Quinn: Prince Harry must contact Charles for Father’s Day, the world is watching!

This Sunday is Father’s Day in America and the UK. I have no idea what Prince Harry’s plans are, but given his Big Dad Energy, I would assume that he will spend the day with his wife and children and perhaps grill some meat whilst listening to a podcast about WWII or the Roman empire. It would not have even occurred to me to wonder if Harry will call his father, but according to royal expert Tom Quinn, Harry “knows the world will be watching to see whether he is big enough to reach out to his father.” This is how the royal media tries to dictate Harry’s actions – they’re trying to order him to call his father, and putting the onus on Harry to beg his father for scraps of attention. They all still expect Harry to act like the neglected child they could control.

Prince Harry is facing a Father’s Day nightmare, a royal expert has suggested, as he knows the “world will be watching to see if he’s big enough to reach out to his father”, King Charles.

As Father’s Day looms, Royal author and expert Tom Quinn tells the Mirror: “King Charles’ birthday and Father’s Day are both a nightmare for Harry. He knows the world will be watching to see whether he is big enough to reach out to his father. He is determined to try to ignore his troubled relationship with his father and he will certainly send a warm message. It’s easy to forget that Harry really does love his father, he just hates the fact that Charles seems always to support William when there is a family dispute.”

Meanwhile the Duke of Sussex is even having “struggles to schedule a call with King Charles”, according to Mr Quinn.

Mr Quinn further alleged that attempts by Harry to arrange a call with his father have been met with hesitation, stating: “Harry has tried to schedule a call with his father already, but his father is prevaricating with Camilla advising against anything that might upset King Charles.”

With Father’s Day set for June 16 and the King’s birthday on June 17 not to mention his actual birth date on November 14, when he turns 76 all eyes will be on the Royal family dynamics.

[From The Daily Mirror]

I hope Harry sent Charles a funny card and a multifunction 10-in-1 screwdriver set and just left it at that. (Sidenote: that’s what I always gave my father, that’s a very traditional Father’s Day gift in my mind.) These people are so desperate to drag Harry, they’re fantasizing about entire scenarios in which Harry “needs” to try to call his father, but he’s being blocked by Camilla and the courtiers, and that is all Harry’s fault, and the world is watching! GMAFB. The only part that I believe is that Camilla is literally gatekeeping everyone and everything around Charles, especially his relationships with his sons.

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  1. Lady Esther says:

    “I would assume that he will spend the day with his wife and children and perhaps grill some meat whilst listening to a podcast about WWII or the Roman empire.”

    Hahaha this was so my Dad. If there was a book or a DVD on WWII that man would buy it! And NGL I gave my father-in-law BBQ tools for Father’s Day 😉

    • Agnes says:

      Lolz, give them what they want! It’s their day! I hope Harry sends a card to his vampire lizard dad and that’s it. I don’t see how Camilla gate-keeps anything if she drinks a bottle of wine for lunch everyday like she did in Normandy, but I guess you can hold grudges while being drunk just as well as when sober, or hungover.

      • Eurydice says:

        I kind of wish Harry would call his bluff. Like have Archie and Lili finger-paint a gigantic card with castles and crowns and horses and dogs and “Happy Grandpapa Day” screaming across the top. And then send it to Charles and PEOPLE both at the same time.

      • @eurydice and they should write “looking forward to meeting you one day when you have time, Grandpapa!”

  2. equality says:

    If I were PH I would ask once if KC wanted to schedule a call, then he could arrange a time or not. Of more interest is whether PW will organize another frankenphoto.

    • Pinkosaurus says:

      KP should issue a selfie of William doing the sacred school run with his children, as that is such a frequent occurrence.

  3. Proud Mary says:

    Please riddle me this: Why does the world have to know whether Harry contacts his father? Salt island can’t have it both ways: you can’t say on the one hand that Harry deserves no royal perks — security, etc., because he’s out of the fold, then say you have the right to know his every move. If he’s a private citizen, then you have no right to know his private conversations with his good-for-nothing, sperm-donor, “father.”

    • Kingston says:

      They will know the minute H attempts to make a father’s day phone-call or video-call or send a card or gift to the deadbeat Turd, because the Diarrhea will immediately run and tell her combolo in the shitmedia.

      Exhibit A:
      “Meanwhile the Duke of Sussex is even having “struggles to schedule a call with King Charles”, according to Mr Quinn.
      Mr Quinn further alleged that attempts by Harry to arrange a call with his father have been met with hesitation, stating: “Harry has tried to schedule a call with his father already, but his father is prevaricating with Camilla advising against anything that might upset King Charles.”

      • Proud Mary says:

        Charles is evil. Just darn right evil! You can’t blame Camzilla for this. This absolutely brings back memories for me of that time when Charles removed Harry’s security, while he was in Canada with Meghan and Archie. Charles refused to take Harry’s phone calls. I could say more about what I think of this guy, but CB won’t let me.

  4. ML says:

    Tom Quinn is certainly not speaking for Harry!
    The real nugget in this article is that Harry is being blocked from being allowed to schedule (!) a Father’s Day phone call, and that TQ is laying a chunk of the blame on Camzilla.

    • MsIam says:

      As if that whole shamboozle with the French First Lady didn’t further confirm Crocmilla’s nastiness, now we have this. She is making her PR minions work hard for their money. Some messes can’t be cleaned up, sometimes you just have to get rid of the whole thing, and Crocmilla is a mess.

      • ML says:

        ITA that Camzilla/ Crocmulla is a nasty piece of work. However, I also agree with Proud Mary above that CRex is ultimately responsible for his own actions. Camzilla can do so much, but it’s up to CRex to go along with her.

    • Camilla advises against speaking with his own son. What a piece of trash this woman is.

  5. Pinkosaurus says:

    I got my Dad a birdfeeder with a camera on it so he can post his bird pictures to Facebook. Maybe Chuck would like one of those? Or another basket for foraging for mushrooms? Whatever, very much doubt a call or no call decision is a “nightmare” for anyone let alone Harry.

  6. They don’t need to tell Harry anything because Harry is a great human being who has a really crappy father. I m sure Harry will reach out but of course the story then will be that Chuckles is mad and subbed the reach out. Typical behavior for the so very stuck up their own as* royal family and bedmates.

  7. swaz says:

    Harry is so charming, love the first picture😍 that’s all I have.

  8. Sue says:

    We gather here because we actually are interested in Harry and Meghan and the royal family but I can guarantee that this interest is not shared by “the world”. I mean is this man insane? There are far bigger issues out there right now other than whether Harry is going to give Dad a call on Father’s day. This man is embarrassing.

    • Beverley says:

      Doncha know the entire world is focused on Little England & the Leftovers?

    • Moniquep says:

      Actually, the BM and Rota rats 🐀 are so delusional and so obsessed with Harry, they see themselves as the ” world “. They are the only ones that can’t take their eyes off him for even 1 second. And of course they still believe that they can manipulate and control him by spewing these kinds of garbage stories.
      Personally, I hope Harry has a wonderful day with his beautiful wife and family, and simply forgets about those disgusting left behinds. Sometimes you just have to acknowledge what is and move on.

  9. Brassy Rebel says:

    Translation: Harry must call his father who is blocking any attempts to call him. I guess they’re really telling us where the problem lays.

  10. Jais says:

    Harry can schedule a call, send a card, send an email or send a text. I’m sure sources will give us conflicting reports of whatever.

  11. AMB says:

    Stories like this make me think the British press is full of folks who have the imagination to write romance novels but not the gumption to self-publish them.

  12. OriginalMich says:

    They just want Harry to call so they can run with a million stories about how Charles was too busy/angry/betrayed to talk to his son.

  13. aquarius64 says:

    Translation: the BM and the rota are starving foot Sussex content because they are under the invisible contract to not to report on the Waleses. Charles lost all rights to get a Father’s Day e-card from Harry because how he treats his American grandkids.

  14. Eurydice says:

    “Harry has tried to schedule a call with his father already, but his father is prevaricating with Camilla advising against anything that might upset King Charles.”

    Interesting that Quinn uses “prevaricating” – it can mean equivocating, evasion and outright lying.

    • Jais says:

      Didn’t we just hear that Camilla is encouraging Charles to have a relationship with the sussex grandchildren? And I can absolutely see Charles using evasion to avoid his son’s phone call requests. Honestly, chalres is probably still angry over Harry’s statement about his father being too busy to see him.

      • Eurydice says:

        It’s not evasion as in avoiding a phone call – it’s evasion as in deliberate weasel words to hide the truth, basically lying. And this quote is ambiguous about to whom Charles is lying – to Harry or Camilla?

      • kirk says:

        The phrase “his father is prevaricating with Camilla” was interpreted by me to mean they were both colluding with each other to avoid taking Harry’s call.

        Since Chuck enjoys deception and subterfuge with his heart’s true desire, the Consnort, I’d get him a fun little ballpoint pen spy camera and call it good.

  15. rosa mwemaid says:

    Harry will probably send his father a card and a pressy and not tell the world, so Quinn will publish a story saying that Harry snubbed his father. It’s none of Quinn’s business and neither is it ours.

  16. Afken says:

    Tom Quinn is a loser and is being used by tabloids to garner clicks in the knowledge that when he eventually slips up and says some crap that gets him in legal trouble, they can just blame him. This man came out of know where and pretends to have access. None of these outlets ask him how he knows. He doesn’t even add on the usual “according to a source”, he just speaks as if he knows (he does not).

  17. B says:

    These people really like making mountains out of molehills. Harry’s team will reach out to Chuck’s team to set up a call. If Charle’s is “not available” then Harry will instruct his team to send a funny card.

    This is neither interesting nor deep. Its just nonsense to distract from the where’s kate questions that are getting louder. The only reason its getting louder is that the firm’s messaging around Kate’s health and return to work has been so shambolic its created more confusion and conspiracies…AGAIN.

  18. Hypocrisy says:

    I would love to know Prince Harry’s Father’s Day plans, but I could care less if he contacts his father or sends a gift for any occasion. I think chucks wife has been gate keeping for a long time, probably long before they were married.

  19. TIFFANY says:

    Does England have Father’s Day there and of they do, is it on the same day as here in the US?

    Why would Harry call him….???

    Wouldn’t it be the other way around.

    • Sue says:

      Yes their Father’s Day is the same as ours, it’s Mother’s Day that is different. I am not sure though why you wouldn’t expect Harry to call him? I mean in the sense that it is Father’s Day it would be up to the child to call the father, not the other way around. In a normal relationship of course!

    • Lady D says:

      You’re supposed to call your parents on Mother/Father’s Day. Never in my life have I heard it being the other way around. Kids reach out to their parents. Is it done different where you are from, @TIFFANY?

      • equality says:

        Maybe she means KC has to call because he is the one who won’t pick up when PH calls him and who claims to be too busy and wants things scheduled to his convenience. The royals aren’t like “commoner” families.

  20. Monika says:

    GMAFB! Right! I wish BM would decide what they want. At one time they want Harry to keep everything regarding his father and the royal family private. The BM gave out at Harry when he answered a question from a reporter regarding his meeting with Charles in February. Harry just said that the meeting was private in that interview. Now the BM wants to know in detail if Harry contacts his father on Father’s Day. What is it, private or not?

    In the same article where Tom Quinn says ” world will be watching if he (Harry)’S big enough to reach out to his father”, King Charles.” Tom Quinn says ” Harry has tried to schedule a call with his father already, but his father is prevaricating ….”. Here you have your answer. Yes, Harry is the bigger man reaching out to his father Charles and Charles is the one behaving like an a**se.

  21. Dora says:

    “The world is watching” these people flatter themselves. The “world” is t watching, the UK tabloids are watching and desperate for anything said or done by Harry and Meghan the mot interesting people in that dysfunctional inbred family. They’re starting to realize that Harry is not the same boy desperate for approval, willing to do anything, take anything for the firm. They are starting to realize that maybe they were a bit too quick in the draw to declare half-in-half out wasn’t possible, and that Harry is more like his mother with one major difference. He had someone to lean on and support him. Diana. No matter how kind she was and supportive to others the RF managed to block her from their public support because Charles made it a her or me thing. Harry’s not alone and he’s showing them all that he is so much more than they bargained for

  22. Amy Bee says:

    Since he’s a father himself, I would think Harry is concentrating on his own children rather than his father who doesn’t give an damn about him or his family.

    • Beverley says:

      I hope Harry has a fun day with his littles. Archie and Lili must make him so very happy!

  23. garrity says:

    Is it wrong to hope that Harry sends him a nice card and a basket with lemons and a jar of the ARO jam, and leaves it at that?

  24. Lisa says:

    Send him a box of tampons! Amazon ships to Salty Island!

  25. Laura D says:

    Wait a minute! How is this a problem when we told only yesterday that Charles was face-timing/Zooming with Archie and Lilibet? Surely, KCIII could arrange a time to talk on Harry on Fathers Day before winding up the call with Archie and Lilibet!

    This is just another click bait article to deflect from the bad press Camilla got for publicly snubbing the First Lady of France.

  26. Wryly amused says:

    “Harry has tried to schedule a call with his father already, but his father is prevaricating with Camilla advising against anything that might upset King Charles.”

    What a tortured sentence! I cannot actually parse the meaning of the second half. Is King Charles evading the truth in the company of a gerund phrase? Is King Charles lying with Camilla whilst referring to himself in the third person? Please, someone find this article a comma or a pair of quotation marks. Better yet, why not “it is thought” it and the author off to the nearest Mad Hatter’s tea party?

    • rosa mwemaid says:

      If he really does want to see his grandchildren the stress would be far worse for him if he doesn’t see them. Mind you, I don’t seriously believe it unless he is a really weak man bullied by his son and or wife.

  27. Meredith says:

    I have done genuine research into trying to find a horseradish hot enough to render my father temporarily blind, as he loves to make himself cry over his hotdogs. I don’t get it myself, but he’s my dad.

    Harry, on the other hand, has no obligation to make any sort of effort. I hope he enjoys his macaroni art from his kids.

    • rosa mwemaid says:

      Grow and make your own horseradish, it is meant to be a lot hotter than the commercially available products.

  28. MsIam says:

    Once again another dumb article from Tom Quinn. I guess he forgot it was Harry who flew across three time zones to see Charles when his “illness” was announced. Harry doesn’t need any reminders or nudges to honor his father, its the other way around. If Quinn wanted to be useful, he should write an article telling Charles to pick up the d@mn phone. If Crocmilla and the courtiers will let him. Plus didn’t Charles say he was “tired of seeing Archie and Lilibet only on video calls”? Those kids are too young to call by themselves. Unless that was another lie from the palace.

  29. Blithe says:

    Nah. The eyes of the world are watching the Royal Family dynamics to learn: Where’s Kate?

  30. Saucy&Sassy says:

    The bm seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel. I don’t think the world care whether Harry talks to King Snubby. Either he will or he won’t . The question I have is who will be leaking the info? Will it be King Snubby because he couldn’t come to the phone? Will it be the Escort because it would be so traumatizing to King Snubby so she said no? Will it be Billy Idle because he hates it when Harry does anything? That’s what I’ll be waiting for.

    I have a feeling this is what the bm will be doing until the left behinds come back from Summer vacation once Trooping is behind them. Lots of inane articles where the ask this that or the other thing about H&M and make it some kind of controversy. I keep saying, they all need to find another line of work.

    What I will be watching is who in the bm will be laid off next. I will also be watching to see what’s next for Will Lewis and his cohort that he hired from the Telegraph.

  31. Cynner says:

    This article is insane.
    First – Harry needs to contact his POS father.
    Second – Harry cannot contact the rat b@$tard because he’s not allowed.
    Make it make sense.
    Why can’t the old guy contact him?! Harry tried during IG celebration and we all know how that turned out.

  32. BlueNailsBetty says:

    I’m more interested in how William will spend Father’s Day. Will his children be with him? Will he call Charles or go see him (lol)?

    William is rightdamnthere and yet he and Charles never do anything together. So maybe instead of focusing on the son who lives 4000 miles away and is actively involved in raising his own children the rota should focus on the son who is right next to Charles and who may or may not be in contact with his own children.

    Also, asking Where’s Kate? would be a great way to celebrate the father of her children.

  33. LittlePenguin says:

    Oh @Kaiser, I’d kill to see Chuck opening your idea for a gift and just looking at it “Is this an antique? What does one do with this?”

    I think a card that plays sound and a gift card for a coffee would be a good gift for Chuck….

  34. Clove says:

    Happy Father’s Day to Harry! I hope
    that he spends it with Megan,Lili and ArchIe-the ones that love him unconditionally!

    If he were petty, I would send chuck a box of tampons. Stay away Harry!!!!

  35. wolfmamma says:

    I like the idea of the kids sending Grandpa a handmade card. Perfect in the real world but of course probably ripped to shreds by the Rota.

  36. blunt talker says:

    This coming Sunday will be Harry’s big day-he is a father of two children whom he loves very much-any celebrating should be about Harry’s fatherhood-King Charles would get a faxed card or flowers sent to where he is living. that damn UK media trying to make a mound out of an ant hill-they are trying to create stories to write about-If Charles is so worried about hearing from Harry on father’s day he should not have evicted Harry and his family from their home Frogmore Cottage.