Did Julia Stiles homewreck Michael C. Hall’s marriage?


Quite honestly, I find Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter’s split much more shocking and interesting than any of the other celebrity splits this week. Probably because I always bought Hall and Carpenter as a couple who made sense, who had a lot of genuine love for each other. But I was wrong – and if our tipster a few days ago was right, Hall and Carpenter have been on the outs for a while. Now Lainey at LaineyGossip is suggesting – in a somewhat obvious blind item kind of way – that Michael was all up on costar Julia Stiles’ grill when they were filming this past season of Dexter:

I mentioned yesterday that there are a few more details about one of the recent splits announced in Hollywood this week. Turns out there was someone else: his love interest this season on his tv show. Their chemistry was so crazy and so evident to everyone that writer and producers, seeing it play out on set, actually cranked up their sex scenes to capture it for show. Her career has seen a resurgence since.

Eventually the two fell in love. They were together, very close, at a Halloween party in New York this fall hosted by a famously controversial writer (this isn’t a super important detail) and those who observed them that night are not surprised now that he’s ended it with his wife.

[From LaineyGossip]

Eh. Michael and Julia didn’t really have cranked-up love scenes. But they did have a lot of chemistry. Also, Showbiz Spy (not reliable in the least) has a source who claimed that Julia and Michael were hanging out earlier this week and that, “Michael was checking out Julia’s butt. He was fixated. He seemed fine though. You would never tell his marriage had just collapsed.” And I just want to point out something else – if we’re judging Michael’s “type” as Jennifer Carpenter, then Julia definitely fits into that “type”. Both are very slender, tomboy-ish, athletic women who are… let’s say… lacking in the kind of stereotypical “feminine” vibe. So… sure, I’ll buy Michael and Julia as a couple. I’ll buy that he was attracted to her, and I’ll buy that maybe his vows didn’t mean much to him.

If Lainey is right, I end up having a lot of sympathy for Jennifer Carpenter. Our tipster claimed that Carpenter has spent the last few months partying her ass off and hooking up with guys too, though. And TMZ just threw up some photos of Jennifer having lunch with a mystery man. Perhaps she called the paparazzi for a little revenge “f-ck you” photo op with Mr. Beefcake. Michael already did the photo op think without his ring yesterday (photos below), just after the news about his split broke. Is anyone else getting the feeling that there is some bad stuff about to break? Ugh.


48544, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday December 14, 2010. A ring-less Michael C. Hall leaves Kings Road Cafe the day after he announced he was separating from wife and Dexter co-star Jennifer Carpenter. The actor is also nominated for a Golden Globe for his Dexter role. Photograph:  Matt Symons, PacificCoastNews.com

48544, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday December 14, 2010. A ring-less Michael C. Hall leaves Kings Road Cafe the day after he announced he was separating from wife and Dexter co-star Jennifer Carpenter. The actor is also nominated for a Golden Globe for his Dexter role. Photograph:  Matt Symons, PacificCoastNews.com

48544, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday December 14, 2010. A ring-less Michael C. Hall leaves Kings Road Cafe the day after he announced he was separating from wife and Dexter co-star Jennifer Carpenter. The actor is also nominated for a Golden Globe for his Dexter role. Photograph:  Matt Symons, PacificCoastNews.com

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 29: Actress Jennifer Carpenter and actor Michael C. Hall arrive at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on August 29, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)


PR image from Dexter. Additional pics courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

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  1. lena80 says:

    “Is anyone else getting the feeling that there is some bad stuff about to break?”

    Yes, I do…but are we allowed to post it here?

  2. Steph says:

    Hey Kaiser!
    I would be sad for them too, but I remember an article forever ago about how she homewrecked his first marriage. So it doesn’t shock me that their marriage didn’t work out.

  3. original kate says:

    i love him, so i hope this isn’t true. but he will always be david fisher, uptight gay funeral director, for me.

  4. Missy says:

    I cant imagine the drama going on behind the scenes of the set.
    I cant stand Deb at all but if JC had to work under these circumstances than I have some sympathy for her. But… if she was the previous home wrecker to his 1st wife (I didnt know of him back then so dont know the story behind that one)than it looks like she learned a good lesson about karma.

  5. cici says:

    what kind of bad stuff? related to this? i really do not like julia stiles.

  6. KateNonymous says:

    I hope it’s not true. I’d be so disappointed in Julia Stiles.

  7. Kaiser says:

    Steph – I always forget that, but you’re right. There was some overlap with his first wife and Carpenter.

  8. Vanessa says:

    aw man. I love Dex. Plz dont let Hall be a pig. sigh.
    if there is some bad stuff about to hit, I wanna know it tho!

  9. Roma says:

    And… called it!!

  10. Vi says:

    i didn’t get the chemistry between those characters at all. in fact i thought the lumen character and the entire season was painfully boring. i kept watching hoping it would pick up but it never did in my opinion. still that doesn’t mean they weren’t boinking. sad too. and sounds like MCH is a right old philanderer!

  11. serena says:

    Oh well I love Julia Stiles to much to hate her.

  12. SuperSleuth says:

    This news bums me out.

  13. KelBear says:

    @serena, I second that!

  14. Whatever says:

    I don’t get the fascination with him or his show. He’s brimming with a pede vibe that creeps me out and I tried to watch the first episode of Dexter and it made me nauseous. Guess I don’t have the stomach for it.

    But if I get the gist of this whole thing. She stuck by him during an awful period in his life and then he repaid her by cheating. Nice!

  15. cici says:

    “brimming with pede-vibe” LMAO. so true

    and why be disappointed in julia stiles? i hate when people imply that a spouse is not SOLELY responsible for protecting his or her OWN marriage.

  16. Lukie says:

    Left 1st wife for costar on set.
    Left 2nd wife possibly for another costar on set.
    He has more than a type Kaiser.
    He has a pattern.

  17. la_chica says:

    can you please lose the misogynist “homewreck” in the title or re-phrase it to read

    “Did Michael C Halls homewreck his marriage?”

    It’s not like he was forced into cheating

  18. jinni says:

    I don’t think Jennifer called the paps because Harvey Levin at TMZ is obsessed with this show so I think he sent them to follow her.

  19. normades says:

    @cici: yeah I hate when we call women homewreckers when it’s the dude that’s most to blame

  20. cici says:

    i agree – julia may not be supportive of her fellow womankind BUT she is NOT in any way responsible for MCH’s marriage to another person.

  21. Stella says:

    I have distinct feeling that may be quite alot of dirt behind this particular break-up. Lainey (yesterday) painted a picture of JC talking about the disintegration of her marriage with cast and crew of Dex. It also seems that the photo-ops took place at a very opportune moment.
    I was saddened to hear that they had split.
    JC seemed very supportive and warm towards MCH, particularly with his recent struggle with cancer.

    I could be wrong but I think he met Amy (1st wife) during a work obligation. Perhaps it’s time to focus on people you are not working with…
    Also, if there was “stuff” going on between Hall and Stiles during filming, I will be quite disappointed.

    There are some film/tv actors (male and female) that seemed to gravitate romantically towards their current co-star. Nothing immediate comes to mind but I know there is some. I’m sure some people can name some.

  22. Bella Bella says:

    Michael C Hall is one of my top 5 crushes. Please please please don’t let him turn out to be an asshole.

  23. SuperSleuth says:

    Bella Bella: I feel exactly the same way.

  24. Deeta says:

    I hated him with Carpenter! They looked awful together.

  25. KatzeHalifornia says:

    Ok, why is it always the girl who “homewrecks”? It’s not as if the dude in these situations aren’t willing participants. It just really irritates me that failed marriages are always laid at the woman’s feet. That’s complete BS. Maybe Michael C. Hall is the arsehole in this situation. Maybe his marriage was broken to begin with. But to lead off with a “Woman X homewrecks marriage” is just such an outmoded way of characterizing things.

  26. shockedandappalled says:

    TMZ link to Jennifer Carpenter lunch with mystery man photos is broken fyi…

  27. Sara says:

    The timing of this break up announcement is very suspect. The day after the finale they tell the world they are divorcing. Could it be that they didn’t want to tell because they were afraid it would affect the ratings if they found out Julia and MCH had an affair? I saw JC at the airport Dec.27 2009 flying out of Louisville,KY airport, she wasn’t with MCH.

  28. Rachel says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Jennifer Carpenter at all. Maybe if she hadn’t been the other woman in his previous marriage, but she was soo…Karma’s a bitch.

  29. Cleo says:

    I agree with Deeta. I totally watched Season 5 without thinking the siblings were Married to each other – that’s too Japanese for me, Daken Akihito. I wouldn’t have been able to focus on the show AT ALL if I remembered that they were MARRIED. Oh GOD!

  30. Eve says:

    Totally agree with Lukie (# 16).

  31. Kaiser says:

    shocked – I don’t know what’s going on with that TMZ link. It was working an hour ago, and it seems like TMZ took the photos down.

    *conspiracy tin foil hat on*

  32. Majosha says:

    @lena80: Do tell! Pretty please??

  33. Eve says:

    *conspiracy tin foil hat on*


    Seriously, Kaiser, I really love you sometimes.

  34. Linda says:

    Oh, no, he’s Dexter in real life! So to speak.

  35. KateNonymous says:

    @cici (#15) I don’t watch Dexter and know nothing about Hall or his career, so it’s tough for him to disappoint me. Stiles, on the other hand, I’ve liked for years.

    So, yeah, I agree with you, but he doesn’t come up on my radar.

  36. Samantha says:

    I was just waiting for the rumor mill to start up about Julia. I hope its not true.

  37. lmp says:

    when i grow up, i want to be like deb from dexter. I just only finished season 3, so i’m hurrying up to see JS for myself

  38. RHONYC says:

    now i’m curious…i’m going to have to rent the dvds now. 🙂

  39. anon33 says:


  40. Jezi says:

    I’m sure if he stepped in to someone else’s marriage he would be a homewrecker the same. Not just women are classified as homewreckers.

  41. margie says:

    Maybe his cancer made him realize life is too short to spend it with someone you aren’t in love with…just a thought.

  42. Someone Else says:

    Ok, as one who’s been the “other”, here’s something I’ve learned: Should women try to vie for someone else’s man? No.

    However, a man will ONLY cheat if he WANTS to.

    This is where the whole “oh, what a whore she is” really pisses me off. Not that a woman who does so isn’t, but that it’s always her “fault” for breaking up the marriage.

    I totally disagree. If someone wants to be married and cares about the commitment they’ve made, they’ll stick to it. If they don’t, it’s (IMO) truly the fault of the one who ultimately chooses to cheat.

    Using Brangelina for example — did she rape him? If he loved Jen, he’d have NOT STRAYED. A person can only be seduced if they want to be, and regardless of the temptation they’ll honor their commitment.

    All right. Now let me have it. But as an 80s slut, I know this to be a fact.

  43. Sara says:

    That last line from Deb in the season finale where she looked at him with evil eyes and said you think you know someone and then…

  44. jzhz says:

    Julia Stiles is waaay more feminine than Hall’s ex-wife.

  45. Camille says:

    @Someone Else: I’ve never been ‘the other woman’, but I agree with your comment. Men will only cheat if they want to, whether they love their partner or not.

  46. Zelda says:

    @ cici, lachica, KatzeHalifornia, SomeoneElse, et al

    YES. Exactly.
    For the record, I have been the other woman, and I’m not necessarily proud of that. Haven’t done it in a long time, in fact. Wouldn’t now that I’m older.
    But there was not one case when “she doesn’t get me” or “it’s not like that” etc was not uttered from their lips. They always assure you it’s okay. The ones who don’t want to cheat?–They don’t. Men aren’t children or puppies or half wits. They are fully functioning adults who
    make reasoned, real choices.
    And I have met many a married man who propositioned other women. I honestly, genuinely have yet to meet a man who was tricked/seduced by some wily seductress(and most of my friends ARE males who I’ve never
    slept with)

    What I’m saying is, this she-blame is a way of coping and saying “there IS an enemy who changes them and they would NEVER do it if someone didn’t possess them like a vagina-devil!”

    There isn’t, they may, they’re human.

    Let’s all focus on our marriages instead of assuming that there are rules that allow us autopilot.

  47. kelly says:

    Oh please. No one homewrecks anything. There is not a skank on this planet, male or female, who can fuck up a solid relationship so let’s not get it twisted. I know it’s tempting to blame the person outside the relationship who may have been flirting or invitational, but that is just standard everyday shit and sure as hell is not the basis for a split.
    You do the breaking up with your partner because you’re over them, or to be perfectly honest, you’ve found something you like better, or just want to be the hell away from other people. And it’s not only men who feel the urge to go on slutty rampages- jeeze, have none of you wanted to hit half the planet after getting out of a malfunctioning relationship??

    I find him totally hot, but then I like freaky men, and I’ve always gotten a dodgy freaky vibe from him. Looks like I wasn’t too far off the mark ho ho.
    CALL ME!

  48. Apostate says:

    If there’s even a whiff of truth to all this,Hall has essentially done a lateral trade.

  49. Megatrona says:

    Iam sorry but is true then MCH has the absolute worse taste in women, Jennifer flat as a board Carpenter?Julia boxer face Styles? Both very unattractive in my books…

    • Jo says:

      That’s because you don’t know what flat means, what boxer faced means, what unattractive means, etc. Both are gorgeous girls and he has fantastic taste, which is more than I can say for, say, Zac Efron or Russell Brand. EWW

      and yeah, I wasn’t aware B cups were flat… or that that was bad.. okaay

  50. Mara says:

    I don’t think anyone can wreck someone else’s marriage, that’s for the ones in the marriage to do only, but I also think there’s something seriously sketchy about women or men who KNOWINGLY become the ‘other’. I don’t care if the married person makes all the moves, taken should equal hands off to me.

    This makes me sad. It sucks they have to continue to work together and it really sucks that JC had to work with both of them all season. At least she plays his sister and not a role where she would have to act romantically interested in him.

  51. Noooo! I really love Michael C. Hall as an actor so naturally I want to love him in real life, but this sounds messy and douchebag-like to me.

  52. Emily says:

    Ooh, so glad my housemate’s downloading Dexter for us now!

  53. gloaming says:

    Jennifer’s going to be looking for a new job now. 🙁

  54. archiepelago says:

    Thanks GOD! A new Hollywood homewrecker to take over the redundant Jolie homewrecker stories!

    Can I have an a-men?

  55. I Choose Me says:

    Annnnnd once again people latch on to a rumor and somehow leap to thinking it true simply based on a few blogs’ speculation. Because of course Julia is gonna be brought up as a possible reason for the split, simply by virtue of their having been romantic (in a twisted way) on the show. Hell, I’m surprised her name was immediately brought up when the split first became known. Me, I’m going to give MCH and Julia the benefit of the doubt until there’s evidence, (pics, reliable sources) to suggest otherwise.

  56. Liana says:

    I don’t think anyone can wreck someone else’s marriage, that’s for the ones in the marriage to do only, but I also think there’s something seriously sketchy about women or men who KNOWINGLY become the ‘other’.

    cosign. Don’t hit it with a married person. But the person responsible for the end of the marriage is ultimate the person IN the marriage. If you’re not happy, end the relationship. Then be with someone else. If the man you want is in a marriage and claiming to not be happy, have some self respect and wait until he’s free.

  57. REALIST says:

    Ahh, but MEN DON’T LEAVE. Especially when there is property involved. In the last two years of my marriage, my ex was practically stalking me, making controlling statements constantly and checking up on me every which way. Also, he would mess with mind by saying I didn’t say something I knew I said. I felt ill constantly, the laundry list of stress related illnesses-I found out later that I was actually falling into the abyss of mental illness (depression and anxiety, then a diagnosis of BPD-II after the divorce).

    So,in 2007 he left town with the kids to visit Mommy (another problem) and said he was sorry he “forgot” my birthday after 15 years of marriage. I decided I was tired of spending my time with other miserable married women and I asked one of my coworkers out (the coworker part was the biggest mistake, actually). You know the saying “still waters run deep”? Enough said.

    Of course, the story is I was a cheating slut and left him for another man (who was NOT married incidentally). He was totally messing with my mind still; so, as the saying goes, I got the short end of the stick in the divorce. Meanwhile, the BF got tired of hearing about my divorce woes (understandable)and hit the road.

    I will always wonder-did he psyche me out into leaving first so he could have the edge on getting the house (and for awhile, the kids)? We both knew our marriage was on the critical list..

    Well, at least I was just a slut, and not a homewrecker (note sarcasm)…

  58. Crash2GO2 says:

    “Iam sorry but is true then MCH has the absolute worse taste in women, Jennifer flat as a board Carpenter?Julia boxer face Styles? Both very unattractive in my books… ”

    Erm – he looks like a caveman. What ARE you going on about?

  59. Maritza says:

    At least he had no kids with her so they each can go their separate ways. I like Julia Stiles, I think they kind of make a better match. I love to watch “Dexter”, I wish they bring Lumen (Julia Stiles) back.

  60. Anon says:

    I’ll believe this is true when Michael and Julia adopt 7 children with the last name Hall-Stiles.

  61. serena1986 says:

    i don’t blame julia or michael because i like them together in real live and on the show dexter,they make a hot couples in real live and on the show dexter!

  62. Bellaboo says:

    Here’s the “bad stuff about to break”….HE’S GAY! Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I love him. But I’ve always gotten a gay vibe from him. He played the part of David on Six Feet Under way toooooo well. And his choice in women is telling. Someone said it already, they are not feminine. He likes dudes!

  63. Isa says:

    Her teeth are so flat!
    That is all.

  64. mimi says:

    For one I’d be disappointed in Stiles (as a fan) and in Hall as a cheater. This man was on the verge of death last year and Carpenter seemed to be his anchor through all of it. It would be a slap in Carpenter’s face if he carried on with an affair while still married. Hopefully he at least had the decency to tell her it was over and THEN carry on with Stiles.
    And I think while it’s disappointing that both Carpenter and Stiles allegedly dealt with Hall while he was married I think it’s more disappointing that Hall can’t seem to stay faithful to ANY woman. Why not just stay single???

  65. Megatrona says:

    Crash2GO2 : I don’t know if you read properly but I did say ” in my books” which means is my taste, everybody has different taste in beauty
    In your books MCH looks like a caveman (That was actually pretty funny) but I think he is super attractive and I would tap his “caveman” ass anytime hihihihi

  66. Reality says:

    Call me crazy, but I think they split up months ago, probably a mutual things as they’ve both moved on pretty fast, and just kept it quiet for the sake of the show.

  67. susanne says:

    I called this, too!

    And I get the kinky freaky vibe from Dex, as asexual as his character can seem on the show. I’d hit it.

  68. normades says:

    wow, what a thread…

    some women are homewreckers because they constantly go after married men (Sienna Miller), but I don’t think Julia is like that

  69. MSat says:

    Maybe Hall is one of those guys who falls in love with whomever he is working with. Didn’t he meet his first wife when she was a guest star on Six Feet Under?

    My other theory is that the cancer scared him into some kind of epiphany about his and Carpenter’s relationship. I have a friend battling cancer right now who left his wife to be with his high school sweetheart. Not saying I agree with it. I guess he thought, life is short, I might as well be with who I really wanna be with.

    It is sad, though.

  70. anna says:

    I have to disagree with those who say Hall has terrible taste in women. Both Stiles and Carpenter have resisted the pressure to enhance their faux sexiness quotient with breast implants, lip injections, etc. Also, though the Deb character is grating, Carpenter is a fine actress. Hall obviously goes for substance over style, and good for him.

  71. coexxi says:

    I think both women are beautiful. Just because they are not “cute” or “sexbombs” doesn’t mean that they don’t have lots of charisma.

    It is so funny how quite some people here already take this rumor as a fact.

    And even it was to be true: there is no such thing as a homewrecker. A lot of people only quit a relationship if they have something new on the line. Partly because they can not be alone, partly because they get easily bored.
    Obviously there are also other reasons but most of the time it is as easy as that.

    And some just want some fun outside…
    You wouldn’t believe how many married or to be spoken for guys tried to start something with me. I just don’t like something like that in my life. But not for the sake of their relationship, which can’t be in such a good place when the guy is hitting on other women.

  72. Lauren says:

    “Realist”, I really feel for you, but venting on here is confusing. Happy trails to you, dont get married again..men are rarely faithful.

  73. R says:

    Why would TMZ take down that story?? It’s not like JC having lunch with some random dude is scandalous … that guy could be anybody! I find that to be very odd.

    Anywho just a few comments:

    – I totally agree that this was the break-up that I was by far the most shocked and disappointed with this week. They seemed very happy together.
    – JC weirded the heck out of me for the first couple seasons of Dexter, but she has really grown on me in the last couple seasons. I tend to find people more cute when I like their personalities (whether they are male or female), and I definitely think JC is pretty, though I do think she needs to eat a d*mn sandwich. 🙂
    – In general I never would have pegged MCH to be such a cad … but it’s starting to look like he may be. Still hard to know if these rumors are true though.

  74. serena1986 says:

    i believe that it is just a rumor on the internet! that all!

  75. Ally says:

    Thank God she just set the record straight and this is just a nasty rumor. I never believed it, but you never know. But if it were true i would be very disapponted at Julia.

  76. haribo says:


  77. Rebecca says:

    He didn’t cheat on his first wife, they were divorced before Dexter even started….

  78. Lynda says:

    well, what about JC and that sexy tall detective character that she boinked in Dex this season? Any thoughts that it might be her?

  79. Lara says:

    I think that celebrities should hook up with people who aren’t celebrities for a more balanced life. not all relationships are perfect. It’s not a matter of cheating with Michael and Jennifer. Maybe it just wasnt meant to be. I definitely don’t think Julia Stiles had anything to do with their relationship’s demise and they should all be left alone to figure out their own problems. Their divorce was amicable, and kudos to her for sticking by his side when he was ill, but they had been having difficulties for a while and neither is at fault. Sometimes things just don’t work out and you have to move on to be happy. I will say that he has great taste in women. Both of his wives were BEAUTIFUL

  80. lulu poo says:

    I’m just going to go on and say it. If Julia hit it I would not be mad at her. If there was even a whiff of a marriage going down hill (and if I’m being totally honest, even if the marriage was great)I would NOT pass up a chance to get thrown down by MCH. You only live one time and while I might not actively pursue him I would have to be unconscious to turn him down. Just sayin’.

  81. Emma says:

    Michael C. hall didn’t cheat on his first wife, Amy Spanger. He and Amy separated and filed for divorce in 2006, prior to the start of “Dexter.” And Amy Spanger wasn’t Michael’s co-star in the “Chicago” revival when they met, either. Amy and Michael got married the year before they starred together in “Chicago” in 2003 (they lived together for nearly five years before they got married).

    Jennifer Carpenter dated Christian Camargo–the actor who played Rudy/Brian Moser the Ice Truck Killer–during the first season of “Dexter.” Jennifer and Michael began dating in 2007, and they got married on December 31, 2008.

    I don’t believe this rumor about Michael and Julia Stiles. First, there hasn’t been a speck of evidence to support the rumor, not even a photo (and yet TMZ didn’t have a problem snapping a photo of Jennifer Carpenter and some random guy, did they?). Second, people who attended the “Dexter” panels at Comic Con in San Diego July 23 – 25, 2010 say that Jennifer kept shooting these ‘looks’ at Michael, and you can tell by their body language (just Google Comic Con 2010 and see for yourself), which was horrible…leaning away from each other and such…that something was going on. And then they separated on August 9th. So something other than Julia Stiles had to be going on.

    My own personal theory in the Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall break up is that one of them changed their minds about having kids.

  82. JazzK says:

    Sorry, I’ve seen the San Diego Comic Con 2010 footage and they don’t seem off each other at all. Also the Brit paper The Daily Mail had a 3rd Nov 2010 report saying they were seen the day before, talking, laughing and hugging each other. There are pics of them looking perfectly relaxed and into each other that day. Pics & Report Link:
    There’s some other reason for this split.

  83. Jenn says:

    He has bad taste in women. Julia Stiles is very plane looking, and kind of ugly without makeup. Jennifer..I can’t decide about her,she is pretty sometimes but has an awkwardness to her face and skeletor body.

    If he cheated with Stiles though thats pretty crappy. Poor Jennifer has to work with him still. Oh well, it’s hollywood..it happens.

  84. KAREN says:


  85. takip says:

    If he cheated with Stiles though thats pretty crappy.

  86. yoUth says:

    Is that true?
    I’m not mad to Julia Stiles and Michael C. Hall…actually i like both of them,their really fits to each other…<3

  87. yoUth says:

    Is that true?
    I’m not mad at Julia Stiles and Michael C. Hall…actually i like both of them,their really fits to each other…<3

  88. Meanchick says:

    Isn’t the ‘other woman’ always the one who thinks she’s changed him? Too funny. Getting involved with a man or woman who has a history of cheating, especially with the people they work with, is a heartbreak waiting to happen.

  89. Meanchick says:

    Oh yeah, I always thought Julia like the chocolate. Guess I was wrong.

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