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36 Responses to “Pamela Anderson promotes her reality show in Australia, ages 15 years”

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  1. Orangejulius says:

    She’s looked this way for years. Too blonde, too made-up, too hard.

  2. geronimo says:

    Looks like her eye make-up was applied during a really turbulent flight. 😯
    Otherwise she looks exactly as she has done for about the last 10 years.

  3. daisy424 says:

    Holy Cleopatra 😯

  4. xiaoecho says:

    She’s going the way of Brigit Bardot — too much sun

    ….on second thoughts, make that Tammy Faye Bakker

  5. Syko says:

    You hit the nail on the head, xiaoecho, there is a definite Tammy Fayeness about that header photo.

  6. Anna says:

    I wouldn’t blame the Hepatitis C for that. It was obvious she wouldn’t age gracefully. I never found her looks appealing, but this is really yucky. Her show should be renamed “Badly Aged 40-something Scrawny Ex-Pinup on the Loose”

  7. Kaiser says:


    Rough, very rough.

  8. xiaoecho says:

    It’s the lipstick Syko. Tammy Faye was a founding mother of that look

  9. saintdevil says:

    When will she learn that you first apply make-up and THEN get drunk, not the other way round?

  10. nag says:

    She is probably jetlagged, living hard and 41. See the guy in the last picture… it looks like the beginning of putting his hands down his pants while Pamela is signing his pants.. Hope they are clean undies.

  11. Mr. T says:

    She looks fantastic for an aging transvestite.

  12. MMayhem says:

    OMG! When I first saw that pic I thought it was Tammy Faye Baker… YIKES!

  13. duda says:

    whats with the over lined lips???????
    why why why

  14. abbizmal says:

    She has looked rough for years. Hard partying when she has Hepatitis C will do that. Poor girl probably doesn’t know where she picked Hep C up. Def not aging well. Her show is filmed to look kinda grainy and no close-ups. Poor thing.

  15. vdantev says:

    3 less layers of make-up except for the eyes.

  16. mrs favre says:

    Wow. Some soft makeup and lots of sleep would do wonders for her. When will women learn that the older you get the LESS makeup you wear. Otherwise you look like that mess

  17. Redheaded wench says:

    She just admitted awhile back that she never learned how to put on her own make up and was paying a makeup person $400 a day to do her makeup. So, she decided to start doing it herself, and bought herself a little plastic Barbie box and filled it with makeup and began doing it herself…..She should have kept paying the $

  18. xxx says:

    She is a huge coke head. That ages you. I know that through someone that saw her & Tommy Lee in action together.

    Re: her Hep C, she didn’t catch it through a tatoo needle, I’ll leave it at that.

  19. Blackalicious says:

    Sun, booze, drugs= old. I have seen 41 years olds who can pass for early 30s- plenty – so she should be in better shape.

    She should lay off the lip injections too.
    Why can’t women age gracefully and at least see what they would *really* look like? It might not be so bad. I mean, look at Charlotte Rampling. She looks fantastic!

  20. Strawberry In Disguise says:

    How cute!
    She drew herself some spectacles! 😀

  21. Skank Basher says:

    …and lose the black eyeshadow, Pam. It only makes you look older and harder, if that’s at all possible. She really is a SKANK of the highest order. I feel sorry for her.

  22. Leandra says:

    I don’t think she needs to look this bad. If she’d lose the hooker eyeliner and apply her lipstick on the lips instead of somewhere around them, she’d look a whole lot less cheap and not as hard.

  23. tp Vero says:

    I met her once on the beach in Malibu. The dog I was walking just went and sat on her blanket with her. The dog was as big as she was. She was watching her then surfer boyfriend surf. She was very nice about it. I have met a lot of stars and some of them are quite nasty. She is not. She is amoral, but just folks really. This head shot is not a shining moment. She was nice enough to me and the dog, that it makes me want to wish she would just stop all the abuse, have a little more respect for herself, and enjoy this gift of success she was given and not destroy herself with it. Is that so much to ask?

  24. kate says:

    she looks like a transvestite version of tammy fay baker…zoinks!

  25. czarina says:

    Does she think she is less attractive without the make-up? I think it’s really sad if she feels all this pancaked on make-up is necessary for her to feel pretty (and that lip-liner outside the lips thing is awful on ANYONE who isn’t on stage in a theater!)
    Is this a publicity thing? Does she think she needs to put on a “Pamala Anderson Look”, as if people are expecting her to look a certain way?

  26. hello says:


  27. fee says:

    I’d love to see her have a real makeup artist have a try of her makeup for a change. If you think that looks terrible – imagine the horror that lies beneath! Just proof that drugs & hard lving will take their toll….they should hand out before & after pics of her, Scott Weiland, Keith Richards etc just to prove what drugs will do to you!

  28. Jeanne says:

    At least she looks better than Courtney Love. But she deffo looks high.

  29. sam says:

    Agree Duda – Who does that lip lining thing anymore?

  30. Codzilla says:

    Didn’t she forbid the camera crew from taking closeups while filming her new show? That was probably the smartest decision she’s ever made. Now if you excuse me, I need to go slather on fifty layers of sunscreen.

  31. rules says:

    She is starting to look like Jocelyn Weinstein….the woman that had tons of surgery to look like a cat.

  32. Bobby the K says:

    She has always been way, way over rated. It’s ok for the media to do that, buy why people buy into it is beyond me.
    BTW, A. Jolie is not the ‘most beautiful woman in the world’ and never was.

  33. Snowblood says:

    O. Kaaaay… @ “Bobby the K,” how the hell does A. Jolie have anything whatsoever to do with this particular thread? No one brought her up, except you, just now – and why, I wonder? Seriously, what does she have to do with this article and Pam Anderson? 😕

  34. Nan says:

    Oh come on, we’ve all seen the no makeup shots of her over the years. She has cute features but she really is just a makeup job. Unlike Carmen Electra who is of the same ilk but Carmen is truly a beautiful woman. Yasmin Bleeth is also beautiful. Even at her worst in that imfamous mugshot you can see the nice features. Everyone made a big deal out of Pam because of the hair bleach, boob job, blue contact lenses & lip liner. Now the truth comes out. Even Liz Taylor now looks better than Pam because Liz is really a beauty. ‘Nuff said!

  35. Heidi says:

    That’s just really bad make-up. She’s cute and a good make-up artist makes her look fabulous. Less is more.