Britney Spears is abusing amphetamine prescription diet pills

The National Enquirer says Britney Spears is using both an amphetamine prescription diet pill as well as a powerful prescription diuretic to lose weight. The diet drug Britney is said to be on, Adipex, can cause users to develop a tolerance so that they must continually increase their dosage to lose weight. It can also lead to paranoia, anxiety and mood swings. This doesn’t sound like a good idea for a recovering addict who is rumored to suffer from bipolar disorder.

Britney Spears is using a potentially deadly diet drug to lose weight – that’s the dark secret she’s hiding as she displays her newly trim body while making comeback appearances, say alarmed insiders.

Britney is taking the appetite suppressant Adipex, say those close to her. A medical expert says the drug is like a type of “speed” that can have horrific and even fatal side effects if not used properly.

To make matters worse, sources say the 25 year-old mother of two has also taken heavy doses of Lasix, a powerful diuretic normally used to treat fluid retention in patients with congestive heart failure or liver disease.

[From The National Enquirer print edition, June 11, 2007]

The article says that Adipex can cause irregular heart rhythms, high blood pressure, and heart damage. The diuretic Britney is on can lead to severe dehydration, although considering all the Red Bull she drinks she’s probably got that covered.

Given all of Britney’s issues, it doesn’t sound that surprising that she’s on prescription diet pills to lose weight. She is also said to be planning tens of thousands in plastic surgery to retain her pre-baby figure.

We haven’t heard as much about the Britney trainwreck now that Paris is going to jail. Britney is said to like it that way, although she’s sure to pull another dumb stunt this week to get her name back in the papers. Britney was vacationing for a few days in Mexico at the Four Seasons in Puerto Vallarta. She was seen in an obscenely small bikini and was there with her “cousin”/personal assistant, Alli.

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