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you guys make my day better!” – Jesse

You girls are awesome, intelligent, smarmy, funny women. I would love to see a non-celebrity piece here and there mixed in with the regular stuff. I would love to see your take on ‘real-world’ events.” – aenflex

I love your site, it’s the first thing I check over coffee every morning. Great writing, funny, smart content & a good group of commenters. Well done!” – Joanna

I NEVER write to anyone telling them how great they are, but has been rocking my world for so many years now that I just HAD to say a big, huge thank you. You say the exact perfect things every time and I laugh and laugh and laugh and the brilliantly snarky comments. Don’t ever leave me!” – Danielle

I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE… Your information is always well researched and well stated. I thoroughly appreciate this. I confess that I am a gossip monger; however I find it hard to get fairly unbiased, well written and not entirely superficial stories-too many sites and magazines use the language of bullies and mean teenagers. Your comments section is also full of intelligent and mostly polite users. As long as you have this website, I will be on it!” – a broke ass college student

I am a long-time reader and some-time commenter on your site. I’m often online all day, every day, and I refresh your site often to get the latest goods on the celeb world.” – Minka

Before I found this blog, I wouldn’t have really considered myself as someone who was into celebrity gossip but I am a massive fan of movies, television and music. What I like about this site is that the writers and commentators… actually analyse all these famous people that I watch and listen to… It’s not just ‘This person hooked up with this person’ but there’s actually some analysis on why the celebrities do this and some speculation on their personalities. It’s interesting.” – Sean