What is this suspicious story about Princess Charlene & Vladimir Doronin?

Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco present gifts to the disadvantaged at the Monegasque Red Cross office
Prince Albert’s disclosures about Princess Charlene were timed specifically. We already knew, days beforehand, that Charlene would not attend Monaco’s National Day, which was last Friday (November 19th). We had already been told that she was exhausted and still recovering from her medical ordeal. So Albert waited until last Friday to drop two exclusive interviews, one in a French-language publication and one in English to People Magazine, all about how Charlene was seeking treatment outside of Monaco and that she had been clearly unwell since her return from South Africa. Ever since the early fall, the Prince’s Palace has controlled the flow of information about Charlene, so this is Albert’s narrative entirely. Now, is it the truth? Does Charlene have addiction issues and/or mental health issues? I believe it, because that would explain a lot about her behavior this year. What I don’t believe is this very odd story about how Charlene is being supported by Naomi Campbell’s shady Russian ex.

Princess Charlene of Monaco has been linked to Naomi Campbell’s billionaire ex in the latest twist to the saga gripping the city-state. The ailing mum, 43, whose marriage to ruler Prince Albert, 63, has been famously turbulent, has been drawing support from Vladimir Doronin, a source said.

She was admitted to a treatment facility last week for undisclosed medical issues and weight loss — just 11 days after spending six months in her native South Africa. Officially, she flew there to recover from an ear, nose and throat infection but her departure is rumoured to have coincided with a rift with her husband amid allegations of his infidelity. And while he insists her problems are not linked to their relationship, the princess has been getting support from Doronin, 59, who was at their wedding in 2011 with then girlfriend, Naomi.

The source said: “The whole saga is very complex and confusing, but Charlene and Vlad have been in contact and spent time together. It looks as though she has certainly found some help from him recently amid her marriage problems. They’ve known each other a while and Vlad was at the wedding when with Naomi.”

[From The Sun]

My take: this is just a British tabloid being shady and making up a story out of thin air. Vladimir Doronin obviously travels in these circles and he would clearly know Albert and Charlene, but I can’t see a secretive Russian oligarch (or oligarch-adjacent) being this messy… with Charlene? Or is this coming from Albert, trying to smear Charlene as a cheater?

The Daily Mail had a story about how Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie (Albert’s sisters) have been supporting him and helping him look after Jacques and Gabriella. Reportedly, Albert adores his sisters and all of his nieces and nephews, so it makes sense that the extended family is rallying around the kids.

The princely family on the balcony during Monaco's national day

Monaco royals attend the taking of arms, awarding of insignia and military parade in the Palace courtyard during the Monaco National Day Celebrations

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  1. Scorpion says:

    This tale is getting more bizarre by the minute.
    At this point, I would advise every woman to steer clear of these Princes, nothing but trouble….

    • Katie says:

      My daughter is 5. Kindergarten has helped switch her interests from castles and princesses to animals and nature. She showed some renewed interests in princesses the other day and I’m just like, look royalty is bad for society and bad for the people in it. Of course she had no idea what I was going on about but it felt good to say!

  2. Tulipworthy says:

    Why don’t they just divorce and be done with it.

    • fluffybunny says:

      Her automatically gets custody of the kids because they are the heirs. They belong to the crown.

      • Miranda says:

        “Belong to the crown”. What a troubling (but probably all too accurate) assessment.

        Monarchies, ALL of them, need to just die already. It’s the 21st century, FFS.

  3. lanne says:

    That dude is messy though. He cheated on Naomi with a woman she had been mentoring on her reality show “the Face.” Naomi had the woman dropped from her modeling agency in response. I think he’s a serial modelizer who preys on young women. He’d probably jump to be linked to Charlene, and maybe even sees himself as a Dodi Fayed—a rich man who could give her some protection while pissing off the royals at the same time. With a different conclusion obviously

  4. Amy Bee says:

    Yeah, I agree this is probably the British press trying to insert themselves into the story. There’s no mistaking that the marriage is not great and that Charlene is having issues of some sort. I said this yesterday, I think they had an agreement to stay together for ten years and then Albert reneged on the agreement sending Charlene into a tailspin. It would be very easy for Albert to start smearing Charlene but he hasn’t which is why I believe he went back on his word and now he has to deal with the fall out.

  5. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Princes are a threat to womankind.

    And Vladislav Doronin is as messy as it gets, though discrete. In a way, as much as I dislike this woman, I hope she is swept off and away by Vlad, who has enough rubles to protect her from monarchs. Oligarchs > Monarchs?

    • BothSidesNow says:

      That’sNotOkay, why do you dislike her? Any particular reason? I am just being nosey and curious, as you are entitled to your feelings.

      • ThatsNotOkay says:

        For relegating the mixed race child to the servants’ quarters. Once she’s all better, she can go suck an egg.

  6. cassandra says:

    I’m really surprised people aren’t being more skeptical about all of Albert’s statements. I’m gonna give Charlene the benefit of the doubt until they give an exact reason for all of this.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ cassandra, I am too!! Unless it comes from Charlene and NOT Albert with his little Albert running his life, I don’t believe anything unless it comes from her. Though, I do believe that she is overtaxed physically. Exhausted and in need of care as her health issues have been very taxing on her, it’s emotionally very taxing on the body to have so many surgeries.

    • Chelle says:

      I’m thinking that it’s a simple case of her being tired of him.

      Scenario I: Him saying “leave but you can’t take the kids.”

      Her saying “okay, you can’t control me like that.”

      Scenario II: Him saying “leave but you can’t take the kids. They belong to me. This life is rough (especially given that I am a serial cheater). It broke my mother too. So, I do have some compassion but I won’t stop. That side chick you caught me with won’t be the last. BUT . . . do you, boo. Do you. Take the time you need to accommodate yourself to those facts because that will be life if you choose to stay. Oh, you should also know that I/we are going to say that you are at fault and maybe a bit unhinged.”

      Her: “You are a fuc*ing fat ass arrogant prick. I hate you. I’m not leaving my kids behind.”

      Him: “They aren’t leaving Monaco for the reasons I’ve stated. Plus, I’m kind of shady and if they leave that presents a whole other set of security issues. Look. Take some time away. Do the things you like to do. Even pick up a lover but be discreet. Come back in a few months. I’m trying to be liberal and lenient with the conditions.”

      Her: “F you. I hate I married you. You are toxic as fuc.”

      Him: “Facts. Don’t upset the children when you leave. You don’t need to see me before then. Just let Henri (the SOB who takes care of all of my dirty work) know when you are leaving and where you want to go. He’ll handle the arrangements. I’ve gotta go. Be well. After all, you are the mother of my legitimate children.”

    • HeyJude says:

      Yep, I don’t believe a damn thing he or anyone but Charlene says about this. He basically kidnapped her pre-wedding once already. We know it’s within his scope of capabilities.

      I’m 100% assuming that’s the case again with her mysteriously, abruptly gone to some “treatment facility” until she says otherwise herself.

      This is just all red flags. Red flags. Red flags.

  7. Woke says:

    The story get weirder and weirder and the tabloïds are taking advantage of Albert talking too much. His latest interviews weren’t necessary.

  8. notasugarhere says:

    It is a tabloid that doesn’t even know facts trying to make a new juicy story. She didn’t fly there to recover from her op, that was never the party line. She flew there to work with her Foundation, too soon after initial surgery. If you’re going to make up stories, tabloids, at least do a speck of reading first.

  9. Sofia says:

    This definitely is becoming a weird story. So I’m going to repeat once again that Albert really shouldn’t have given that people mag interview because it’s just increased scrutiny on Charlene and it’ll result in stories like this coming out (whether they’re true or not).

    But for all I know, that was Albert’s intention all along.

    • Kalana says:

      What if instead of Charlene staying away, she was kept away from her kids as a punishment for having an affair or even getting that haircut and publicly showing her reaction that way?

      Charlene does not seem like she has much agency and we know Albert has controlled her movement before.

    • Demi says:

      I don’t believe any of this
      Charlene has been looking really unwell lately just look at her recent photos the woman is clearly sick.. I think Albert could divorce Charlene and it won’t affect him at all the man only got married once he reached his 50s so he can have legitimate heirs now the mission is accomplished he can leave the marriage and the rich at Monaco won’t say a word because they need the Grimaldi for their independence..

  10. Pinkosaurus says:

    I don’t believe anything her husband says, but she very clearly is critically unhealthy so I just hope she is in a reputable and legitimate health care facility so she can recover. She will need to be strong to deal with whatever is going on here and I wish her the best.

  11. Seraphina says:

    They really are trying to portray Albert in the best of light: how he adores his extended family. The family man BS. This blatant propaganda coupled with the disturbing signs held by their children just signal (to me) that there is some serious shiggidy going on.

  12. smee says:

    She would need $ for drugs & alcohol, so it seems like they could cut her cash supply off so she has no access. Fully stocked house, utilities and transport, just no cash. Maybe she flipped out when she returned and discovered her stash removed and her ability to get more gone?

    IDK, but I sure wouldn’t want my lying, cheating “husband” in charge of the narrative surrounding my issues.

  13. Natters says:

    Funny how women worldwide are brainwashed into wanting to be a princess or having a “princess complex” when actually the history of being a princess is quite depressing. They were usually property to be traded to make stronger alliances with neighboring kingdoms or enemies. In the medieval times princesses and aristocratic women with land or fortunes could be raped then forced to marry their rapist (they made sure they brought a priest to witness and perform the marriage) so they could steal her property and fortune from her. They would often be held prisoners in their castle. It’s the exception that these princesses were happy and had control of their destinies. Seems like that is still going on. When my husband and I started dating he once called me his Princess and I put a stop to that immediately. I said call me your goddess. In the end I feel Charlene was in love with Albert but all his lies and deceit have made her a modern day princess trapped in an ivory tower.

    • Ann says:

      I saw a tee shirt with a picture of a witch that said “don’t be a princess, be a witch” and I thought “that’s perfect.” I was raised on the princess narrative but I was never that into it, really? Now I know for sure that it’s better to be a witch. Witches are cool.

  14. Laura says:

    The story is far fetched and probably untrue but Vlad is very messy. He has two daughters with a young 27 year old Russian model named Kristina Romanova. But I can totally see him attaching himself to Princess Charlene for financial and politcal advancement.

  15. Ana says:

    I am here for Gabriella’s side eye. It’s giving me life.

  16. Lizzie Bathory says:

    This is a tabloid trying to create another angle to a story that’s not that complicated. Several things can be true. Albert can be someone who is difficult to be married to but who is also being truthful about his wife’s struggles (likely because they were going to be reported anyway). Charlene can be miserable in her marriage & in need of help for issues that have been rumored for *years.* His family, who have never been fond of Charlene, can be rallying around Albert & the kids like any other functional or dysfunctional family might do in similar circumstances.

    The tabloids throwing out Doronin’s & Naomi’s names is an interesting diversion & makes me wonder about the motive, since I think it has nothing to do with Charlene (who I hope is convalescing somewhere peaceful). But a much more interesting story than a sick Princess is the life & activities of Naomi Campbell, particularly in the run up to the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Lots of laundered rubles, trafficking in & around the modeling industry, blood diamonds, etc.

  17. Emma says:

    Albert is besties with Putin soooo.

  18. myjobistoprincess says:

    Sounds like some press want to smear her because they dont like her. The russian dude is probably in their close circle and was possibly even there during their intervention. weird that all of this comes out now, after Albert issued a statement enumerating the wrong assumptions about Charlene.

  19. margie says:

    she is just a participant in her life, it seems she has no control over anything. It is so sad.

  20. Abby says:

    I wonder if it’s a pain pill addiction after whatever infection or illness she went through. It can suppress appetite.

    The interviews he gave were so unnecessary and insinuated so much while absolving himself. Grotesque.

  21. Normades says:

    The woman in the SA pictures definitely didn’t look physically healthy enough to have a sexual affair but maybe this dude is a friend and emotional support to her. Very odd to be pulling his name out of a hat.

  22. Holly says:

    Well…there was at least one blind item suggesting she’d met someone.

    • Detnow359 says:

      I read some items about her having a bf in SA, too. Lord knows her husband has never been faithful..

  23. Marigold says:

    Billionaires are the new royalty.

  24. RoyalBlue says:

    what if…. hear me out…. what if…. this were a leak from Charlene. In retaliation to Albert’s gaslighting and insistence that he is getting support from his sisters during this time… Charlene releases, that she is getting support from a billionaire. Not sure if this isn’t some tit for tat being played out in the media.

  25. Happy woman says:

    What is the matte with all of you above? Are you jelous?
    To be married to this Prince Albert must have been hell all from the beginning! He just wanted a “look alike” Grace Kelly wife who could produce kids (remember Charles and Diana?) so that his nephew A Casiraghi didnt take the Crown… How awful not to mention his 2 kids or maybe 3 or maybe many more, to Charlene from the beginning. Sorry it was not possible for Charlene to stop the marriage in 2011. Maybe you all not like The russian gentleman but if he can help Charlene out of her royal prison, he is 1000 Times more a real Man than Albert of Monaco!

  26. Deeanna says:

    I thought Albert was kind of throwing her under the bus, especially with his comment about “she was home for a few hours and things seemed to be okay, and then it became evident that things were not okay” or words to that effect. Did he really need to share so much information?