Justin Bieber says he ‘cannot be broken’ as Atlanta neighbors protest his presence

Justin Bieber

You’ve probably seen this “Loser Keeps Bieber” billboard by now. A Chicago-based company, Command Transporation, tweeted the image and it went viral. The premise was that the ice hockey semi-final between Canada and Team USA in Sochi would act as a tie-breaking vote to see which country would have to claim Justin Bieber as their own. Sadly, Team USA lost the match, so I guess he’s ours forever.

Bieber is doing his best to frustrate his adopted home country. Miami Beach prosecutors offered him a pretty sweet plea deal for his DUI/resisting arrest charges. The plea would have involved no prison time but would require community service and random drug testing. The swaggy one has stomped his little feet and rejected the plea. I suspect that the real issue is that Bieber doesn’t want to be drug tested. The official line from team swag is that he won’t do alcohol ed classes because “he’d become a spectacle.” Bieber supposedly wants a plea, but he didn’t like this one.

Bieber has relocated to Atlanta in this midst of his troubles. Swag central is now located in a futuristic, space-age mansion that is secluded in comparison to his old Calabasas digs. Justin signed a three-month lease to get away from Hollywood and gain access to the growing hip-hop biz in Atlanta. The residents in Bieber’s Buckhead neighborhood are not happy about his presence. They are already staging protests and driving the homeowners’ association mad. Bieber needs to go and buy himself a private island like Johnny Depp did. Then Biebs can get his rocks off by throwing eggs into the ocean. For now, the police are patrolling the neighborhood hourly to make sure people leave Bieber alone: “He’s not an animal in a zoo.” Right.

Justin has a new message for all his haters in the form of a song. He released “Broken” (featuring Blake Kelly) to tell everyone “I cannot be broken…Way too strong for that.” Sit down, little boy.

Justin Bieber

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80 Responses to “Justin Bieber says he ‘cannot be broken’ as Atlanta neighbors protest his presence”

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  1. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I guess the burning of Atlanta wasn’t enough. Poor Buckheaders.

  2. Christin says:

    Thank you for explaining why he chose Atlanta. I understand why neighbors are upset. Some people are not meant to live in a residential area.

    I think the island idea is spot on. Even buying a place in the mountains wouldn’t be enough.

  3. Caitlinsmommy says:

    Keep smiling Usher. This is all your fault. You gave him to us, now please make him go away.

  4. eliza says:

    Who dresses/styles this creep. That red ensemble with white loafers is madness.

    When are his 15min. going to be up? I am scared that these hip hop folks are going to extend those 15 by collaborating with him and that is no bueno.

  5. denise says:

    what is going on with Scooter’s pants? No underwear???

  6. Evi says:

    How will he cope when all the money runs out? And it will

  7. dizzylucy says:

    Doesn’t want to become a spectacle? Too late.

  8. ughinsomnia says:

    Ahaha Atlanta will eat him alive if he takes a wrong turn. I’m here for this!

  9. AG says:

    I have trouble feeling bad for anyone involved in this sh*istorm.

  10. Tracy says:

    Sorry about your luck, Atlanta. :-(

  11. We Are All Made of Stars says:

    Good to see that his psyche is stronger than his previous neighbor’s windows and molding. I couldn’t resist. ;)

    • Tazina says:

      The President of the Home Owners Assoc. has said nothing can be done about Bieber living there. He hasn’t committed any crime….(yet). So their protesting is going to get them nowhere. The self-entitled little twerp will be settling in amongst them.

      I have never seen anyone look more ridiculous in a baseball hat than Justin Bieber. His humped back posture and tats run a close second.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I don’t know if the protesting will get them “nowhere”…at the very least Beiber will know that he is moving into a neighborhood exactly like the one he is trying to leave (where the families that live there all hate him).

        It might make him reconsider the neighborhood and look somewhere else.

  12. Darlene says:

    I’m super excited to see him move. He might actually go to prison! Being in possession of a small amount of pot in Georgia can land you in jail for a year, and anything more than an ounce is considered a felony can get you up to 10 years!! If he’s caught with that purple drink sizzurp (with unprescribed codeine) he could get as much as 15 years in prison.

    Georgia ain’t California, and he’s going to figure that out fast.

  13. MonicaQ says:

    Hey, Hotlanta?

    You know what to do. Do work.


  14. Lilacflowers says:

    Such a shame that US hockey lost those Olympic games to Canada. Now we have to keep him.

  15. teatimescoming says:

    oh atlanta, first the snowpocalypse, now the bieber invasion… i feel so badly for your citizens.

  16. Lucky says:

    Maybe he’ll wander over to the Walking Dead set and get bit by a zombie.

  17. I live in Buckhead, and right around the corner from this house. It is NOT secluded. It is right next to a busy road. I pass it every day on my way to the grocery store. As long as he does not break any laws here, I have no issue with him living right down the street, but that’s just me. Until then…Peace. :)

  18. Mindy says:

    My cousin actually lives in that neighborhood. She has 3 kids – one who is thankfully away at college and two teens still under her roof. She is LIVID that he’s there.

    • Anname says:

      His intended house is about 2 blocks from my sister’s house. She has school age kids, and says most people/parents she knows aren’t all that concerned, and the protesters are a fairly small “busybody” group (she is a fairly laid-back person in general). I have driven through that neighborhood many times, and there seem to be speed bumps all over the place. My son did warn his cousins though to make sure their house doesn’t get egged!

  19. GrumpyCat says:

    Bieber is looking at buying a house in Buckhead near the governors mansion? Lol. OK little man.

    He definitely will not get away with things here. Look at Reese! She was previously clean with no reputation.

  20. Lindsey says:

    LOL. You do not want to mess with these Buckhead Betties, Justin; you’ve made a mortal enemy. bye-bye

  21. ReturnoftheMac says:

    Rumor was that he was buying a place here in Savannah. People were NOT happy. The Sav dodged a bullet I hope. Sorry ATL!!

  22. dorothy says:

    They don’t want to break you , they just want you the he** out of their neighborhood. I don’t blame them. I would imagine the property values will drop because of his presence. What a total loser.

  23. Tippy says:

    The message here is “do not mess with suburbanites” they’re fed up and not going to take it anymore.

    Other celebs seem to peacefully coexist with their neighbors. Perhaps Bieber would antagonize fewer people if he lived in a younger area and behaved a little nicer.

  24. JaDeRu says:

    Bieber reminds me of my daughter when she was 5. She got mad at me and said she was running away. I’m quoting her…
    “I’m running away and I’m NOT coming back until dinner. I MEAN IT!
    Except my daughter is adorable.
    Bieber is a dipshi*.

    Sit down little boy, indeed.

  25. The Original Mia says:

    Thanks for the laugh this morning, ladies!

    As an Atlantan, I am enjoying the heck out of the Biebs vs. Buckhead fight. He might have gotten away with that crap in LA, but none of his antics are going to fly here. Not at all. He would do well to buy some land and build a house far away from his neighbors. That way he can act a fool without anyone calling the police on him.

  26. Mr. Stinky FishFace says:

    I just.. I want to slap him. Like if I could do one thing without repercussions I would just slap this shit out of him. Ugh. He gives me the heebie jeebies.

  27. Dimebox says:

    I wonder if the real reason the police are patrolling hourly is to keep Douche-boy in line. I would be furious if he moved near me. My boys rode bikes all over our neighborhood, played street hockey, and didn’t have to worry about some entitled little sh*t drag racing down the street. I can’t imagine any community welcoming him.

  28. jane16 says:

    Well, those of us here in Calabasas are glad to wave goodbye (with our middle fingers) to this vile little wretch. Now if we could only get rid of the kartrashians…the celebration this town would have would rival mardi gras.

  29. Jennifer says:

    He is what we refer to as, “Not an indoor child”

    • Marie, Vancouver says:

      Just about spit my coffee out! I love it – thank you so much, Jennifer!

      Atlanta’s been around a lot longer than that stupid little idiot. I think he’ll meet his match there, and then some. I predict the score will be Atlanta 1, Beiber 0, and then they’ll run him out of town. PS If you will quit sending Miley to Canada to start off her tours, we’ll take Beiber back and ignore him until he grows up.

  30. Izzy says:

    I hope his new neighbors egg his house.

    Is it wrong that I hope that? I guess it is. But I don’t feel bad about it. I guess I’ll have to live with that flaw in myself…

    • Jennifer says:

      I live in Atlanta (about five miles from Buckhead) and I’m kind of embarrassed that people are making such a big deal of his possible relocation. There are bigger issues in Buckhead than the Biebs, even if this small group of people don’t think so.

  31. bettyrose says:

    LOL@ throwing eggs into the ocean.

  32. TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

    He’s like Jason, you can try to kill him but he keeps coming back; notice how no one talks about his “music”; as others have commented on previous threads, he has no talent and if the hip hop “community” accepts him, it will show that they have no integrity, musical or otherwise. For everyone it’s all about the dollars. I’m glad i’m not a fan of these genres.
    BTW. how tall is Usher?

  33. msw says:

    That’s sad. I can’t help but think he would have taken the deal if he wasn’t an addict. If he could stop, the most reasonable thing to do is take that deal.

    at least he got out of Hollyweird for a while. It might be an indication of some willingness to change. At least there is a better chance of actual justice outside of LA.

  34. Denise says:

    Scooter appears to be sporting a raging semi in his pants.

  35. Cassandra_J says:

    Darn there goes my plan of moving to Atlanta

  36. Ruyana says:

    I recently saw a picture of him in a group of maybe 15 or more guys. He was the only shirtless one. Does he not realize how stupid that makes him look? He’s got nothing that breath-taking to reveal, so leave the dang shirt on! Yeah, he’ll break, but he’ll break himself.

  37. AnnieCL says:

    Hahaha! That’s hilarious!! 😅

  38. Monica says:

    I live in that neighborhood, because why wouldn’t I, of course this would happen…

    The problem is that not only did he move to Buckhead which is very hip – he moved to the Chastain Park area, this is a very family-oriented neighborhood, around a big, beautiful PEACEFUL park (which happens to be one of the biggest concert venues in the city). Lots of joggers, walkers, some of our Atlanta athletes live there with their families, older people, little kids, mommies with babies in strollers – etc. Very diverse place, age-wise, race-wise, income-wise. In my opinion, this is the best place to live in Atlanta, and stay within the city limits and have at least somewhat of an urban lifestyle combined with nature and peace.

    So if Bieber moves in and tries to disturb it, he won’t be here for long. People here are VERY friendly, but they’re even more protective of their way of life. And we have a lot of celebs living here, a lot of music people – Usher, Janet Jackson and Jermain Dupree lived here at least for a while not too long ago, Elton John is in Buckhead, Tyler Perry, and on and on. Truth is, you’d never know it, they’re very respectful and they value that peace and privacy perhaps more than anyone else.

    If he wants wild living, he needs to be closer to downtown – south Buckhead, cause Chastain is almost outside of Buckhead and more suburb-type area. Mark my words, the first time he throws a wild party, police will be there instantly, and everybody knows getting arrested in Georgia is the easiest thing in the world – they’re very handcuff-happy around here. If they find any drugs, he’s gonna be in trouble for real.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I don’t know why he insists on living in family oriented neighborhoods! There are SO MANY areas where people can live that are better suited to his 24/7 party lifestyle. When he forces himself on quite communities, people are so much more likely to be upset and call the cops.

      He is not only a jerk, but he seems to be a fool as well.

  39. Lisa says:

    This asshole acting like he’s overcoming a huge challenge. Stop talking.

  40. Bucky says:

    Buckhead is already douche central, so it’s fitting that he’s living there. The weird thing is that he’s living in a family-oriented area, not a party area. Weird.

    I love my neighborhood every day, but I’ve never been happier to live in Old Fourth Ward than I was when I heard the Biebs was moving to Buckhead. It’s transitional neighborhood/hipster central, so he’ll stay far, far away.

    Also, my dad had a run-in with the Biebs in my parents’ coastal Southern California town over Christmas break. Suffice to say, Bieber is a little bitch.

  41. aquarius64 says:

    The ATL cops are patrolling his house because of three previous brushes with the law I bet.

    As for his “haters-won’t-break-me” response, here’s a clue, Bieber (this applies to Miley too):

    When you fire back on social media, especially in an immature way, you’re announcing to the world that your critics DID hit a nerve. A mature person would ignore them and keep moving and only address it if asked in a formal setting (like an interview). Bieber’s (and Cyrus’) immature fans think they’re cool and the enablers are egging them on because it keeps the cash register ringing, but they will go one desperate act too far and the consequences would be severe.

    • Felice says:

      That’s the only thing I don’t like about social media. I feel that fans feel they have more entitlement than they did before. I think if actors and singers want to take themselves seriously, they shouldn’t be on social media since it opens too many doors. Or, have an official twitter that someone on their team manages and just keeps the fans updated on work related things. I really don’t care that Miley ate mac and cheese today.