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27 Responses to “David Archuleta’s mom is a sore loser; David Cook’s brother has benefactor”

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  1. Mairead says:

    Well, fair play to the mystery benefactor. It’s stuff like that that restores one’s faith in humanity.

    Which is needed when you look at the family of the other David. Seriously – just sell the c***ing car you thick b**ch!!!

    I’m beginning to think that we really need to reassess the benefits of having child stars – I know this lad is 17, but he seems a very young 17. Very very few people who became well known up to their teen years appears to have it together – the only exceptions I can think of are Mila Kunis and Mila Jovovich (maybe the Eastern European genes negate the crazy, who knows). Even Christina Applegate seemed to have severe issues with her weight in the past.

    It’s a shame, as kids love and need their peers on stage and on screen, but look at the cost to many.

  2. headache says:

    Oh pooh. You don’t want to win American Idol anyway. I believe they own your ass and everything you do for AGES!!! I’d take second place in a heartbeat.

  3. Barb says:

    I can’t believe that anyone would believe this crap. Lupe is one special lady and she hasn’t spoke during this whole deal. Get a grip folks the media is playing you once again. The dad is great the mom is great you people are as sick as the ones writing this or you wouldn’t buy into it. Get a life. And they are absolutely thrilled that their son has done as well as he has, it is his dream not theirs they are just there to support and help him. Second place isn’t nothing to be ashamed of and they are not and they have a great respect for David C. and his family.

  4. elisha says:

    O.K. “Barb” A.K.A. Lupe. I can’t believe Lupe said that about the car he won.

    I agree that the benefactor may be Simon Cowell. It also probably made for great TV so he probably saw it as an added benefit to have him there. I’m not questioning his motives, though.

  5. notsofast says:

    The source for the article is the National Inquirer? And you guys are falling for it? Talk about gullible. (I’ve got this bridge I’d like to sell ya….)

  6. devilgirl says:

    With a few exceptions, don’t most Idol winners fade into obscurity anyway? If the Clive Davis thing is true, then what on earth is the woman bitching about? Like another poster said, if you don’t want the car, sell the MF and STFU! People anymore are so ungrateful for anything, there is this self-entitlement bullshit that goes on, and the worst is that people tolerate it.

  7. cc says:

    For all his posturing, Simon Cowell seems to have a big heart.

    As far as the mom goes, whatever. I don’t watch the show, but even I know that most of these people fade into obscurity.

  8. KSD says:

    This stuff is garbage. Some people would just love to tear down others, especially when they are truly genuine and nice people. Just more trash journalism

  9. velvet elvis says:

    Poor little David Archuleta…don’t you guys think he looks like Eddie Munster?

  10. Mairead says:

    I hope that the article, and therefore us detractors, is wrong for the child’s sake. I’m sure if NE can’t back up what the quote they’ll be forced to recant.

    If that happens could MSat run that too, please? I’ll happy take back what i said then. Otherwise, I’ll shake my head at the sense of entitlement to my heart’s content, thank you very much :twisted:

    A bridge you say?…. Tell me, what’cha looking for it? :lol:

  11. elisha says:

    I think Barb, notsofast, and KSD are the same or similar people. :wink:

  12. Jamie says:

    I can’t believe the media. Why can’t you leave the Archuleta’s alone. They are a wonderful family and are very proud of their son. Lupe would not say anything like this. She has hardly said two words during this whole time. I’m sure they live by the motto, “If you can’t say anything nice about somebody, don’t say anything at all.” This is what David lives by and more than likely he was taught by his parents.

  13. vdantev says:

    And when this kid does a first album that totally tanks and he’s doing openings for Habitat for Humanity sites, who’ll give a turkey ?

  14. lola says:

    Someone should sue enquirer’s butt off. David A seems like a nice kid. If he is faking it, then he should be in acting not music. Why are we believing enquirer again? Crap!

  15. ordeo dantec says:

    Delete this stupid article! come on! Imagine your mom and dad got bashed all the time, what would you do, i’m sure you want to kill them, everyone who’s talking about it, right?

    and you know what archie’s respond to all the trash, he just said “that was funny”

    leave Archie alone!
    he just such a positif energy you know

  16. Ronnie says:

    So people feel that the Simon Cowell story may be true but not the Archuleta story? Interesting….

    The fact is that though people can succeed after American Idol without a win, it’s better to win. You get a lot more perks and TV appearances. Of course you still have to prove yourself but you’ll always be referred to as THE AMERICAN IDOL. This is something Archuleta can’t say–all he can say is that he was a runner-up. After all those years of preparing their son and virtually attending The American Idol University (per Simon Cowell), he did not take the crown and that must be a bitter pill to swallow even though coming in top 10 is quite an achievement when you had 103,000 people try out for the show. But everyone remembers the Gold Medalist from the Olympics. The Gold matters and opens doors for you.

    Do I believe the National Enquirer? No, of course not, but I do believe where there’s smoke there’s fire. I also know that sometimes NE does grab onto information and it lands up being true.

    We do know that Jeff Archuleta was banned from AI backstage and was only allowed to be in the audience and was not even allowed to accompany his son on the private jet. We do know that Jeff Archuleta approached and harassed the Ford sponsor/rep on a shoot so much so that the sponsor complained to the AI executive and AI had to take action. We do know that during Star Search, Jeff Archuleta caused trouble and harassed other contestants that he was banned there also.

    There is also this rather interesting article–which came out and again, I’m not convinced this is true, but they claim they have court documents and if it’s not true they can be sued big time for putting this out.

    Frankly, I feel sorry for young David because he seems like a really nice kid but something about his parents (especially his dad) rubs me the wrong way and I certainly didn’t buy them applauding when David Cook’s name was announced. I saw Archie’s brother whistling and then he looked at his father. They clearly followed a script because they knew the world was going to be loooking at them and they had to be good sports about it.

  17. Gofar Sastrodiningat says:

    ….. whenever there is a competition , there should be judges, so is American Idol should have… and of course professional judges should determine who will be the winner of American Idol not the 70 millions sms !

  18. carol says:

    David Archuleta’s mom should be ashamed of all this things she said, David Cook deserved to win, he is the most talented, he has the perfect voice, he is grounded, he is kind, he is lovely, he is smart, he is funny, he is a perfect person and he likes Archuleta very much and consider him his friend, so Archuleta’s mom should respect David Cook and accept his sun was not ready and he is not so good as Cook.

  19. Mj says:

    It really does not matter what people say..what matters it what people will buy..Be happy for the David’s because they are foremost..American’s that represent America..and secondly..let the sales is the only truth in all the blasting..David A is immature and it is good because he is a kid and he has parents who care about him and his dreams and inspire him to go for his dreams..and David Cook is also a family person and the love for his brother..his family came through..I believe very talented competitors wer ekicked off due to the unfairness of constantly focusing on Archuleta and it could be that other contestants did not feel to put forth effort any longer..but David Cook did and it is as if he had a mission..the same as follow a dream..Good luck to both as they are different genres and as far as the Cook Daugtry thing..both are different and do not sound the same as many of the artist seem to do…

  20. sandy says:

    With National Enquirer as the source, the story must be true. More breaking National Enquirer news: Barack Obama was born a woman; had a sex change at age 12.

  21. Annie Devlen says:

    I must admit to being baffled that there is so much hate surrounding this year’s Battle of the Davids, so many predictions that one David or the other will crash and burn, so much vitriol aimed at the younger one’s parents. It is truly a shame.

    What I saw in this year’s final were two very talented young men journeying together and bonding as brothers. How many times have we heard DC say that over the past month?

    I struggle to understand why we cannot simply celebrate their successes and wish them both wonderful futures. And I hope they do not have the time read this nonsense. I think they would both be sad. I am sad.

    Neither David is evil…or spoiled, and neither deserves the anger that has been directed to them by fans of the other David. They are both good people, role models we all claim to want for our young people.

    Can we stop, please? Can we celebrate these two young men and the families that supported them? Please?

  22. Annie Devlen says:

    One last thought…

    IMHO, DC was the better musician and the better performer. But Archie was the better singer and a truly amazing artist. They were very different, but that is okay and ultimately gave them each a different audience. My David did not win, but that does not make DC the villain. I wish him the best and like him more for the way he has treated Archie since winning than for his singing. (And I send my prayers to him and his family in this difficult time!)

    The competition is over…for them, and it seems to me that is should be for us, as well. I can definitely see DC’s finer points. Can you see Archie’s?

  23. Renate says:

    the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and what we have here is a wonderful unblemished apple.

  24. Annie Devlen says:

    I do have to correct one thing…

    Now that I have seen and heard the performances from the AI tour, I have to recind my statement that DC was the better performer! Sheesh, Archie is SO INCREDIBLY TALENTED, there is no way I can believe that DC is the better performer anymore. Did you see Archie turn Josh Groban’s WYSYLM into the most gut-wrenching performance??? WOW!!!

    Continued KUDOS to both David’s!! You are both amazing!!!!

  25. Erin says:

    listen up every1, Lupe Archuleta is would NEVER ssay that. u just want 2 get all the dirt and make him look like an idiot bc of teh parents who raised him so if u dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all.

  26. ArchiesAngel says:

    David ARCHULETA should have won

  27. brown says:

    I just found this article. ROFL. Whoever wrote the article, must be a Cook fan. David Archuleta’s mom is well known as a humble and grateful person as much as her son. I laughed so hard reading the whole thing. The way it said is totally never his mom’s way of saying. How do I know? I’ve been following him since Idol. lolol.