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24 Responses to “TomKat’s wedding may not be legal in Italy”

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  1. okay... says:

    maybe they don’t want it to be legal-
    Isn’t all this for show anyway?

  2. gavin says:

    iman is one hot piece of a**. She is like twice the age of katie and alicia, and is way more stunning than both. not that they other two don’t look smoldering, cause they do. But my word Iman is smokin!

  3. julie says:

    Clearly they are pulling the old bait-and-switch which is so popular these days. They’ll have everyone heading to Italy and then get married someplace else and not tell anyone until they need to gain favour in the popular opinion again. At which point they’ll publish the wedding photos in Vanity Fair months later.

  4. Kathy says:

    I don’t think they’re really getting married. I never have.

    Everything about their relationship stinks to high heaven.

  5. millie says:

    Remember how Mick Jagger got “married” to Jerry Hall? Four kids later she realized the ceremony wasn’t legal and she wasn’t really married.. Maybe that’s what he’s doing here. Tom will NOT have a Catholic ceremony but even for a civil ceremony, most European countries require all kinds of paperwork (including blood tests) to be done beforehand. So unless they marry quickly in the U.S. and do a big Italian wedding, or the local officials stamp all the necessary papework because he is who he is, their marriage won’t be valid. If you get married abroad your marriage is valid in the U.S. as long as it is valid in the country where you got married.. This is an interesting issue–I wonder if Tom is trying to avoid the CA community property rule as well?

  6. Terri says:

    His hair is driving me CRAZY!!! I wish like hell someone would give him a can of mousse already and show him how to put it to good use. Geez.

  7. lyric says:

    Where are alien weddings legal?

  8. Karen says:

    Didn’t know that about Mick Jagger.

    I do know a couple of Italian citizens that got married in the States, and discovered many years later that Italy didn’t recognize their marriage.

    Tom, Tom, Tom. Didn’t it occur to you to check this stuff out BEFOREHAND? Katie doesn’t have any free will left and cannot be held responsible.

  9. ER says:

    Tom & Alicia must have the same hair stylist, and a really crappy one at that! Tom’s an idiot (I have a gift for stating the obvious) by pissing off the in-laws before he and Katie are even married! Gee, they want ONE thing and he won’t bend…what a jerk!

  10. Green tiger says:

    Why does Katie look like she is about to hurl? Only one pic with her grinning with her teeth showing. And that one is like “Hey great…help me…too see you…help me…so great…help me…to be here.”
    Or maybe Tom had her mouth sewn shut, after she laughed at his hair. Either way she looks a bit uncomfortable.

  11. millie says:

    Katie is fading away, probably from dieting and realizing she’s about to sign her life away to Scientology. As to Mick–it was some kind of Bali Buddhist ceremony or something like that.. not quite legal in the U.K.

  12. Gigohead says:

    Katies looks great. That dress is a beautiful fit on her.

  13. van says:

    Did Katie have plastic surgery? Or is it just all the weight she lost? Her cheek bones look more prominent than before.

  14. Jenny says:

    Does anyone else notice that Katie has some weird super-tiny bangs action going on? What IS that?

  15. New says:

    Yeah van she looks alot different….. and her eyes arent droopy

  16. van says:

    jenny…i lost a lot of hair after giving birth and had super tiny bangs after it started growing out…

  17. alex says:

    I agree Katie has this weird smirk on her face. And last time I heard, marriage was between two people. If she wants a priest to officiate, who the hell is he to refuse? It appears as if she has nothing to say about anything. We’ll see how long this lasts.

  18. Amanda Bynes says:

    Man that Katie Holmes is a cutie

  19. Fleegle says:

    What is wrong with Katie’s hairline in front? I know many women have a thinning problem in the front there. Maybe she’s on Monoxidil to fill it out.

  20. Celebitchy says:

    Jenny I noticed that too, and Van I also lost hair after I had my baby. The hairdresser told me hairloss after you have a baby is often due to thyroid problems.

  21. Poor Boopie says:

    Who care if the wedding is legal or not? They’ve already procreated prior to marriage and no one is screamin’ about that.

  22. Someone says:

    Of course the Catholic church doesn’t have the necessary documents yet because they aren’t having a Catholic ceremony. Dimwits.

  23. koko says:


  24. koko says: