Kendra Wilkinson wants to leave Girls Next Door; not really Hef’s girlfriend

Shocking – SHOCKING – allegations have been printed in the New York Post that Kendra Wilkinson isn’t really Hef’s girlfriend – and she wants to leave his show The Girls Next Door. The Post claims that Kendra, 21, was just cast to add some youth next to the practically prehistoric Bridget Marquardt, 34, and Holly Madison, 28. They also claim that Kendra breaks all the rules, like not dating anyone but Hef. That’s right, Hef can (try to) boink all three women at once, but they’re only allowed eyes for him.

“Holly and Bridget hate her,” a friend of Wilkinson told Page Six. “They’re totally jealous. She has her own empire now. She’s got a clothing line, a modeling career and an exercise empire. They’re just sitting there hangin’ with Hef.”

The friend expounds, “Kendra was never really Hef’s girlfriend. She was cast for the show [E!’s ‘The Girls Next Door’] because Bridget and Holly are old, and they needed a young hot girl for Hef. She was selected from a bunch of Playmate wannabes.” Wilkinson is said to be eyeing her exit from “The Girls Next Door” and the famed mansion next season. “She’s definitely out,” her friend said. “There are too many rules and Holly and Bridget want her gone. They’re so mean to her.”

Wilkinson has had a hard time sticking to the rules of the Playboy mansion – which include a curfew and a strict “no dating other men” line. “She goes out all the time really late and parties,” her pal says. “She’s definitely been linked with other guys . . . She likes rappers and sports guys.”

[From the New York Post]

You can just hear Kendra bitching to the aforementioned friend, “But all the other bunnies are mean to me!!” Interestingly, most of the rumors that have been floating around about her for the last several years are that she is indeed dating other people – other women.

Playboy’s rep of course denied that there were any problems, and told the Post, “‘Hef has always been clear that the girls were his girlfriends before the show was even signed off on. ‘” Sadly on that show it is pretty hard to tell what’s real and what’s made up for the cameras. Fancy doggy birthday party? Totally real. People going at it in the grotto while a flamingo tapes the whole thing to put on the internet later? Partly real. Kendra wanting to get it on with Hugh Hefner? Probably not so real.

Here’s : Kendra Wilkinson leaving Coco de Ville nightclub where she celebrated her birthday in L.A. on June 10th. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Megan says:

    It’s a bit sick really that a 21 year-old girl should be picked to be the girlfriend or someone old enough to be her great-grandfather. I’m not sure why she stayed that long anyway, I guess just for publicity and money. I’m not surprised she doesn’t get on with the other girls though, that fake laugh of hers is disturbing. She always looks really unhappy on the show, and then does that awful fake laugh which just seems totally forced.

  2. Hungry Kya? says:

    I actually like this girl…..she is down to earth and doesnt give a crap about what others think. I just wish she wasnt so ” dumb blond”!

  3. velvet elvis says:

    Kendra is the only one of those “girlfriends” I can stomach. Holly and Bridget are so lame. Have you all seen Bridget’s room? It’s all pink with Hello Kitty everywhere, like she’s 10 years old or something.

  4. Jen (the other one) says:

    That girl is 21?! Riiiiiight.

  5. Blackalicious says:

    She looks late 30s. That is what the tanning, smoking and drinking does I guess.

  6. aaaaaaaaa says:

    This has got to be complete B.S.! Anyone who’s watched the show can tell you that Bridget doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. And Kendra doesn’t have enough brain cells to do anything more than stand there and look pretty. A clothing line? Have you seen how this girl dresses???? An “exercise empire” – She did ONE tape! I think I have an old potato in my pantry that is more intelligent than Kendra. If she leaves the mansion, she’s going right back to the trailer park – – Good luck Kendra!!

  7. vdantev says:

    What? She can’t give up the golden penis and risk losing all that cash and exposure. Then what? Flip burgers somewhere? Unheard of, because that would take WORK and she’s about as familiar with the concept of real work as the Vatican is with condom machines.

  8. Lauri says:

    That’s the oldest looking 21 year old I’ve ever seen. Clearly she has shaved a few years off her real age.

  9. abbizmal says:

    Are you sure about their ages? I’ve seen the show even though it is really stupid (and a little entertaining), and I thought they were all late 30s or early 40s. LOL Great bods though.

  10. Diva says:

    I watch the show probably more than I should admit (I have alot of free late night time) and I never got the impression that she ever sleeps with Hef. The other two you can see it, somehow, I don’t know, maybe body language, something, but never Kendra.

    I can’t STAND her, either. SO annoying.

  11. lola lola says:

    Why is it that celeb mags/page six etc always want to make it seem like a group of women can’t get along? Always making all of them out to be “jealous bitches”…it’s sexist and complete crap.

  12. brianne says:

    good for her if she’s the only one who hasn’t exploited herself so far as to sleep with hugh hefner, gross! wasnt it on here the story that came about how he almost died choking on a sex toy? EWWWW! She’s just in it for the money and if she’s smart at all (and even if it’s not in a bookish sense who cares?) she’ll be saving and investing that money and never have to work again a day in her life!

  13. tanille says:

    shes not 21 she was born in june’85 i believe, so shes 23 but she still looks older then that

  14. daisy says:

    There was an episode, i believe they were in london, maybe, but kendra was talking to somebody about the wives of a king. she asked if any of them did not want to marry the king cuz he was so gross and old. and then quickly backtracked and said “not old but ….man i wish i could remember what she said but i found it hilarious

  15. Jenna says:

    I do remember hearing that there was tension like last month on the show between Kendra and Holly. I went and watched the show and you can definatly pick up on Holly’s tension with her.

  16. Christina X says:

    I really feel guilty saying bagging on people for the way they look, but since the sole reason she’s not living under a bridge is her “looks” when people only make 1/1000000th of this lazy twit’s paycheck, I’ll make an exception.

    I’m 20, and that bitch looks ancient by comparison to not only me, but most 20, 21 year old girls.

    And if by “down to earth”, people mean loud and vapid, she’s very down to earth. 🙄

  17. L.Linus says:

    The sad thing about all of this is people are afraid to say this all sick. An 82 year old raisin trying to act like these girls would give him the time of day if he didn’t have any money. Just go to any nursing home and look a 82 year old and ask a 21 year old would you do him? Money make people do the craziest things, male or female.

  18. Trashaddict says:

    Go Kendra! I’ve always kind of liked the fact that she was the loose cannon. She may turn out to be just another jerk in the end, but Hollywood is a jerky kind of place, my guess is that behind the scenes she’s probably more honest about it than the others.
    The pathetic thing is that Bridget and Holly are considered “old”. Shit. That makes me positively geologic.

  19. Spoonman55 says:

    I’d do her! But that is the reaction E Network has been banking on since this show came on the air.

    Hef had to do this trailer trash ho at least once for her to get her 15 min of fame on his show. After all he is a 70+ year old living commercial for Viagra.

    She is completely clueless to think any of what she has right now is from her own talent? Who would have given her a clothing line etc. if she wasn’t Hef’s young ho? Come on girl wake up, your not all you think you are-actually I could see you doing Porno before this is all done if you piss Hef off…

    Hef has given this Ghetto Ho a life and when she leaves his show that will all be all she wrote. Some rapper will make a sex tape and sell it to the internet so we can all see how classy she really is. hahahaha

    Kendra baby, Wake up!!!!

    Your not all that you think you are-ride out your 15 min of fame as long as you can or until this T’n’A show gets canceled.

    Your one stop away from being trailer park trash once again. All you have to do is keep thinking your the reason you are so successful with the Hollywood crowd…

  20. samabong says:

    Look to me they are all popping pills …

  21. cas says:

    I will admit that I have watched this a good few times (embarrassing but true), and seriously Kendra has got to be the most stupid person ever! She epitomizes the stereotypical ‘dumb blond’. Every time she talks I just cringe for her… and that laugh!

    I can’t believe that Bridget is the oldest as she looks way younger than Kendra, who has NOT aged well. She also seems really genuinely nice; I can’t image her hating someone for no good reason!

  22. Annoymous says:

    shes 23 not 21 retards (not the people commenting this page-the one who posted it up saying she was 21) and they are not having any problems @ the mansion its all just a bunch of lies, sure they dont get along PERFECTLY I mean who doesn’t but they’re not having like a bitch fight over there!

  23. Wow says:

    Ok so… First of all, Every celebrity has rumors started about them at one point or another. Over more than half of what you hear is NOT true! So give the girl a break. It’s her life and her desicions! How would you like it if people were spreading random untrue rumors about you?! If you don’t like her or any of them or the show, well then don’t f’n watch it! Yeah kendra is 22, Holly is 28 and Bridget is 34. Ok so just get over it ppl!!!

  24. AngelEyez says:

    Mercy! The gossip people can spread!
    Personally I don’t believe it. I always say “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see” ;).
    If she is or not leaving whats it matter. Hef will get another girlfriend if he wants to have 3. I just hope we can still see her every now and again or we will all miss her.
    I love all u girls for different reasons. Good luck 2 u all!
    Thank you Hef for taking us to places some of us will never experience. The Birthday’s, Christmas’s, Vacations, Holiday’s.. etc…are so extravagant we could only dream.
    I take care of my disabled mother and handicapped son and it takes me away at least for a bit.
    Keep up the good work “U GO GIRLS”! There is alot of us out there that don’t listen to all that crap and are here to support u!

  25. chickachicka says:

    Well im not sure if all this is true but I can see a few things from watchin the show. You can tell Kendra hates to show affection for Hef. Oh, and she is def. a dumb blonde, I guess its that wonderful inner-city education. I dont think shes a lesbian but I can see how ppl could think that. She calls girls hott and stuff but so do I…I use it as a substitute for pretty. Like for instance I think Angelina Jolie is hott but im not lesbian and I dont wanna do her. Kendra was a painted naked lady at parties at the mansion …thats how hef found her. I guess she was an actual girlfriend before the show started but shes prolly only there now to bump up the ratings. She is the rebel, prolly cause shes young and wants to have fun. She doesnt like rules. Idk if she actually dates other ppl besides Hef but I do know that on her myspace she’s called various rappers and sports stars hotties. She also has a very ghetto personality. Honestly tho, if she wasnt one of The Girls Next Door…she’d be old news. No one would wanna buy things from her clothing or care about how she exercises. I do like all 3 of the girls tho. Kendra is dumb but I guess she cant help it, but she says what she thinks about ppl and I repsect that. I like Holly. I feel sorry for her. She wants a family. If Hef wont give her a baby she should find sumone who wants to. I like Bridget a lot, shes a sweet and intelligent person, she has numerous degrees. Bridget could actually have a career in communications or broadcasting without any help from Playboy if she wanted to. I think she cares about Hef but shes def. not in love with him, but still she shows more concern for him than Kendra does. They’re all kinda lucky but they all have their problems too just like everyone else in the world. Im just glad ppl dont blog about my personal life.

  26. tasha says:

    U guys can all go to hell, out of all he girls she is the most coolest. Holly is a babie wit them fake boobs 😈 and the other thing who’z eating everything in the house… go kendra u go girl!!!! 😆

  27. D'Ville says:

    I think Kendra should do what is best for her. Personally, I think she is the main reason why I watch…Well, besides Hotty Holly. Really, Kendra should do a show excusivley about her, partying and hanging in Hollywood. That would really make money. But needs to stay on t.v.

  28. Personally I think you all are jealous.I know if it was not for Kendra the show would not be as popular. They do all make a good balance for the show and Heff.There are allways going to be people bashers and jealous ugly people.Kendra you go girl.You are only young once so fly as high as you can, and enjoy life. Remember to not let those people bring you down.

  29. Ning says:

    I hope she does leave I hate Kendra she is so stupid and her laugh does bug the hell out of me the show is better without her.

  30. misskissieface says:

    She is SO stupid! I dont think Holly and Bridget are mean to her! She is just trying play her self up cuz’ she is least sucessful of the three girls.Bridget had her own body care line and models foe PETA.Holly works for playgirl and had a body line also. What is Kendra doing? Sitting on her ass being lazy.I hope she leaves.The show doesnt need her neither does Hef!

  31. Julie says:

    I watch the show often and I Love all 3 of the girls. Holley is generally in love with hef. She defiantly wants him to herself! Briget is smart and truly beautiful inside and out! Kendra is exactly what you see! I think she would be making a Huge mistake to leave the mansion! Shes going to miss all the amenities that make her life so easy. Hef is a wonderful man. Age means nothing! They are all really lucky to have had someone of such power allow them to share such a glorious life!

  32. vanina says:

    kendra sos lo mas!!!!!!

  33. Pamela says:

    Kendra is my favorite!! She’s actually acting like she’s got a personality and being herself. So what if shes got an annoying laugh! At least she knows how to laugh at herself!! She is what makes the show…Holly has got a jealousy problem and Bridget will be 35 in a month. This girl is who she is and she is more real than either Holly (we were made for each other?? get real) or Bridget. Go K-dub….more power to ya for being you under pressure…..

  34. Bill Smallwood says:

    I don’t think you understand the truth of it. My boy is Kendra’s agent. Bottom Line he dropped her ass ask him

  35. bob says:

    She’s trailer trash who’s not sure what color she is. She likes rap stars? Kinda says it all doesn’t it? Skank.

  36. laurel says:

    yah i cant believe shes 21 she looks way old and bridget is my favorite she is so nice and i dont think that she would want to be mean to kendra but honestly it would be kind of hard not to be annoyed of her, kendra is so annoying with her dumb laugh!

  37. nomadjean says:

    Hugh Hefner first published pictures of Marilyn Monroe in the first issue of Playboy. He is an icon, a trail-blazer, who liberated males and females to be who they are, to be players if they wished to be and be true to themselves. Politically, he has always been ahead of the curve; and, socially he loves to party and dance and be around beautiful women, he is an ageless lover of the senses and a true humanitarian. One of his best friends is Pamela Anderson, who is a sensual icon and also a representative for PETA; she worships the guy….people need to look beneath the veneer and realize this guy is not your average joe, and never has been. This isn’t about Holly, Bridget and Kendra, this about the Playboy Mansion and the history of a lifestyle that Hugh Hefner introduced to Beverly Hills. For me, this is all about Hefner and what he created, and brought to life. Amen.

  38. Tisha says:

    I think all of you that are putting kendra down are just jealous. she is the best of the bunch. sure holly and bridget are cute and sweet but kendra is the real thing. she doesnt care about what people think she is who she is and thats all that matters. so everyone who is “jealous” of kendra, get over it. 😛

  39. Juniper says:

    Kendra….ROCKS!!! she’s the most outgoing, straight-up and lively one out of all 3. As far as her looks go I think she looks damn good and I’d luv to have a body like hers!….You ROCK Kendra…don’t ever change the way you are!!! (((((hugs)))))

  40. Katie says:

    I’ve never been able to stomach Holly. She always struck me as a money-grubbing golddigger. The way she pushed and pushed Hef about having a baby, it was obvious she was looking for a lifetime meal ticket. Now that she’s out of the mansion and trolling magicians, I’ll bet it won’t take long for Hef to forget her duck face and obnoxious heh-heh-heh-heh laugh. Bridget had better start shopping herself around. According to Wikipedia, she’s 35. Kendra is sometimes selfish and immature, but she also seems very sweet and genuine. She amused Hef, you could tell. I hope she will be happy as a married woman. She got what she wanted: a football player.

  41. sandra says:

    😀 actrolly i like kendra shes a great girl nd down to earth i dont care wat other ppl say about her is just them ..

  42. em says:

    I think she is a very smart girl, everyones saying how dumb she is but :mrgreen: she’s
    paid, i guess she aint to dumb. keep doing
    your sh@t girl!

  43. Shayla says:

    Ok i think all of you are just jealous that she is way way way prettier than you will ever be! i think that she could do so much better than him (no money or rich) but AGE,,,YEAH!! she is not that old and He is old enough to be her GREAT grandfather!!! So all of you girls need to get over the fact that your not as pretty as her or your body aint as nice as hers…and all of you guys need to get over the fact that she would never date you in a million years!!! :mrgreen:

  44. Janice says:

    Okay, I did watch the show for a while and… She doesn’t look like she is in her early 20’s maybe 25. Her mom looks like she is in her late 50’s and I would guess her grandmother is in her early 70’s. That would make her age plausible. She got on the show to make money and she did invest in some rental property on one of the shows. That shows that she is smart in making sure she has a way to make money after the show. The stupid blond thing is an act they all do for the show: along with the laugh they all do, like Jessica Simpson did, and the show wouldn’t have lasted that long anyway. She got exposure and is engaged to a wealthy football star I believe. She knew what she was doing from the beginning. As far as her being a snob, idk, all you see is what is posted on tv which is usually one sided reporting. I think she was a little unhappy, you could tell on the show she didn’t fit in at all except for her looks. And along with the Holly being Jealous, I could see her being jealous of Hef having more girlfriends. I believe she was truelly in love with Hef. What else would she have to be jealous about? Holly’s and Bridgetts faces are much prettier then Kendras,which does not say much because they are supposed to be 20 years older, thats sad!!! Kendra should look like Bridgetts sister and she looks at least 15 years older then her, and Holly and Bridgets bodies are not bad either and they could marry rich men as well. None of them are completely stupid. They all got exposure and made their own money that many could live on for a life time.

  45. trish says:

    I just wish people would spend the time hanging with their kids, raising money for a good cause or volunteering at the humane society rather than watching this ridiculous show. The fact that anyone would waste any time at all watching this show or arguing about how smart, stupid, pretty or ugly these people are speaks volumes about or society. Sad.

  46. Ada says:

    Super blog !!
    I’m Polish, very like you! My name is Ada, in the surname of Tiulemba. Playboy is cool. You’re beautiful, nice, every day I watch your program! I would like to cut a dash with you or talk on the skype. This is my skype: adkax13 or ada.polska
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    If you do not have skype to my mail:
    Greet Hefner, Bridget and Holly.

  47. Bonnie says:

    They are all gold diggers and Hugh Hefner is a bit deranged. Rich and busniess smart, but still deranged.

  48. Libby says:

    I am glad this is all coming out. I never believed for ONE MINUTE that the old dried up pervert had sex with all 3 girls.
    He has to know that any young 20ish or even 30ish woman would puke and be grossed out to have sex with him. He is delusional. bottom line: he has to maintain his image as “King Stud” and he has the money to do it – he buys young, physically enhanced sluts who have no morals to help him out. When I see him looking at the young girls who come to the mansion to be photographed for the magazine, it is the look of a deranged pervert. anyone else would be in prison.
    he is REVOLTING.

  49. beachgal says:

    This is so transparent! The girls are not stupid. Neither is Hef. They had their fun and fame, but now it’s time to move on.

  50. vdantev says:

    If you’re sharing one rich old geezer with two other women and say you’re not in for cash, notoriety or to bump up your career prospects and expect to taken seriously- you might be Kendra Wilkinson.

  51. Lisa says:

    It’s a show that take females & males away 4 half an hour, a female gets what we were taught to wish for ,a rich & powerful male that treat us like a princess giving us what ever we want w/trips around the world & males get to be him w/ three women. We know it’s not real,I don’t want to see the reality, like the fact my prince is old and barley seems to walk & may need a oxygen tank & my mans other girls r hoes that r seaky B****! DONT CHANGE ANYTHING OR ANYONE KEEP ME IN THAT FAKE REALITY EVEN IF IT ONLY FOR A HALF HOUR!

  52. jessika says:

    To all the HATERS i just want to say ur just jealous that u cant be like kendra:) She is freakin sweet and who really knows wat goes on in a celeberities life you dont know for sure if the shit people say is a lie or the truth SO DONT TALK ABOUT SHIT U DONT EVEN KNOW ABOUT ITS JUST STUPID PEOPLE MAKE UP SHIT SO THEY CAN MAKE SOME MONEY DIDNT ANYONE TELL U THAT BEFORE WELL I GUESS NOT IF UR HATIN ON SOMEONE YOU DONT EVEN KNOW!!!

  53. Amy Denver says:

    Can you provide more details on this?

  54. Brenda says:

    my word….please, dont put all the blame on these girls, first of all we ALL know that Holly was really the ONLY girlfriend of Hef, the other 2 were NOT if you would look up the FACTS….hef signed for a show, [the girls next door] he made a ton of money off that show MORE than the girls did, plus it was a fake about the other 2 being his girlfriends, Holly stayed with hef for 7 years and i think she really did love that old dude, and wanted to marry him,but nooo he couldnt do that??? why? i find hef to be a silly man that wants so much to be young again, and it just anit going to happen, i think those new girlfriends [the twins] are the REAL GOLD DIGGERS afterall [the girls next door] was a show that the 3 made into a big hit, and they did work for it,and made their OWN MONEY!!! but come on its time to blame hef, why cant this old 82 year old man, get a nice woman atlease 50 years old, you know there is alot of pretty older women i am 26, and i think you got to blame hef for aton of this, he wanted that show, he wanted people to think they all were his girlfriends, but even with me being 26 i could see that Holly was the only girlfriend, and the reast were there to make a TV show that Hef SIGN UP FOR…you guys on this board need to OPEN your EYES, to the FACTS that the girls next door worked , and made their own money, and hef is the one with a big problem, he NEEDS to GROWUP.. it’s right in front of your faces. nuf said!!

  55. st3v0oO says:

    ya all haters
    kendra is the sexiest and the best
    fuk wat u heard thats all bull shit and if its true then she could do wat she wants cause shes the hottest out of all the play mates. why she want a rusty old fart like heff wen she can have a rapper or some one better =]

  56. MiSS.LADY says:

    i think it’s good she leavin.
    shit i dont know why she started the show she bout the only one on the show who has a spirit holly has her head so far up hef’s ass she doesnt knw anything else. and bridgette is just old. && kendra is gorgeous.
    soo shit. kendra, go make yoour $$$ girl and fck hef bridgette and holly :]

  57. vixen says:

    Quite frankly, I think all the girls are average looking at best. Kendra and Holly look fairly young, but Bridget does look old. I do think it is total bs about the other girls being mean and jealous. Jealous of what? They get to do the same things. As for Hugh Hefner he knows no woman likes him. He just wants to get laid by young decent look chicks, and in return they want his cash duh!!! Kendra does have idiotic laugh. Oh, yeah I also remember the time they were in London she said that those kings were old and nasty. Then covering it up by sayin oh oh not old just really nasty. ha.

  58. babylover says:

    i always new that there was somthing differnt in her … the other girls are more layed back and she just to hyper and non classey she pretty rude an disrespectfull

  59. diana says:

    ur too young and funny to be with such an old msn anyway imma hoping for a sports/comedy/reality show lol

  60. Great post, thanks for the info

  61. the wee scotish fyter says:

    use are awww bitchn fur th rong reason use r aw sayin awww i watched the girls next door a couple times n erm blah blah blah !! but use av awww GOT ALOT TO SAY about the hole situation! (an use av changed th subject)

    Out of the 3 girls KENDRA was the fukn only one any girl watching could connect to and SHE IS SO FUKN HOT n am a 18 year old straight gal who will say it an aww use bitchs bitching USE WOULD ALL LOVE TO HAVE HER ASS

    ill say whats right who gives a fuk if she done it for the money what girl wouldnt, yea n holly she was the total biitch SHE wanted the old man to her self so she could git married and be the next mrs heffner.

    bridget u cani reli say a bad thing about her but sh was hinkn that holly was her friend.

    kendra was left out and kendra’s friend who spoke about it is totally right!
    the other two did push kendra out the way and left her out BUT AS IF KENDRA CAREd

    AM happy kendra is out of there ut i hope we keep hearing ffrom her…

    HOLLY IS A control freak

  62. Chupe Chupacabra says:

    I went to high school with this Kendra, who would have thought she’d go from special education to the playboy mansion!…I wish Kendra the best on her new endeavors, whatever they may be. I’ve seen her personal school records, she’s borderline retarded.

  63. lyd says:

    you realise kendra won’t exactly be poor right? she’s just done 4 seasons of a pretty popular reality tv show, think about it. She’s most likely very well off. Kindv sucks if that’s true about holly and bridget though, imagine living with them bitching about you for five years. And she couldn’t exactly escape it because they aalways had to be together

  64. Ally says:

    OMGoodness people! I love how people who know absolutely nothing about these people read a TABLOID website and expect it to be true! These are the same people who buy millions of copies of STAR and USweekly. Not that watching the show means we get to see all of their personalities, but there was noone being mean to anyone in that mansion. These three ladies are friends and Kendra left because she was ready to move on. She met her football player fiance and Hef completely understood. She loves him as a friend. Holly wanted to marry Hef and everyone knew it. As weird as it may be for people to understand- young people do fall in love with older people all the time. She is a very ambitious young lady and is a very good editor. Bridget is very intelligent and has the degrees to prove it. Old? 34 is old? Really people? You are complaining that Hef is old and dating young, but now 34 is too old? I don’t get it.
    Kendra befriended everyone years ago and was just graduating from high school and didn’t have anywhere to go, so Hef took her in. Hef was in talks for the show for awhile and she just became part of it b/c she was one of the girls at the time.
    Everyone is amicable. Everyone is happy. So let them be.

  65. tessa says:

    I really liked your blog! i read 4 others that are on similar subjets, but they domt update very often, thanks.

  66. anne says:

    I just found your blog on the google search engine and saw a few of your other posts that you had done . I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the great work. i will Look forward to reading more from you again.

  67. valeria says:

    I think that kendra is the most sincere of the girls,she follow his feelings! she is young and of course she wants to get married, to have children, to have fun!
    but she also lived in the mansion for 5 years wich is a lot of time! and now she feels like she needs to move on and it’s perfect! everything has a time!
    she started a career, she lived like a queen for 5 years! what else you can wish? she had everything!
    traveling arround the world..having more fun!
    I think that Kendra is a super intelligent girl! really!

  68. i think kendrâ’s the shit!!!! i love that girl and im happy that her and hank are married and bout to have a child…. so stop freakin bitchin on her she hasnt done anything to hurt anyone and hef is a old ass man and really all of them should get in trouble for datin him! but ditto to kendra i love her:]

  69. shannon says:

    if you don’t like her why wtch it??! :L
    pack of jelous people .
    im not the type of person to say any of this but the fact im kind of related to her shits me so stop.

  70. Toy story 3 here I come. I am loving the movies being released this year! 🙂

  71. Peter Walker says:

    Is she really 23 years old? she looks like 28.

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