Megan Fox makes Brian Austin Green give his dog up – then gets 2 dogs herself

Brian Austin Green, 35, had a mastif-pitt bull mix dog named Macy that he adopted three years ago when she was just a puppy. His live-in fiance Megan Fox, 22, is said to have told him that it was her or the dog. The National Enquirer has this story, and claims Macy was a well-trained and well-behaved dog and didn’t cause any problems. Brain ultimately gave up the dog to a good home at Megan’s insistence, but he’s said to be heart broken about it.

Megan Fox has fiance Brian Austin Freen on such a short leash that she’s forced him to give up his best friend – his beloved dog Macy!

“Megan claimed she felt threatened by Macy, but that dog was a sweetheart. She wouldn’t hurt a fly,” divulged an insider.

“Brian adored Macy and refused to give her up for the longest time, but Megan nagged him about it until he finally gave in. He was crushed.”

[Brian] adopted 3-year-old Macy, a mastiff-pit bull mix, when she was 3 months old – around the same time he and Megan, 22, began living together, according to sources.

After adopting the dog, 35 year-old Brian enrolled her in rigorous training courses at the Hollywood Dog Training School…

“Macy was really mellow and well-behaved,” the source added. “Whenever Brian went out of town he’d board Macy at the training school.

“The trainers were shocked when Brian’s assistant came in one day and said Brian was being forced to give Macy up for adoption because Megan didn’t get along with her.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 18, 2008]

The Enquirer goes on to say that to add insult to injury “Right after Brian gave Macy up for adoption, Megan adopted two tiny dogs.”

There was a story a while ago the Brian was overheard at lunch venting to a friend about how Megan controls his life, including making schedules for him so he spent a specific amount of time together. These two were rumored to have broken up last month, but Brian denied it, saying they were still together.

It’s very cold to make someone give up their pet, and you have to wonder if these two are ready to get married and take it to the next step. If Fox is as controlling and cold-hearted as she’s rumored to be, she would definitely make a terrible wife. It doesn’t matter how hot someone is if they’re a nightmare to be with.

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox are shown out on 1/3/08. Credit: Dave Styles/Fame Pictures

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  1. Tanille says:

    Thats sad, i really like her but thats just mean. Pets are like peoples children and he had that dog for three yrs, and then to go get herself two small dogs, thats selfish

  2. lulu says:

    well, i think it says more about him that he actually gave the dog up! what an asshole!

  3. Kaiser says:

    Well, nobody could make me give up my dog. But I’d like to see someone try – he’s a hundred-pound monster.

    But if I was Brian Austin Green, dating a chick whom people always asked “Isn’t that hot girl with that 90210 douche?” – well, then maybe I would understand doing whatever she asked.

  4. daisy424 says:

    If Megan knew Brian had Macy before she moved in, she shouldn’t have changed that. She sounds controlling.

  5. Jenna says:

    No matter how hot Megan Fox is, those boots make her look as appealing as Brooke Hogan.

  6. Thais says:

    i guess she wears the pants in that relationship…
    i agree with daisy424 sounds like she is a controlling bitch… 8O

  7. Blackalicious says:

    I agree. I have a child but my pet is also like a child and cherished- so I would never give him up. It says a lot about her character is this is true. He needs to reclaim the puppy and ditch her… Animals love you unconditionally and forever. Poopr dog probably feels she did something wrong. You don;t just get rid of them unless there is a damn good reason (i.e. they attack or someone is deathly allergic). he needs balls if this is true.

  8. DDP says:

    Notice the source: The National Enquirer… You can’t really believe this?

  9. Sarah says:

    What a bitch…!

    Random side note… why is everybody upset about 19yrs old boyfriend of 32yrs old TJ Knight and about 18yrs old Hayden Pannetiere and 31 yrs old Milo Ventimiglia, but no one has a word on 21yrs old (in the beginning) Megan Fox and 34yrs old Brian A Green??? Isn’t that weird? :roll:
    Don’t tell me there is a BIG difference between 19 and 21… there just isn’t!

  10. stellapurdy says:

    He’s an idiot for giving up the dog because his 22 year old girlfriend told him to. He’ll look back on that decision as he gets older after she’s gone and know what a stupid choice he made.

    And the Enquirer seems to have the scoop lately so I believe it.

  11. princess says:

    It doesn’t say much for either of them. It is probably better that the dog is in another home if he can so easily give her up.

  12. trvlbug529 says:

    Beautiful girl with big balls! Apparently he forgot his.
    Love me, love my pets or hit the door.
    Ah, stupid youth.

  13. wocka says:

    Hilarious typo, 1st paragraph: you called him “Brain”

  14. Orangejulius says:

    Give up my animals? What kind of love is that? Not the kind I need.

  15. bros says:

    totally kaiser. he is way too old and douchey for her and this is about the only thing he is known for now (having a disproportionately hot GF) so he gave up the damn dog, but that says a lot about the guy’s character, which is, again, completely douchey. so this is par for the douchebag course.

  16. Izzy says:

    I wonder if he gave up the wrong bitch.

    @Sarah, amen. I’m glad I didn’t have to say it. What difference does the age make? Usually young fat guys or old women who can’t get laid are the haters!

  17. Trashaddict says:

    This item isn’t about dog-owning, it’s about pussy-whipping. Not a phrase I use lightly. Girl-to-guy advice, get out while you can.

  18. Christina X says:

    I never liked Megan Fox to begin with, because all she seems to talk about is her magical twat and extravagant sex life.

    But, that just goes to show how shallow a lot of guys can be. If you’re an attractive woman, you can get whatever you want from them.

  19. Megan says:

    You can’t tell someone else to not have a dog and then have 2 dogs!!!!!! lol

  20. Kevin says:

    Magical twat? Please explain, the Kevster is intrigued. Can you slip a lump of coal in there and then pull out a diamond? can a blind man soak his eyeballs up in there, “snatch” them out and be able to see?

  21. Nightbird says:

    Not shocked at all. I have found in my 35 years of dating, the more beautiful a girl is, the more psychotic, whiny, and self centered she is.

    Give me the pretty girl next door anyday, one who will drink a beer with you and watch (or at least let you watch without throwing a tantrum) football or whatever sport your into.

    No offense to Brian Austin Green, but he should have told her “No.”

    Trust me, I’ve dated some very beautiful women and they have pulled that crap (never over a pet, though.)

  22. daisy424 says:

    Kevin; Pull out a diamond? Thanks for the laugh.

  23. spoonman says:

    Heartless Bitch!!!

    But really Brian-get some balls and man up!

    Hey she is hot, likes sex, and is making cash-great catch-Right???

    Not!!! If the way she acted at the MTV awards, with this miss priss attitude is any indication of the way she acts -I’d kick her to the curb. MF better grow up quick or she’ll be kicked to the curb by a 90210 has been…

    BTW-There is plenty of hot young woman to hook up with Hollywood/LA. Your not all that MF, you still need a breast job and get that nose fixed…

  24. abbizmal says:

    You mean that idiot actually got rid of his dog when given that ultimatum? What a bitch and what an asshole. That man is so whipped, it is pathetic. So she’s hot, but she is not a nice person, if all this is true.

  25. paris herpes says:

    Brian shouldn’t marry her at all! She made him give up his dog, who was well-behaved and sweet, and then got two little dogs just for the sake of accessories (like all those Hollywood twits do)…forget her Brian, she’s a FAKE ass!

  26. AC says:

    i would give up my cats for no one. no one.

  27. Christina X says:

    Kevster, ask Megan Fox, she’s so great in bed and blah blah blah.

    The more she speaks, the less I like her, and that’s saying something, since she’s always annoyed the hell out of me.

  28. Snowblood says:

    Why, ChristinaX, ’cause she’s beautiful? Is that why she has always annoyed you? Yeah, those beautiful people, such bitches, god they’re annoying. :lol: :lol: If you’ve been born less than lovely, then you REALLy hate the natural beauties.

    I think this story is a crock of sh*te, more mindless gossip-fodder for the daily blogs. Either that, or both these people are assholes, Megan Fox AND her seemingly-spineless dog-giving-up boyfriend Brian Austin 90210 guy.

  29. Christina X says:

    I think I said why she has annoyed me. She’s smug and up herself, but really, thanks. I really deserved that. Attacking someone who is already openly down on herself because of her looks. You’re a f*cking winner.

    To be quite frank, I don’t think she’s that great. You’ve seen one tan, busty brunette, you’ve seen them all.

  30. Snowblood says:

    You’re down on yourself because of your looks? How was I supposed to know? Anyway, that sounds like a problem for you, so, good luck with your “thing,” whatever it is. Maybe someday you’ll be a winner. (HeathJoker voice) Like ME!

    So what are you trying to say about tan and busty brunettes? They’re all one and the same? That’s a little Haircolourist of you, now, isn’t it?

  31. Richard says:

    “i would give up my cats for no one. no one.”

    You don’t give up cats. They give up you!!

  32. Cate says:

    I think Megan Fox is very pretty but borderlines at looking like a porn star at times. If she got fake implants that would seal the deal. It’s something with her face; her nose (is flat triangular weird) and face shape (jaw line) is a bit off. But yeah, she’s hotter than many actresses out right now. She has pretty eyes and dark hair .

  33. A.C> says:

    People should stop hating on Brian Austin Green. Men are just jealous he’s got Megan Fox. Brian is a good looking guy, always was. ANd as someone else said, so what if she’s hot?,(somewhat overated, I might add) that doesn’t mean he should stay with her if she’s not a nice person as the article suggests.

  34. Canuckguy says:

    Come on, give the girl some credit. I would not want some mastif-pitt bull around. By their genes, they are as untrustworthy as a so-called trained tiger, they can tear your face off in a blink of an eye. Fox probably was thinking of that. Toy dogs can barely threaten a mouse. She is thinking logically.

    The boyfriend probably has some insecurities and needed a mean looking dog to feel manly.

  35. vdantev says:

    Wow, Megan sounds like a high maintenance C U Next Tuesday.

  36. Nan says:

    Anyone who abandons a pet for a love interset is a FLAKE!

    I’ve seen it all volunteering for animal shelters for close to 20 yrs. Sometimes the FLAKE comes back after they themselves have been abandoned by said love interest. Sometimes the pet has been adopted into a new home but too many times the pet got depressed, sick & died because it couldn’t adjust to the shelter environment.

    I’ve fostered countless of these pets over the years. I intervene when the pet doesn’t get adopted right away & becomes depressed. I always have a place in my home for someone. There is one here right now. She’ll will be adopted through the shelter as the others have.

    These FLAKES always fail in relationships. How could anyone truly love someone who could betray an animal such as this? See how that works?

  37. Isa says:

    you all must be naive people especially believing in the national enquirer. Its people like you, that newspaper never goes out of business, unbelievable.

  38. vdantev says:

    Isa:You all must be naive people especially believing in the national enquirer.

    The Inquirer ran the story about the John Edwards affair days before the ‘legitimate’ media picked it up. Now who’s being naive?

  39. Christina X says:

    Seeing as I’m a natural blonde who dyes her hair black, I’m far from haircolorist.

    I think there are pretty brunettes and blondes and redheads, but most of the “hot” chicks in Hollywood do look alike.

    And about someone saying big dogs are nasty- it depends on the owner. I guess my mom has a special knack for raising pets, but I’ve never owned any breed of dog smaller than a Samoyed, and while some bigger dogs have a tendency to be hyper, none of mine were ever violent or hostile toward people. I’ve had a Great Dane for about ten years now, and she’s very calm and friendly. She’s not the most intelligent dog, but she’s definitely a gem.

  40. Christina X says:

    And I don’t think “haircolorist” is the right word.

    I’m not prejudiced against people for their haircolor, is what I mean.

  41. Canuckguy says:

    Christina X:
    –We are not saying all big dogs are nasty. Give your natural blonde head a skake.
    –We are saying pitt bulls are not to be trusted. Their bad rap is well earned though I am sure there are some gentle ones.

  42. Canuckguy says:

    That’s “shake” not “skake” Christina X, in case you are confused by the typo.

  43. kate says:

    i would never give up my dogs for anyone. no way.

  44. Bobo the Nerd says:

    The more I hear about Mz Fox, the less I like her.
    As spoonman said above, time for Brian to Man-Up
    I wouldn’t give up my two dogs for any woman, much less a 21 year old who thinks she’s god’s gift.

  45. CrazyFeministMess says:

    I love Megan Fox. I think she is a lot more humble than people may think. She does not party, drink, or serial-date like many women in Hollywood. She is more of a homebody, which many people do not give her credit for. I doubt this story is true, but then again, another reason for jealous women to hate on Megan Fox. Brian Austin Green said it himself, the tabloids and paparazzi can’t find anything scandalous to write about him and Megan because there is none. He said they’re boring. They’re either leaving a restaurant or coming out of Target. All you animal lovers, get a life and stop reading the Enquirer!

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  49. Morson says:

    You people calling her a bitch need to check yourself. I just had a dog mercilessly mauled and killed by a pit bull. Only a sexist society like ours would put the blame on the woman and praise the macho pitt bulls. People who have such hard ons for pitt bulls just make me roll my eyes. So uneducated. Just read the statistics… read which dog breed is most likely to bite and which is most likely to kill.