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9 Responses to “Avril Lavigne wasted and flipping off paparrazi instead of spitting”

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  1. Viv says:

    The couple that spits together, stays together? Her husband is the most fugliest pug looking fool I’ve ever seen; and I used to raise pugs (no, not really). I’m thinking they might stay together; they’re both has-been poseurs so they both need each other. I would love to pull a Shanna Moakler on Avril. I might not even get the first punch in though if she spit in my eye. Bitch.

  2. marines all the way says:

    Has been is what she is.

  3. Mr. T says:

    The girl is headed for a nervous breakdown. Crash and burn out.

  4. Karen says:

    Where have you been? She’s done this same thing ever since she was 17 and drinking in bars illegally. She also calls other singers names, and calls her fans stupid for trying to dress like her. Totally someone undeserving of her fame.

  5. mandi says:

    she has NO class. i hate when celebrities act like this, seriously, did she want to be famous because of the privacy? if she doesn’t want her picture taken, then she needs to keep her classless self at home with her 4’9″ squishy-faced 12-year-old husband, instead of going to nightclub openings. it’s not like she’d be able to go to these things if she was just a “regular” person.

  6. manuela says:

    im sorry but this broad is really starting to get on my nerves ..she thinks her stupid behavior makes her cool oh yeah i spit on photogs and wow im cool i flipped them off to when in reality her actions are just making her look like shes becomming more immature as she gets older…shes married now and she s older she should start acting like it insted shes acting like a spoiled lil bitch ….cant wait till someone puts her in her place…something like the paris thing but better maybe a fan thats not a fan any more spitting right in her face now that would be classic lol

  7. annette says:

    It looks to me like in the last 2 pictures where it is supposedly Avril flipping everyone off that it is her friend that is with her…it doesnt appear to be her hands doing it to me.
    But besides that, yeah, she gets on my nerves too..all celebrities that are going to spit on someone or complain when someone takes their pictures (I do disagree with it sometimes though when the paps go to extremes to get their money shot) and especially when celebs wont sign autographs for fans and be nice to them..come on..if it wasnt for them (paps and fans) they would nothing really…especially Avril..she would be an average high school dropout..probably working at a fast food restaurant with a nasty, pissy attitude toward the world…whatever.

  8. Kristal says:

    i think that she can do whatever she wants to do becuse that is her life not youres any questions mail me to

  9. Ingiger says:

    The abusive remarks I’ve read following this article (I don’t know if there are more) seem to be a load of snide lazily pompous, judgemental bile from people who actually know very very little about this artist as an individual.
    The actual article makes glib references to certain photographed appearances of Miss Lavigne, and uses them to provide a supposedly insightful character assessment of her. One might take this more seriously if the writer knew more about the artist’s character than what little is seen in public appearances. The writer suggests that the artist does not appreciate her empowered position. This seems distinctly unfair, since no evidence here confirms this. As for the suggestion that she should do some “charity work” and “be nice and humble about it”, the writer does not watch her every move, and has no way of knowing what she may or may not have done. I seem to remember she released a single with the aim of helping Tsunami victims, anyway.