Is Stephen Moyer jealous of Anna Paquin & Alex Skarsgard’s sex scenes?


This week’s issue of Star ups the ante on the tabloid’s previous “entitled diva” reports concerning Stephen Moyer’s behavior on the set of “True Blood.” However, the latest rumors are getting far too personal because they concern Moyer’s jealousy of the obscenely steamy sex scenes between his real-life wife, Anna Paquin, and co-star Alexander Skarsgard. Of course, this story could be entirely made-up because it ties in so nicely with the fact that Alex recently split with girlfriend Kate Bosworth. Regardless, Star maintains that the tensions are affecting the hit HBO show (which has just been renewed for a fifth season) to such a degree that Paquin has been forced to run interference:

The steamy nude love scenes between True Blood‘s Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgard during the show’s fouth season have set pulses racing. But the couple’s chemistry had Stephen Moyer, their costar — and Anna’s real-life spouse — boiling! He flipped out several times, an insider tells Star, because he felt Anna was way too enthusiastic about fooling around with Alex, who is fresh off a split form Kate Bosworth.

“Anna is very secure in her sexuality,” the insider explains. “She threw herself into her love scenes with Alex, and they’re really hot. He was clearly turned on — and Stephen was not amused, to put it mildly.” Things became so tense between the show’s male leads, adds the insider, that creator Alan Ball even jokingly threatened to make them “hug it out”!

Anna, 29, was truly surprised by Stephen’s reaction, the insider says. “I think everyone was caught off guard. There has been nothing but friendship between the three of them until now, and there’s always been lots of sex on the show.”

To soothe her husband of one year, Anna began doing double duty on set. “Between scenes, she seemed to make a point of walking over to him to whisper something in his ear or grab a quick kiss,” says the insider.

Fortunately, Stephen, 41, and Alex, 34, have been able to move past the awkwardness — for the most part. “Anna is hugely relieved,” says the insider. “She says that a large part of True Blood‘s appeal to viewers is, well, the hot sex. If Stephen kept taking her scenes with Alex personally, his jealousy could take down the entire show.”

[From Star, print edition, August 22, 2010]

I wonder if this is true or not; but if so, Moyer’s just going to have to learn to deal with watching Skarsgard sex up his wife because, you know, it’s part of the job. Besides, it’s not like Paquin doesn’t have to deal with Moyer’s love scenes with other women on the same set as well, right? Granted, “True Blood” sex scenes are much more intense than the average television sex scene; but still, suck it up, dude.


Meanwhile, Alex was snapped looking all lanky and sultry in New York City this week. Honestly, a man should need a permit to stand like this:



And just yesterday, here Alex is on the set of his new film, What Maisie Knew, in NYC as well. Lucky Manhattan.

UPDATE: Denials from both men have already arrived! Moyer, who apparenly is not a jealous man, has already proclaimed, “Ha, ha. I have also had hot love scenes with others so it is something we have to deal with. It is part of the job so it is ok. I am actually happy that it is with Alex since I like him so much.” Alex has also chimed in with “I know he doesn’t see me as a potential threat, and it’s really not uncomfortable at all.” So yeah, this is merely more fabricated drama from Star.



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  1. JM says:

    I call BS on this story only because I read an interview Stephen did…and my aged brain can’t recall which one because there’s been so many..but he said he’s at home when she films those scenes and it’s the same for her when he films his. That way, they both can relax and do their jobs. All 3 are professionals and even though I’m firmly in Team Eric’s camp, I adore Stephen and Anna in real life. Besides, Alex just got paroled. I doubt he’s looking for any long term thing right now.

  2. mary says:

    What steamy sex scenes? I saw sex scenes between the two of them but they weren’t steamy…

  3. tapioca says:

    Dude, you’re married to Anna Paquin, not Anna Kournikova. I think it’s adorable that you think no man will be able to restrain himself in her company but yeah, it’s Anna Paquin we’re talking about.

    (Sorry, I will never forgive her for Rogue)

  4. Jaylynn says:

    I didn’t think the sex scene last Sunday was steamy. They shot those sex scene back in early April this year, yet nobody said anything about in their magazine. Star Mag is full of BS. They make stuff up all the time. Like the time they called Anna a homewrecker when that was never true and she and Stephen’s ex are really good friends and were even seen bike riding with his daughter together. Besides, Stephen and Alex are best mates. Stephen even went to Alex and said to do his best in his love scene with Anna. I’ve seen interviews where they talked about it and joke about it too. All three of them are very professional about it.

  5. Bollocks says:

    First of all, what steamy sex scenes? They’re absolute crap, rushed, awkward and shot from a distance. Second of all, this is utter nonsense. Stephen is not about when the scenes are shot I believe, and they’re all very funny when interviewed about them. I usually LOL at spiteful gossip, but stirring like this is just pathetic wish fulfillment from lameass AS fans.

  6. Launicaangelina says:

    The chemistry between Eric & Sookie was hot until they finally had sex. The sex scenes are not as hot as I has hoped. The sex scenes between Bill & Sookie were always pretty steamy, especially the sex they had after Debbie tried to kill Sookie in her bedroom last season.

  7. bigchili says:

    Not buying this story either but I’m more than happy to read it just for the pictures of Alex. Love him. And those pictures from the WMK set where he’s carrying a book with a highlighter in it… swoon.

  8. hairball says:

    I agree that the story is made up to add drama. I saw Alex being asked this question at comic con and the person kept trying to suggest it was awkward and he politely kept pointing out its just a job.

    I don’t think.any actor gets turned on when there’s a audience of crew watching even when its a closed set there’s still crew. Those far away shots of breaking dawn on the beach and watching Bella and Edward kiss while crew members looked bored etc two feet from them. Yet in the movie it will appear as if its only them.

    I go back and forth if the sex scenes with Alex and Anna look awkward. But wonder what Alex was thinking when the audience at comic con shouted out for sookie to be with Eric. Lol

  9. b.r says:

    I agree with those saying ‘what hot sex scenes’, honestly, it seems like there’s nothing for Moyer to be concerned about.

    I think the lack of steamy is (slight spoilers?) the direct result of the mommy-child vibe I’m getting from them Soookie and Erik, once he’s restored to his former glory THERE WILL BE HOTNESS AGAIN! Looking forward to this week and the susposed ‘shower scene’.

  10. EF says:

    LOL about steamy sex scenes. Anna and Alex have no sexual chemistry whatsoever, both on screen and off screen. They never had it. In real life, Anna has eyes only for Stephen which is obvious from candid photo I’ve seen. Bill/Sookie scenes were really hot while Sookie/Eric are just meh. I’m neither Bill nor Eric fan BTW. I watch TB because I like other characters. Love triangle is boring and has no spark IMO. However I do agree that there is some kind of tension on the set. There were pics of whole cast(with A.Ball) posing for EW at Comic Con. I could be wrong but compared to other TV casts, something was off. Like they weren’t comfortable standing to each other. When i write they I mean all TB actors present at Comic Con, not just anna, Stephen and Alex.
    As for Alex, he’s nothing special. There are far better looking actors with more talent and brain in their heads.

  11. NH says:

    Lies, damn lies. I’ve read a lot of scurrilous gossip in my day but this might take the cake. I honestly hope that HBO or Stephen Moyer sue the living shit out of Star for this load of crap.

    Anyone who’s read or watched interviews with Moyer and Paquin know they handle their jobs professionally. To say otherwise is just trolling for Internet hits. Shame on you.

  12. hairball says:

    B.r. I just read what you wrote and I think maybe that’s it exactly. Only sad part is they’ll probably never have sex with Eric as himself. It will just go back to short scenes that lead nowhere sadly. So frustrating.

    I am still so surprised they think its ok to go so long between seasons. It really almost wants me to stop with the show.

    Real Eric and sookie sex scene with passion – that would be so unbelievably awesome.

  13. hairball says:

    EF I was thinking this when watching the comic con panel if Stephen isn’t a little envious of the attention Alex gets. Alex had a lot of audience questions and female attention. It seemed Ryan looked uncomfortable at times. But maybe had nothing to do with that and just being on stage. They say they are family and I hope that’s true because it sort of ruins a show for hear cast are jealous or divas. They have to keep it in perspective.

  14. karena says:

    Star makes up stories to sell magazines? Shut the front door!
    I’ve seen interviews with Anna, Stephen and Alex and they all seem very comfortable with each other with no awkwardness.

  15. Kathy says:

    Love Sookie and Eric together and love their hot sex scenes but this story is BS about them in real life! They are professionals and this is their job! I don’t believe a word of this!

  16. eileen says:

    Dude just looking at that picture of Alex standing there made my heart race…he is just SEX in a t-shirt! *sigh*

  17. Jenn says:

    This is effing irresponsible nonsense. TWO seasons ago the dream scene between Eric and Sookie was quite steamy, and they all 3 seem to survive in a friendly co-working relationship. The new scenes are choreographed nekkid wrassling with a whole lot of crew a few feet out of the picture. The trouble is some people aren’t happy with just propping up their fave Skarsgard, which is great on its own, but they want to rip SM down in the process, that’s just evil bullsh**.

  18. Truebie says:

    What utter crap! Star Mag should be ashamed of itself, trying to incite trouble. yes, probably an Eric Lover caught up in the fantasy of this season’s hookup seeing it follows their Holy Bible – Book 4.

    Comic Con was crap too. There were a lot of Stephen fans there too, but they were not rude like the Eric fans – fancy booing Bill and Sookie – very juvenille. There were not boo’s for Eric and Sookie! The Q&A was embarrassing and a waste of 45 minutes, al due to Eric fans wetting their panties and asking useless questions. Alex should not have been there or the rest of the cast (you know – just Alex – wooooo!!!! barf) or the questions should have been vetted. Eric fans let True Blood down at Comic Con.

    Steamy sex scenes? Change your glasses! They were just grunting and moaning and copying Bill and Sookie sex. Bill and Sookie (Stephen and Anna) have the best chemistry and sex scenes EVER!!

  19. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    ITA with those of you saying that Paquin and Skarsgard have 0 sexual chemistry. Those Sookie/Eric sex scenes are * YAWN *

  20. Bye says:

    “more fabricated drama from the Star” which you gleefully published knowing in advance that it was B.S. because those “reactions” are what Alex and Stephen been saying all along in many print and video interviews. I’d be surprised if they actually dignified this hateful trash from the Star with a response. I am not going to be tricked into visiting your site again because you clearly have a sick agenda here.

  21. Sara says:

    Steve jealous of Alex having fake sex with his wife? When he has the real deal with her instead? Nah, not falling for it. Are you so lacking gossip about Steve and Anna that you have to come up with some yourself? That’s just ridiculous.

    And btw, I don’t call sex scenes lacking chemistry steamy or sexy in the least. It was so mechanical.

  22. Momo says:

    Pretty much BS.
    I disagree completely about the steamy sex scenes, obviously many don’t look around internet that much, but those were probably the best scenes so far in that show, there is a difference btween f*** and making love, S/B f*** of course they were ewwww but they never showed anything in particular aprt from season 3 with that gross scene.

    There will be more of this crap now that Alex is single and many love the drama.

  23. Moonlight91 says:

    Wow Stephen, Alex and Anna should sue whoever wrote inside article for slander. This is utter bollocks, just last night on Fallon, Stephen was making a joke about Anna’s character sleeping with Alex’s character where he says that they are keeping it in the family because he is sleeping with his great-granddaughter while she is sleeping with one of his best friends. The actors are all professional and they have stated time and time again that it is only a job.
    As for the steamy sex scenes, what steamy scenes???? They look as though no one wants to be there and half the time it looks almost unnatural even kissing this was shown with last season as well, the sex scenes between E/S are incredibly boring and make the orgies from Season 2 look more damn entertaining.

  24. EF says:

    @hairball I didn’t watch panel at Comic Con. I’m not that interested in TB anymore. I went through slideshow at and before TB cast, I had chance to see casts from other shows like The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Psych, TVD, etc. In general, actors stand closer to each other, hands on the shoulders or it’s a group hug. That’s why pics of TB looked off to me. Everyone looked stiff like they don’t know if it’s allowed to go to each others personal space. So all that talk they’re family is BS. BTW Alex wasn’t in pics with Anna and Stephen.

  25. tar says:

    ITA with Launicaangelina. YAWN

    He has nothing to be jealous of. Although AS is wayyyy hotter than him in my mind, the sex scenes between Eric and Sookie have been decidedly boring. Looking back, the sex between Sookie and Beeelll was way hotter, which is, frankly, surprising.

  26. Sanna says:

    LOL at you who actually considered this to be true in the first place………….

  27. LBeees says:

    Ditto above comments, the really hot steamy sex scenes were between Sookie and Bill in previous seasons. The sex between Sookie and Eric are…. lackluster, to say the least.

    So I’m not buying this. Say what you will, but Steven Moyer’s dong is clearly superior than Alex’s… at least to Anna Paquin!

  28. Jane says:

    I can’t believe they have the nerve to publish this crap. Moyer has said in several interviews that he was not there when they were filming. And what has Skarsgard breaking up with Kate Bosworth got to do with it? These scenes were filmed months before that happened.

  29. KLO says:

    Anna Paquin is mad sexy. I love her lips and teeth.

  30. 4Real says:

    BS! Now if it were he was jealous that it wasn’t HIM and ALEX then I would believe it. LOL!

  31. Marlene Emmett says:

    Before Season 4 even began Stephen Moyer
    told an interviewer that he wouldn’t be
    anywhere near the set when Anna/Alex
    would be filming any sex scenes.
    He also said he wouldn’t be watching any
    television this coming Summer.
    He was on Jimmy Fallon last night and he
    was asked what he thought of those scenes: he said he’s not jealous, he
    knows he has nothing to worry about.
    I was really suprised at some of the
    scenes concerning Bill & Sookie and his
    attitude I mean how dare he talk to her
    that way after what bill did by betraying her? Seems that Bill can’t take some of his own medicine?

  32. Denise says:

    Rest assured that they will unite and transcend all this angst for the common cause of a paycheck.

  33. Kathy says:

    As hot as Anna and Alex are together, SO MUCH hotter than w/Stephen (I think it’s because they’re together their love scenes lack something). Nevertheless, it’s absolutely fabricated. Someone who was lucky enough to be allowed on set to watch episode 11 being flimed reported Stephen and Alex were playing around holding hands, etc. That doesn’t sound like horrible tension between the two of them.

  34. almond says:

    I just realised that Skarsgard in sunglasses really does it for me. Damn, he’s tall and yummy!

  35. bebe says:

    I have to agree with those who said that the E/S sex scenes were completely lacking. For all the buildup, they seemed very mechanical. Regardless of whether the scenes were steamy or not, Stephen has nothing to worry about. It’s obvious Anna adores him. They’re all professionals and as other people pointed out, Stephen specifically said that he wouldn’t even be on set when those scenes are filmed.

  36. Karena says:

    Anna loves Stephen, Stephen loves Anna.
    Alex is a friend and supporting castmate.

    What we see on the show is completely different than on the set, where it is cold and calculated as to positioning of bits and lighting, etc.
    So just because it happens that there is no real chemistry between Anna and Alex in these sex scenes, people are trying to lay blame on someone, so why not pick Stephen.
    Well they are all not only actors but Europeans and used to nakedness and sex, so the lack of chemistry is just that, LACK OF CHEMISTRY.

    Stephen and Anna are together in real life for a reason, its called love. But it has nothing to do with their jobs. So all yous who are b*tchin for a fight, get a life.

  37. Amanda G says:

    I’m thinking this is total BS. Sookie and Bill have hardly had any scenes together this season so there’s no reason for Stephen to be on set while the love scenes are going on.

    I thought the S/E sex scenes were okay. They just lack passion in kissing.

  38. bushpiglet says:

    Shame on you.After watching the cardboard cutout demonstration of the Karma Sutra on Sunday,I can understand why someone would feel the need to create some drama about something. But this shouldnt be it. Leave them alone.
    Carry on with the shameless SQUEEing fangirling of Eric Northman if you see fit. But leave the actors alone.

  39. Em says:

    damn…alex is effing hot. i will take him if kate does not want him. 🙂

  40. elle says:

    @karena: thanks. i couldn’t have said it any better.


    I’d be worried too if I was an OLD FUGLY WASHED UP BRITISH ACTOR. On a scale of 1-10 I’d say Stephen is about a 4, Alex is a 9. So of course he’s going to feel jealousy. Even the show’s fans ignore Stephen and stampede over to Alex at public events and signings. I think Anna’s going to come to regret marrying him.

  42. Aubianne M Poulter says:

    Having met both Anna and Stephen years ago (but not Alex) at a mutually-attended venue, I can say that they’re lovely people that seem to have their heads on straight.

    That being said, I DO hope that they had more upon which to base their marriage than a single project (True Blood) as that can turn out to be a terrible mistake when a fellow creative enters the picture – like Alexander. And, folks, the kisses I’ve seen between them as Eric and Sookie are real – by industry-standards.

    It’s hard to say what’s really going on here. The three are indeed professionals, and Stephen may be both – a bit possessive and also not even on set. This happens so frequently to a point it’s almost typical, and has been the basis of the ‘Hollywood marriage’ stereotype. Maybe that’s why Jada and Will are open. I’m not sure if that’s a bad idea, if you run the risk of having attractions flare and wreak havoc at home AND on set. I just wonder how they deal with it regarding the kids. That’s the really, really complicated part.

    I’m sorry to hear that there’s so much controversy about this. Either someone’s stirring up a story, or there’s a hint of truth to it. Usually both. I’m not sure if I can say I recall them as being super into each other, but rather personable and content. I hope all is well in the long-run. Stephen’s daughter Lilac is such a sweetheart. I’m sure they’ll both do what’s best for their family, at any rate.

    My $0.03.