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8 Responses to “Did Britney have lice?”

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  1. Toubrouk says:

    Okay, so after the theory that Britney got raped, now we got the theory of lace?

    What If she just lost her mind? Why do we need another explanation for Britney’s actions?

  2. Carol says:

    She clearly had some kind of breakdown and in that situation I dont think it’s unusual to think there’s something crawling on you, if she did say anything like that. I don’t believe she did though, If she did actually have lice or even said she did they would have bagged that hair up immediately to keep it from spreading.

  3. Iva says:

    I think its called one drug too many…

    Someone should take this girl and kick her right in the ass. All the privledges in the world and we are somehow supposed to feel sorry for her because she’s overwelmed by having 2 kids back to back and her marriage didn’t work out….awww poor girl – welcome to reality. The thing she doesn’t realize is that most women don’t completely wig out and go out on a drinking binge and taking massive amounts of drugs – the suck it up and are parents to the children they gave birth to. I have absolutely no sympathy for someone of such means and wasting it.

  4. me says:

    more like meth bugs than lice–what would she say? “I take drugs and my ex is going to have my hair tested”
    How sad that lice seemed to be the more appealing of her excuses……

  5. Girlygrrl says:

    That hair (or somebodys!) will undoubtedly be for sale on eBay so I guess we’ll know soon enough? Sounds like a load of garbage tho.

  6. Other Karen says:

    The bodyguards definitely wanted the papparazzi to get a shot–they could have just PEEKED through the blinds instead. 😛

    Let’s hope she stays in rehab this time. Good thing she has a loving family.

  7. Maybe the drugs gave her feeling that her skin was crawling…

  8. Fabiola Thing says:

    Trailer trash through and through