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44 Responses to “Madonna, Rihanna, Stella McCartney in bad fashion at Met Costume Gala”

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  1. Wench. says:

    Wow, Kate Bosworth naked must be scary.

  2. yedda says:

    Tim Burton’s “The Corpse Bride”.

  3. Because I Say So says:

    This is the COSTUME Institute Gala, not a prom or the Oscars. It’s not about who looked “pretty” etc. It’s about pushing the fashion envelope, which many do/did not. As much as I dislike Madonna, glad to see she did something different even if it does reek of desperation.

    Love RiRi’s tux– original, dramatic and it totally suits her style.

    Jessica Biel looked like ass. Can she not dress herself?!

  4. nony says:

    I love Anne Hathaway’s sexy 60′s blow-out; very becoming, I’m mixed on the dress though, but only because of the length/poof skirt– the bodice however is quite interesting.

  5. ash says:

    so.. Anne Hathaway looked stunning as well as Marion Cotillard. Leighton Meester, sorry, but you looked like a freakish clown.

  6. Orangejulius says:

    Er, she wasn’t the only one who looked like a freakish clown.

    Kate Bosworth’s dress was good, but she looked like she was doing her best imitation of a lollipop.

  7. Donya9 says:

    Iman is FLAWLESS.

  8. kiki says:

    famehos dress up ! all that was missing were the kardashians. lol Madonna every intention of dressing that way and having every one talk about Her.

  9. bros says:

    iman kicks eva mendes’s ass in the silver battle. she brings it.

    leighton meister looked like a feverish clown from cirque du soleil on mushrooms.

    biel wore a color but was still a snooooze.

    whats with all of them wearing those same black shoes?

  10. paranel says:

    Madonna looks like a plastic face clown. She still craves attention at any cost. What is with this old woman?

  11. Ron says:

    Madonna is the spokesperson for Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton. They dressed her for this event. She really should have said no. It’s awful and I don;t care how “experimental” this fashion is. This would not look good on anyone. They did get press, but does it make you want to run out and spend 4,000.00 on a LV top?

  12. georgiagrl says:

    Amen about Madonna!
    She looks sooo bad!Please don’t compete with GaGa. Just pass the torch and go away. RiRi looks fantastic!

  13. YoMomma says:

    What was Madonna thinking? She actually looks like she is in costume for the movie “Desperately seeking Susan”? Maybe it should be renamed “Desperately seeking Attention”

  14. kiki says:

    what about the rag madonna tied around her head?

  15. jennifer says:

    I. LOVE. Leighton Meester’s outfit. LOVE. IT. I’ve never paid attention to her before, but if she’s even half as interesting as her outfit is I certainly will pay attention to her now.

    And I 100% agree with Because I Say So – it’s not about pretty, it’s about unique, daring, whathaveyou. The ones who look the “prettiest” also look the most boring. I would totally switch sides for Marion Cotillard but she looks BORING here (her outfit, not the beautiful face ;)

  16. Codzilla says:

    Rhianna’s outfit is horrendous. God awful. Painful. And that thing Stella’s wearing defies reason.

  17. LondonParis says:

    iman is such a super model- she effing brings it, alright! i love how when she poses, no matter what angle you shoot her from, she looks FIERCE.

    love. im. an.

  18. Sauronsarmy says:

    Jessica Biel’s dress is a couture, if you’re going to wear couture you have to atleast STAND UP STRAIGHT! Ugh, she completely messed that dress up by standing like a dumbass.

    That Blake chick looked CHEAP. The one in the jump and Madonna are trying way to hard.

    Iman, Marion, and Moss looked great.

  19. Exiled says:

    Kate Moss looked like she had sex on the ride over.. her wrap is massivly rumpled.

  20. CandyKay says:

    Fun to see the old guard of models – Cindy, Claudia, etc. – and see how they’re looking these days. Heidi Klum is certainly aging the best. Brooke Shields looks awful. And where were Naomi and Linda?

    Iman and David Bowie are a celebrity couple that you never see in the tabloids. Just proof that other famous couples who say they “just can’t avoid the paparazzi” aren’t telling the whole truth.

    Leighton Meester’s outfit is at least provocative. I’ll remember it a lot longer than all those boring column dresses worn by Shields, etc.

  21. Amy says:

    Kanye West’s girlfriend has an amazing body. Just ignore the tacky tattoos and marvel at her shape.

  22. carta says:

    I think I’ll stick with Red Carpet Fashion Awards for my fashion reading, thanks.

  23. bros says:

    there were some boring ones alright, and I agree this was about pushing the envelope, but meester was a big clownish FAIL, and i cant see how you are defending that train wreck of an outfit. others were pushing the envelope, like rachel weiss who was wearing an awesomely structured dress and cool makeup, as well as kate moss, who looked amazingly fashion forward. whoever styled her deserves a big thumbs up.

    cindy crawford looked cheap too-like a 2-bit beauty pageant queen with cheap prom shoes from payless circa 1998. ugh.

  24. sauvage says:

    Is it just me or did a lot of the fabric look really cheap? Shiny but cheap.

  25. grisgris says:

    Madonna is mutton dressed as lamb. She looks like an idiot.

    As does almost everyone else. What is up with all of the greasy hair and skin? Everyone looks bloated, sweaty and squeezed into clothes that are at least 2 sizes too small and about to burst.

    Maybe it was the photog/lighting but those pictures are ghastly to a T.

  26. grisgris says:

    And Kate Moss looks like Walter Mercado.

  27. CandyKay says:

    I agree, Cindy does look frowsy and cheap. I think she’s aging very poorly – and she was one of my favorites back in the day. Her Playboy pictures in 1988 were amazing.

    But Tyra Banks, who is one of my least favorite fashion personalities, looked lovely at this gala. Subtle hair and makeup, quietly glamorous dress. Very Old Hollywood. Skin and hair color aside, she looks a lot like Lana Turner in the shot above.

  28. Ggirl says:

    Isn’t Madonna a little old to be acting out?

    Liv Tyler has always been so beautiful. A classic.

  29. bros says:

    candy cay, i agree about tyra, but what about her hair styled as a pile of dog poop? i couldnt get past that.

    miranda kerr also looks gorgeous, IMO. way to rock a difficult dress.

    blake lively is always unfortunately styled at these events. she is always clomping around. she has no grace about her and is always crammed into dresses that are too small, with her bits and bulges hanging out. you can see her nipple in this ill fitting dress, and at the oscars or golden globes or whatever, she wore that other blue dress that was too small and made her midsection look fat when im sure it isnt. she needs to get someone to help her dress and pose.

  30. Miss Wanderlust says:

    The theme of this gala looked more like
    comicbook figures then the model as the muse ? For real !
    I loved Claudia Schiffers dress i think it’s Versace Couture….exquisite
    Naomi C., Linda E.& Stephanie S. weren’t there because the exhibition snubbed designer Azzedine Alaia in a big way…just read it on, too bad because he is the greatest designer EVER !!!

  31. says:

    diane kruger and kate bosworth look amazing!

  32. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    If Kate Bosworth turns sideways, you can’t see her anymore.

  33. jayem says:

    Madonna looks so stupid. So does Rhianna. (Lake Bell did it better.) And Leighton Meister. (Nice try, but NO!) Someone had to have told them that before they left the house. And who is the girl with Jesus?! He didn’t even take any pictures with Vadge. The other girl is MUCH hotter anyway.

    Why does everyone have on those weirdly heeled shoes??

    Cindy Crawford’s shoes are atrocious! But I think it’s just the color. Emma Roberts is wearing the same ones and they’re not so bad.

    I actually think Kirsten Dunst looks amazing! And Mary Kate. Elizabeth Hurley and Kate Beckinsale’s dresses are AWESOME!! Kanye’s girlfriends body is SICK! Katy Perry looks like an alien. Heidi Klum looks awesome. I hate Rachel Weisz and Jessica Biel’s dresses. Claudia Schiffer’s dress is cool. Iman looks fab. I LOVE Helena Christensen’s dress. Anne Hathaway looks good, but I wish her dress were long. Kerry Washington failed. I like Tyra’s dress, just not her hair. And Kate Moss looks like she escaped from a harem.

  34. anna says:

    THAT PIC– it’s the “I-Have-A-Famous-Parent” club.

  35. Su says:

    wooooooo Iman. WOW! She is a baaaaaaaad bitch. she DEFINES the word fierce!! oh my gosh, and she pushing 60? she put all these other young chicks to shame. abso-frickin-lutely flawless, flippin gorgeous. she is AMAZING!!

  36. Ned says:

    Anne Hathaway looked exceptionally ugly.
    I am sorry, that girl’s face and body does not belong there.

  37. Ana says:

    I don’t know who the Marion chick is but she sure does look awesome.
    Anne Hathaway keeps getting prettier. I wonder if she is getting plastic surgery.

  38. Ana says:

    Is the woman with Jesus pregnant?
    Amber Rose does have a banging body!!!! Kristen dunst always looks so ….saggy.

  39. michellle says:

    Iman looked gorgeous!
    Kate Hudson who usually blows it did well. Anne Hathaway looked great despite the length of her dress. Liv Taylor bores me to tears. Lake Bell was fierce, Rihanna looked like a complete idiot. Rachel Weiss & Heidi Klum were lovely. Cindy Crawford is pretty but needs to rethink the Vanna White get-ups. Eva Mendes could look great in a paper bag. Didn’t even realize that was Kate Moss, she looked absolutely ancient. Kanye’s girl was beautiful despite the ugly ink. Timberlake is fugly & Madonna’s a joke, what’s new? The rest were justforgettable.

  40. Trillion says:

    Christian Siriano had one of his designs worn too! You go girl!
    Brooke Shields’ awful makeup made her look like she was standing under florescent lights. Yikes.
    Jessica Alba, Helene Christiensen, and Cindy Crawford and Jessica Biel all look like they’re going to high school proms.
    I do love Leighton’s dress, especially the neckline, sleeves and rich colors. It was a risk that worked as opposed to Madonna’s nightmare. Was some stylist playing a trick on her or what?
    Loved Claudia Schiffer in Atelier Versace -it is an absolute art piece.

  41. barneslr says:

    Madonna’s outfit just SCREAMS “Look at me!!! Look at me!!!! Give me attention!!! I wanna be the center of attention!!! Look at me!!!!”

    She should just fade away and allow her fans (whatever few that remain) enjoy the memory of when she was relevant. She is just a sad case now.

  42. barneslr says:

    Good God! I just looked at each picture and all I could think was that this must be a convention for anorexic women! So many of them are frighteningly skinny!

    Rihanna’s outfit looks horrible. In fact, I have to wonder if some of these ladies actually looked in a mirror before they left their homes.

    Iman, however, is absolutely flawless!

  43. bagladey says:

    Kanye looks raggedy. Ill-fitting shirt, no socks, and his suit looks like it was donated by someone smaller than he is.

  44. Raquel says:

    Seems like dressing great would be second nature by now to Celebs .. guess not.