Alaska Airlines bans Republican state senator for refusing to wear mask

My brother and sister-in-law live in Alaska. I don’t know much about the state’s politics, but I’ve learned a little, mainly because it’s very different from my brother and SIL’s views. I gather that the state is mostly conservative, but they’re more interested in not being told what to do than toeing the party line. State senator Lora Reinbold is no exception. She got her state senatorial seat due to redistricting. She’s a Republican who, while in the House, got kicked off the majority caucus for voting with the Democrats against the operating budget. The reason she voted against the budget, however, was because it didn’t gut the University of Alaska system enough for her taste. In short, she’s a real peach. Now she’s gotten herself kicked off the largest air travel supplier in the state, Alaska Air, because she refuses to wear a mask. In November, Lora was called out by a fellow passenger for not putting her mask on following her meal. Alaska Air adheres to the federally mandated mask laws that all passengers over two years old must wear a mask at all times except when eating or drinking. Alaska Air told her she had to comply and she called them “mask bullies.” This past weekend, sheonce again challenged the poor staff at Alaska Air and they’d finally had enough. So they banned her, effectively immediately.

A Republican senator is no longer permitted to fly with Alaska Airlines after refusing to follow their mask policy.

Over the weekend, a spokesperson for the airline confirmed this decision to the Anchorage Daily News, noting Alaska state senator Lora Reinbold’s repeated instances of not following the company’s travel rules.

“We have notified Senator Lora Reinbold that she is not permitted to fly with us for her continued refusal to comply with employee instruction regarding the current mask policy,” the spokesperson said Saturday. “This suspension is effective immediately, pending further review. Federal law requires all guests to wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times during travel, including throughout the flight, during boarding and deplaning, and while traveling through an airport.”

[From Yahoo]

Ironically Lora was on her way to vote against the HB76 bill to extend COVID-19 Disaster emergency. Of course, she suspects a conspiracy, which she posted to Facebook. She also tried to convince us that she was the pillar of decorum and Alaska Air should have kept this matter between them until it had been properly reviewed. And somehow the Constitution got violated, or something:

Ak Air: Until there is a fair determination, after thorough review of both sides, I believe this should be confidential. I learned about Ak Air decision before I knew there was even an inquiry and before I had a chance to talk to or discuss this with anyone at Alaska Air. I never recieved a warning via a yellow card per their policy either. There was no due process before a temporary decision that is “under review” was made public. Alaska Airlines sent information, including my name, to the media without my knowledge nor permission. I do believe constitutional rights are at risk under corporate covid policies.

Regarding Alaska Airlines I sent this to the media inquiry.

I was reasonable with all Alaska Airlines employees. I have been flying on Alaska Air for decades amd am an MVP gold. I inquired about mask exemption with uptight employees at the counter.

The timing of complaint and a specific employee is of keen interest. The most divisive disaster bill hb76 is up Monday. I have been assured this be looked into.

I was respectful of Alaska Airlines policies. We had a pleasant safe flight with happy flight attendants and great talented pilots. I hope to be on an Alaska Airlines flight in the near future.

[From Sen Reinbold Facebook]

Except there’s video of Lora not being respectful and filming the poor agents trying to do their jobs. The police got involved, there’s security footage – she’s welcome to open an investigation. It won’t go well for her. Since there is a good chance Lora refused the vaccine, enforcing the mask code is even more important.

In response, Lora drove 14 hours and hopped on a boat to Juneau so she could make her critical vote for HB76. Now she’s trying to turn herself into a crusader for the ferry system. The problem is, she’s been banned from most of the Capitol because she refuses to follow COVID-19 procedures as well. Unfortunately, she’s much more dangerous than just being unruly in airports. She abused her position as chairwoman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in attempts to dismantle Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s pandemic rules. She’s actively encouraged people to lie about COVID test results to evade travel restrictions. She’s a menace and should be removed from office. Alaska Air was doing a public service by posting her name. She keeps getting banned and removed from any effective way to perform her duties due to her colossal ignorance and ego. Eagle River’s only hope is that whatever loophole got her into office will soon squeeze her out.


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34 Responses to “Alaska Airlines bans Republican state senator for refusing to wear mask”

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    No, Lora, you didn’t have a safe flight because you yourself made it unsafe, and no, the Constitution doesn’t give you the right to fly on an airplane.

  2. Darla says:

    Have you ever seen any one who looks like more of a Karen than this clown?

  3. Lauren says:

    I’m not going to berate her for filming the staff, if she believes that her rights were being violated and she wanted to film it as proof that is fine by me. Now that being said good for Alaskan Air to have banned her ass from their flights! She can continue to drive every time she has to get out of the state since she doesn’t want to comply with mask-wearing policies and wants to be a total jackass about it. This should be done more often, these people are a liability and a health hazard for everyone.

    • Darla says:

      Yes, it should have been done to Ted Cruz.

    • Spanky says:

      I visited beautiful Alaska a few years ago. Learned something interesting about Juneau—the only way you can get there is via plane or ferry. You can’t drive in. The town is on the water and is backed by mountains, and from what a guide told me, there are no roads leading in and out. So if you need to travel in and out of Juneau quickly, you definitely need to fly. Which makes her behavior even more questionable.

      • The Recluse says:

        I lived for a little while in Cordova, which is the same way, and they refuse to let the state build a highway in.

  4. josephine says:

    Another dangerous, poison-filled Republican gleeful to kill people by telling them to be senseless, careless, selfish and downright devious and spread the virus. Sadly, while she’s trying to make a name for herself with this behavior, she’s just another garbage human among so many of her party. Looks like a matronly 50-year old circa the 1980′s with the filth of a modern Republican – what a world.

  5. manda says:

    I just don’t understand these people. These are the people that are all about the free market etc etc etc. This is a BUSINESS making a BUSINESS decision, you’d think they’d respect that at least bc you know, BUSINESS is the most important thing

    Alaska Air is such an awesome company. I love that they didn’t cave to this awful person.

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      They only say they are about the free market when they want to do things without any strings, they don’t actually believe it when it comes to other people doing things they don’t like.

    • sassafras says:

      You’re so right! Except businesses can’t infringe on people’s Constitutional rights! Unless businesses are discriminating based on race, gender, national origin or sexuality. Then it’s TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE.

      Basically, White Republicans* are selfish, bigoted jackasses.

      *Caveat that I’m only including White Republicans because I don’t have enough data on POC Republicans because… well, for obvious reasons.

  6. Sarah says:

    Ahhhhh. Another satisfying episode of F*ck Around And Find Out. You love to see it.

  7. Exactly says:

    Speaking from personal experience (having lived there most of my life), there are unfortunately A LOT of people living there who think/feel/act like her. I’m glad they’re outing her though. It isn’t going to change the minds of so many others like her but will definitely scare them into behaving.

  8. OriginalLala says:

    I don’t get these morons – for people who want lockdowns to end they sure refuse to do the very basics that would help us get there faster….

  9. JRenee says:

    Redistricting should be reviewed and corrected unilaterally across the states by a non partisan committee, period!
    If the only way you can win is by cheating, it speaks volumes about YOU!
    With that said, her and those entitled folks who risk the health and safety of others are disgusting!

    • BothSidesNow says:

      It really is. I read an article over the weekend about how disappointed healthcare workers are about the complete lack of disregard with people not wearing masks. They are broken emotionally and the total disregard for so many to NOT take the threat of death from the coronavirus is frustrating and they are causing an exodus to the HC field. Now we will have less HC workers and we will end up paying with higher insurance, burned out staff and possible horrific outcomes from medical procedures due to this exodus. But they don’t care!! They are out there in the streets screaming about their loss of freedom, translation is they don’t believe that the coronavirus is deadly and anything to politicize the mask mandate, they present as a win.
      Idiots, all of them. May they sink to the bottom of a hole somewhere never to be seen or heard from again.

      • Exactly says:

        @BOTHSIDESNOW the way I see it, most individuals who feel so strongly in the most ignorant way about something so serious have died of it. Sad but true. I am certain a relative of mine will likely die of this virus and there is nothing I can do about it/him. He is not even the person he used to be. That person is long gone. I think we’re going to see some could-have-been-preventable deaths in the next year or two.

  10. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    But she’s MVP Gold.

  11. Kate says:

    I love how repubs play vague constitutional buzzword bingo whenever they face consequences of their actions. It’s always some garbled mess of *due process* *freedom of speech* *my constitutional rights* – as if they have any idea what those rights actually are

    • sassafras says:

      I love pointing out to them that the Supreme Court also gave CORPORATIONS First Amendment rights in Citizens United. Their brains cannot handle it.

  12. Kristen says:

    lololol, “There was no due process.” 1. *eyeroll*; and 2. She wasn’t concerned about following the airline’s policies when they repeatedly asked her to wear a mask, so seems weird that she’s super concerned about policies now.

  13. Watson says:

    I love Alaska when i visited and I’m glad that companies are taking a stand against this type of behaviour no matter how important or well known you are.

  14. Ariel says:

    This makes me love Alaska Airlines even more than I already did. I love my hometown airline! They’re the best thing about Seatac.

  15. The Recluse says:

    Alaska used to be populated by genuinely rugged pioneer types, native Alaskans and free spirits, but then all these people from conservative, bible thumper land moved in when they built the pipeline – and they stayed. Sarah Palin’s father for instance.
    They warped Alaska and have been a blight on that state ever since.

  16. MissMo says:

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes…🙄

  17. languidsegmentsgreen says:

    ugh, this absolute karen!!! 😖

    like, b*, please – you wear masks to protect others, too, and wearing them is not exactly a hardship. i’m a school worker who was forced to become mask/sanitiser police on top of my other duties, and it’s not fun! the poor flight attendants were just trying to do their jobs AS WELL AS diplomatically trying to get the more problematic passengers to do the absolute minimum for the sake of their fellow passengers. no one likes anti-mask karens who make their jobs even harder and show no concern for others!

    edit: i’m in the pnw and think alaska air is great. no one has the *right* to use a private company, so i hope she enjoys her long drives and ferry rides. perhaps she’ll have time to look within herself and contemplate her choices…?