Donald Trump refers to Haiti, El Salvador & African nations as ‘sh-thole countries’

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I’m the daughter of immigrant – an Indian immigrant, who came to America with a college degree, who came through a work visa and became a citizen years later, after I was born. I wonder if the white supremacist in the All-White House thinks India is a sh-thole. Probably. Without question, Donald Trump thinks Haiti, El Salvador and the entire African continent are sh-tholes. That’s the word he used to describe those countries when discussing how we need to stop letting people from those countries immigrate into the United States.

President Trump grew frustrated with lawmakers Thursday in the Oval Office when they floated restoring protections for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as part of a bipartisan immigration deal, according to two people briefed on the meeting.

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said, according to these people, referring to African countries and Haiti. He then suggested that the United States should instead bring more people from countries like Norway, whose prime minister he met Wednesday. The comments left lawmakers taken aback, according to people familiar with their reactions. Sens. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) and Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) proposed cutting the visa lottery program by 50 percent and prioritizing countries already in the system, a White House official said.

A White House spokesman defended Trump’s position on immigration without directly addressing Trump’s remarks.

“Certain Washington politicians choose to fight for foreign countries, but President Trump will always fight for the American people,” spokesman Raj Shah said in a statement issued after The Washington Post first reported Trump’s remarks. “. . .Like other nations that have merit-based immigration, President Trump is fighting for permanent solutions that make our country stronger by welcoming those who can contribute to our society, grow our economy and assimilate into our great nation.”

Outlining a potential bipartisan deal, the lawmakers discussed restoring protections for countries that have been removed from the temporary protected status program while adding $1.5 billion for a border wall and making changes to the visa lottery system.

[From The Washington Post]

It’s not a surprise that Donald Trump is the worst. It’s not a surprise that Donald Trump is a racist pig. It’s not a surprise that Donald Trump is a nativist who casually employs negative stereotypes about certain nationalities. It’s not a surprise that Donald Trump is only okay with immigrants who are white, and who come from first-world countries. Donald Trump knows nothing about immigration, or why immigrants come to this country, or why our immigrant nation has always prioritized and championed our melting-pot culture. He is a f–king moron and the only sh-thole is his mind and his diaper.

NBC News confirmed with their sources that Trump did indeed refer to “all these sh-thole countries.” Real question: why the f–k didn’t all of the Democrats in that meeting leave at once? “You know know what? No. I’m not going to sit down with a white supremacist who says sh-t like that.”

Update: Here’s Senator Dick Durbin confirming that Trump said all that sh-t.

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  1. RBC says:

    The silence from the Republician leadership is deafening. I have to say Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon were not putting up with any nonsense from people on their shows defending 45’s comments. Wow

  2. Nicole says:

    Racist says racist things. Shocker.
    As someone who has a parent from this so called “sh*thole” these comments hit hard. My family worked hard just like everyone else to come here and make a life here. As if I already don’t feel like a second class citizen as an African American as well. Today is the anniversary of the earthquake too. We lost family in that earthquake 8 years ago. So yea these comments hurt.
    This is why I say I loathe this country now. The hatred is from all sides at this point. Not sure what to do but I’m tired.

    • Mandymc says:

      I’m sorry you lost family in the earthquake. There aren’t words to describe how I feel about this man. I loath anyone who still supports him.

      • Nicole says:

        Thank you. Today is always hard for that reason. I had a former friend make a racist joke about the earthquake days after it happened and I ended up screaming at her in the middle of my campus caf. No one but a few friends knew I lost family. Took me a while to deal with it

    • lightpurple says:

      So very sorry for your loss. The anguish of that day should never be forgotten. My lifelong best friend had only returned to Haiti the day before, after a brief visit here. He and his family were safe but I remember desperately trying to make contact to find his status, along with numerous friends and colleagues who, so sadly, lost so much. One co-worker’s extended family lost eight children. Such inconsolable heartbreak. And for Trump to utter such filth on the eve of that anniversary. Words fail to describe how reprehensible he is.

    • Snowflake says:

      I’m so sorry. America would not be the unique place that it is without people from other countries. As a person who has not traveled outside the US, I love talking to people from other countries. This POS in the WH does not represent everyone. I hope you get to meet some good people and feel better.

      • Nicole says:

        thanks! I have some great friends and after college i realized i don’t need to hold onto people that don’t make my life better.
        I also love talking to those from other countries and traveling. Part of what makes the US special
        I’m just exhausted by the last 4 years of politics essentially.

      • Beth says:

        The only thing that I like about living in the Disney World area is getting to meet tourist from all over the world. Even just talking to them in line at stores or when they’re related to my neighbors and are here visiting the, it’s so interesting to have conversations and get to know them

        I’m so sorry for the loss of your family members, Nicole. I can’t imagine what that would be like

    • Lorelai says:

      Nicole, I’m so sorry, but please try not to let it get to you — consider the source, he is a literal piece of shit.

      Disgusting, hateful little man.

    • Cannibell says:

      So sorry for your family’s loss, and the cruelty and disrespect of yesterday on top of it.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      I’m so sorry, Nicole. I know it doesn’t really help much but let me tell you, it’s not just the anti-Trump people in the US who are with you, the rest of the world is watching and we do NOT understand how any of this is happening. Don’t think of him as the president, think of him as just one small-fingered f*ckface.

      Btw, why the hell would Norwegians trade their country for the US? Hell, if they let me, I’d probably immigrate to Norway.

      • Nicole says:

        I went to Scandinavia recently and they all offered to sponsor me to move there. Seriously every person I met asked if I wanted to move because of trump.
        I’ve been considering it for a while now but a move might help my sanity

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        I think what sets the Scandinavian countries apart is the attitude. They have their share of issues, of course. Every country does, always. But the basic sense of solidarity that’s reflected in their politics and policies, their health care and educational systems etc., it’s just a different way of life and a different way of thinking. Their taxes are very high but you do get you money’s worth. I think the American way is more “Leave me alone, the government is the devil, every man for himself.” You know, super Christian. ;-)

      • Jessica says:


        Are you white? Serious question, I’m glad Scandis are so welcoming. I’m interested in Germany once I finish my bachelor’s. Hopefully someone will sponsor an AA.

      • Nicole says:

        I am not! I was with a friend who was black and another that is middle eastern. We had no issues.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @ Jessica: Depending on what you’ve studied, it might be fairly easy to work here. Jobs jobs everywhere. As a German I don’t think I’m very objective so you may want to just look at it from a “on paper” perspective or ask someone who’s lived here. I do like my country. :-)

    • Esmom says:

      I hear you, and I’m sorry you’ve been subjected to this garbage. And I’m sorry for your loss. I get why you’d want to leave but I feel better knowing an intelligent, thoughtful and compassionate person like you is here among us to shine some light into the darkness!

    • Kitten says:

      Exactly though. The way MSM is reporting this like it’s f*cking breaking news…smdh..

    • Goldengirllover34 says:

      The earthquake was horrible. Waiting to hear from my grandmother. My uncle lost his cousin. Friends lost. It was horrific. I was born here but truthfully don’t trust America. My husband and I are both highly educated (his family is from Trinidad) and we are discussing moving out of the country to an island when we save enough. We don’t want our kids dealing with this crap.

    • Arpeggi says:

      I’m so sorry, it’s true that the timing makes it even worst. I went to Haiti last April for some vacations and run away from the Montreal winter for a bit. It was beautiful! I’m so glad I went even if it’s expensive and not that easy to travel through. It’s filled with so much natural beauties (the Blue Bassins near Jacmel are gorgeous!) and the people I met were so nice and interesting to talk with. I’ll go back to Haiti anytime, but I’d never set a foot in Mar-a-Lago. To me this is what a sh-th-ole looks like

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Please know that even though it understandably feels like you are getting hate from all sides, I am sending love to you and your family. Your contributions to this site are so incredible, I can only imagine how you positively impact the people in your life. I have been blessed to have people from other areas of the world in my life, and this President has made me feel so protective of them. I pity him that he doesn’t understand their value, I hate him for making them feel less-than.

      I highly recommend watching the Anderson Cooper bit on Haiti. He clearly has been moved by the Haitian people’s strength and courage, and I think his piece rightful honors them.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I am sorry Nicole. I really am.
      These comments brought tears to my eyes. I can’t believe people from families like yours have to be subjected to this onslaught. Constantly. It is terrible.
      But what is worse to me is the silence.
      I am sorry and most Americans welcome you and are happy you are here.
      My grandparents are immigrants and though the other side is American, they weren’t treated kindly or wanted either. Only recently their culture is considered quaint and oh those adorable accents but this is recent.
      I am sorry for your loss and I am so freaking sorry you have been made to feel the way you are feeling right now.
      I am happy and proud of our immigrants and I am happy you and everyone in your family and every immigrant reading my post that you are here. I want you to stay. We need you and appreciate your hard work and your addition to the tapestry that makes the good things about America shine. We will all be here long after this ends building a better society.
      HE is not America. He is the walking demented disgusting embodiment of the worst of America and its history. He reflects the dark hearts of his followers but not the majority of people with thinking skills.
      We will rebuild. Together, hand in hand as equals and friends with the same goals and dreams.
      Hugs Nicole.

      • GreenTurtle says:

        Mags, where is your non-Slavic side from?

      • magnoliarose says:

        Louisiana but their roots are Acadian, Acadiens French Canadian. In that mix are French, Spanish Basques, and a Creole in the beginning and over the years but in the end, they are Cajuns.
        It used to be an insult to be called Cajun, and they were looked down on and shamed for their language and culture because they were rural and poor. It is an ethnic identity that only recently has become a positive. It was officially recognized as an ethnic group in the 70s or early 80s though they had lived isolated in their region for a long time.
        They are trying to save the culture after years of not allowing Cajun French in schools and forcing English often cruelly. The younger generation is proud, and many are going back to speaking French at home and try to preserve the culture.

    • Nikki says:

      He’s NOT this country. The majority of people voted for Hillary, and many of those who voted for Trump only did so because they thought of him as an outsider from “dirty politics” who would get the job done. Trump does appeal to narrow minded, right wing racists, but that’s ALL. I live in NC, and all over town people have put signs on their front yard saying in several languages, “It doesn’t matter where you come from, you are welcome here!” Try not to hate the country as a whole, there are many, many good people here who are appalled. I’m so sorry for this, especially on the anniversary of your loss. Be a voice against him, please.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      Nicole — I can’t imagine the injury Cheeto and his minions are delivering to you, your family and others on a daily basis, but know this: America does have decent, generous people who welcome all. America wouldn’t exist without her immigrant populations — earlier presidents with like-minded views as the current office holder forced the indigenous peoples of this land onto reservations.

      While it may take some time, I truly believe this administration is the last gasp of that all-white male mentality. He can’t stop the wave of outrage that’s about to wipe him and other racists into a minority permanently.

      I’m so sorry you have to suffer from this kind of ignorance.

  3. Tanguerita says:

    is is too early to cancel 2018 or should I give it another couple of weeks?

  4. Sinead says:

    As IF someone from such a forward thinking country as Norway would want to live in the US?!

    • Odetta says:

      Right??!! Why the hell would anyone from Norway want to immigrate to the USA…

      • SoulSPA says:

        Why not? Norwegians travel abroad to study, work, travel or be with their SOs. Living standards are superior in Norway from all points of view as compared to the US. But it doesn’t mean one can’t benefit from the experience of living in the US, especially when they can make the choice and have a safety net back home.

      • SilverUnicorn says:

        I get what you are saying (I lived in USA for a while) but a Norwegian should be drunk as hell to move to Trump’s America now.

        Hubby and I even thought to do the green card lottery in 2016 after Brexit but we waited for the elections to decide and once Trump was elected we even postponed a 3-week touristic trip to USA…. I don’t think we wouldn’t even make it through the customs once they ask for our social media accounts lol

      • trillian says:

        Right lol. We spent 3 weeks on a mini-roundtrip on the east coast in 2015 and would love to do the same in the west. Maybe in 4 years.

      • pupsie says:

        What!?!?!?! Dont you understand how Muricah is the best country on earth, and everybody wants to live here, because no country is better????

        Seriously though, I moved here from Germany two years ago, and while I always wanted to live here, because I like beaches, and I was 18 when I came up with the “dream” of living here, I am now 36 and have a family and am asking myself constantly, what was I thinking?? Germany has health insurance for everybody, maternity leave, a new parent stipend for a year, a child stipend of $200 per month per child, till they turn 18, free child care, better labor laws, better protection of the citizens in general, no guns, almost no homicides related to guns, and the list goes on and on. Yet, if it wasn’t for politics, and weird dumbass fanatics, I like it here, and I would like to stay, but I am not sure if we will for much longer.

    • ichsi says:

      Exactly my thoughts. And he’s on the best route to turn the US into a “sh!thole country” too. Hope the people cheering this racist prick will realise this when it’s not too late.

    • Aang says:

      I’m pretty sure the US is a shitehole compared to Norway. In violence, healthcare access, education, family leave, happiness, I would guess Norway beats the US. I just had a good friend from Norway move back to Oslo from Toronto with her Canadian husband because they decided their young children would be more secure in Norway than even in Canada.

    • kellybean says:

      The only reason Norway came to his mind was because he had met the PM the day before. The idiot probably couldn’t think of any other “non-shit-hole” countries off the top of his head. He probably really only knows the US and Russia. Maybe North Korea and China too.

    • jwoolman says:

      That was my first thought also. Why would a Norwegian want to come to this sh-thole of a country?!? :)

      Just getting into the US for a visit is so humiliating nowadays. Some years ago, a friend back from an interpreting job in Europe felt compelled to apologize to an elderly Belgian tourist who was being badly treated at the airport.

      But in Trump’s defense, he probably was too distracted to think about using his best words. He was too busy canceling his attendance at a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new US Embassy in London, and blaming Obama for selling the old one and buying a new one. Except actually the Bush Administration made that decision for security reasons. See how distracted Trump was? He forgot which former President to blame. We’ll have to forgive him for his sh-tty remarks and his sh-tty attitude and his sh-tty Administration.

  5. savu says:

    It’s like you think as a global citizen, you can’t be more embarrassed to be American… and then the next day happens.

    • Millennial says:

      I seriously told my husband we needed to delay our vacation to the U.K. Because I didn’t want to go while Trump was president. I’m so ashamed, I would be worried people there would wonder if we were Trump supporters.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      It is so hard to believe that someone like Trump who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth would have so little class and compassion. I truly hope people in other countries do not think we all think like Trump, maybe most of his supporters do I certainly do not. Trump had no right to publicly denigrate those countries. If people from Haiti and El Salvador were white then he wouldn’t have a big problem.

      • swak says:

        Just because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth doesn’t guarantee he will have class or compassion. It’s more about upbringing than the amount of money one has when it comes to being compassionate.

      • Deanne says:

        His Father was well known to be incredibly racist. The shithead apple didn’t fall far from the tree. He literally says he only wants immigrants from the whitest country on earth. My God. It’s horrific. It literally makes me sick to my stomach that the GOP continue to support this racist, barely literate, garbage human. My country isn’t perfect, but I’m so grateful to be Canadian.

      • savu says:

        @deanne I see it all the time – my father’s prejudices that come from what his father ingrained in him. But I’m also reminded of how some of those prejudices can change with a pushing force and honest self awareness. Ten years ago when he and my mom were getting serious, he was refusing to go stay with her best friend and his partner of 17 years for New Years. “What if they make out in front of me?” Would your straight adult friends do that?? Even more hilarious, “what if he hits on me?” A) you think very highly of your OG dad bod b) that won’t happen. He agreed to go on the trip but said “if I feel uncomfortable we’re going to a hotel.” She said “no, if YOU feel uncomfortable, YOU can go to a hotel.” He was so apprehensive and nervous. He had never spent more than 5 minutes with an openly gay person. My stepmom framed this as a dealbreaker – if this is gonna work, you must accept my friends, they’ve been there for me a lot longer than you have. He went on the trip. He stayed with them. He’s now a gay marriage supporter with quite a few gay friends.

        Does he still have lingering racial prejudice? Yep. But good people can learn.

      • Nic919 says:

        His dad was a KKK member in New York in the 30s. That is more than just the regular racism of that era and more particularly in that part of the US. And then he actively continued it with the housing discrimination in the 70s and his obsession with the Central Park Five. He has always been a horrible racist. He just was a bit more sly about it, but now his mental deterioration makes it harder for him to conceal all the ugliness.

      • jwoolman says:

        Trump’s mother was an immigrant from Scotland. She worked as a servant. She never would have gotten into the US if the rules promoted by Trump had been followed. No special skills or education. At least she was pale.

        Trump’s father was an American only because Trump’s grandfather couldn’t get permission to stay in Bavaria with restored citizenship – he had emigrated to the US years before but then relocated back to Bavaria. The Bavarians didn’t want him because they decided he had originally left to avoid taxes and particularly military service (they had passed laws about that), so he had to return to the US. I don’t know why they didn’t welcome him back, since he had a lot of money by then. He had saved his profits from running hotels and restaurants during the Gold Rush. But when he originally emigrated to the US, he was only 16 years old and unemployed. His English might not have been up to Trumpian current immigration standards – his first job here was working for a German-speaking barber. Which all really means he’s a splendid example that the US benefits from immigration by people who start with nothing. They don’t stay that way, and the next generation especially.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Money only makes you rich. It holds no guarantees you will spend it wisely or are intelligent or worthwhile.
        Often money is wasted on the people who have it.
        A waste of it sits in the oval office.

  6. emerald eyes says:

    Every day brings a new low, and new humiliation.

    It’s not Trump anymore, or at least not all him. It’s all those “respected” policymakers who sit in the room with him who don’t get up and leave, en masse, when this crap comes out of his mouth.

    • Midigo says:

      Unfortunately those respected policy makers know that many will vote for him. Again. And again. And therefore they behave accordingly .
      Because Trumpists didn’t vote for him despite his openly declared racism. They voted him exactly because of it. And they are still out there, all of them, happy and content that their President is openly discussing what they were ashamed to say.

  7. Seraphina says:

    I agree kaiser. Daughter of immigrant parents. The Democrats should have walked. They just add to his sense of self righteousness when they sit there and not protest. I’m just disappointed all the way around.

  8. Beth says:

    I can’t say I was shocked to see this story last night. That’s embarrassing that it’s not a shock that Trump is such a shit head and would say such cruel and shitty things. It’s time for the Republicans to finally do something to get this monster out of the WH

  9. glb says:

    Aaand of course we have professional and amateur trolls chiming in

    These people are so blinded by their hatred,nothing they ever say makes any sense.

  10. Cannibell says:

    I was waiting for Suckabee Sanders to come out and berate the media for not understanding the vision and courage of her horror show boss at today’s White House Press Briefing. But guess what?


    Because this “15-month-old-with-its-collective-head-in-a-cookie-jar-and-its-eyes-closed” administration thinks that if it waits a day, no one will remember?

    We’d be better off throwing the tax dollars that pay these shitholes’ salaries into a trash fire. Oh wait…..we already are…..sad…..

    I am heartbroken for what they are trying to turn my country into.

  11. Maya says:

    He won’t call India by any names because the top people in NASA & IT sections are Indians.

    USA will be extinct if no countries immigrated to because White people in that country are least educated.

    And how dare he call Africa a SH? African Americans didn’t voluntarily come to that country, they were forced and used as slaves.

    Oh and someone remind Trumps*it that white people are also immigrants because the country belongs to Native Americans..

    • Cee says:

      Maya, when I heard he had said this, I immediately thought it was also a slap to african americans. He is disgusting.

    • Beth says:

      +100 I got into an argument while trying to explain to a 90 year old Trumpster about all of this. She’s sick of immigrants coming in, I told her that Native Americans were the only ones who didn’t start here as immigrants ,so the rest of us should pack our bags and go back to our ancestors countries where our families were originally from. I actually laughed because I thought she was joking when she said she is a Native American because her parents were legal immigrants from Europe, and she was born and raised in America. Couldn’t get it through her head that it means she is an American native or native of America, NOT a Native American

      • jwoolman says:

        She is native-born American. As you say, Native American now means someone whose ancestors here predate the arrival of Europeans, replacing the term American Indians which was always a tad confusing when you were referring to Indians actually from India. I can remember resorting to saying “Indian Indians” on occasion in my younger days…. The term Native American has its own confusions, though, as you saw here. Language is hard.

    • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

      The ENTIRE American continent was stolen from the native populations, by WHITES. Even “America” comes from the name of a European (Italian) explorer.

      • jwoolman says:

        Well, those of us with European ancestry are kind of in the same position as the Dreamers now. No other place to go, really. We grew up here and don’t have a real connection to the ancestral homelands. We’re also mostly mixed, so which country should take us?

        That’s a general problem all over the world. Even though the initial events that established the foreigners were awful, at some point people have to figure out how to live with each other regardless because it’s now home to everybody. The focus needs to be on erasing the aftereffects of the initial event (discrimination, for example). Can’t just send the Protestants back to England in Northern Ireland, or the Afrikaners back to the Netherlands in South Africa. We’re stuck with each other eventually.

        Although many European ancestors actually arrived long after the initial theft in the US. I know mine did. They also arrived long after slavery had become illegal.

    • IlsaLund says:

      It was a slap in the face. Many white Americans carry on as if they’re the only true Americans, conveniently forgetting this hemisphere’s original occupants and how it was literally stolen from them. Genealogy is a hobby of mine. It always amuses me when someone starts bragging about their European ancestor arriving in the early 1900’s and helping build America. My response is that my ancestors have been here since the 1700’s and had no choice but to build America. This country would be no where if not for those who bore the lash and whip to help build it.

    • Aren says:

      So true. If I remember correctly 90% of the native population in Latin America were killed during the Spanish invasion. Either directly, or due to the diseases that Spanish people had, like tuberculosis and gonorrhea.

      • Cookiejar says:

        And smallpox! The “great” gift of the Europeans. There are still pictures of people affected with the disease and after. Even now it’s unsettling to look at, and the disease has been eradicated.

      • SoulSPA says:

        Yes. Someone correct me if I am wrong – I think Argentina don’t have any original native born peoples anymore. They’ve been decimated. Those native to the country for thousands of years. I’ve never been there but I presume there are native people from other countries who’ve immigrated there more recently.
        There are other silent killers like poverty with all it entails. Just read a sad story in the BBC about an entire native population in Venezuela or Brazil decimated by AIDS.

      • Cee says:

        SoulSPA – Yes, we do. Do we treat them fairly? NO. Unfortunately. This is something that brings me so much shame, because we’re equals, we’re argentinians. However, some tribes, like the Mapuche tribe, are openly hostile to Argentina, her citizens and instutions. They burn the flag, riot, attack private property, etc. We’re having a big problem right now because they refuse to recognize Argentina as their country, they reject their citizenship, they want to take their lands back (no matter that Mapuches are originally from present day Chile, and killed other tribes from present day Argentina in order to gain territory… same thing Spaniards and Argentines did to them later on)

        Argentina, however, killed off much of the native population during the Desert Campaign (the conquering of lands to expand territory). Those who survived either retreated to their much smaller tribes, or just integrated to society. Actually, some different parts of Argentina share common tribes with other countries, because delimitations are manmade. Therefore someone from Salta or Jujuy resembles someone from Bolivia more than I do (someone from the city of Buenos Aires, exclusively descended from europeans) – they share traditions, history, folklore, music, food, etc.

        But yes, Argentina is now, as it has always been, a country of diverse ethnicities. We’re even having african inmigration, something that never happened before. (We did have slaves, though. The african slave trade reached only Brazil while Native tribes were enslaved, baptised, etc.)

    • Jamie says:

      “USA will be extinct if no countries immigrated to because White people in that country are least educated.” Sorry but that is not true. I work in tech and there are plenty of extremely smart, educated people of all backgrounds – white Americans definitely included. While we do benefit from highly educated immigrants, it doesn’t mean we don’t have lots of damn good native talent as well. Where I work now, one of our top and most respected engineers is a killer smart African American guy who is literally a rocket scientist (that was his major).

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Did you see Phil Mudd’s tirade on Trump’s comments?! He went all out! He used slurs of past generations to make the point that each and every time we’ve built up immigrants from another country as the enemy, we have been left feeling ashamed. Please be warned, he does use these slurs in making his point. I will edit below.

      “A century ago we called people sl*nt eyes … and now they’re a backbone of this country,” “In the 1940s, we called people traitors because they came from a sh*thole country called Japan, and we’re ashamed….We called people who fled from conflict in Central America sp*cs and w*tb*cks, and we’re ashamed,” he went on. “The president is growing this country on the backbone of bigotry that comes from when I saw my family called sp*cs, w*ps and m*ckerel e*ters. We should be ashamed. We’ve learned way too many lessons and history will tell you that if you don’t read history, you’ll repeat them. That’s what our president did for us today.”

    • magnoliarose says:

      Are you kidding.
      If the skin is brown or less than white, he thinks it is terrible.
      When he gives Asians any kind of pass, he means Japanese. Not Vietnamese, Thai or Phillipino. He means Japanese, Chinese and Koreans. But not really. If he must have someone. If he must. But that is a stereotype Asians don’t enjoy either. There is no such thing as a model minority. It is a myth.
      Some of our top doctors and engineers, professors and highly skilled workforce are Africans, Latinos, Muslims and from Islands all over the world. The senior people at NASA come from ALL backgrounds. Remember Hidden Figures was about black women 50 years ago. Has that stopped him? Nope.

      Take it from someone from a minority group that is supposedly always wealthy and take over everything, those stereotypes are harmful. They fail to see people as individuals. We are just groups under a heading, and then all the weird nonsense is thrown at us, and then we are dismissed. Sure my family fits some of the stereotypes but it is because they worked for it not because being Jewish just makes that shiz easy.
      Like being black makes you a star athlete, so it’s easy not that they worked for it. Being Asian makes you smart, not because you studied and sacrificed. Being Indian makes you a doctor not because you worked hard to be good at it. So on and so on.
      It is a way for the average white person to excuse their own lack of success and aversion to hard work. Blame the Mexicans and Central Americans for drug crimes while their sorry offspring is laying in a stupor hooked on opioids but its THEM! Nevermind these new immigrants work harder than they ever would for less and their kids go on to become model citizens.
      West Virginia is one of the whitest states in the country, and last I heard they weren’t doing so well. Iowa, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Kentucky and North Dakota. Hot beds of innovation they are not and people aren’t rushing to move to any of those states.
      Lovely places but if white made everything great why aren’t those states leading the country in every category.

  12. Joy says:

    I’m just shocked he didn’t fully say WHERE ARE SOME WHITE PEOPLE WE CAN HAVE? BRING ME A DIET COKE!

  13. Snowflake says:

    I’m white so don’t get mad. But what the fuck do we expect when we keep electing these old white men? We need to elect younger, more diverse people to represent us. Trump’s POV does not reflect all of us.

    • Maya says:

      Exactly if you keep electing whites racist old men then what do you expect.

      Having said that – millions of immigrants and Democrats have been complacent for years and haven’t fought back against the Republicans. This is the result of that as well.

      Vote Democrat all the way and extinct those f**** Republicans. That party was created to abolish slavery and racism and it can go down for those reasons as well.

    • Cee says:

      Unfortunately there are a lot of young people with his same viewpoint.

      • Kitten says:

        “A lot”? I don’t think so. Some? Yeah I’m sure.

        Fox News’s audience is overwhelmingly white and senior. And Breitbart doesn’t have much of an audience in Millennials. Conservative news outlets in general have made Millennials their favorite target, perpetually touting the false narrative that they are lazy, emotionally fragile, and lack financial knowledge.
        I just don’t believe that the conservative movement has this huge, young following. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t young conservatives and Alt-Righters who are changing the face of the KKK, but I think they are the minority in the younger generations.

      • Esmom says:

        Kitten, they are a minority, I think, but they are fighting hard to get their voices heard, especially on college campuses. Have you heard of Charlie Kirk? Some GOP ladies in my town invited him to one of their lunches and I guarantee they are encouraging their daughters to date/marry someone like him and their sons to be like him. I have finally cut off some polite acquaintances, I just can’t anymore with their disdain and hatred and fear of liberals.

      • magnoliarose says:

        They don’t have a younger following.
        Even some conservative Millenials don’t go as far as the older crowd.

  14. Nanny to the Rescue says:

    I wonder if he’d refer to Slovenia as a shithole. Because from a Trumpian perspective I’d imagine he has similar thoughts about all these poor(er), kinda underdeveloped (compared to the West), pretty much socialist countries, from where people migrate to the US because the home country lacks a future (unlike in Norway). But then there’s this little issue of Melania …

    • anna222 says:

      Actually Slovenians are predominately white so I bet he wouldn’t class it as a shthole. He’s a raging racist and I feel devastated for all the men, women and children who have to hear his hateful words against them.

    • lightpurple says:

      His in-laws are currently living in the White House. They came here through chain migration, which he is now trying to end.

      • IlsaLund says:

        Melania’s parents are living in the White House??? Why isn’t sh!t being said about that like when Michelle’s mom lived in the White House? Hope they’re paying rent like Michelle’s mom.

      • jwoolman says:

        Melania’s parents have been living in Trump Tower for a long time. I hope they really are living in the White House now and not just occasionally visiting. As Donald gets worse and worse, he will be more and more of a danger to Melania and her son. I hope she avoids ever being alone behind closed doors with him. The Secret Service can’t protect her and her son from Donald otherwise. He is an inherently violent man (formerly a violent child and teenager) who just barely contains his rage even in public.

    • SoulSPA says:

      Even if some European countries are less developed than the US, some but not all are years ahead in terms of education policies and social consciousness. Factor in immigration between EU countries and the cheap possibilities to travel. Most 20-40 year olds I know, with or without a university degree, speak at least one language other than their own. More or less fluently. At least one. And are able to talk, share experiences and compare experiences of living or just knowing another country. Positively or negatively. Yes, Europe is smaller than the US. Overall less developed than the US. But it’s not just money that makes a country awesome. Yes there are political extremes, more or less subtle racism. But not at the level of some countries outside Europe.
      Take no offence, I’ve never been to the US but at least for now give me Europe any day.

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        I’m not American. I’m from the above mentioned potential shithole, which is far less developed than Trump’s ATM fav, Norway. I’m just laughing because I’m pretty sure in his mind Trump would list this whole region as a shithole, but he imported both of his wives from Slavic countries so I’m curious if he’d be willing to utter it out loud.

      • SoulSPA says:

        @Nanny yes, and four of his children have European blood. Those with Ivanka and Melania. Don’t know about Marla. And as far as I can remember his own mother was an immigrant from the UK. I think. Don’t know about his father but dotus himself his half white European. So I agree he wouldn’t say anything top bad about Europe. I don’t even know if he could see the difference. Oh, only between Europe and Russ*a.

      • What a great comment! I lived in Spain for 6 years in my early 20s………….I miss Europe…………….

    • A.Key says:

      Yeah I hear you, to me his comment felt like a class issue more than anything else. I mean I’m sure it’s fueled by racism, but honestly I think it’s more about the lack of money than anything else. I bet you an arm and a leg Trump thinks Eastern European countries are shitholes too. Don’t tell me someone here believes Trump doesn’t think say Ukraine is a shithole? Or Bosnia? Or Bulgaria? I’m sure he does. Because I think he finds poverty disgusting and he just doesn’t want anyone poor coming to his country. I mean he is a businessman after all, I’m sure he sees everything through $. Nobody’s stopping super rich Saudis from coming and investing in the US. Even though they’re Muslim and darker-skinned. It’s all about money I’m sure. He just doesn’t care about you if you’re poor and desperate because that makes you useless to him.

  15. Anna says:

    But on the plus side, at least he cancelled his London Trip now., Horray!

    • dodgy says:

      So happy! But Downing Street is all, “It’s still on.” When? Where?

    • wood dragon says:

      There goes that royal wedding invite, right?
      Not that he was ever on the list…

    • Rose says:

      Yes, although I was well up for another protest march

    • kellybean says:

      And did you hear it’s Obama’s fault? I don’t know how but I read that headline this morning.

      • lightpurple says:

        Just because he hates Obama. Bush was the one who decided to move the embassy.

      • dodgy says:

        Yeah, I did do. Never mind that it happened under Bush. I’m just glad that the Mayor of London didn’t have to meet that nitwit.

      • swak says:

        You read correctly. I read the article on this and the old embassy was sold when Bush was president. The new embassy wasn’t begun to be built until 2014 and is probably why he is blaming Obama for it. But then again, facts have never gotten in the way of him blaming everything on Obama.

      • IlsaLund says:

        The orange idiot is lying once again on Obama cause he can never get his facts straight:

        “Reason I canceled my trip to London is that I am not a big fan of the Obama Administration having sold perhaps the best located and finest embassy in London for “peanuts,” only to build a new one in an off location for 1.2 billion dollars. Bad deal. Wanted me to cut ribbon-NO!
        Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)
        January 12, 2018”

        The truth is: “The problem with that rationale is that Trump’s tweet misrepresented the history of the U.S. Embassy move. According to the State Department , it was the administration of President George W. Bush – not Obama – that decided to build a new embassy in 2006 and chose the new location in 2008.” -WUSA

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Embassy points:

        *The US didn’t own the land that the old embassy sat on, which is not typical. We will own the land under the new embassy.

        *The old embassy was in a neighborhood-y area, which made increasing security measures difficult. The new embassy will be much, much more secure.

        *The new embassy will be closer to parliamentary buildings and will be walking distance from the MI6 office.

        *The new embassy will be paid for by the selling of the old embassy building.

      • Tina says:

        Tiffany is absolutely right, with one odd UK land ownership-specific quirk. We have a system where you can have freehold ownership (you own the property absolutely) or leasehold ownership, where there is a freeholder who “owns” the underlying right to the land and your ownership interest is a leasehold interest. This is typically used for flats. Now, typical new leasehold interests in the modern era are for 999 years so for all practical purposes, if you buy a new leasehold property, you are buying it outright.

        The Duke of Westminster owns the freehold for the land on which the old US embassy sits (as well as most of Mayfair). So the embassy did own the leasehold interest in the property, but not the freehold. The land in Nine Elms, where the new embassy will be, was purchased freehold, as is all property around there (unless you are buying a flat in a new development).

        That may be too boring for words, but I just wanted to explain why people say that the embassy didn’t own the land. The embassy didn’t own the freehold. (This is quite common for embassies in London, of which many sit on land for which the Duke of Westminster owns the freehold).

      • Carmen says:

        He’s got the worst hard-on for President Obama. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

      IMO the embassy situation is just a pretext. Who knows what’s really going on?

    • Carmen says:

      I heard he’s officially added Britain to his list of shithole countries.

  16. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I can NOT believe Washington is allowing this shit. Why the frak are these grown professionals listening to his filth? GTFU and walk the f#ck OUT. Spineless sycophants.

  17. Cee says:

    Donald Trump is a populist president. Before you know it, his government will begin using this rhetoric: “we defend americans first and if you don’t, you’re unpatriotic, you’re selling your country out, you don’t count and you deserve to be punished for it”. That’s exactly what happened in my country under the previous administration (12 years of it). We’re now divided in two and we hate each other. I wouldn’t date or be friends with someone who agreed with them.

    So be strong, american celebitches. Hopefully when his time is up those who didn’t vote will actually do so and keep him from office for a second term.

  18. Daisyfly says:

    This tang-stained cretin is the living, breathing personification of the term odious.

    • Plantpal says:

      Hey! We like Tang, especially when camping. I may never be able to enjoy again now it’s been associated with crude crud cretin … :(

      • jwoolman says:

        Is grape Tang still available? I lived on the orange and purple Tang (plus peanut butter, of course) during grad school. Probably the only reason I didn’t get scurvy.

      • Kitten says:

        Ew. Grape flavor in general is awful. Come on, jwoolman you are better than grape Tang, even in your grad student years.

      • jwoolman says:

        Kitten – I was not better than grape Tang. I think I actually preferred it, although my memory is dim. I also was not better than Velveeta “cheese”, another mainstay of my diet. My roommate knew that I had been hired for the job I was interviewing for when she saw that I had bought some real cheese….

        I do eat peanut butter still, but not Tang of any color or Velveeta. So I’m not entirely hopeless. I still gag at the thought of all the Velveeta and bologna sandwiches I ingested back then. Not sure if bologna qualifies as meat. I should have stuck with peanut butter, now that I know how high-nutrition it really is!

  19. grabbyhands says:

    Disgusting, but not surprising.

    He says this shit because he knows know one is going to do more than throw out a token protest and he’s been proven right. Silence on the right and barely a ripple on the left. This is why I’m not pinning all my hopes on the mid-terms – if he can say this and be unapologetic and not deny it, it is because he feels pretty damned assured that he has nothing to worry about and that isn’t just because he’s delusional. We’re not finished slogging through the dreck in this country. Not by a long shot.

  20. Lila says:

    Trump is our Sh-thole-in-Chief.

  21. Leo says:

    So, I hope I don’t get yelled at, but…
    Trump’s a racist arse, always has been.
    But speaking as someone who comes from a European country with a highly developed turist industry, are you even aware how many Americans share his point of view even when it comes to Europe, much less other parts of the world?
    Trump’s horrendous, but he is a product of a system that’s not really on the fringes of the US society.

  22. Shannon says:

    OMFG. I’ve given up thinking he’s hit rock bottom; he literally HAS NO rock bottom. He makes me want to scream and cry pretty much daily.

  23. Ela says:

    I am from Africa. I am happy with my life here and recent developments in my country have made me cautiously optimistic about the future. We are all not clamoring to get out.

    • Allie B says:

      But is there a McDonalds on every corner? If not, your country must be a s-hole! A 70 year old obese infant needs his quarter pounders.

      • Ela says:

        Lol. No, but there is a Nandos on every corner.
        Far tastier.

        More than outraged, I think it’s laughable how ignorant Trump and his ilk are.
        We really aren’t waiting to descend upon America in great hordes. We love our countries and want to make them a success.

      • Kitten says:

        Exactly, Ela.
        It’s just the sheer arrogance and presumption behind his statement that enrages me. I mean, that and the obvious racism and classism of condemning entire populations because they may (or may not) come from an impoverished region.

        He is just so f*cking disgusting. Such an embarrassing time to be American.

      • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

        Who needs McDonalds anyway? Look at what it did to Drumpf. It’s like that clown infused every single gram of McD Drumpf eats.
        Those pics of freshly bought McD fries and burgers next to pics of the same fries and burgers three years after, did it for me, not that I have ever been a fast food fan. Flies don’t touch that. But they feed on human/animal waste.

      • Lady D says:

        In the documentary Super Size Me, they put an ice-cream cone from Mickey D’s on a fence post in the middle of a blazing hot Texas day. Three hours later, the cone had not melted. That pretty much ended all soft ice cream for me.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “I think it’s laughable how ignorant Trump and his ilk are.”

        YES. I *almost* feel bad for him because he doesn’t know what he is missing by having these archaic views! If he wasn’t so dangerous and harmful to other people, it would be easy to pity him. But the fact that this ignorance is coupled with incredible power, it makes for a terrifying situation. He does so much damage because of the powerful position the American people have put him in.


      Cheers from another proud citizen of the sh*thole continent of Africa, Ela!😂 I live in a gorgeous country with one of the most progressive constitutions in the world (we legalised gay marriage before most Western countries 💅). It’s not perfect, but I’m quite happy where I am.

      America would be dead last on my list if I ever considered emigrating.

      • Ela says:

        Lola, I am guessing you are South African like me. Honestly I am not that outraged, just amused and bemused at the sheer ignorance. We have our problems but this notion of every part of Africa being poverty stricken, disease ridden and sheer misery needs to stop. I can see ppl posting pics of Africa and Haiti with a #notashithole tag. This really needs to go viral


        Yeah I’m South African, hey sis!🙌 I’m not the least bit offended either. I cackled because what even? All that generational wealth & he turned out this dumb, ignorant & uncultured? Mess.

        That hashtag sounds awesome. I’ll be sure to check it out. There’s also #theafricathemedianevershowsyou, created by a Somali-American a few years back.

    • Alexandria says:

      @Pumpkin, precisely why we need McDonald’s. They need to continue feeding him copious amounts of cholesterol, carbs and nonsense so that he can have a miserable old age.

  24. Nope says:

    What the actual f*ck. My husband is in Africa right now on a PARTNERSHIP building mission. This is absurd. I can’t even with this…is there nobody around him to tell him to shut his face?! One would think(I know) that having a huge military mission focused on building a working partnership would prevent such dangerous, provocative and straight up false statements. If not nothing else for the safety of those over there. *Facepalm*

  25. Indiana Joanna says:

    This is who drump is. The Republicans were defending him with double speak trying to explain his crude, vicious languague by way of patriotism or some othet idiotic excuse. That is who they are. Revolting.

  26. U.S and them says:

    More locker room talk?

  27. pupsie says:

    This morning I turned on the radio in the car, to a station my husband had programmed for the music solely, and the freaking host on there said: “I wish he would chose his words more wisely. I really like him and his politics, but this was just not okay.” Of course, I deleted the station immediately. I cannot understand how you can like a racist, s***hole pig and his “politics”, but then get offended by what he says now. Have you never listened to him before??? This is what you voted for, this is who you like, so don’t start to be picky all of a sudden. All that who like him are racist bigots!!
    I am so angry, I want to scream!

    • Ankhel says:

      Dear Pupsie. The people who support and voted for Donald Trump ARE flaming racists and bigots. They saw and heard exactly what we saw, only they loved it. Thing is, some of them thinks it is a little awkward, a little gauche, if these views are voiced too openly in public. Why was coding invented, they’d like to know. We still love you Don, but can you be a little more discrete? So that we won’t have to reconsider or defend our nasty opinions. Thanks!

  28. Eric says:

    Time to censure the “president.”

    Of course he’s denying it this morning.

    Cmon, Mr Mueller, drop a massive bomb today

  29. Ally says:

    Vicente Fox’s tweet is exactly on point:

    Btw, when Norwegians first started immigrating to the US in large numbers, they were resented because perceived to not be integrating fast enough, apparently. At the time, Donald wouldn’t have liked them either.

    Finally, the US and Europe have been punishing Haiti for centuries for throwing off the yoke of slavery; it’s about Western responsibility not Haitian inferiority. A brief history here:

  30. Rosey says:

    What happened to tact and diplomacy Mr President. I don’t think you have any.

  31. Tiffany27 says:

    I hate him so much I could start crying.

  32. MaryJo says:

    Nothing this byproduct of humanity says surprises me anymore… but why would norwegians want to immigrate to the USA?

    • Indiana Joanna says:

      Not to be rude in response, but NONE of drump’s statements have ever had any basis in fact. He is a huge, slimy flatterer which he believes is charming and Norway’s prime minister visited that day so he was flattering her. Norwegians would not want to immigrate to the US.

      He also used Norway because most of its population is white and drump and his family are well documented, multi-generational racists.

  33. Veronica says:

    Why didn’t Democrats leave the meeting after hearing that? *eyebrow raise* You mean, other than the fact that thousands of American’s citizen status is hinging on these negotiations coming out with workable legislation?

    We’ve known he’s been a racist all along, so a part of me is just glad he’s being more blunt about it at this point instead of couching it in terms like “urban.” Finally, just rip the mask off and show the ugly.

  34. Jc says:

    And the ridiculous part of this is that after the Muslim ban, Norwegians could not get into the U.S. either. Sondre Lerche’s band (he is Norwegian but lives in Brooklyn) was coming from Norway to tour and were blocked from entering two days before the tour. Sondre had to hire new musicians and still keep his tour on schedule with two days to practice.

    • Ankhel says:

      A friend of mine is a RN, and a Norwegian citizen. She married an American doctor more than a year ago. They’ve only been able to see each other briefly during holidays. I believe he paid $4000 for tickets this Christmas. She wants to become a US citizen, and sent an application when they married. The initial paper work took seven months. She has now been waiting for an interview for another six months. No date yet. Nothing further will happen until that interview, which will apparently have to be conducted in Sweden, on as little as 24 hours notice. Very practical when you work full time!

      Needless to say, you probably aren’t going to get a lot of those Norwegian immigrants, mr. Trump.

  35. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    He’s denying it now.

  36. Goldengirllover34 says:

    I’m a first generation American of Haitian descent and I’m not even phased by this. Maybe because I’m not surprised? It’s the same crap i heard growing up in NYC in the 80s. I used to fight people over stuff like that but now realize people are idiots and threatened. They see how much harder we work and that they have tried to break us and can’t. You can make it hard for us to advance financially but you can’t break our strength and spirit. And that means they always lose.

    I know the sacrifices my family made to be here and how hard we continue to work for a country that doesn’t deserve any of us. He’s a shithead.

    FYI, check out the cover of the NY Daily News. i have been laughing since last night.

  37. Christina S. says:

    My husband is Moroccan, which is in Northern Africa. We are going into year 3 of legally getting him a visa here. I see comments like this and it enrages me. What’s worse is that he says hateful things like this and it just fuels the racists pieces of sh*t in our country to think it’s okay to be racist and to hate people for not being white. My husband is a Muslim and is copper brown, not white. I walked into this journey with my eyes closed it seemed. I assumed Morocco was decent and since my husband wasn’t labeled a criminal or terrorist, it wouldn’t be hard for him to get a visa. I am white so I personally have never experienced true racism towards my skin tone (my gender is another story though), but since I’ve gotten with my husband I hear racist comments all the time. I had a habit of attacking internet trolls and almost always they would come back with attacking my husband. It’s like that’s all the fuel they have so that’s what they do. This whole journey has made me see how hateful people really are and the saddest part of all is my husband and his family are kinder than any American I’ve ever met. They could teach us all a lesson in compassion and humility. Trump seems to think America is some prestigious school like Harvard which ironically he wouldn’t be able to get into himself (even though he’s sooo smart). If countries raised their standards of who “qualified for a visa” he’d only get in based off money alone. I find that despicable that money is so heavily relied upon and considered for anything. I’m an average joe worker in America, I make enough to support 2 people, but it’s not enough to “buy” a visa. My husband doesn’t make a lot of money considering Morocco is poor and the hourly rate is like $4 an hour. It’s heartwrenching and Trump can go suck a monkey’s balls. He posed with the old king of Morocco a decade ago, the current kings father, and then says this sh*t.

    On a side note, when this is over and my husband is here finally, I plan to write a book about our experience including the racism and the politics. I think it’ll be good for people to take a look into immigration from a native born American and realize it’s not as simple and fast as many might think. It’s anything but simple unless you’re white or rich. That’s our world. A rich white man’s world.

    • Snowflake says:

      Oh, honey, i know what you mean. I had no idea how much racism there is until i started dating my mixed husband. I used to think i got things because i was smart, pretty, charming. Now i realize my being white was probably it. Seeing how much he goes through can be heart breaking.

  38. robyn says:

    Silence from the GOP is deafening. Trump has opened a Pandora’s Box of hatred, racism and authoritarianism and there are people who love him for it and use him as a tool. I once thought that when he was gone the world could shake off his rotten ideas but now I’m not so sure. Now we know that democracy, even in America, is vulnerable and a strong man, smarter than Trump, could very well gain power again one day. It’s frightening and people can no longer afford to be quiet and sit on the couch. Get up … go out … speak out … march … resist, resist, resist!!!!

    • Aren says:

      It is scary, how fast things escalated and how many people in power are just letting it all get worse and worse.

      • Lady D says:

        I am utterly dumbfounded at how bad it has gotten in the States, and the speed with which it’s esteemed world wide reputation was tanked. It’s gobsmacking. A year ago, I would have laughed at the idea of the States being in this position, it would have been just too unfathomable to imagine.

    • Alexandria says:

      Robyn, you’re right. America touts herself as the ideal of democracy but if Dotard could be and remains President, this shows a smarter person can certainly outsmart the systems and checks in place in future, and can very well turn America into a dictatorship. Took a while but you’re dangerously heading towards a tipping point if nothing is done (by those who can do something). I am very sorry and I can feel the hearts breaking…I hope there is a way out soon my American Celebitches…

  39. B n A fn says:

    Dick Durbin was just on tv a few minutes ago, he said he was in the meeting yesterday when the dotard was being a 🐷 and disparaging people from Haiti and Africa. He said the dotard used the shithole several times and more disrespectful comments. This morning the dotard said those were not his words, DD said he’s lying he did used racially divisive comments, enough said. We on this board has been saying for over a year that he’s racist, now he confirmed it for us.

    • Kitten says:

      It was confirmed when he went after the Central Park Five and well before that in 1973 when a racial discrimination lawsuit was brought by the U.S. Justice Department against Trump’s company

      • Christin says:

        So much truth in the quote, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

        For those willing to see, he has show himself many times, for many years, on this subject (including the whole birther issue, which was thinly veiled racism). And his enablers are showing who they are as well.

  40. LittlefishMom says:

    Please in the name of all that is holy impeach this guy.

  41. Tess says:

    Excuse me, his spokesperson that defended these words is a 1 st generation brown man from an immigrant family hailing from Mumbai. Where in the world does this administration find these self loathing Uncle Toms???

  42. rahrahroey says:

    My country of birth (El Salvador) made the news!! Oh wait…:/ I’ll just be here in the corner being an unstable genius while Cheeto McC*NT Face just keeps reinforcing who he really is. Because was it EVER a secret?

  43. B n A fn says:

    What I find so sad is, lots of people from those countries he called shithole voted for him. I have seen some people of color giving him a pass during election time. As Miya Angelo used to say, when someone shows who they are believe him. The dotard has shown us from back in the day that he was a racist pig and some people looked away. Now he’s rubbing s..t in their faces.

  44. Cinderella says:

    As he continues to mentally decline, he’s going to say (and do) much worse. Can’t wait to hear the results of his medical exam. His mind will be his downfall. I don’t think his mental health will carry him to 2020.

  45. jwoolman says:

    Dick Durbin has confirmed and condemned Trump’s sh-tty remarks, also that Trump repeatedly made such vulgar and racist remarks during the meeting so it wasn’t just a one-off “mistake”. Durbin is the Democrat who was there. He is also the Democratic Whip in the Senate.

    So it’s good that he stayed. He was the only witness willing to point out that Trump’s denial was a lie.

  46. Canadiangirl says:

    Canadian here…. love you all my American friends… stay strong and hopefully this crazy train will pass soon. 😔💜

  47. adastraperaspera says:

    Trump lives in the 19th century of racist, white colonialist men. Nothing can change or redeem him. I am glad his words were reported. He shouldn’t be allowed to sit in our halls of government, being paid with our tax dollars, and behave in this unacceptable manner. We have to move forward now and focus on ourselves, and continue to work together as citizens of a welcoming, pluralistic, multi-racial republic. We outnumber the Trumps of the world. Our only goal now should be to expunge his ilk from our social fabric.

  48. Lilith says:

    My father is an immigrant from Uganda. He came to the US, got his Ph.D from UC Berkeley, and has spent 25 years of his life as a professor… educating the young people of this country. He is a great man and I strive to live by his example.

    This illigitimate pile of trash, Trump, is obviously a racist (and it was clear as day before he was elected). He is a threat to democracy as we know it. The GOP Is the party of racists and is fully complicit in this national disgrace.

    I have been trying I stay strong, trying to maintain my resolve to not be consumed by hatred for this vile man. But today… I feel broken.. just broken. Fu*k trump.

  49. Christina S. says:

    I put on fb that “Trump was the real shithole” and I was told I need to get off the liberal rainbow because I want to help poor people and also that him paying taxes to help the poor is slavery on him. It makes me cringe people like this exist and even more so that I grew up with them.

    • B n A fn says:

      The good news is he and his followers are in the minority. His people are very loud and annoying, but they are not the majority. Yesterday a new poll came out and he was still at 36%, his # are not increasing, , it’s constant in the low to middle 30%, but not going up. Most people did not vote for him. Hillary received about 3,000,000 votes more than the dotard. He and his followers are just pretending they are popular.

  50. Twinkle says:

    Check out Senator Sheldon Whitehouse remark on republican efforts to undermine Russia investigation by “chasing rabbits”. He is refreshingly straight forward and on point.
    He quotes Heather A. Conley ,the senior vice president for Europe, Eurasia, and the Arctic at CSIS with:”Corruption is the lubricant, the lubricant for Moscow’s election interference. So, she said, the battle of western democracies to defeat corruption must be seen, as what she called, a matter of national security.”

    The GOP is compromised by Russia, In my opinion. Putin has dirt on them, pays them, or both.
    Counter measurements mentioned by Whitehouse:

    Restrict phony shell companies options to hide whom they belong to.
    Crack down on “Dark money” (Koch brothers mentioned in this context)

  51. Vovicia says:

    Again – what difference does this make? I mean has Trump ever even been to these countries? Likely not. And this is what his supporters- who have probably never left their state much less the country, think as well. They love this stuff. Sorry- I’m just so weary of all the Trump stories. Because nothing matters. Those people that like him are still there and will be for a long time.

  52. me says:

    How is he still president? I don’t get it. What does he have to do? Well Trump has officially made America a “sh*t hole country”.

  53. Witchiepoo says:

    I was shocked when I heard Sh*thole on NBC yesterday. Then elated, the powers that be are just tired of speakng coyly about the Orange Emperor of Feces and stating straight up what he said. This is a huge departure. Insecure white men have always abused those with less power. My fifth grade teacher (California, late 60’s) would grab me so hard he left bruises on my arms. No one cared, no one intervened. He made me sit facing the wall all year so I wouldn’t contaminate the other kids. Then when I scored the highest in the class on a history exam he whipped me and excused me of being a cheater. Never once did he stop and think that I had been looking at a poster of the presidents hanging on the wall for nine months. What was the cause of his hatred? Racism-I am Native American/Spanish Jew-something that clearly did not equate to being worthy in his eyes. Fifty years later it still burns.. but I did much more with my life than he did with his and I never and I mean never made anyone face the wall because of the color of their skin.

    • Christin says:

      You took a terrible, inexcusable experience and didn’t let it hinder you. I think there are psychos (not just racists) in many career fields. They feel superior by trying to destroy others.

      I wish you had been able to confront that teacher once you were an adult and publicly shame him. My father was mocked by a then-student (new) teacher just a couple of years before my Dad graduated (second in his class). The teacher tried to make my Dad look stupid to his peers.

      By the year Dad graduated, the teacher ended up assigned to another school and was assisting with coaching a football game one night. In front of the crowd, my Dad (with his best friend standing by) approached the guy and asked if he’d like to embarrass and humiliate him the way he’d done in the classroom, now that Dad was 18 and no longer a student. The guy would not say a word back to him as he was called out in front of other coaches and parents. Hopefully he learned a lesson and didn’t continue that behavior.

  54. Ira says:

    I enjoy Trump’s presidency just because he makes USA more irrelevant to the rest of the world. I hope he will win the second term.

  55. Andrea says:

    Has he even been to these nations???

  56. M4lificent says:

    Does Trump realize that today’s “sh*thole” could be tomorrow’s utopia? Take for example — Norway.

    My grandmother emigrated from Norway to the US as a little girl in 1894. We have a whole bunch of letters from my great-grandmother to her brothers in America begging them to help her come to America because, at that point in history, my family in Norway was struggling with endemic rural poverty and a tuberculosis epidemic. The upshot of all of her letters was “help us get out of here”.

    Please note that I’m not insulting the beautiful and currently prosperous country of Norway, I’m just noting that the reasons people emigrate have not changed. People leave places with poverty, oppression, or war because everyone wants a safer and more prosperous life for their children. A hundred years ago, my family was “the huddled masses” on the shore. And I’m pretty sure 45′s family was too.

    • CBK says:

      @M4lificenrt Norwegian here, not offended in anyway – and you make an excellent point. Norway’s wealth is fairly new and was quite poor just a little over 100 years ago. We owe a lot of our fortunes to oil and gass, as well as hard working people who value and strive for an egalitarian society. People in better off countries owe it to the less fortunate to give them a chance. People rarely leave their countries and homes unless it can be helped.

      • Lori says:

        Another Norwegian here. Not offended. I considered moving to the US under Obama. Ended up not going, but I havent ruled it out. After Trump, I might.

        A hundred years ago we were very poor, and we havent forgotten that.

        I know Trumps comments were racist, because he cant be idolizing us for strict gun laws, high taxes, gunless cops, free healthcare? Nope, mostly white skin.

  57. m0lle says:

    “Um…nah, we’re good here….” – all of Norway

  58. Anastasia says:

    He apparently also said that Nigerians come here and don’t leave because they “don’t want to go back to their huts.”

    I’m 100% positive he talks like this ALL the time, but this time Dick Durbin decided to leak it and then confirm what he said openly. Good.

    • Ennie says:

      There are hardly any Africans (nor many foreign black people) where I live, but I recently met a colleage’s husband who is from Nigeria. He seems such an educated gentleman, and it is obvious how much they love each other and how proud they are of their cute baby boy. So happy for my friend.

  59. Lori says:

    Trump denies saying “take them out” on twitter. He doesnt deny calling them shitholes, so clearly he said it.

    I say keep showing us who you are Donald! Go for it! Because you cant surprise us.

  60. 42istheanswer says:

    Part of me feels flippant about this because, well, anyone with a brain and the will to see and understand did not need this to know that Trump is a racist.
    Another part of me is bloody fuming for, no matter how much of a “known quantity” his racism is, it is still utterly revolting.

    But there is a ray of sunshine : April “Wonder Woman” Ryan dared ask “Mr. President, are you a racist ?”. Twice. Because she is awesome.

  61. PiMo says:

    Meanwhile in Canada, former Governor General Michaelle Jean, a Haitian refugee:

    Obama was the opposite of Bush Jr. May your next president be even more kick ass than Obama.

  62. P.Yew says:

    According to Jake Tapper, his words were conflated by the typical loon suspects. He did call some African countries shitholes, as they are, but he didn’t refer to Haiti and El Salvador as such.

  63. Eveil says:

    Now some of those same pos Republicans in the same room as Trump are trying to deny it. I’m not even surprised at this point. Racist white people doing the old song and dance again.

  64. monette says:

    My country is a mess right now. The party that won the elections is on the verge of removing the 2nd govement on a row. Their own fucking government. The 2nd!! Can you believe that?
    They decided who the PM should be. After 6m they took him down.
    They appointed another one. Now they want him gone too. And all of this because they are not perfect puppets doing only what Daddy says ( the president of the winning party who can’t be himself PM because he has a criminal record).
    But when I look at what is happening to the US I’m actually relieved and I go: at least they are not insane like Trump.