“Eminem did a freestyle rap about how much he hates Donald Trump” links

Eminem did a freestyle at the BET Hip Hop Awards and it was about how much he hates Donald Trump. I hope Em runs for that Senate seat in Michigan. [Jezebel]
I have no doubt that the Harvey Weinstein situation has come to light because of the actions of his brother, Bob Weinstein. [LaineyGossip]
NeNe Leakes is sorry about wishing rape upon a hater. [Dlisted]
Armie Hammer also looks amazing with a beard. [Go Fug Yourself]
Another Fox News dude mildly criticized Donald Trump. [Pajiba]
Will you go to the theater to see Marshall? [Wonderwall]
Megan Mulally hijacks a stranger’s Tindr. [OMG Blog]
Max Landis breaks down the boring trailer for The Last Jedi. [The Blemish]
Yolanda Hadid never wants to be a Real Housewife again. [Reality Tea]
USC will no longer take Harvey Weinstein’s money. [Buzzfeed]

The 89th Annual Academy Awards Arrivals

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  1. Nancy says:

    Finally what I’ve been talking about all morning on somebody’s else thread gets some attention. He said it all, nothing left. I take a knee, get up and give a standing O to the perfection of this rap. Bravo Eminem….

  2. mia girl says:

    I am here for all of what Eminem brought to this. The words, the rage, the disgust, the line in the sand.

  3. greenmonster says:

    Telling his fans, who support Trump as well, to make a decision or fuck off gave me goosebumps. This is exactly what I want to hear from people. Other celebrities came out and were vague or said something like “we should give Trump a chance” – just no.

  4. anniefannie says:

    I was so hoping Eminem was going to get covered here. Mad respect for Em to write and perform this, I think his rap style is more emphatic than usual cause of sheer hatred of Trump! I stand ( and kneel ) with Eminem!!!

    • Milla says:

      This is what art is for. You send a message and you get crucified or adored. But you send it and it moves people. The last time someone did this was… when? Shoot the dog?

      I’m not talking about social issues. I’m talking straight from an artist to that person who’s giving u crap

  5. nikzilla says:

    Eminem made this hip hop fan proud. Also LOLing all day at the criticism from conservatives. They don’t even know what a freestyle is!

  6. aang says:

    I’ve been waiting for this story to land here. Very brave and on point. I don’t follow Eminem so I’m sure he has done/said problematic things in the past. But not today. Today at least, I’m with Eminem. And as a bonus I’m loving the unhinged comments from his right wing fans. And please, please, please can Trump tweet about this? I want a rap battle! Because as we all know, Trump knows a lot of words, he has the best words!

  7. madonami says:

    All of that said, Hillary Goddamn Rodham Clinton has been saying what Eminem said for over two fucking years. Why does it take an angry white guy saying it to get people going “well, DAMN.”


  8. Alix says:

    Doonesbury roasts U Bum on the regular. One character just tweeted:

    “Uh-oh. 6-min slam already seen by 5M. Prez countertweet can match poor grammar, but not profanity. Like bringing nail clippers to gun fight.”


  9. minx says:

    This rap makes me soooo happy.

  10. nona says:

    Love, love, love this! Standing ovation for Eminem. Pure frigging genius.

  11. Radley says:

    I’m Mad as Hell Citizen number 65,844,954 and I approve this message.

  12. Beth says:

    I don’t even know how many times listened to this song today. Perfect. I love it

  13. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    He’s as distressed and pissed as I am! Yay!

  14. Greenie says:

    Everything Eminem said resonated. One of the parts that really got to me was when he spoke about black soldiers coming home from Iraq only to be told to go back to Africa.

    30% of US armed forces are not white, they’re of other ethnicities or multi-racial. Trump and Pence pulled that stupid $240k stunt at the Colts game to showboat their supposed love for the armed forces, yet they ignored the latest white supremacist march in Charlottesville that happened around the same time. I think I could make a good argument that they were showing far more disrespect to the military, especially to the members who fight for a country where it’s just meh now for assholes with tiki torches to let them know they don’t belong in it.

    And then of course there’s the whole transgender issue.

    Plus, Trump’s reckless yelling and posturing over North Korea shows that he really doesn’t think much about the actual people in the armed forces. It’s a complicated situation and no, it’s not a video game where he gets to just nuke the shit out of a country right across the DMZ from South Korea and on the doorstep of China, Russia, and Japan. Any US armed engagement means boots on the ground, military personnel on the front line facing nuclear weaponry. If he plunges the US into conflict just to “win” a stupid pissing contest, he’s sending US troops there to die unnecessarily. Oh and of course all the people within range of North Korea’s nukes. /rant

  15. MFM008 says:

    And he nails it. Thanks kid.

  16. Lynnie says:

    I was just about to type how the rap is a nice cleanser after a horrible week of news, but just realized it’s only Wednesday. It’s going to be a longggggg week.

    ETA: If you’re looking for more anti-trump raps check out “FDT” by YG and Nipsey Hussle. Seriously catchy

  17. why? says:

    The most disgusting thing is how once again the press has missed the marked.

    Jerry Jones and Goodell have caved under the pressure of the Dotard. They make money from the sweat of these players and then they tell these grown men that they can’t protest, even though they have taken the money that these men made them and given it to the Dotard.

    Now that the Dotard has stopped tweeting about how much he hates the mayor of SJ because she refused to jump on the praise the Dotard bandwagon, the press have forgotten all about Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico still needs help, where is the press?

    Devin Nunes is obstructing justice and no one is stopping him.

    The Dotard is a predator, yet he has not been held accountable for the women he harassed, groped, threatened to sue, and publicly trashed.

  18. Missmarirose says:

    Ooh! That comment from BOB weinstein is scorching. Hypocritical certainly! But an amazingly harsh way to throw his brother under the train. And what can Harvey say? He put himself in that position.

  19. Iknowwhatboyslike says:

    Baby Hands will not respond to Eminem. He’s only brave enough to insult black women.

  20. L says:

    This was an outstanding piece of art. I love the passion behind it, but also the way he so eloquently worded what he had to say. Poetry in motion.

  21. bikki says:

    that was so f*****g good. eloquent to the max, brought tears to my eyes.
    resist the orage turd, America!

  22. why? says:

    The press is missing the mark once again. They reported that Trump fans are tweeting about how they aren’t fans of Eminem anymore because of his freestyle rap against The Dotard. It would be interesting if the press would address that the majority of The Dotard’s supporters are Russian bots. The Russian bots organized rallies in support of The Dotard and protests against Muslims and immigrants. They impersonated BLM and Muslim groups. They were even active in take a knee, tweeting such hashtags as standforouranthem(which the Dotard tweeted over and over again), takeaknee(they hijacked this hashtag so that the negative comments would be more prevalent), and boycottNFL.

  23. Trillion says:

    I’m just waiting for Trump to come out in defense of Weinstein…

  24. Abby says:

    Y’all. Erin Foster just posted a video on Instagram Story of a video of Lindsay Lohan defending Weinstein like “leave britney alone” style. OMG! It was a video of a video–not sure where it was from.

  25. Alexis says:

    um i haven’t forgotten Eminem so this is like pot calling the kettle black.

  26. wo says:

    The Eminem rap gave me goosebumps. Amazing.

  27. Jordana says:

    You’re orange ……..

    Nothing rhymes with orange! I love this. I wondered why he let that line hang. Totally get it now.