Jenny McCarthy had the hairiest hoo-ha that Playboy’s people had ever seen

Jenny McCarthy was on Oprah yesterday. While watching the clips I kept getting distracted by how pulled her face looked. It looked like more than just too much Botox or fillers as her cheeks were puffy and her eyes were too high. Jenny is promoting her new book, Love, Lust and Faking it. (It’s rumored that she’s slated to host her own show on Oprah’s network, although I can’t find any official confirmation for that.) On Oprah, she talked in general terms about her relationship with ex Jim Carrey, which we covered Monday. She also told the story about how she earned the October cover of Playboy in 1993 at the age of 21. According to Jenny all she did was show up uninvited at the Playboy offices, get asked to do a bikini photoshoot, and get a callback about an hour later that she was chosen as Miss October. When she finally took off her panties for the photoshoot, she was mortified when the makeup artists and photographers called her the hairiest woman they’ve ever seen. You can watch her describe this in video on Radar Online and a longer clip from Oprah’s website.


During her Tuesday appearance on Oprah, former Playboy cover girl Jenny McCarthy told a hilarious story about her first naked shoot when the magazine’s photographers were shocked at the amount of hair she had “down there!”

Jenny recalled the reaction in the room the first time the crew on hand got a look at her au naturale.

“All of a sudden I hear WOAH, WOAH! And I said is there anything on it? What’s wrong?”

Jenny said the makeup artist came over to her and explained why everyone was so shocked. “They said they never saw anyone as hairy as you in their entire life!” The audience roared as Oprah laughed along with Jenny.

She said there was a discussion with the Playboy staffers and the photographer figured out what to do: “’I say we just light the heck out of it!’” Jenny recalled the photographer saying.

Jenny kept the audience and Oprah in hysterics when she added that the makeup lady used a brush to manicure the region and later exclaimed, “I guess I’m not using this one again!”

[From Radar]

She also described how she came from a Catholic family and was too scared to tell them she was posing nude in Playboy. Instead she sent them on a cruise on the week her magazine cover came out using part of the money she earned. They of course found out anyway but her mother forgave her after a few days.

I usually like Jenny but she’s trying way too hard to be funny and is annoying me here. I can see how she would be too hairy at 21 if she was young and never shaved in that area before. It seems like the Playboy people would have some clippers on hand to groom her ahead of time instead of just brushing it, though. (Here’s a link to the only very NSFW photo I could find from that 1993 pictorial. She doesn’t look that hairy.) Jenny has a book to promote and she’s going to act like a goon and tell outrageous stories. She hasn’t changed much since her Singled Out days after all.




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  1. brin says:

    Except that she now has a son who has to hear this crap. Don’t these celebs have any filter….they just vomit this crap out.

  2. DD says:

    well that’s because most women posing for playboy will shave that sucker bare.

  3. Alexa says:

    I like her. I like that she doesn’t take herself (her “celebrity”) so seriously.

  4. Marjalane says:

    I’m still puzzled as to what Oprah see’s in Jenny that makes her want to give her a show! I get such a cartoon vibe from J.M., and it’s kind of bizarre that Oprah likes to present herself as such a champion of women, yet she promotes someone who got her fame from posing nude. I don’t get it.

  5. serena says:

    Just looked at the photo-is that her? That looks nothing like her!

  6. Celebitchy says:

    Serena I’m pretty sure it is. I saw a higher res photo on this very NSFW compilation of playboy centerfolds that identifies it as her.

  7. Tess says:

    After you reveal way too much about your private life in a ridiculous attempt to keep the public’s short attention span focussed on you, all you got left is pubic hair stories.

  8. Samigirl says:

    @serena, I’m right there with you. Even if we had not known before, we know now…this chick has had MAJOR surgery.

  9. serena says:

    *peers closer* Celebitchy you are of course right, doesn’t she look different though! ‘Course it was before fillers etc..

  10. Anti-icon says:

    She’s the exact same person she was back when she hosted that dating show on MTV. She was “cool” back then b/c she really was/is kinda a dork, in that she’s open about herself, and also willing to be made fun of for it. I like these kinds of moms the best, because they CAN see the humor in everyday humiliations, and isn’t that what raising a child is all about.

    I thought she handled the questions about her relationship and child very maturely. She doesn’t trash anyone she loves.

  11. rudy5 says:

    i actually like her more 🙂

  12. OtherChris says:

    Wow. That doesn’t even look like her. Did she have a boob job at that point, because they are almost too perfect if they are natural.

  13. Lady Jane says:

    In the face, she looks strangely like Dr Phil’s wife. She never did before. I think it must be the generic effect of too much plastic surgery.

  14. guesty says:

    honestly that looks like a completely different person.

    demi & madonna have her beat in the ho-haa department without question back in the day.

  15. Eileen says:

    I love her because she (like a REAL girlfriend) revealed something about childbirth that NO ONE had ever told me! I was 7 months along and read a story she wrote in a pregnancy magazine that said that you will poo on the table and there’s not much you can do about it and just go with it. If that had happened and I wasn’t prepared for it, I would have been mortified! I got pregnant when me and my husband had only known each other for 6 months so I wasn’t ready for him to see my poo after only 15 months of knowing each other! So I felt better telling him what would happen and warning him. When I approached my family and friends who have had kids they were like “Oh. Yeah that happens.” Thanks people!
    She’s awesome and tells everything like it is.

  16. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    That’s just gross. I have a ten yr old and I would never, ever disgrace or embarass that little man in training with this kinda of talk.

    Not to mention, that is a purely disgusting story!

  17. Team Bethenny says:

    Her carpet doesn’t match the drapes.

  18. Relli says:

    Um Eileen that does not happen to everyone during child birth. Some yes, but its all about isolating your muscle control in the nether regions.

  19. Eileen says:

    Um Relli: it does happen to the majority of us because it has nothing to do with muscle control. When the baby’s head comes pushing down on your colon as it hits the baby canal, whatever is in there comes out too. Its like pushing down on the end of toothpaste with a rolling pin-hard to control that.
    No need to get snotty.

  20. LeeLee says:

    I have no idea why these women pay money to have their faces look like that.

  21. danielle says:

    Funny story.

  22. QQ says:

    Christ In Jammies! that chick looks NOTHING like herself anymore

  23. Chicoulina says:

    Eileen thanks for reminding me about that.I’m not pregnant and I don’t have kids but I’ll remember that when the time comes.I read about it somewhere years ago.Most of my friends have given birth with C-sections(It’s a new trend here in Greece,very few doctors will let you have a natural birth)
    As for Jenny wow has she changed!!I wouldn’t recognise her and I’m very good at recognising people.
    That’s not the hairiest V I’ve seen.I’ve seen much hairier bushes on playboy back then.
    Does anyone remember Heather Locklear’s dress going up while on stage giving an award or something?She wasn’t wearing panties!That was the hairiest bush ever!!!!

  24. Wiley says:

    I don’t find her the least bit attractive at all. I did the first time I saw her and then she opened her mouth and I relaized she’s nothing but a P*I*G pig and she just disgusts me now. Her so-called humor is just vulgar and it’s like having one of my old highschool friends around except they all outgrew their gross phase long ago.

  25. Taurus says:

    @Eileen you are absolutely right. While the baby’s head comes down, the chin sweeps along the bowel and causes the mom to move her bowel if feces is present in the bowel.

    She looks totally different! If her boobs are fake in that pic, her surgeon is a genius. The best set of implants I’ve ever seen.

  26. juliana says:

    A little off-topic:

    I was looking through the Playmates that came before Jenny, and came upon Pamela Anderson’s centerfold. Feb. 1990.

    She was absolutely stunning back then! Too bad she has ruined herself with the fake breasts, hair, and eyebrows.

  27. Mandhy says:

    ok ladies. get over it. i pooed on a removal pad on my bed during labour, the nurses were totally nice and just cleaned it up…remember, removal pads on the bed? I get it now….i thought the baby was coming out, not yet…it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s natural…it’s your body and when your BODY TOLD YOU EAT 40 Licorice candies at midnight just as you went into labour then DO IT, my body needed to move a lot out so i craved something to do that…just move it along…HA

  28. kellogg says:


    I’ve read her books as well–I liked the candor mixed with fluffiness and hope they’re not ghost-written. Though hers are starting to read a bit like Chelsea Handler. Who blurbed the latest book. Who knows.

    I was a concierge at a hotel that she and her ex stayed at for some time–this was right about when she found out she was pregnant.

    Unlike some “celebrity” guests (I use that term lightly) Jenny was very down-to-earth, natural and normal although her exhub seemed like an asshat even then. There were plenty of other entitled asshats staying there but that’s a post for another thread.

    I hope she’s not following the Botox-y road.I do root for her–honestly, what are many former Playmates’ accomplishments?

    I think she is working hard to escape her bimbette image which certainly isn’t easy when you’re a little dorky and very animated AND snaps of your hoo-ha are readily available on the internet.

  29. Dizzybenny says:

    well we can clearly see that the carpet dosent match the curtains.
    I like her so much better with black hair.Her eyes pop out more then with her blond hair.(yes i do mean the eyes)
    I do like her in general!! 🙂

  30. Jeri says:

    I wouldn’t reconize her from that pic but a lot of time has passed.

    That poo thing did not happen to me with 2 births & none of my friends have mentioned it. So it must happen to some & not others like lots of other stuff.

  31. Kelley says:

    Jenny McCarthy was not on the October 1993 Playboy cover; she was the centrefold in that issue.

  32. Kelley says:

    @ #25 … her boobs have been fake since before her first Playboy appearance 😐

  33. Eileen says:

    **Sometimes Sh!t Happens** lol

  34. California Surfer says:

    I totally learn a lot by reading these threads, thanks Eileen, your posts are entertaining 🙂

  35. Delta Juliet says:

    I have no opinion on Jenny (actually I find her annoying) but I want to comment on the poo thing 🙂 I have had two babies, and although I know it happens often, I don’t even know if it happened to me! There’s so much going on down there at that point, and the nurses are great about keeping things clean. So I just tell myself it didn’t happen. lol

  36. Eileen says:

    LOL-I was going to make that comment when some said they didn’t go and others they know didn’t either. When I BEGGED my labor nurse for an enema saying I didn’t want to “go” on the table she said 95% of moms do and don’t even feel it and the nurse just wipes it right off-you never know it happened and your husband never tells you. I told my husband I KNOW I did, I felt it and to this day he winks at me and says “Not that I know of” to spare me the embarrassment. lol
    Its not big deal-but I was young and scared to death of labor as it was so I was just happy to get as much info as possible on the event and when no one I knew shared it with me I was pissed! lol

  37. Brandy says:

    I agree with others that her bush doesn’t appear out-of-control, but then again, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was airbrushed down to acceptable proportions. As much as Jenny irritates and annoys me, I appreciate that she doesn’t perpetuate the image of impossible perfection, either as a celeb or former playmate. Yeah, she often takes it too far, but her candor is what makes her relatable to other women and (seemingly) obtainable to men.

  38. The Bobster says:

    I call bullshirt! Playboy also photographed a young Demi Moore and she was as furry as a woodland creature.

  39. LindaR says:

    thanks loads Bobster. Just snorted tea into my nose reading your post.

  40. Camille says:

    I used to detest JM, but I kind of like her now. Um, nothing else to add lol.

  41. anon says:

    Apparently my body copes with pain by giving me horrible diarrhea. So I did not crap on the delivery table. That is just because the entire 20 hours of unmedicated labor were spent on the toilet, crapping my brains out. Labor actually felt more like a flu than anything to me. By the time I actually go around to pushing, I might as well have had an enema. I asked my hubby and he was like, no you had no poo!

    So there’s your other option if you dont’ want to poo on the table. Just get horribly sick to your stomach 🙂

  42. Red Rooster says:

    What is this phobia the younger generation has about hair? It’s natural to have hair down there, so stop believing the advertisers that tell you everything about your body’s naturalness is gross and needs their product to fix it.

  43. Keyanna says:

    Can you people PLEASE stop talking about crapping while giving birth???? It’s absolutely disgusting.
    She looks like shit.

  44. clarity says:

    I met Jenny in 1995 in Kansas City and trust me, she looked OLD back then. I mean OLD. I was floored by how wrinkled and craggy her face and skin were. Just like Madonna, in person, Jenny is a monster and I’m being kind.

    And the story she’s telling here is a big fat lie. She had already posed for a test shot in Chicago but DID NOT get a call back. Then she went to New Mexico on the way to California and got a discount boob job. Three days later she shows up at the Playboy mansion and gets a full photo session. She was young and the boob job had worked. It was not until six months later that her photos appeared in the magazine. Then MTV called and off she was doing mall appearances throughout the 90s before she became obsessed with her anal drippings and wrote about them when she had her retarded child.

    Jenny, you’re a goddamned liar and you know it. I wouldn’t fuck you with Bristol Palin’s prick.

  45. Ashley says:

    I like Jenny, she keeps it real, but that picture looks nothing like her (the bush also isn’t that bad, looks trimmed). I used to watch Singled Out and I don’t remember her looking so young.

  46. kelly says:

    Out of control bush!?!! Is that something that accosts you on the street?

    All this hysteria over pubic hair. Is this 1857?

    I’ll edit mine when every last hairy man on the damn planet goes first with the hot wax. Some things are just not important enough to be embarrassed about.

    I used to like JM and still do have a little love for her; at least she’s not a complete moron and can laugh at her own pubes, which I do appreciate 🙂

  47. original kate says:

    ugh. why do so many women think their pooping on the table type pregnancy stories are funny? or their kid’s projectile vomiting type stories are so cute? no, they are not. keep them to yourself or share them at mommy & me. jenny mc carthy has nothing interesting to say so she has to talk about her hairy twat on TV? tacky beyond words.

  48. Eileen says:

    Sorry to offend-just the facts o’life my dears. I don’t see it any different than whoever posted the story about the JA/tampon on here.

  49. Andrea-2 says:

    I think original kate and keyanna have some PMS war stories they would like to share…

  50. Isa says:

    LMAO @ at the poop conversation.
    I didn’t know about that occurring until I read her book Belly Laughes, which is actually quite good. After I read that I started asking a few moms and I think only one told me they did.
    It doesn’t gross me out or embarrass me, but I didn’t do it (at least according to my husband.) I’m probably a little to comfortable around him and I knew that the nurses wouldn’t bat an eye. They’ve probably seen a lot worse!

    Anyway, the article said they “manicured” it. I took it to mean that they trimmed it.

  51. original kate says:

    i would never talk about my mastiff’s amazing shit piles (the smell! the color! the strange household objects i’ve found in it!) on TV. why? because it’s gross and tasteless, even though it, too, is a fact of life.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Seriously? Jenny McCarthy can make up any old crap she wants about whether her son is an “Indigo Child” and screams for years that vaccines cause autism, and we should applaud her? How ’bout, no, ya loon.

  53. Maddie says:

    Well, I had pooped when they first told me to push, and I had an elderly lady in there and she was very slick about cleaning it fast and being discreet. Then I had a very young blond girl (looked just like Kelly from 90210 in the 90s) after I gave birth. I’m lying there exhausted, sweaty, numb, and barely able to feel anything below the waist. I inadvertently farted a little when she was putting a catheter in and she smirked and said, “Nice.” Like I did it on purpose! What a bitch.

  54. slongo says:

    It takes all kinds and I’m not just talking Jenny. Frankness and humor does not equal inappropriate. Abbreviating and exaggerating an incident for the sake of humor is not lying. Anyone who makes a living at being funny does it everyday. Jenny’s humor is not my cup of tea and her views on vaccine open to doubt but I wish her well.
    I can tell you that evacuation is discretely handled during labor and not mentioned in order to minimize distress and be professional. “Hey lady, you just pooped on our table.”, doesn’t cut it. It depends on how much stool is present in the descending colon, all the while distracted by incredible pressure, pain and the urge to push. Our puritan heritage is hilariously evident in this forum but only
    one of you managed to be singularly uncharitable and judgmental while singlehandedly keeping puritanism alive one nasty, anonymous slur at a time.

  55. Eileen says:

    I would think that like me, someone who is about to give birth would take her information and be thankful for it. Childbirth is a scary thing-and after she gave birth she gave her story in a very frank way, including the poo because like she said in the article-no one warned her about it so she was now opening up about her experience. She didn’t write an article “POO ON TABLE” but she included it because they asked her what was the most surprising things about childbirth and she answered it. And knowing I was giving birth in two months, I was grateful for the info.
    I don’t see why anyone would look at it as inappropriate when its FOR a pregnancy and child magazine. Trust me, when you’re giving birth, your naked from the waist down and about 20 strangers will be walking in and out checking you and the baby, modesty and couth are out the door.

  56. LargeMarge says:

    Uh clarity, her son is not retarded. Way to slam a kid. It kind of makes the rest of your post incredible.

    I farted a lot during labor with all 3 of my children. But I fart a lot anyway so it didn’t matter.

  57. Keyanna says:

    @Andrea-2 –
    I am guessing you get off on crap stories.

  58. original kate says:

    “I think original kate and keyanna have some PMS war stories they would like to share…”

    @ andrea2: depends on the time & place: with female friends over martinis, yes. when others are trying to eat, no.

    “I don’t see why anyone would look at it as inappropriate when its FOR a pregnancy and child magazine.”

    i agree, eileen. and i have been in 3 labor rooms (twice with friends and once with a sister) so i get it, i do. but i still think there is a time and place to talk about bodily functions of any kind. i am amazed at how many parents (usually women) will talk about diapers, etc. at a restaurant, while i’m trying to eat. that is just nasty. i would never talk about poop, blood, snot, pus, earwax, athlete’s foot, pinworms or lice at a cocktail party or in a restaurant. and talking about your hairy ladybits on TV is not appropriate, ever. just my opinion and the way i was raised. also, i have a weak stomach – if someone blows their nose at the table i can’t continue eating. true story.

  59. hmm says:

    What a very odd thread. Jenny McCarthy had the absolute most annoying facial expressions on Singled Out. She would act so obnoxious and crude. I can’t get past that…and I guess neither can she.

  60. Morris says:

    I think about one way. JMC now is a woman, mother, with a family and a profession. In 1993 she was a girl and a model in PB. Life change to everyone in about 20 years (celebrities, VIPS, don’t mind, i sayd EVERYONE). If she had that fact about her hairy stuff with PB’s staff, hilarious or not, silly or not, it wasn’t our problem. I am only concerned a little in what Oprah invest in communication and professiolals business TV!