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Lisa Kudrow says that one of the guys is holding up a "Friends" reunion

Lisa Kudrow admitted that a rumored Friends reunion show is in the works, but says that one of her male co-stars is holding out. According to Kudrow, one of the men on the show has said no to a reunion. It could be any one of the three male leads. Matthew LeBlanc is presumed to have a good relationship with NBC, but he may be ashamed by the recent cancellation of his series, "Joey." Matthew Perry has a new pilot coming out on NBC this fall, so he may either have a good relationship with the network or want to distance himself from Friends to better establish his career. David Schwimmer has some minor projects in the works, but he could also be thinking of better things. We predict that it's LeBlanc based on the failure of his show, but it's difficult to tell.

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