Kate Moss Chooses Tranny Doherty as Model for her new Clothing Line

Kate Moss …finally acknowledged as too ferret faced and nicotine stained to model even for her own clothes’ line (at Top Shop) …has chosen her representative muse – model Irinia Lazareanu. Tranny Doherty … like Shannon Doherty but without the wonky eye.

Has she gone for a younger version of the Mossy old charms, scrubbed down those green walls to find the shiny marble underneath … not quite. She is keeping tradition alive by sticking with a new form of heroin chic, but taking it in a tranny direction with Lazareanu – a shocking Pete Doherty look-a-like. There is just no career killing move that Moss can’t find a way to incorporate Doherty into … points for consistency if not for hygiene, Katie me girl.

Not that Pete doesn’t have a girlish charm from certain angles … heroin does wonders for the complexion and certainly induces that blank gaze so popular in the glossy pages of fashion mags. Frillr has the details

“Kate thinks she’s got a very unique, rock-chick look,” says our source. “She really felt that Irina embodies the feel of her TopShop range – her porcelain skin, her big eyes under her thick Sixties fringe – it was a look Kate was impressed with.” Lazareanu has starred in campaigns for Chanel, Mulberry and Hugo Boss

Yeah she really likes getting whacked and putting Pete in a wig is more like it. Top Shop is already in a slight panic about the Kate venture: the Madonna line at H&M has undersold significantly and industry insiders think it may be an indicator of consumer exhaustion. Further adding to top Shop’s worries Irinia Lazareanu – who has some real modelling experience — used to be a drummer for Doherty’s band Babyshambles. Could it be execs are worried that Moss wasn’t exactly compos mentis when she made the choice? Frillr continues with the positive spin but it seems like they didn’t read through their own quotes:

Moss‘s designs launch in the UK later this month and there is already a waiting list for the clothes.
Kate Moss will also debut the collection for Topshop in New York on May 8th at Barneys department store..
Julie Gilhart of Barneys said:”Topshop is the lower end mass store that offers a lot of style; Barneys is an upscale luxury store that offers high style.”

So what are you saying Julie? That the collection is a mismatch for TopShop …. or too low end for you … well one way or another we’ll soon see whether Kate once again manages to snatch victory from the jaws of bad decisions and imminent defeat. That train has been on time for so far …

pics via mujeraldia and Agent Bedhead.

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  1. gg says:

    He looks like Johnny Depp to me …

  2. Kiwi says:

    In an effort to learn more about him,I searched Youtube and found a very good interview with him – and surprisingly, despite all his addiction and hygiene issues, he is a really talented lyricist. He seemed to be very gentle and ‘little-boy-lost’. Obviously super-intelligent. As a teenager he won a scholarship to Russia to learn from the poets, and his work is just wonderful.

    There is a vulnerable, yet dark, charm to him. Of course, he can’t sit still or stop smoking,scratching,and model-wrecking, but I think that when he inevitably ODs it will be a tragedy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pete doherty is entirely lovely and entirely doomed. There’s absolutely no arguing with that … but he is headed gently into the night

  4. xiaoecho says:

    Irina is hot hot hot and headed for supermodeldom. Her body is freakish but perfect for the sixties dolly look

  5. Yawn says:

    What are you talking about? Irina is one of the “it” models of the past few seasons, and Kate is a style icon–unlike Madonna.

  6. hermione says:

    just because they are “professional models” doesn’t mean that they are pretty, beautiful, and attractive. for kate moss it was just some dumb lucky draw that someone who hated women thought that they would bring her to the masses and try to convince girls the world over that this was some kind of icon of femininity to be desired.
    fark! it’s all a big lie.

  7. Anonymous says:

    well its hard to find any conventionally attractive women in England … although the EU borders opening up has helped … not to work in sweeping generalization … but whoops to late

  8. ! says:

    Irina is a Canadian model of Romanian descent. As for Kate, her skinny, funny-looking ass defined beauty for a generation: it was the 90′s and grunge was all the rage. Grunge was meant to be pro-woman (i.e. right to choose), anti-racist, etc. When Kate ruled the runways, it was a time when those of us who were skinny and funny-looking could finally open a magazine and not feel inadequate b/c we didn’t have huge tits, extra-long legs, and perfect perky faces. Anyone who denies Kate is a style icon doesn’t understand the meaning of the term. It is too bad that Kate is a drugged out coke whore, tied to a junkie who is a danger to children and animals (feeding weed to penguins, anyone?)–because she really is cool on so many other levels. Hope she kicks her habits and concentrates on being a good example to her adorable daughter.

  9. Anonymous says:

    y’all are crazeeee …

  10. Anonymous says:

    A bit dissapointed that you went with the lookalike bit and not the fact that Irina and Peter hooked up a couple of years ago. I dunno I would have thought that would be a bit more juicy, than the whole tired bad influence on kate bit, that I don’t think anyone believes for a second.

  11. Best of British says:

    “well its hard to find any conventionally attractive women in England … although the EU borders opening up has helped … not to work in sweeping generalization … but whoops to late
    Anonymous | 04.01.07 – 4:49 am | #”

    Whoever you are Anonymous you are a stupid little moron if you believe the above. English women are gorgeous and far less plastic than women further to the west. I’d like to see your face, I bet you’re an ugly munter.

  12. Best of British says:

    And btw, Kate Moss is stunning. Absolutely stunning.

  13. frewtloop says:

    Yeah Kate has a spectactular face perfect heart shaped, widely spaced eyes, cupid bow lips. Beautiful. Its a shame she’s slowly but surely fucking it up.

    Obviously conventionally attractive to Anonymous is what he/she/it perceives to be conventionally attractive. My guess is its the Pam Anderson plastic barbie stereotype that a lot of Americans seem to aspire too. There’s a generalisation for you.

    Bring it on.

  14. gg says:

    I meant that Irina looks like Johnny Depp. Pete Junkie is horrible.