King Charles got booed at Trooping the Colour & Republic staged another protest

The vibes were definitely weird at this year’s Trooping the Colour. It literally rained on King Charles’s parade, the reappearance of the Princess of Wales is just as mysterious as her disappearance, Prince William seemed especially closed off, and we also saw all three Wales kids together for the first time in six months. Other notable moments: Princess Anne and Prince Edward both wore their honorary military dress uniforms and rode on horseback in the parade; Lady Louise was allowed on the balcony with her parents, but her brother James, formerly Lord Severn and currently the Earl of Wessex, was not included at any point.

While the Princess of Wales’s reappearance got a lot of attention and people were analyzing her healthy-seeming appearance, I’d just like to note that King Charles looked really thin, drawn and tired at Trooping. Buckingham Palace has made it perfectly clear that he still has cancer, although they say his treatment is going well and that’s why he’s been keeping up a public schedule for much of the past two months.

Something else happened at Trooping: the king was booed and Republic staged another “Not My King” demonstration. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a big Republic protest, although they said several months ago that they’re still committed to protesting the monarchy. I think the last big one was for the opening of Parliament last year? Although they did protest outside the Royal Maundy service in March of this year, which Queen Camilla attended without her husband.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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  1. Lia says:

    I also found it very strange that there weren’t that many spectators there. But maybe it was because of the weather…

    As for Kate: It’s really unbelievable. We were being played from the beginning. But I’ve thought that the whole time. While the whole world felt sorry for poor Kate and still does, it was clear to me that Kate simply saw her best chance of not having to work for half a year. That is the best thing that could have happened to her, everyone is talking about her, every media outlet in the world has spread the news, Vogue is posting several propaganda posts. Young people find her interesting now too.
    And that is unfortunately not the case with Harry and Meghan anymore. Although their work really makes a difference, nobody in our media (Germany, France etc – expect England of course) and nobody outside the Sussex Squad/Deranger bubble was interested in the successful Nigeria tour.

    The worst thing is that you are not allowed to write or say anything critical about Kate anymore (it’s even worse than before), otherwise you are immediately lynched!

    • FancyPants says:

      This is what I’ve been saying this whole time- Kate is living her dream life now. She doesn’t have to work and nobody can say anything about it without looking like a jerk and Will can’t divorce her now. It’s everything she every wanted!

      • Tessa says:

        William can divorce her if he wants. Diana and Charles supposedly could not divorce and they did.

      • Tessa says:

        If William wants out and finds someone else he Will divorce Kate

      • Liz says:

        I see her more as someone who sold her soul for a position that she didn’t actually suit. She’s now in a toxic situation having to suppress emotions and fake being happy.

      • Jais says:

        It’s a future of royal events with her husband standing cold and disdainful next to her, sometimes looking her way so the media can snap 2 seconds of a festive glance. But at least there will be long vacations in between those events.

      • FancyPants says:

        He won’t do it. At the very least, he will wait a looong time now. He is too narcissistic to allow himself to be painted the villain for leaving his poor, sick, helpless princess wife. It will have to be a situation he can present as her fault.

      • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

        The response was that she was going to work if docs give her a go and it’s not up to her. Well, if that’s the case, we are we gonna wait a long time before their private doctor gives her an ok. She is going to fake it all the way.

    • Julia says:

      I don’t think it’s true to say nobody is interested in Harry and Meghan anymore the tour got plenty of coverage. If it got no coverage and nobody was interested in it how can it be classed as successful? It was covered on the BBC, CNN and widely on African news outlets. I also don’t believe young people are interested in Kate. They were interested in the mystery of her disappearance. The story got a lot of global attention because it was weird (people don’t just disappear for 6 months). Kate has not suddenly become fascinating. The interest from the public has already started to fade now she’s back.

      • Tessa says:

        Kate imo is an anachronism . A woman who had no career or worked pre marriage. She is still a stepford a d based her life on getting a prince to propose. And she behaved horribly to meghan.

      • rosa mwemaid says:

        I agree, what’s the next mess that the Royals will make. Who will the press turn on next, I thought it interesting that nobody thought enough of Louise to find her an umbrella or put her in the coach with Kate, Louis could have sat on her knee.

      • WithTheAmerican says:

        Yeah Kate didn’t even trend for minutes at a time hours after she made her first appearance after going missing for 6 months.

        a lot of young people are commenting that it looks like she played them for a facelift and others are mad because they or someone they know has cancer and she made people feel like they should be looking perfect and even better than they did before. not a great look for the monarchy.

        Young people are never going to be drawn to Kate and William, as the polls have consistently shown.

        They don’t inspire people because they only think about themselves. That won’t change at 42 when we can see that “cancer” didn’t change it.

      • Normal_Islander says:

        Liz- female royal consort is a role that suits no-one. It didn’t suit Diana, it didn’t suit Meghan and it doesn’t suit Kate. No woman in her right mind will look back on them and think it would be a good idea to marry George.

        The role doesn’t really suit Camilla either as the public will never truly accept her, but I doubt she cares.

      • rosa mwemaid says:

        I have, since my comment about Louise out in the rain which I read in one newspaper, found that there were some pictures of her in another newspaper sitting between the two on the other side of the carriage.

      • 1960tlm says:

        @Julia, I completely agree! If what Harry & Meghan is doing is not working then why do they continue with the hate campaign? They need to distroy Harry & Meghan to prop up that sorry team of losers, KC3, Camilla, Will & Kate? Another thing is young people will call out BS, when they see it from a mile away, and they can’t stand a bully! Her whole abstance and come back reeks of BS, and they will definitely realize that Kate is a bully.

    • Agnes says:

      It’s possible to feel sorry for the miserable existence she’s boxed herself into and still not like Kate as a person who does nothing altruistic with her immense privilege. We don’t really know how much life-force has been sucked out of her by having to deal with the incandescent rage monster William. (He would paralyze any woman I know with depressed inertia.)

    • Tessa says:

      I think a lot of people are still interested in harry and Meghan. The ones who slam them claim to be Kate fans. They don’t seem to praise her for the sake of it

      • CatMum says:

        I agree. I have noticed this talking point coming from a lot of new commenters here.

        Coincidence? Dubious.

      • Chloe says:

        @Tessa, I agree! They don’t love Kate, they only hate on Meghan. Notice how the derangers & BM only compare Meghan & Kate. They never compare Meghan with Ford Feista, Beatrice or Zara, only Kate, and they don’t compare Kate with any of the other royal women either. They don’t even compare her to Rose who’s not royal, but definitely an aristocrat. It’s a strategy to prop up Kate, while abusing Meghan. The BM never write an article about Kate without mentioning Meghan. At least I’ve never seen one!

    • sevenblue says:

      lol. What? Where are you living at? H&M get tons of coverage whenever they go outside. Also, they are not the ones trying to hold an institution alive. They are rich people living their life and doing their personal projects. Also, I saw a lot of people’s comments feeling stupid for worrying about Kate and feeling tricked by her and royal family. BRF employed a lot of bots to manage the narrative. The media was always on BRF’s side. What is changed is now people are suspicious about what BRF says officially. That wasn’t true when H&M fled the UK and shared their experience publicly.

    • Amy Bee says:

      I doubt that Harry and Meghan want to be in the news everyday so I think they’re glad that their comms team can have some actual down time until it’s time to ramp up again.

      • Julia says:

        I agree. I think H&M have the life they always wanted now. They get press coverage for their projects or charity work when they need it but can also have private time when they want. I don’t believe life in the guilded cage of the monarchy is fun for anyone despite attempts by the royals to fake jollity on the balcony to an ever decreasing crowd of supporters.

      • Normal_Islander says:

        I suspect Harry and Meghan have got just what they want right now. Glowing feedback for the Nigeria visit, a few mentions of American Riviera Orchard, and nothing else. The attacks have died down and they’re getting media attention on their own terms.

    • Eurydice says:

      Who are the young people that find Kate interesting?

      • SamuelWhiskers says:

        To be fair I think a ton of people (including young people) found the mystery around her disappearance to be interesting. But she herself is not very interesting, no.

    • DDDDC says:

      Yes, a few of her fans infiltrate here to berate anyone who dares question the narrative for which there is no evidence. Charles looks unwell. I don’t think he’s going to make it. Kate will come undone when the truth emerges and it will. Not everyone in her orbit is a monarchist.

      • Cali says:

        Charles looks older and less healthy than the Queen did when she was suffering from bone cancer.
        He does not have her character.

      • isabella says:

        Unfortunately, cancer doesn’t care about your character. Some of my favorite people have died of it.

      • GTWiecz says:

        Charles looks as old as QE was before she died.

    • Moniquep says:

      I attempted to post a comment about this yesterday, somehow it disappeared. As soon as I saw the first images of her, l immediately thought face-lift. The double folds between her cheek and jawline as well as the dimples around her mouth, are gone. I noted that I hoped they would not stoop so low as to use cancer as a cover for plastic surgery, but you never know with these people.
      I also questioned whether it’s even possible to do plastic surgery while receiving chemotherapy? So I see a major conundrum!!

    • Gingerbee says:

      The Sussexes successful Nigerian trip were covered globally, because I saw tweets from world’s newspapers from India to Egypt to South American countries, and many more. It was not just Sussexsquard who were following the Sussexes trip

    • Josephine says:

      Meh, now that she’s made an appearance, I think that’s the best it’s going to get for her. She appeared and that’s that. She’ll continue to barely work. She still has no charisma, no work ethic, nothing she’s working on. Even the English will get sick of her only claim to fame being that she had cancer treatments.

  2. NJGR says:

    Are other European monarchs drawing this sort of regular protest, or is it just Charles? And do the UK protestors have much public support?

    • equality says:

      I think the difference is that the other monarchies don’t have such large scale, broadcasted
      events for protestors to appear at.

    • sevenblue says:

      I don’t think other royal families have as much financial and political power as BRF. Others usually get a fixed amount of allowance from government for their work, it is nowhere near the BRF’s wealth and how much they are paid yearly.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      These protests give me life. It’s unacceptable that this family continues to take more each year, they are set for big raises btw, for doing NOTHING except stealing wealth and whining about jam.

      They certainly aren’t diplomats, Camilla has now caused at least two international incidents in their short 2 year reign, both with allies upon whom Britain depends! Are they being laid to destroy the UK? Because that’s what they’re doing.

      • therese says:

        @WithTheAmerican Ahhhh ha ha ha. Whining about jam. Loved your comment, and agree about the nine figures Charles is paid for being vindictive, nasty, self-involved, and having to drag an increasingly, staggeringly awkward cow around to the countries and appointments he does go to. I am beginning to feel a tiny bit mean about how badly I trash Cowmilla, because age comes to us all and that is not a fault of anyone: it is however our responsibility how we’ve conducted our lives and what determines whether people love us when we’re old or not. Had she left Charles alone, Diana might still be alive. She could have stayed in the shadows where she belonged. Had Charles wanted to serve, he would have kept the lovely woman that was his wife. She was the best

      • 1960tlm says:

        @Therese, please don’t feel bad about dragging Gross-Milla, when you do think about all of the things that wicked witch did, first to Diana, and now to Meghan and her children. (think Jeremy Clarkson article)

        Regarding Kate: I think something did happen to Kate in December. Remember when Harry flew to the UK wearing a black suit, and all of the media was wearing black that day as well. With that being said, whatever happened, Kate is milking that incident so that William will not divorce her or she’s negotiating the terms of her upcoming divorce. Her alleged face-lift might be part of those terms. No one dealing with cancer who is too sick to work, looks that refreshed, I call BS! One thing I do know, is Cancer. My dad died of cancer, my mom had breast cancer & 3 out of 4 of my grandparents suffered & died because of cancer, plus uncles, aunts & cousins of mine have also suffered from Cancer. My cousin died last month from cancer & he was young! Charles looks sickly, he looks like something is wrong. Kate not so much! One of the reasons I think she doesn’t have it is because she has yet to say anything of support for cancer survivors. She hasn’t mentioned one word!
        That should be her mission, raising funds for cancer centers, but she’s too self obsessed to be bothered to do that. If anyone finds out that she really does not have cancer or is not going through preventive measures that would be her downfall. When thieves were trying to steal her medical records, they only wanted Kate’s records not the Kings. Why only hers? That sounds highly suspicious.
        And if she doesn’t have cancer for her to parade around pretending she has cancer, just because she doesn’t want a divorce from that meat-head she chased for ten years before he would commit, is utterly disgusting!

    • Lauren says:

      There are always protests at the Dutch major celebration, I think its for the opening of the legislature, but they aren’t specifically anti-monarchy.

  3. Wow his disappeared daughter-in-law reappears and he gets booed on the same day. I love a parade when all this comes together and it rained.

    • Maggie says:

      Wonder how the king felt about basically being ignored on his big day as all the attention was clearly on Catherine. He’s got quite the ego apparently but maybe he was grateful that his appearance wasn’t under a lot of scrutiny as he looked very unwell imo.
      Wouldn’t have helped his mood to see and hear the protesters and that almost empty balcony (compared to previous years) was enough to dampen anyone’s spirits.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        I was going to say this too. Charles should be happy Kate was there to pull focus. Without her, the talk would have been all about how terrible he looked. She did him a favor this time with her thunder stealing.

      • WaterDragon says:

        Maybe it’s time for Charles to go to Transylvania for an infusion.

    • BeanieBean says:


    • SamuelWhiskers says:

      It didn’t just rain, it really stormed yesterday afternoon.

  4. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I love that it literally rained on Charles’ big parade and Kate’s big return to the public eye! Sometimes karma likes to arrive fashionably late but, she’s always worth the wait!

    • Pinkosaurus says:

      I love that the protesters managed to get their yellow flags in all the footage of the balcony so the media can’t pretend the royals are beloved by all of their subjects. I was wondering about those flags yesterday watching the online clips.

      • Laura-Lee MacDonald says:

        CBC news here had to use some very very tight shots to avoid showing the protesters. Boo, CBC, boooo! Show the whole story!

    • Normal_Islander says:

      NJGR- Republic were active during QEII’s reign but they seem to be attracting more protesters and getting more coverage now simply because Charles isn’t as liked. He doesn’t command anywhere near the level of reverence his mother did so people aren’t afraid to speak up and media outlets aren’t so desperate to play down the protests.

      As for other monarchies, they just tend to be smaller and less expensive to run than ours, and less sleazy. I think a lot of people here aren’t opposed to a British monarchy per se but it’s the amount of money they get that’s the problem. All the scandals and the degree of state secrecy shrouding them is another.

  5. EmpressCakey says:

    He was handed the golden egg AND the golden goose with Meghan. Just having her there in the family, as a Black woman, would have made it seem that he was modernizing the royal family and also provided much-needed glamour. Plus she is genuinely compassionate and concerned with the well-being of the people and the causes she supports. Having her there – and actually supporting her – would have made him an incredibly popular king.

    • Libra says:

      That ship has sailed. No bringing Meghan back because #1 he will never apologize for his behavior #2 he knows that the female family members ( Kate, Camilla, Sophie, Zara and others) will snub her and publicly shun her. #3 He has removed the level of security she needs , #4 he has taken away her home). Too little, too late.

      • Tessa says:

        He took over their home. He took their home from harry and Meghan and his two young grandchildren

      • Tessa says:

        For various reasons those female family members are in no position to judge anybody. The fact they feel it is ok to snub someone shows they are flawed people

      • amb says:

        @Libra, I’d say #1 reason why “No bringing Meghan back” is because she won’t BE brought back. She’s gone. It’s not up to anybody else.

    • sevenblue says:

      Charles doesn’t want a popular woman in BRF. He wants to be The popular one. That is why he hated Diana and then tried to destroy Meghan.

      • Agnes says:

        I wonder why he’s chosen to be on Kate’s side? She’s more popular than the Bald Menace, Chuckles and Camzilla combined, at least in terms of press. But she seems to “know her place” unlike “uppity” Di and Meghan.

      • rosa mwemaid says:

        She gave her existence to be Queen. I think she will probably make a good job if she would only work harder, she is perfectly capable. Diana and Meghan had minds of their own, that won’t do at all.

    • Liz says:

      Yes, it would have made for an up to date diverse line up on the balcony and a true reflection of the commonwealth.

      Instead there’s a show of dullards because they hounded out the ones who shine the brightest.

    • rosa mwemaid says:

      Racism is too easy to stir up. The RF couldn’t stand the competition.

      • Renae says:

        I don’t see Chuck looking any different. He has always looked sickly in my opinion.
        Sorry, but the lot of them (sans ClipityClop) are boring. Don’t really care about heir(less) or his stick figure wife OR his progeny.
        As for the other left overs? I see them and have to ask who the heck they are!
        I’ll still read of Bride of Chucky and MaMidds…..that’s where the conniving and tasty gossip comes from.

    • Eurydice says:

      Charles doesn’t care. Elizabeth lived too long. All he cares about now is living comfortably in his remaining years. He got to ride in the golden carriage, he got the crown and his Queen Camilla, he got his face on a coin and a portrait and now he gets to wander around the woods, talking to the mushrooms. The continued existence of the monarchy is William’s problem now.

      • Lawrenceville says:

        LOL, I imagined Charles talking to the mushrooms as talking with mushrooms on board. Or maybe he does both, who knows? Like he forages for mushrooms AND does edibles? Pain (whether chronic or acute) can make people do a lot of things.
        I don’t know what people mean by Charles looks thin. For me, none of these people look different, Kate looks like she’s never had cancer, Charles looks exactly the way he did 5 years ago!! I’m suspecting that none of them two individuals ever had the big C, they all are liars. Always have been always will be

    • Flower says:

      Charles never wanted Meghan to be popular.

      He wants Camilla to be popular – he wants the public and the press to love Camilla as much as he does and cannot understand why they are not popular.

      The sad fact is that having waited 70+ years Chuck’s reign will go out fairly quickly (based on the health commentary we have seen) and with little fuss.

      He knows this and so does Camilla.

      • Eurydice says:

        That’s the tragedy of mortals, even those anointed by God – they can’t always get what they want.

      • Meredith says:

        Hmm… I’m not so sure he really loves QC that much? I think he felt pressure to marry her (and have it stick once married) because he blew up his marriage for her, but it seems like a show marriage to me at this point.

    • Henny Penny says:

      Chuckles looked terrible (why do his lips always look like he’s just downed a crystal goblet of fresh blood?) and during the presentation of the guard before the parade through the streets, he appeared to be fighting off a crying jag. I really wondered if he was thinking it’ll be his last.

      In normal circumstances, I’d feel sympathy for an old person coming to the end, but all I felt was satisfaction at watching karma come home for this awful man.

      Charles could have been standing up there with the mother of his children instead of that pound of hair with the face of a horse he’s crowned his Queen. That balcony would then maybe have been filled with all of his precious grandchildren surrounding him instead of those poor three kids who truly appear to barely know who he is.

      As for Kate? Who knows what’s actually going on? Certainly not me. But I want back every moment I’ve spent worrying about this mean girl. She clearly knows how to play hardball with these people and needs nobody’s sympathy or help. So far, anyway. Although I’ll echo another poster who stated that Kate is in more danger than ever. If I was her, I’d be employing a taster for all my food.

      • WithTheAmerican says:

        Kate is like Camilla. She plays weak and less than to powerful men so she can wield her power behind their backs against all enemies and anyone who ever slighted her.

        She’s a bully, and had been all of her life. She’s aligned with a bigger bully. When that wasn’t paying off, it looks like she aligned with his father the King against her husband. And here we are.

  6. Hypocrisy says:

    If it wasn’t for the protestors, the crowd would have been virtually nonexistent. Chucky has emaciated the crowds with his racist, hatefilled, petty slimmed down Monarchy. Hope he is finally happy.

    • Megan says:

      I believe the crowd size was estimated to be 8,000 people. From the photos it looked like there were less than 50 protesters. The fact that thousands of people got of bed and stood in the rain for the BRF amazes me.

      • Julia says:

        The Notting Hill Carnival attracts about 3 million visitors over 2 days. 8000 people in central London on a Saturday is not great. The weather probably had an impact but 8000 for Kate’s big return doesn’t bode well for the future of the monarchy.

      • Bird says:

        I read somewhere that a large part of the crowd were friends and family of the troops in the event. I don’t know enough about it to know how many troops participated

      • SarahCS says:

        If I were a tourist visiting the UK this is the sort of thing I’d probably say “eh, why not?” to.

      • blueberry says:

        I wonder how many were British and how many were tourists who came to see the furry hat show.

      • SamuelWhiskers says:

        An awful lot of them are foreign tourists, and an awful lot of them are friends or relatives of people ‘performing’ in the actual Trooping. There are nearly 2000 people who appear in one form or another (soldiers and musicians), so if each person only has two guests watching (and I’m sure lots of people had more than two – spouse, kids, parents, grandparents) then that’s fully half the crowd just attending to see their own loved one.

        Add foreign tourists and the minority of (mainly elderly) royal-obsessed Brits who treat royalty as their hobby, and that sounds about right for the numbers.

    • Proud Mary says:

      Funny that the crowd that enthusiastically greeted Harry at the Invictus anniversary event were labeled tourists, but we are to believe that all those people got out of bed just for this unpopular king and his family.

      • Julia says:

        It’s a big military parade in the centre of London. That’s always going to get thousands of spectators tourists and royalist who travel to London for the day. I expect there were very few Londoners. I’ve in central London during other big parades such as Pride and the New Year’s Day parade. All these events attract thousands of people. They are spectacle that some people like to watch. There are thousands of tourists in London at this time of year looking for activities to do. Not shocking to see thousands of people in London for a big event.

      • Proud Mary says:

        dude, I’m not saying there wasn’t a crowd. I’m saying it’s negligible that they all got out of bed just for this King. Besides, if it was tourists in Harry’s case, which was a smaller event — you say – then why wasn’t it mostly tourists for the bigger ANNUAL event?

  7. Truthiness says:

    Charles did not look great. At the very end he waved without his gloves on and he has purple finger tips, on the inside of his hand.

    • Pix says:

      Yes, he looked so pale and sickly. The whole parade looked like a somber event, except for Kate with her 10k watt smile. (Her teeth looked drastically different.)

      • Hypocrisy says:

        They are probably all new🤷🏻‍♀️.. it definitely shows

      • Normal_Islander says:

        PJX – her teeth definitely looked different, like she’d had new, smaller veneers. As veneers need replacing every ten years or so she was probably due a new set and I guess her time off was as good a time as any. They look much better than the “tombstone teeth” she had previously but noticeably so.

      • Blair Warner says:

        Yes, I thought that as well – definitely new teeth on Kate!

    • Lucy says:

      That really stood out to me too. I haven’t noticed him looking very different until now. He’s very pale and looks so tired. I’m almost sorry for him. I hope his treatment is working and that he takes a bit of rest. And also, down with the monarchy.

    • Proud Mary says:

      Perhaps that’s why they needed KittyKat there — for the first time in Chuckles life, he wanted the camera on someone’s else. All those many decades of waiting for this spotlight, and he can’t have it one himself. I would feel sad for him if I didn’t dislike him so.

  8. Amy Bee says:

    Charles can’t be happy that it rained and that he was overshadowed by Kate on his day. It’s clear that the working royals only stance came from Charles not the Queen. I suspect that he always hated that the extended family was on the balcony for Trooping.

  9. Agnes says:

    The crowds are going to get smaller and smaller and smaller. If William becomes King they’ll disappear altogether. What a stupid joke the British monarchy is.

    • K8erade says:

      That idiot will see it as a good thing. Willy’s the type of person that believes if there are no crowds then no one will force him to work.

    • MY3CENTS says:

      Don’t worry with Willy’s laziness he’ll probably just zoom it. At least that way he won’t see a crowd booing him .

  10. aquarius64 says:

    The Republic protestors were right in the center of the main gates of BP, and in the line of sight of the BRF and the media tents. That maybe the reason for the uneasiness of those on the balcony, especially the Wales kids. Big yellow signs with abolish the monarchy and Not My King on them is a wake up call for them, especially George. Knowing there are people that will openly despise them and won’t hide it because of what they represent has to be jarring to a 10, 8 and 6 year old. The adult Windsors didn’t bother to shield them.

    • MY3CENTS says:

      I was surprised they were allowed to protest given how they arrested a man not so long ago for holding a white blank sign at Chuck’s connation.

      • SarahCS says:

        There’s been to and fro with the police about it, an attempt was made to ban them I believe (using the Tories very wide-reaching anti-protest laws). Looks like they failed.

    • blueberry says:

      Ah I did not realize they were so well seen! I really do feel bad for those kids. I hope they grow up to rebel against it all

  11. Maggie says:

    I was surprised that Beatrice and her hubby weren’t on the balcony. I thought she was more involved in doing things for the monarchy these days and would have been invited to appear. She may have been of course and declined.

    • Proud Mary says:

      She has been desperately auditioning for this. Charles has always been against his brother’s children’s involvement. He even objected to their titles. I think Beatrice will continue to be strung along –fact is, William and Charles don’t want Bea and Ginnie around, but they also don’t want them with the Sussexes. In sum, Betty kept the Yorks in the fold, because Andrew was her fav, and perhaps for that reason, Chuckles can’t wait to rid of them. Beatrice is deluding herself if she thinks there’s a role for her in the Carolinian reign.

  12. Tessa says:

    And William is not popular even though he claims to be a statesman

  13. Brassy Rebel says:

    I’m very happy to see that there are a not insignificant number of Britons who haven’t drunk the kool-aid.

    • sevenblue says:

      I remember when they first started these protests. It was a few people with small signs. Look at them now! And I bet due to all the economic struggles, their numbers are gonna increase.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Yep – esp with the general election a few weeks away. Us plebs are pissed, we want change and we want the gov to do it jobs. We want the corruption to stop and that starts with the special treatment the RF gets. The sh!t the press are shovelling at us about them is being swept away – no one is buying it but the right wing Tory Brexiters.

        At this rate the Monarchy as it is now won’t last long enough for Peggy to get throned.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        We can hope!

  14. Digital Unicorn says:

    Yeah – from what little footage I’ve seen the boo’s could be heard well enough in the TV coverage.

    As for Kate – both she and the press coverage her ‘appearance’ got is being dragged on SM. There are MANY posts from people calling out the hypocrisy of her ‘recovery’ against how ordinary people are having to deal with being in the same situation – there are also many others calling out how fresh as a daisy she looks after months of ‘preventative’ chemo (with more to come).

    The Wails, esp Kate, played everyone and if he wants rid of her she will be gone – he was snarling at both her and his father on the balcony so there is clearly still a lot of sh!t going down behind the scenes and given how NOT pleased Cams was, the PR against these 2 is only going to get worse. I suspect that C&C were only told before the release of the photo that she was def going to attend – she had always clearly planned to attend given the outfit. We’ll see her at Wimbledon and the Japanese state visit but after that nothing.

    I’m beginning to lean into the theory that the surgery was cosmetic (tummy tuck/colon resection and maybe same work on her face at the same time) which is when the cancer was found. It explains the complete silence and then the lies. I also think at some point prior to the initial hosp (or even the 2nd hosp visit) he asked for a divorce which caused her to freak out with the subsequent drama.

    I think she was only ‘allowed’ to appear to quell all the speculation about her health – she will disappear again.

    • Nic919 says:

      The side by side comparison with Charles, who is clearly still feeling the effects of chemo, makes it pretty obvious that the entire story is not being told about Kate. He’s wearing makeup too but he can’t hide what it’s doing to him.

      Of course this is reminiscent of the HG situation and how she had the version that permits flying across the Atlantic to Mustique during the third trimester without concern.

      • Meredith says:

        Kate looks like she had a light spray tan. I don’t think you can infer health from her lack of pallor.

      • WithTheAmerican says:

        Meredith: I’ve been seeing this spray tan comment everywhere. a spray tan doesn’t hide chemo effects. If it did, Charles, who is slathered in make up, would have tried it.

        And it doesn’t look like she had a spray tan, anyway. It’s “looks” like she has new Hollywood style veneers and a tighter face with higher eyebrows, which are very unfamiliar side effects from chemo.

      • Nic919 says:

        Again, as I stated, Charles is showing the effects of being in chemo for the last few months. Kate looks far better. He does public appearances after a short break and has 30 years on her. She can’t even be bothered to do a few zoom appearances and after six months shows up as Eliza Doolittle with the pre appearance promotional photo to hype up the appearance.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Spray tan? For an all-white outfit? Don’t think so.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      Your post made me rethink the timing. When someone opts for a big elective surgery, they run blood panels and do tests to make sure the person is healthy enough.

      So what if she had a facelift planned, and found a different health issue in the run up. Dealt with the first issue and then needed more time off to get the FL.

      Idk, but it’s interesting because maybe it fits with their chaotic messaging. Seems like if she had planned a facelift they’d have better messaging in advance but something delayed her return.

      • Nic919 says:

        It is possible, but it also means the abdominal surgery statement is a complete lie.

    • Bad Janet says:

      I have no idea what’s real and what isnt with these idiots any more than you guys do, but it is NOT OKAY to be inferring on the state of someone’s health from their outward appearance. There are tons of invisible physical illnesses which can destroy your life while the person looks completely healthy.

      I don’t care if she doesn’t look like what people expect a chemo patient to look like. Chemo experiences can be very different, depending on what type you’re having, how far apart your treatments are, and how your body responds to it.

      I’m not saying this for Kate’s benefit. I’m saying it for mine and the for the millions of other people with INVISIBLE chronic illnesses who aren’t believed because we don’t look sick enough to appease people’s prejudices. I promise, you would have never known that I was so sick two years ago that I thought I would have to go on permanent disability. Then I got better. Then worse again. Then better again. This happens MUCH more often than you would think with a chronic illness.

      • Jenny says:

        Finally! A voice of reason. Thank you, thank you!

      • Parsley says:

        Bad Janet, thank you for this comment. I was very sick for years and wished for booboes so people would stop saying, oh! But you *look great!
        In truth when I look at photos, I can absolutely see when I was worse; the extreme pain and weakness shows in my eyes and the way I hold myself. It’s nice for people to compliment your looks, but in that context it can make you feel unseen. 😢

  15. Rnot says:

    Wow Charles looks really rough. I wonder if this was his last trooping?

    • Iolanthe says:

      The boos were so loud ! Did you notice that for someone resurrected from deaths door , Kate was largely ignored. None of the family were gathered supportively around her , no smiles, no concern , ..nobody s eemed to be gazing fondly upon the kids except their own parents , who seemed to be using them to.distract from their very obvious separation . William and Kate don’t touch even by accident , no handholding , no looking directly at each other, if he does say anything at all it’s like a sidelong mumble , never looking her straight in the face . They were both fumbling and mumbling at the children and nobody found it adorable except the press .Kate could be another celluloid Barbie , skinny and vacantly grinning . I too have long suspected the cancer was just insurance paper over all her pettiness , racism , laziness and nasty behaviour . The C word is enough to silence all her detractors and she became poor gallant Kate , keeping a brave face for her children while fighting a deadly disease ..woe on anybody who said a negative word . Where are her friends and birth family, where is Nanny Maria , and one look at the balcony royals disassociating themselves from her proves that they really don’t want any part of the Middletons

  16. Jen says:

    The balcony photos are strange in that Camilla is centred. Not Charles. Not the the two of them as a pair, but Camilla.

    • Interested Gawker says:

      King of the Isles driven out by force… replaced by one who will have no mark of a king…

      Cam was standing right where she wanted to be…

    • sevenblue says:

      I think, Charles thought if he was near Kate, he would get in the photos more since a lot of people and the media were gonna focus on Kate. He did the same thing when H&M were there for some event, he made them sit right behind him, so he would be in the photos too when the media focused on them.

      • Lucy says:

        Can you imagine being in your seventies with cancer and giving a crap about stuff like that? Worrying about camera angles? They’re truly not like us.

      • sevenblue says:

        @Lucy, from all I have seen from the palace, that is their whole job. Their teams are full of petty people trying to up their boss and to malign other members. That is why they were bewildered by the idea that Meghan wanted them to do actual work, to complete and follow up projects. That is not why they are working there.

      • ML says:

        I agree—KC wanted his face in the newspaper and felt that close proximity to K was the best way to achieve that. He’s probably right.

  17. Over it says:

    I don’t know if the royal Karen has cancer or not. What I do know is that something seriously stinks in the house of Windsor. For a man whose wife is supposedly sick and now back in the public eye after so many months missing, William seems to not give a f about her wellbeing. He seems just as detached from her as always like he does not care one way or the other if she is there. I keep thinking about how when Kate was sick in the beginning her sister and family were on vacation enjoying their lives as if they knew nothing was wrong with Kate and she pulled one over on the public so that she didn’t have to work and that people would feel so terrible for her that the fact she was outed as one of the royal racist would be forgotten and forgiven. I saw Kate trying to put Louis to sit on her lap in the palace and I thought she must have recovered fast and completely. These people been lying to the public for too long.

    • Flower says:

      “For a man whose wife is supposedly sick and now back in the public eye after so many months missing, William seems to not give a f about her wellbeing.”

      ^^ This 100% it was Siberia between them on that balcony. They of course did the obligatory 3 second ‘festive glance’ so that Chris Jackson could get his money shot but otherwise Bill was shifting uncomfortably around Kate.

      Even if you are separated the idea that the mother of your children facing a devastating illness has to face crowds and the world’s media would invoke protectionism from a spouse. I saw ZERO of that from William, he checked out circa 2016 just as his brother was meeting the love of his life and that is why Meghan was never really welcome.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Neither the William nor the kids seemed terribly protective of Kate. Nobody on that balcony was solicitous toward her.

    • Lindsay says:

      *Royal Karen* 😭

  18. atlantebabe says:

    this man doesn’t look well at all. maybe he allowed kate to make her comeback to distract from that or because he knows that nobody cares about him at all.

  19. Mslove says:

    I’m not sure what the heck is going on with this family but the lack of transparency for a taxpayer funded family is unacceptable. There is zero accountability for the Windsors. They can lie, cheat, bribe and steal. And Pedo Andy? Come on. It’s time to clean house over on Salt Isle.

  20. Tashiro says:

    @JADED Agree 💯 about Kate. I wish you continued healing and good health.

  21. TN Democrat says:

    Charles looks rough and like an actual cancer patient receiving cancer treatments. Kate looks refreshed down to having new teeth. The family dynamics are just so odd. Everyone seems tense and stressed. Let the Rottweiler loose! Camilla is playing the long game and wouldn’t have been photographed with 🌹 unless kp shenanigans were at play. Could kp/bp word salad transform some sort of immunotherapy into preventative chemotherapy?

    • Hypocrisy says:

      She looks more like she had a medical and dental make over.. not 4 months of chemo or radiation. At my age I’ve seen a lot of cancer patients and just as many facelift makeovers, she doesn’t look like anyone I’ve ever seen 4 months into cancer treatments 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Scorpio says:

      This is all very confusing. If she had dental surgery that is not something a 40 something woman would do to look younger. Was there something about her teeth that needed fixing?

      • Nic919 says:

        She’s had veneers for years and so replacing them would not be as invasive as setting them up in the first place.

        Why the veneers need to be replaced is another question though.

      • WithTheAmerican says:

        Well actually, veneers can help someone look younger. There are many ways to do that, but they basically give structure to the surrounding area, which loses bone mass with age.

        She also had these veneers give her a smile makeover, so they hide the buccal corridor darkness. There can also be bulk added to the front of veneers and they can be tilted out to support the smile better.

        She basically went for a Meghan smile. If you look at Meghan’s teeth, and how when she smiles her teeth show all the way back, you’ll see what I mean.

  22. Lucky Charm says:

    Is Louise wearing one of her mother’s dresses and hat? Poor girl, doesn’t she have any clothes of her own?

    When William is king, the monarchy will just fade away until there’s nothing left by the time it’s George’s turn.

    • Jais says:

      I think she was wearing the same dress that she wore for the coronation. Which I think is hers. Although she does wear a lot of her mom’s things. I’m guessing Sophie has a work budget for new clothes. Honestly, I think Louise looks lovely even if antiquated. Everyone is a character on that balcony. Napoleon Anne. Kate Dolittle. The wicked witch of Windsor aka Camilla.

    • Lindsay says:

      This made me spit my afternoon tipple 🤣
      You can just smell the mothballs!

      I agree with your perception re the future.
      Monarchy’s will keep eroding.

      Interesting they didn’t get any play with their new buff and shine.
      I’ve worked with many female cancer patients during treatment and I don’t remember anyone looking this well rested 🤔

  23. chiclit says:

    Charles looks very tired and frail. I also think he looks sad-as if he knows there are not too many Troopings in his future. He needs a good rest.

    As for Kate, the press statement day before finally had the right tone for 2024, but then her perfect appearance slapped those with cancer and chronic illness in the face. (It also made the multiple photo fuckery of a few weeks ago look even more puzzling. ) l She should have been videoed tucking her kids into the carriage with Lady Louise and made a brief balcony appearance. Just enough to allay fears for her health but not look too perfect. I did think she looked a bit tentative exiting the carriage but it might have been a while since she wore heels on cobblestones. However, I can believe that she has been through something.

    I believe the theory that “OMG we might be King and Queen sooner than we knew” provoked many responses in the Wales’. Totally think the thought to take care of female/tummy troubles plus tummy tuck and face lift seemed like a plan until a bit of cancer turned up?

    • rosa mwemaid says:

      I did wonder with the cancer chat if she had been deliberately made up to look unwell.

      • chiclit says:

        Hmm, the heavy make up and wig and the My Fair Lady influence..could be. Also Cam looked very unhappy about something yesterday. If your husband was genuinely suffering and someone who had a more minor situation was milking it…..

  24. Lauren says:

    I keep thinking the photos are from last year’s trooping, god their fashion and equally stuffy behavior is so boring

  25. Liz says:

    Someone on twitter reckons it was all deep faked.

    The crowds were relatives of the horse riders – mainly military.

    The truth is out there 🤔

    • sevenblue says:

      OMG, this isn’t moon landing. There were many reporters from international media there. Are all the media personnel AND protestors also in it?

      • Liz says:

        It was just a link I saw on Reddit being discussed. This drama has been so baffling frankly nothing would surprise me.

      • sevenblue says:

        @Liz, I don’t know how you came across these stuff, but this is the way of MAGA/QAnon conspiracies. I would caution you to stay away from that side of the internet. It wouldn’t hurt to check the source of the info before sharing online.

    • atlantababe says:

      sry but this is just insane, absolute Q/conspiracy stuff. this was real, you cannot fake a big event like that. just let it go and go outside.

      also why are you posting this from some conspiracy and trump and racist nut?

      • Liz says:

        I agree – was being droll. No offence meant.

        Though I do think we’ve entered deepfake territory and a twilight zone in some ways.

        And I had no idea it was from someone racist – truly sorry !!

      • Liz says:

        I’ll take your advice seven blue

    • Truthiness says:

      If a member of my family was in the military and they were taking part in the Trooping, hell yeah I’d show up just to support my family members. I wouldn’t talk about my belief that this is a costly medieval cosplay. It’s so archaic that it looks comical, except that I felt genuinely bad for the horses.

      I was squinting at the screen to try and figure out if the Beefeater-like garments are wool because wool in the rain smells ATROCIOUS.

  26. blueberry says:

    What a mess. Most people I see on SM feel hoodwinked. Even if it was all true, the handling of everything has really eroded what little public trust they had. It’s also changed how a lot of people view Will and their happy family image.

    I just can’t stop thinking about the kids, maybe because I have three near the same age. I can already see the press painting Louis in the wild child role. And Charlotte must have 1000lb of pressure to be *perfect*. I just hope they can have a better outcome than their predecessors.

    • Tessa says:

      Louis I think may act out because he has not gotten as much attention. Charlotte feels obliged to correct him even though she is still a child herself. Louis and Charlotte though seemed to be attuned to each other. George is treated by his father and grand father as special. I hope George grows to be more kind hearted than his father.

      • rosa mwemaid says:

        Could be difficult for him to do that when he is treated as if he were more important than his siblings.

  27. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Apparently the “crowds” were like Trump’s inauguration: exaggerated. You could blame the rain, but would rain have kept people away from a truly beloved celebrity?

  28. 411fromdownunder says:

    I truely thought Kate was incapacitated and gone, so having her pop out looking alert and well displayed is pretty amazing. I haven’t believed a word of the media’s or the royal family office narrative on her absence these last few months… I have no idea what is going on here.

  29. Cassie says:

    Charles looks very ill , Saint Kate got her return moment but I really don’t think she enjoyed it .
    The unposed photos of her with the kids , they look tense and miserable .
    Poor George always looks unhappy and I think his father is pretty hard on him .
    The press and royalists got that posed look of love photo they craved on the balcony .
    So all in all they should feel quite pleased and can live their real and most likely unhappy lives , living the lies behind closed doors .

    • Tessa says:

      William did not seem to be even looking directly at her when she grinned at him. Very forced. William faking being the bestest husband ever.

  30. therese says:

    Agree that Charles looks bad. I think he did a good job yesterday. The Cow again was pulling at her bit, ready to go, and she signaled Charles to leave the balcony. Prince Edward seemed to notice the very short time standing there after the show, and to gesture in frustration. It’s possible she is looking after Charles. It’s possible she loves him. I’ve wondered if he loved her as a pal, and stayed with her because she was willing to carry on a charade, whereas Diana wasn’t: she wanted a real marriage. I’ve wondered if Charles loves someone with a deeper voice than the cow.

    As for Kate, I’ve always felt played. I was truly shocked to see her though, and really glad that she wasn’t swimming with the fishes. She looked great, but a little frail, with a new scar.

    I guess I am going to feel bad about Charles. What might have been.

  31. Lindsay says:

    Lots of rain up front, minimal turnout, sickly seeming king and non existing enthusiasm for Dullard and Insipid 😑

  32. Chole says:

    @Henny Penny, of course everyone would have liked Charles to have been a different person, but he never loved Diana. However, since he wanted to divorce Diana, he didn’t have to be as horrible to her as he was, he coukd have been nicer. Look at Andrew & Furgie, they’re divorced and still friends. Charles wanted to distroy Diana, because that’s what Camilla wanted! Camilla is a very evil person. Just like Harry said, “she’s dangerous!”