Lady Gaga was a diva at the Met Gala, might be feuding with Bono

Lady Gaga Arrives In Japan

I’ve been waiting for any behind-the-scenes news about any kind of drama going down at Monday’s Costume Institute Met Gala, but I wasn’t expecting this – apparently, Lady Gaga was the night’s big diva. Gaga didn’t walk the red carpet, so we don’t have access to any photos of her costume – but you can see photos of her at HuffPo. It looks like a fancier version of the catsuit Jennifer Lopez wore for New Year’s. Anyway, Gaga didn’t walk the red carpet, and when she arrived, she ran to her dressing room and wouldn’t come out until Oprah “coaxed” her out. What gives, Gah?

Lady Gaga’s penchant for bizarre behavior continued at Monday’s Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Gaga was the slated performer at Vogue editor Anna Wintour’s annual fete, co-hosted this year by Oprah Winfrey and Gap creative director Patrick Robinson, though she refused to walk the red carpet and remained locked inside her dressing room for most of the evening.

“She literally wouldn’t come out,” says a spy. “Friends tried, [Warner Music exec] Lyor Cohen tried, no dice. Eventually, Vito Schnabel came over and got [artist] Terence Koh on the phone to talk to her, which helped. Koh and Oprah were the ones who finally coaxed her out.”

Once on stage, Gaga told the 700 assembled guests — including Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Diane von Furstenberg, Barry Diller and Mayor Bloomberg — how she got the gig.

“I’ll never forget when Anna Wintour called me to play at this event, she called me and said, ‘I would like you to play at the Met gala, but I just want to make sure, because I’ve seen you perform before, that you won’t be swearing during the performance,’ ” Gaga explained. “So Anna, I will do my [bleep]-ing best!”

Most of the crowd seemed to enjoy the performance, except Bono — who left half-way through.

Later, at an after-party at the Mark Hotel, Pharrell Williams, Sean Combs, Usher and Justin Timberlake ended up having an impromptu jam session with DJ Cassidy.

“Pharrell first jumped in and started singing ‘Beautiful,’ and then Puffy jumped up and started rapping to ‘All About the Benjamins.’ He even grabbed Anna Wintour into the deejay booth. Finally, Usher and Justin joined in.”

Jude Law, Sienna Miller and January Jones were among those at the Mark, but it was Katy Perry who attracted the most attention. “She was out of control,” says a spy. “She was wearing a dress that had LED lights, and the switch was near her boobs. She was literally having people grope her to turn the dress on.”

[From Page Six]

Ooohhh… I wonder if Bono and Gaga are mortal enemies? They seem unlikely foes, but you can never tell with the two of them. That’s also interesting about Katy Perry. She wasn’t my choice for biggest disaster, but I’ll take it. My picks were Kate Hudson and Jessica Biel, just for the possible catfight they would have had over Justin Timberlake.

Lady Gaga Arrives In Japan

2010 Atlantic Council Awards Dinner

Lady Gaga arrives at Japan

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  1. EMV says:

    ick…she looks like a blonde Marilyn Manson

  2. Kaboom says:

    Any semi sentient life-form would be at odds with that Irish blowhard.

  3. GatsbyGal says:

    Battle of the sunglasses.

  4. Lenore says:

    So he walks out of her performance and the assumption is that they MUST be feuding? Maybe he just really needed the bathroom, jeez!

    Then again, it’s Bono. Maybe he had to go answer some prayers or something.

  5. Tash says:

    God, I hate her lipstick there and I’m not surprised she’s started with diva antics. I can see Bono hating Gaga to be honest. Or maybe he just had the runs!

    By the way, the Japanese on her arm says, “Little Monster.” Well, RI-TO-RU MO-N-SU-TA.

  6. texasmom says:

    EMV — I totally agree! Every time I see her lately she is doing a Manson snarl!

  7. anon says:

    Ugly. Tries WAY too hard to seem different.. yawn. I must be the only one not drinking the Gaga Kool Aid. She’s a dork and I loved the old videos of her before she was groomed to be a pop star. I don’t care if people say ;but her voice is so good! She plays piano!’ She still sucks. Christina Aguilera’s voice is good too- way better actually. And I don’t like that kind of music but will admit that girl has talent. Ga ga vaulted to superstar so fast it’s…weird. I don;t get it. Am i missing something?

  8. Naye in VA says:

    I hate how theyre all “people begged her to come out”

    who gives a damn if she wants to come to a great ceremony and jsut hide. Leasve her ass! She’s grown! gee Oprha nothin better to do thatn baby a grown womand. CELEBRITIES!!

  9. Leticia says:

    Lenore & Kaboom, I agree completely!

  10. Pont Neuf says:

    Lady Gaga seems to be a rather peculiar character behind the bizarre outfits and overdone mish-mashes of ideas. Whenever you see her, it’s difficult not to get the impression that she doesn’t quite believe that people would be interested in her, and doesn’t really know how to deal with the fame she’s encountered. I don’t want to be mean, but she would win my vote for the celebrity Most Likely to End Up Like Norma Desmond. She seems to be just too vulnerable and eager for attention to remain sane for much longer, in my opinion.

    As for that petulant wanker Bono, I have to agree with ‘Kaboom’: he probably got jealous because he wasn’t the centre of attention, and decided to go away to devise new ways to lecture us on charity and virtue, while sending his own millions to a tax haven. Hypocritical, dishonest and opportunistic son of a b*tch.

  11. freckles says:

    Tash, thanks for sharing.. I was just wondering what her tattoo said lol :)

    Meh this is boring. I have a hard time believing she and Bono are fighting, although if they were it would be the ultimate snooze fest to me… don’t care for either of them really. Especially not Bono.

  12. Leticia says:

    Pont Neuf, quite right. and I recently read that he owns a stake in Forbes magazine. what a rebel he is!

  13. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Wow Gaga looks so much like Gwen Stefani!

  14. yuk says:

    Sh1t that thing looks dirty!

  15. Bee says:

    What in the world is she doing in these pictures?! She looks like the bride of frankenstein, only uglier and freakier.

  16. Fire says:

    *yawn* I seriously doubt there is a feud just because he got up mid-performance. Maybe he did have to potty ? Also, why is staying in her dressing room diva behavior? Maybe she was having an off-day and wasn’t up for socializing but wanted to honor her commitment to perform ? I dunno….could be another explanation besides being a diva.

    Even though I love her music and appreciate her style, I do think she tries a bit too hard to be different. WTF is up with the snarl and claw pose? “wow, she’s eccentric!”

    Oh, and am I the only one who’s noticed – look at her arm – MUST be track marks! ;o)

  17. Jewbitch says:

    I wish she would get her teeth whitened.

  18. mmf says:

    Freak in the making.
    Why can’t these performers just make it on their musical ability?
    Why the clown costumes and circus atmosphere?
    So boring.

  19. lrm says:

    I must be the second person not drinking the gaga cool aid,cuz i just don’t get it. At all.

    Everytime I hear her song on the radio,i think ‘when is this fad going to be over’?
    So tired of her.
    It’s like a high school clique or something-her fan base. It just feels cheesy and trendy.

  20. hmm says:

    anon, you’re not the only one. And staying in your dressing room when an audience is waiting for you to perform is ridiculous.

  21. gen says:

    Bono left early & that means they’re feuding? What a stretch. This is so not news.

  22. Kelly says:

    Without the crazy outfits and costumes, people would not be talking about her. Lets be real here, the girl is ugly – so all the kooky outfits are meant to distract people from looking at her face. I feel like freaks and weirdos are the only ones who identify with her. Gaga gives ugly people hope that they too can become famous one day.

  23. Juice in LA says:

    Lady Gaga in feud with Bono? maybe. Bono aware of Lady CaCa’s existence? hardly.

  24. hatsumomo says:

    Actually you know what Kelly? Me and my man were just discussing that last night. Can a female singer who isn’t pretty be taken seriously and successful? My man started it because we watched Beyonce’s new video and thought it was stupid and said the only reason Beyonce made it was because she had such a beautiful face, whereas Kelly Rowland was a better singer, just not as pretty. And so we go into it, is a singer like Gaga, who lacks in the conventional looks department, successful because of her talent or her new face and figure? Or like Amy, whose looks are ‘aristocratic’, but managed to snag five Grammys? Can a singer be good only if shes super good looking? And I asked my man to name any ugly singer and according to him are
    Whitney, now
    Amy, no shit
    Janis Joplin,well duh
    Tina Turner, I disagreed
    Gaga, shes pretty with her new face!
    Cher, disagreed
    And by the way, I love Gaga and I dont think Im so bad looking if I say so myself!

  25. Leek says:

    Maybe she’s just tired of being famous.

  26. john. says:

    it doesn’t say she stayed in her room and kept everyone waiting.

    i’m unsure of how true this story actually is, because there are pictures of Gaga with Anna Wintour and various other guests.

    she probably skipped the red carpet to concentrate on the performance and avoid the circus, but got stage fright (according to quite a few sources) and just stressed herself out. clearly it took oprah (who she’s met before) to snap her out of it and pull herself together.

    clearly it worked, because she DID perform and everyone seemed to love it. no harm done.

  27. Ally says:

    I thought the cover said:

    “Lady Gaga might be feuding with Bruno”

    Now that would have made sense.

  28. ME says:

    She’s probably stressed because her life is insane and she holds herself to insane standards. I feel bad for her.

  29. No matter what anyone says, this woman had a dream and it actually came true. If all of your concerns with her physical and/or mental state become her own, she could start dreaming and wishing for those things to be better and they actually would. Slay one dream,you slay two; never slay a dreamer.

    Alma The Seer

  30. Whatever says:

    I think it is well known through insiders that GaGa bought her way into the music industry. All this crazy outfits is the result of her record producers imagination.

  31. Sigh says:

    Lady CaCa is a glorified lounge singer who likes doing Ketamine (look it up). Real talent doesn’t need a gimmick, and that’s all she is – a gimmick.

  32. madam ex says:

    why are her wigs always really wierd at the top of her forehead? She looks awful, I despise this pig, she needs to go away, but these stupid GAGA LOVERS wont let it happen.

  33. jover says:

    Agree with posters anon, 18 and 22, many many ppl haven’t bought Gaga’s kool aid. It’s well known all the many sources – Bowie,Dale Bozzio, Elton John, Grace Jones, Madonna, etc. – she’s borrowed from and wasn’t it Rob Fusari a lyricist that gave her the stage name. If you google her two albums only 2 songs list her exclusively as the writer and they are not the most popular ones. If you just listen to the music it simply isn’t that impressive and everyone knows the lyrics to many of her songs are junk. It would be interesting to see Gaga do a performance in just jeans and a white blouse, because if the music has quality, it should stand on its own – but I think we know the anwer to that question. I know she’s on a world tour but does anyone know the size of the venues and the actual numbers of ppl seeing her. She certainly isn’t playing stadium-type venues to my knowledge.

  34. maggieb says:

    i am gaga for gaga. love her <3

  35. Crash2GO2 says:

    Jeeze, she doesn’t even know how to put on lipstick! Missed the corners there GooGoo GaGa.

  36. LilLucy says:

    I’m also passing on the Gaga Kool-aid but I pass on almost all radio fed pop music. To me it is ALL contrived, manufactured, over-marketed and formulaic. Gaga is just the epitome of all that is wrong in the music industry these days. Not to say she shouldn’t be a musical artist if she actually can sing and if she can even write her own songs but I doubt the later. I know she is credited with writing her songs but so is Britney Spears, Madonna and a whole s-load of other performers who are not song writers (nor singers, they are strictly performers). All you need to do is contribute a tiny amount of writing work or be present while someone else is writing and you get some credit. They take some credit and turn it into all the credit. Talent is negotiable and easily created in the studio. Lip-synching is the norm at pop music *concerts*. When it is isn’t, you get results like Whitney Houston’s latest vocals, although I will admit that back in her pre-drugs days she could sing very well. There are a few out there that can actually sing and write but the love for Gaga confuses and saddens me. I prefer to listen to independent musical artists of many different genres instead of those that are pumped out of the hit factory and are easily forgotten/interchangeable. You’ll see. “Gaga who?” is what you will be hearing one day.

    Also, since I am on a roll here, Gaga needs to ease up on the diva act. No, it doesn’t make you look eccentrically cool to hole yourself up in your dressing room, playing the part of the temperamental, tortured artiste. We all know that is an act and you are actually in there adjusting your tuck, doing blow, smoking meth, crawling out of your K-Hole or peaking on E. Australia’s concert where she was laying on the stage floor was a good example of what too much Ketamine will do to a performer. Maybe most of the public can be fooled with your cover-up lies about your drug use but you are not fooling me and many others I know. Jet lag and high heat indeed! Why wasn’t anyone else on stage, including the dancers who are extremely physical for hours on end suffer from the heat and jet lag? It seemed to be just Gaga. Get it together foolio!

  37. tree says:

    milli vanilli was better than gaga poser quality wise. LMAO.
    it’s old and it’s going to be replaced by something else…

  38. Ednonymous says:

    Further proof that you don’t have to be a sentient life form to be a “singer”.

  39. gg says:

    Lillucy, you sound like you have a personal axe to grind here. You know her personally? If not, don’t spread such things unproven.

  40. Aussie Mama says:

    An Illuminated Dress. Code for who this puppet is working for, run by and owned by.

  41. Kitten says:

    Kelly-not everybody gives an eff about being famous. You sound pretty bitter because GaGa has notoriety. Don’t be so transparent, honey…

  42. Chad says:

    Hatsumomo WTF are youtalking about gaga did not have face surgery to get a new face. I swear everybody her just reads everything on the newstands and 99% of those magazines are bull(shit) and or false facts to make a quick buck. And lilucy. Gaga does write her own songs. She writes songs for Britney and the pussy cat dolls and other various artists. She also sings live and does not lip sync. Funny that you bash her when you know absolutly nothing about her and you are just posting bull(shit)

  43. David says:

    It’s possible Bono just suddenly had to take a major dump and it couldn’t wait.

    Seriously, get famous and the littlest thing gets infinitely dissected. Remind me never to become famous.

  44. Scout says:

    Morem like Lady GagGag! Yuck!

  45. Nadine says:

    I’ve never gotten the gaga thing, I do not understand the attraction or draw. It drives me nuts