“Taylor Swift shows off her amazing legs in a onesie in NYC” links


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Michael Schumacher is awake from his coma. [CDAN]


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  1. lizzy says:

    Taylor Swift annoys me beyond belief. I hate her whole schtick. However….she seems to have a really nice life. I’m very jealous.

  2. InvaderTak says:

    Is this what she does now? Walks around in red lipstick?

    Edit:@lizzy: I don’t know, she seems to be pretty bored. She strolls around NYC to no end doing nothing but posing for paps. Seems like very other vapid starlet to me.

  3. Melissa says:

    Shes tall so she has long legs, I don’t know if they’re necessarily “amazing” and “aspirational”. People can be so over-dramatic when it comes to a famous person’s appearance.

  4. raindrop says:

    My legs look like hers, except browner. I’m not bragging. I’m tall and naturally on the thin side, and I work out. Her legs are good, but it’s all in the genes and a decent exercise regimen.

    • lizzy says:

      Hating you a little bit you lucky thing! :)

      • raindrop says:

        I *really* am not trying to be a brat, lol – and to clarify my earlier comment, I think “great legs” come in a ton of different lengths and shapes. It irks me to see long, skinny legs lauded above all others. I envy girls with curvier figures than mine. I envy girls with strong, athletic thighs who can climb mountains. I’m happy with my body – there’s no point in hating it, it’s what I’ve got – but the grass is always greener, you know?

  5. GeeMoney says:

    Isn’t Mick Jagger like, 70? A 27 year old girl is waaaaaaay too young for him. EWWWW.

    GoT rocked last night! Can’t wait until next season.

  6. jenniferjustice says:

    Yes. Runs around in red lipstick and haute couture to be seen. I mean #coughs” to run errands.

  7. Shijele says:

    I wish people would stop calling other people’s bodies as ‘aspirational’. A short chick with short thick legs and arms and a snaking skinny long torso like me can never aspire to Taylor’s slender and coltish physique, just like sweet Taylor could never have the defined, cheekboney, large-eyey glory tat is my face.

    So why don’t we drop “aspirational” and “goals” unless our idols have the same body type and height as we do, and just say that Taylor Swift has nice getaway sticks. Comparing and “aspiring” can absolutely kill a self-esteem if someone discovers that no matter how hard they work out and how little they eat, they still have large thighs.

    Besides, great legs come in so many shapes. All legs are good legs, even mine whose knees are busted from bad turnout during my four years of ballet as a tween. I imagine that great legs are the ones that allow a person to move from point A to point B as painlessly as possible.


  8. wow says:

    Kate Middleton’s legs>>>>>Taylor’s

  9. Catriona says:

    Meh. Jessica Simpson’s legs are superior to Taylor’s and far more “aspirational”, though. At least Jessica has some muscle definition in hers.

    • Mars says:

      Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. I find Swift’s long, lean legs much more attractive than Jessica Simpson’s short stumpy ones.

      • Isa says:

        I would rather have tswift’s legs. Jessica’s are a bit too muscular for my taste.

      • Catriona says:

        I suppose you’re right because I really don’t see anything that makes TSwift’s legs spectacular. I mean they’re nice enough but I think that just because she’s tall but there aren’t any signs that she has “fit” legs which I find so admirable. :) Take a VS model for example, she may be tall and long legged but her legs actually show definition in the muscle and the muscle tone is great! Jessica Simpson may have stumpy legs (poor thing) but it has drastically improved from before and the definition on it is superb. Like a ballerina’s or a dancer’s. :) Not speaking for everyone but I’ve always been in awe with a toned looking woman and never got why people were turned off when a women would have a little muscle, (OMG! Muscles! On a lady? Heavens not too big though or too defined because how gross and unladylike, is what I usually hear) Never got that. :-/ I would strut around with pride if my calves were toned. :) La Jolie, skinny as she may be, even has some muscle tone in her calves and I think it’s a nice finish to a pair of legs.

        But I agree with you ladies, to each his own! :)

  10. Elise says:

    Taylor Swift annoys me to no-end, sorry. She knows the paps are outside, so of course she has to wear the most twee outfit and slather on the same red lipstick. And no, she has long legs, not great legs.

  11. mel says:

    She needs to hit the calf raise machine.

  12. eliza says:

    Hahaha. Did Swifty kill someone’s puppy on here? Good grief.

  13. Lila says:

    She has awesome legs. Not just because they are long; I am jealous of the lean muscle. She is definitely thin but she looks fit to me.

    I am SO jealous of her life. I could spend my days wandering a great city with friends, wearing gorgeous clothes, living in gorgeous homes with enough money to indulge whatever charities and random hobbies I wanted and in between, flying off on my private plane to do a concert in another cool country. I would take her life in a second.

  14. Aysla says:

    Ah, I’m in agony. Portugal losing to Germany 4-0, I’m here for the distraction. Unfortunately, not even Samuel L. Jackson can bring a smile to my face…


  15. Dawn says:

    She looks young and fresh with legs that go on forever! Good for her.

  16. Fan says:

    This young lady is amazing. She is beautiful and I like her fashion choices. Her legs wow!!

  17. Kiddo says:

    Those tweets on buzzfeed were mostly a bore.

  18. Dotty says:

    Rompers / Jumpers / Onesies….whatever you want to call them….these are for children under the age of 3. I wish this attempt at a fashion “trend” would just stop. Come on folks, make it stop!

  19. A Fan says:

    She has a great figure and great legs!

    [*Too bad about the fake tits though*]

    • Nina says:

      God, I’m so sick of women shaming other women for plastic surgery. It’s a hard world out there, buddy, you’ll get eaten alive no matter your breast size and you know what – it’s her choice. Nobody is ideal and she constantly got hated on because she was flat chested and it probably hurt her to constantly get criticised. She wanted bolt-ons, she got them and felt damn fabulous about it. She’s obviously a lot more confident now, so I don’t see where the point of hating her for it is.
      Maybe instead of picking on women, you should empower them. As in: Taylor Swift, you felt like you needed bigger boobs, you got them, good for you girl. Your legs are pretty damn amazing, too.

  20. Mew says:

    Those are legs. Pretty standard issue. Don’t see what’s so special about them.

  21. brianna says:

    I think her legs are nice because they have no cellulite. I have heaps of cellulite on my thighs and it annoys me to no end!

  22. LAK says:

    Gosh she looks like Karlie Kloss (sp?)

  23. Bobby the K says:

    Her legs look average to me.

  24. Illyra says:

    Not a fan, but she’s very, very striking.