Its the owners, not the dogs that are bad. I rode a chow like a small horse when I was a kid. He belonged to my mother and he was the most friendly, loving and gentle dog around. Unless you were my dad. Mom had to give Cody (the chow) to her mother because he liked me and my siblings better than he liked dad. Mom raised him before she got married, and dad was always a threat. He never ever got violent, because my mom had trained him right. But since Cody wouldn’t obey dad, he had to go. He died a while ago sadly. Miss him.

  33. wayfarer87 says:

    According to studies by the CDC, a person is more likely to be killedby a family member,by a falling coconut, in a bedroom slipper-related accident, choking on a marble, drowning in a 5-gallon bucket,
    getting struck by lightning,…than by a pit bull. I own two and they are the sweetest dogs anyone could wish for. Kate Gosselin is just adding more fuel to fire BSL. She’s pretty clueless about everything else as well.

  34. wayfarer87 says:

    I own two bullie breed dogs. One is an American Bull dog, the other a Staffie. Both are very loving and would not hurt anyone. They can, however, be animal aggressive, which is why unless you have a firm hand with them and are very strong in training skills, they are NOT the dog for you. Mine live very tranquilly with our 3 cats,and all are doing just fine. Kate Gosselin seems to me to be a bigger danger to kids than pitbulls ever were.

  35. G. says:

    Never had a problem with Pit Bulls. German Sheppards are another story, as one but my sister when we were little, but even then I don’t hold it against the breed. No breed is a bad breed.

  36. Cam S says:

    If the Mother doesn’t want her kids around those dogs or ANY dogs, her decision should be respected. I won’t comment on the breed of dog because I have a biased personal experience with one as a family pet raised lovingly from a puppy in our home. I am now terrified of them.
    This girlfriend should not be tweeting any photos of kids that aren’t hers. End of.
    I can’t BELIEVE I just defended Kate Gosselin. Eff this woman for making me defend Kate

  37. florencia says:

    you can train any dog to do that, the difference is that these dogs have a lot of strength. Also people can be trained like that, that’s what happens in other countries, that’s manipulation. I thought everybody knew.

  38. Tansey says:

    I’m petrified of large dogs. It doesn’t matter if its a Doberman or a Collie, I’ll jump back and hide behind the nearest person. However, my brother in law has a Pitbull, and for the longest time after it grew to an adult I was afraid to go near him. But my BIL trained him extremely well and now he’s the only large dog I’ll not only pet, but he lays right down on the couch and cuddles with me. He’s a wonderful dog and he totally smashed my belief on the stereotypical “ferocious Pitbull”. My belief now is, there’s no such thing as bad dogs, only bad owners.

  39. Debra says:

    Jon should not allow his new gf to post pics of his kids. End of story.

  40. spinner says:

    I love dogs but I do not trust Pit Bulls.
    I wouldn’t own one. I’ve seen first hand what they can do. Just my opinion. I’ll stick with my Lhasa Apso. His name is Bob Barker. Best dog ever!!

  41. Lisa says:

    omg. He went and got himself another Kate.

    Can we talk about how she only cared about getting power back at her precious hair salon? Nothing said of the millions of people who were still without it.

  42. Holden says:

    Kate would do something like that, she’s such a bitter piece of sh*t.

  43. Genevieve says:

    I would like Kate AND Jon to fall off the face of the planet already! Ok, they need to be there for their kids, so how about just fall out of public view.
    And about Pitbulls….my dad had pitties as a kid. They use to be known as a family dog & a military dog. But because we have these horrible breeders & @$$holes who fight them, they have this horrible rap. It’s not fair. LEAVE THE PITTIES ALONE!!!

  44. themummy says:

    Dog stereotypes are dangerous. And pretty sad. I love my Pit–she’s my baby. Same with my Lab, and my mini-doxie. Breeds aren’t the point. How they are raised and taught IS. Pits were chosen for fighting because the LOOK tough…not because they ARE inherently tough.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      Pit Bulls weren’t “chosen” for fighting. They were bred for it. Every pure breed dog you see today was selectively bred– sometimes over hundreds of years– for a specific purpose.
      Pit bulls, poodles, rat terriers, collies, st. bernards, chihuahuas,etc, etc, etc, didn’t just happen. They all originally had a specific job to do and were purposefully bred by people to do that job.

    • videli says:

      Pit bulls were bred for herding cattle.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        They were bred to be able to take on the dangerous and powerful Bull. They were bred to bite onto the bull’s face so the person castrating the bull didn’t get gored.

      • videli says:

        Yup, you are right, and they make very tough dogs. But that doesn’t mean they could kung-fu a bull into unconsciousness. They were supposed to harass, distract, and intimidate the animal. The same way the not very strong Catahoula does with the boar or the cattle.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        I did not say, nor did I insinuate that a Pit Bull could “kung fu a Bull into unconsciousness”
        I was merely correcting you when you said they were bred to herd cattle. They were not bred to herd cattle. They were bred to fight bulls. More specifically, they were bred to protect humans from bulls. And that is why they make such good fighters–because they were bred to defer to humans under every circumstance. Generally speaking, they are very kind and gentle with humans… Until they aren’t.
        Any dog can snap. Any dog can have a bad day. Any dog can get aggressive. When a spaniel gets aggressive someone gets a bite and a scar, but when a pit bull gets aggressive, because of the size of their jaws, people get maimed and killed.

  45. Chloeeee says:

    In 1989 Denver passed a breed specific law that since 1989 has resulted in the door to door confiscation and urbanization of over 5000 FAMILY pet pits regardless of their personal history. its wrong. its ignorant. but then again Kate has never had anyone’s interests at heart besides her own.

  46. Lisa Marconi says:

    The breed isn’t the problem. The recent Las Vegas baby mauling by a mastiff-Rhodesian ridgeback mix suggests that even the gentlest dogs can be surprised by babies or small children and react by biting. Its not the animal’s fault. Owners need to understand the dynamic between kids and dogs – and avoid placing their children in danger.



  47. Isla says:

    Sorry in advance for the long post but I wanted to share my Pitbull story…

    I agree with all who’ve said that it is the owner, not the breed.

    Last year, I adopted a Pit mix during an adoption event at my local PetCo – mind you, I had no intention of adopting a dog because I already have 2 Shih Tzus.

    I walk in planning on buying food and bedding for my daughter’s Guinea Pig, I walk out with a 10 yr old Pit mix I named Bosco.

    I was one of the “PitBulls are dangerous” believers – I played into the the hysteria but there was something about Bosco(the shelter had named him Snarf so yeah, that name had to be changed) that pulled me in.

    Out of all the dogs up for adoption, he was the only one who was calm, loving and had a sweet disposition.

    After reading his “history”, I couldnt leave the store without him – he’d been in the shelter for a year and prior to that, he was a stray for who knows how long. At the shelter, he was the dog that was used to test the temperament of all the other dogs in the shelter – that’s telling.

    The fact that he was 10 yrs old and a pit mix, I knew his chances of being adopted were slim and I couldn’t and didnt want him to live out the rest of his years in a shelter – I wanted him to have a loving home for however long he had left, so I took him home.

    He is AMAZING with my children, my other dogs and anyone who visits the house. He’s so friendly and sweet that I honestly believe if we were ever to get robbed, he’d welcome the thief in, lick him to death and then offer him some milk and cookies.

    My Shih Tzus are the mean, aggressive ones. Bosco’s actually been bitten TWICE by my neighbor’s two Yorkies while on his daily walk. Bosco sees them, gets happy,the Yorkies walk up to him, bite him and he just walks away! No retaliation, no growling, no snapping.

    Bosco is simply amazing and because of him, once he passes, I’m going to adopt another Pit as sadly, they are the most prevalent ones in shelters.

    I encourage those who are misguided about pitbulls, to please do some research, including reading the many links posted in this thread. They’re not the monsters the media has made them out to be.

    • EmmGee says:

      Isla, I ended up with my pit kind of like you did. My son found her at the local shelter (news to me that we were even LOOKING for a dog) and he convinced me to just go meet her. Before we went, I very firmly told him I had no intention of adopting a dog, let alone a rescue pit bull who had been abused and abandoned. That was almost 5 years ago, and let me go on public record as saying I have never known a more loving, loyal, and kind dog as my Abby. She is the dog who when the littlest family members come visit, will lay down on the couch with them to make sure the other dogs don’t get too rough or disturb nap time. She truly fulfills her “nanny dog” duties. I brought home a Boxer puppy a couple years ago and for anyone familiar with that breed, you know they are the goofiest, funniest dog there is, with absolutely no concept of personal space. Well, Abby took him on as if he was her own child and was instrumental in helping to raise, nurture, and train him, never once growling at him or showing any aggression toward his attempts to be in as much of her space as he can be at any given time. I’m now an advocate for the breed, and I never miss an opportunity to bring her in public so that other people can have a chance to see what amazing dogs they are with the right care and nurturing. Like you, I will always have a rescue pittybull in my life. I’m glad there are people willing to give them a chance to show how much love they are truly capable of! I’d much rather bring home a pit from the shelter than I would a Gosselin for supper!!!

  48. Abby says:

    No dog should ever be trusted 100%, regardless of the breed. I have a German Shepherd and she was socialized in puppy classes and NEVER mistreated. However, as an adult she is agressive to strange people and dogs. She also doesn’t always respect our dominance and sometimes growls at us. She can be very loving, but I’ll never make the mistake of trusting her too much.

  49. Rumorhasit says:

    I foster pit bulls, do home checks and volunteer for adoption events with shelter pits, for a rescue. And it’s such a shame that legal responsible pit owners are discriminated against, because of what some criminal types do with and to these dogs.

    A properly, responsibly owned family pet, the pit bull used to be known as the nanny dog.

    And for those sheeple who prefer being spoon fed their information about world events, and life in particular, because you can’t be bothered to or are too ignorant to educate or think for yourselves or form your own opinions – you are almost as dangerous as the criminal element who have shanghaii’d the reputation of what had been known as the perfect family pet.

    Sadly the Goslin kids should fear their spoon wielding psychopath mother, more than a pit bull.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      Rumorhasit what you say makes total sense. But the truth remains that pit bulls are perceived by many if not most people as the most dangerous dog breed. And as long as they are the preferred fighting dog and guard dog of unsavory folks and gangsters, I don’t think there is much anyone is going to do to be able to change that.
      Truth is, if you choose a pit bull as a pet, many people are going to have an unfavorable opinion about that. And while it’s true that Kate Gosselin is an unmitigated bitch–she’s far from alone in her ideas about pit bulls.

      • Rumorhasit says:

        It’s just sad, isn’t it?
        But that’s human nature for you. I wish we could legislate against the willfully ignorant, or uninformed – but we would probably lose most of our politicians in the process.

        I try whenever possible to bring my pits out in public with me, ESP to the playground. We never fail to change someone’s opinion, or at least question what they thought they knew about these dogs, every time we go.

        These dogs aren’t born fighters. Ask Michael Vick, or anyone who fights them. They are made to do this. Not all dogs trained to fight will do so. A dog that shies away and refuses to engage in a fight 2x becomes disqualified, loses and the fight ends. But not after its been torn to shreds by its opposition. Then it’s just so much refuse. Tossed out in the trash to die, unless by a miracle a concerned citizen or ACO finds it. At which point after being fixed up by a vet, it’s put down because its covered in scars, and obviously been “fought” and considered a fighting dog, not to be trusted around people or other dogs.
        The brutality and unfairness of this is why I got involved with this breed. They never know kindness, or affection. They are beaten, starved, and denied any vet care.
        It’s a savage, cruel existence they have, and I’m certain not one a dog would chose for itself. The first fight it loses, its tossed out in the trash, or a gutter, left to suffer in pain til it dies. The perpetrators are never punished. The dogs reputation is trashed, the innocent never fought dogs of this breed are condemned.

        It’s up to us, the legal, responsible owners to challenge the constitutionality of BSL, as well as educating the uninformed, by our example and by our dogs. We need to stand togather and be vocal, and vote, and not capitulate to this discrimination. We need to rescue the public ally held misconception of our dogs, that the criminal element has unfairly hijacked.

  50. Rux says:

    This is straight up discrimination just like against human races.

    “Oh he’s black and I hear that all these black people are gang rapists, thieves and murderers and therefore they are ALL dangerous”.

    This is complete bullsh-t. I have a pit and had pits, rottweilers, german sheperds all my life and not ONCE have those dogs ever exhibited aggressive behavior EVER. However, my mom’s little cute, fluffy, small adorable little Shih Tsu bit me, amongst many other people. So do not give me this bullsh-t about the BREED.

    I am going to hug my “Inherently Dangerous” pitbull right now and make him some grilled chicken for dinner.

  51. Jennifer12 says:

    While I can’t say I think she should tweet another person’s kids’ pictures, she never was told not to or asked to stop or does so constantly. If she does, she will definitely need to cease. That out of the way, pit bulls were called nanny dogs for years until stupid humans destroyed their reps and forced them to use their loyalty to their owners to fight and inbred them. They are beautiful animals. People have stupid prejudices against them. As for that bitch Kate Gosselin, she is barely around her own kids, beats the crap out of them, verbally abuses them, neglects and abuses the family pets and spends her life trying to get back on TV. This is one case where biology shouldn’t trump anything. Those kids will get more love, affection and loyalty from a pit bull.

  52. Mazunte says:

    I knew someone who was killed by his own pit bull.

  53. Shoe_lover says:

    It’s bad owners, not dogs, that are the problem. Too many people get dogs and then dont bother to train them

  54. buckley says:

    Dear Kate:
    I think YOU are an aggressive pitbull. And the one in the picture is way cuter than you.

    Team Dog.

  55. Lease says:

    Oh how I love you right now, Celebitchy! Thanks for writing something positive about the breed.. I clicked on this link just CRINGING.. I was worried that I was going to see a post that was completely anti-pitty. You made such a valid point about the shepherds.. There is a whole list of “dangerous breeds”, Kate. They should put YOU on it lol.

  56. Jordan says:

    I think if she is concerned about her children being around dogs she doesn’t know or trust, she could have handled it privately and more maturely. But if she lets her children around the German Shepard that she owns (and apparently beats?), then she is being hypocritical. That dog is more likely to lash out unexpectedly at her children one day, especially if it is being abused.

  57. Andrea says:

    Here in Edmonton, Canada, the ban on pit bulls was lifted because they figured out that aggression is a dog thing and not a breed thing. There are still places across Canada though that want to ban pit bulls & pit bull mixes.

    There were two incidents this year in Calgary – a lady was attacked by two pit bulls that were siced on her by someone…why do people think banning pit bulls would stop that from happening? The other one – a small child was killed by huskys in their own home. A family dog that went through proper training. No calls to ban that breed though.

    Any type of dog can attack you, doesn’t matter the breed and it could be for any reason. They’re animals! Breed specific hate and bans doesn’t help anyone.

  58. Bayarealife says:

    I was bit by a pitbull I had been around regularly for 5 yrs. the owner was a dog lover, had a well behaved pit and another breed. The pit literally snapped on me one day and we were not horse playing. Permanent scars as a reminder. I am not anti pitbull but I would not risk having them around my children because my children would be more important for me than proving a point over dogs.

  59. Marianne says:

    Any dog can get get aggresive. I have a puggle and she can’t get nippy (especially if I’m telling her “No” it seems).

  60. Jazz says:

    I’m sure Jon and the kids get more warmth and affection from that dog than they ever did from Kate.

  61. vv says:

    A pitbull my neighbours owned actually attacked a horse with a rider. A HORSE! His jaw locked in the horse’s chest and he hung on…this horse was considerably larger too. He was not deterred by his owners, the horse’s size, nothing. I am also pretty sure his owners lied to the police when they claimed he was provoked…

    They also owned a second pitbull that was an absolute nuisance who abused my dog. She would attack my female lab cross and make her submit constantly, to the point she actually injured my dog.

    I think they are horrible animals and I don’t shed one tear at the thought of them going the way of the Dodo, and if my ‘ex’ ever had a girlfriend posting pics of my children online with her animals, I would have something to say about it.

    P.S. So sick of the yahoos on Facebook posting about pitbulls every other day and what great dogs they are. Kindly, I disagree. I have a Jack Russel and a Lab cross instead of a Pit for a reason.

  62. LittleDeadGirl says:

    She shouldn’t be posting pics of other woman’s children. She should also be educating her children about being around dogs.

    Pitbulls are some of the worst offenders of bites BECAUSE of the people that buy them. It’s all about socialization.

    It’s also about educating the public on how to properly greet dogs. There is never (or almost never) such a thing as an unprovoked bite. We as primates like to greet things head on. Dogs don’t … head on greeting is very frightening and aggresive to them which is what leads to bites. Spending less money on stupid legislation and more on educating the public would go alot farther in preventing dog bites.

  63. mia says:

    Kate is a knucklehead. But all that aside, all dogs are capable of biting.
    Socializing is the key so you start a puppy out around children, cats,other dogs,chickens,whatever you want the dog to recognize as “friendly”.

    What should never be done is chain a pitbull to a tree, neglect it and then be shocked when it is scary and unsocialized.