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Celebitchy is a gossip and entertainment blog that strives for a balanced viewpoint on celebrities. We write more than your typical blog and strive to be thoughtful and thorough. Celebitchy doesn't hesitate to be bitchy, but we try to remain fair while making our opinion clear. We get behind the stories to see what's true and what's wishful thinking or fabrication.

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I feel the need to express my admiration for you and your site. Thanks for the intelligent perspective on celebrity news! I have discovered your blog about a year ago, and I can truthfully say it has helped me to finish my PhD. Everytime I got frustrated with finishing the book, I took a look at your site for some fun and diversion.

- Maartje

Your page is awesome.Keep up the good work.=]

- Blisters

just wanted to say that i totally love your site!!!!

always see to it to check it out daily!

- mizze from myspace

Celebitchy ROCKS.

- Girl, Extroverted

I just wanted to say, I stumbled on your site about two weeks ago, and had to write you and GUSH at how much I enjoy reading it.

I have no need to go to any other gossip site now, and simply devour your pages. I love the format and the honesty, and the humor. Mostly the realness, and the intelligence of not believing all of the craziness, but being entertained by it anyway. And sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

If you're curious of my demographic, I am a southern US 47 y.o lady working in law, and I don't consider myself one of the sleazy masses. My hub is an ex-pat Englishman and I like to read worldwide goss on celebs, for some odd reason.

- Patti

Just found this site. Gorgeous layout, excellent writing--you've been bookmarked!

- Jude

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