John Mayer admits making out with Perez Hilton ‘I was thinking about going gay’

Perez Hilton did the talkshow circuit last Spring claiming that he had a makeout session with John Mayer in December, 2006. Perez said he was at a club on New Year’s Eve 2006 with Mayer and his then-girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, who was present and witnessed the five minute long tongue kiss, even “rubbing [Mayer’s] crotch” at the time. Mayer’s rep denied this incident and called Perez’s claim “completely ridiculous.”

John Mayer had his Mayercraft Concert Cruise over the weekend, a five day long cruise from LA to Mexico which features performances by Mayer and other artists. It is yet another excuse for Mayer to have his ego stroked by adoring fans paying for the privilege. Mayer did a standup comedy routine on the ship in which he admitted that he did make out with Perez. He then he launched into a routine about how he’s “thought about going gay.”

“He has to go tell people that I made out with him at a club. I never said anything, but you know what? Damn right I made out with him at a club. You know why? Because I can’t stand a gay guy who acts like he just turned gay yesterday. As soon as a guy is walking around all wild… I will f’ck you in the ass to shut you up. You are not wilder than me. Once you judge me I will go ass to mouth with you just to shut you up. First of all, I was thinking about going gay until you turned into their spokesperson.

“I was thinking about going gay. Every man has thought about going gay. It’s usually like.. 2:23 in the morning you wake up. ‘Oh God, interesting!’ We seem to leave out the details, don’t we guys? Guys like fantasies without the details. ‘Oh yeah, I could blow a dude. Might taste like cherries.’ You know that smell at New York Sports Club? The locker room? That’s balls….

“The idea of blowing a guy, that’s not the problem. The problem is like he’d have some other detail that I didn’t think about, like a hangnail or a f’ing class ring knocking into my forehead. Class of 98 just hitting me, or given my predilections Class of 72…

“Whatever, have a good time. Like I don’t know this stuff is going to end up somewhere and they’re going to act like it’s a surprise that it got there. I thought about this shit before I came out… who f’ing cares. Have a good time.”

[Transcribed from Mayer’s standup routine on the Mayercraft Carrier, 2009, video above]

There are so many other guys that Mayer could have picked to hook up with, why Perez? He’s not the most attractive person inside or out. I bet Mayer sees everything he has in common with the guy and admires how he built an empire out of being a pure unchecked douche.

Mayer wants some more headlines, and talking about his bi-curiousness or bi-ness is going to get that for him. He pretty much admits that at the end of his shtick. I can admire the fact that he’s brave enough to admit that he has feelings for other guys, but this is Mayer we’re talking about it and he’s doing it to get attention. It worked.

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  1. CandyKay says:

    Watch for this guy to get more and more desperate for publicity as his star fades.

    I predict a Paulie Shore-like future for him.

  2. photo jojo says:

    On behalf of all straight women (Jennifer Aniston I am talkin’ to you) let me say to John Mayer: Go gay, please. Go!

  3. sarcra says:

    Seriously, Perez Hilton?? I’m with you CB, wasn’t there anyone else? And to think Jessica stayed with him for six more months after witnessing that.

  4. Gemma says:

    I can’t tell if he is actually admitting it. You never know with this guy, he likes to mess with people’s heads. But if it’s true, of all the people he had to go for Perez??? Gross!
    That being said, my brain seems to be able to separate John the person from John the musician. I am still crazy about the latter.

  5. lola says:

    geez, you sound so puritan. never been to a comedy club? go, listen and talk after. i think he has a great sense of humour and dissed the hell out of Perez.

  6. Granger says:

    It’s all about the publicity, folks — especially where this guy is concerned. Simply calling him a “fame whore” is an insult to fame whores, because he’s much worse!

  7. SixxKitty says:


  8. dee says:

    april fool?

  9. HEB says:


    Even if it is an April Fools joke.

  10. lola says:

    wow, and wow again. This confirms my theory about Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson, Only a truly desperate and insecure woman would date a switchhitter like that.

  11. neelyo says:

    On behalf of gays everywhere, you straights can have him. And would you consider taking Perez Hilton too?

  12. diddy says:

    you forgot minka kelly , cameron diaz, hedi klum and jennifer love hewitte all also dated him ;so are they all desperate and insecure as well

  13. Maritza says:

    What on earth did JA see in this guy? He is not funny at all! He is such a conceited egocentric moron! She is much better without him!

  14. diddy says:

    i cant believe people are taking the video seriously, he is pretty much punking everyone and even said so at the end of the video that he knows the video would turn up all over the net, in his words he thought all his words up lol.

    i think he is funny and doesnt take himself seriously ;which is a good thing

  15. gia says:

    @ neelyo,
    sorry, the theory an eye for an eye doesn’t really apply here. Perez should have his own category, since neither side really wants to have him play on their team.

  16. debra says:

    I love this to not end.. Oh year.. the “classy, America’s Sweetheart” was in bed with him. She gushed over him. She said he was so special. She was in love with him.. Love it.

    And the funny thing is Jennifer’s fans try to run away from her choice.

    Celebithcy.. please keep posting. I can’t wait for his variety show to happpen. I am sure Jennifer will show up somewhere in the monologue.. He is practicing and setting up his material. That was the true point of this cruise show. He is using it like a pilot program. So lets see what happens.

  17. YoMomma says:

    Myer is working the cruise ship circuit now?

    If anyone can make you NOT want to “go gay” it is Perez.

  18. geronimo says:

    What can you say about someone who makes Perez Hilton look decent and restrained by comparison?

  19. Celebitchyfan says:

    The “transcript” was off on some of the words, but the basic message is there, and it’s kind of funny. Mayer is not all about that “backstreet boy” image. He’s not afraid to get all “jump on the couch like tom cruise” crazy cause he thinks it’s fun!

    I like that attitude – it’s funny and good to see him not take life so hardcore serious.

  20. Ash says:

    I’m surprised he hasn’t twittered about it yet. His twitter comments are quite possibly the dumbest, most nonsensical things I have read.

  21. anneesezz says:


  22. MARKY MARK says:

    There is an old joke in the gay community about the only difference between a straight man & a gay man is a six pack (of beer of course) or something like that. Mayer must’ve consumed an entire crate for him to make out with Perez (who as you stated is as detestable on the inside as he is on the outside)

  23. Sylvia says:

    If he is pulling the wool on everybody why would he still make out with Perez??

    I’ve always consider Mayer gay whether he wants to come out or not that is his perrogative.

  24. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Yeah right only ‘thinking’ about it, John. Uh-huh. You had one of the hottest women on the planet on your arm and didn’t spend every waking hour looking at her and catering to her every whim so you could spend your nights making sweet sweet love to her, but you had puckered up to that strategically shaved orangutan Perez Hilton ?

    WTH is wrong with you ??

  25. the original kate says:

    the thought of being caught in a john mayer/perez hilton/jessica simpson triad is literally stomach-turning. now i need to go find some pepto bismol.

  26. jeannified says:

    He is such a douche! Jennifer Aniston HAS to be SO embarrased that she EVER dated him and admitted to serious feelings for him! He IS gay! He’s almost out of the closet!

  27. Whitey Fisk says:

    For the love of God, just man up and come out already. Ugh. They could make an afterschool special about this douchebag, he’s so cliche.

  28. aleach says:

    hmmm. i think he was being sarcastic, folks. i really DOUBT that he made out with perez hilton…cmon now. yeah, hes a famewhore (most of hollywood is…) but lets get real here!
    and, if he DID make out with perez, i am going to go barf now. ANYONE but perez, john!

  29. Tammy King says:

    This guy has completely ruined his music career! And I don’t mean anything about him thinking about being gay. He just NEVER shuts up! He used to seem kind of mysterious. It’s like seeing your favorite actress in porn, you just never look at them the same.

  30. double douche !!! says:

    Jennifer Aniston took this guy TWICE in a row, in her bed, as an Oscar boyfriend after she chased him to Europe, after he pee-ed on her, humiliated her on a street conference where he explained how they had zero chemistry, yet she begged him for a second time around with Perez Hilton’s former bi-atch, telling the world to STFU abouttaking back the man she raves about, saying how happy she has never been with him.

    So the guy who said only doing dumb women also dated dumber than the rest(Aniston).

    How pathetic a woman can go by degrading herself to that level TWICE in a row when all the rest, before her, younger learned their lesson the first time around.

    PATHETIC BIMBO,Don’t look any more further than Jennitwit-piss-on-me-humiliate-me douchiffer Dumbiston !

  31. NYCgal says:

    i’m sorry, (no, i’m not sorry!). i love john mayer. i’ve met him several times and he is a very nice, funny guy. so maybe he has a little ego problem…who doesn’t in hollywood? part of john’s charm is his sarcasm. some people appreciate sarcasm, others don’t. it’s understandable.

  32. JennaMeow says:

    I keep reading that he’s stellar in the sack. I can’t imagine, but I think he’s dickmatized quite a few of those ladies. That’s gotta be his appeal. Because God knows, he doesn’t have any other qualities that are admirable.

    Very douchey.

  33. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    I don’t get how he has ‘fans’. He’s not funny, he’s fug, he’s a media whore and his nusic sucks.

    Will he go away soon please?

  34. lilred says:

    This guy is an ass

  35. Jane Lane says:

    Funny. I didn’t know you could “turn gay”. I wonder what age I was when that happened to me.

  36. yae says:

    John is not stupid. He knows if he plays up to the “gay” crowd he will be safe from attacks. And he is especially safe if he “comes out of the closet”? I just see a falling guy pulling his safety chute.

  37. Anonymouse says:

    LOL @ all the people who are taking this seriously, blog owner included.

    Props to Mayer, this is hilarious…

  38. ms adamantia claus says:

    Ya’ know the shame of it is he’s actually a good musician. Except for Wonderland I’ve liked some of his songs and have even PLAYED them louder when they used to get played on the radio.
    As for his bi-ness, whatever, but the shameless mediawhoring is over shadowing his music…so John…

  39. Pufft says:

    Ha ha ha ha… you guys are hilarious. I’m more surprised at the blog writer for taking each word uttered in that video so literally.

    I’m by no means a John Mayer fan, but even I know he is taking a piss at Perez Hilton.

    Sarcasm people, sarcasm!

  40. martin says:

    I was a John Mayer fan for many years and every time John put his foot in his mouth his pr team take to the Internet and post over and over everywhere trying to save his but. What has keep John floating has been his PR Team. He is hyped up by them.

  41. Janes Addiction says:

    It’s funny Reading some of the comments left here. John Mayer is one of the very few “Celebs” I actually kinda like. Here’s the reason… John Mayer is always himself he doesn’t care if people think he’s gay or bi. He even said that he understands how people could think he’s a douche bag. But hey when someone asks a question he answers it. It may not be what you wanna hear but hey he keeps it real. He opens up to TMZ like it’s Oprah, some peole may think that’s tasteless… But I find it somewhat indearing. Plus he’s a really great guitarist.

  42. Get ova says:

    John needs to kiss me for 5 min. Then he’ll know for sure if he’s gay or not.