Contributing Writers

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Celebitchy is not hiring at this time. Please check back as this may change in the near future.

Thanks to our contributing writers for their excellent posts.

Current Daily Writers

Covers: news and gossip
Celebitchy is an American mom who spends her time in Virginia and Germany. She has a master's degree that she's not using, and enjoys going to spinning classes and overanalyzing gossip magazines.

Covers: news and gossip
Kaiser is writer living in Virginia. She has a bachelor's degree in Philosophy, which she uses every single day, okay, Mom? She loves anything to do with Gerard Butler Michael Fassbender, fashion, dogs, French fries, Truman Capote, pretty pictures, jewelry, Zahara Jolie-Pitt, really filthy, dirty gossip, Clive Owen, cats, Scotch, fried chicken and Jane's Addiction. She hates anything involving gin or sketchy hookups on a futon.

Covers: news and gossip
Bedhead is a writer and film critic (at Pajiba) living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She holds a bachelor's degree in English as well as a completely obsolete law degree. She enjoys running and training for races, drooling over Timothy Olyphant in his cowboy hat, and calling celebrities out on their crap. She also firmly believes that the vast majority of famous people are permanently stunted at the age when they made their first million dollars (that is, except for Jennifer Lawrence).

Retired Writers

Covers: news and gossip
JayBird is a writer and photographer living in New York City. She has bachelor's degrees in English writing and criminology. She loves anything having to do with pop culture, media, music, design, amateur psychology and flea markets.

Covers: celebrity, technology, music and entertainment industry news
Mike is a musician, DJ, producer and professor of media studies. He has worked in the studio with Timbaland and performed on the main stage at Woodstock 99. A television and pop culture historian, Mike spends his time teaching, producing music, DJing, pointing, clicking and watching professional basketball.

Covers: news and gossip
MSat is a public relations director by day and the single mother of four children. She has been an amateur connoisseur of Celebrity Gossip since she learned to talk, and is thrilled to finally put this previously useless skill to work. She loves funk music, stand-up comedy and people who openly despise Paris Hilton.

Covers: tabloids and gossip
Sammie323 is a former English teacher who also has a master's degree she's not using. She lives on an island near Tampa, Florida. She is a huge animal lover and is teetering on becoming the local crazy cat lady. She also loves tabloids and no longer cares who knows it.

Covers: news and gossip
Helen is a journalism student and full time mother of three. She is an Australian living in New Zealand and loves gossip, reading, music, and cats.