Britney Spears wants her daddy to find her a new boyfriend

Is There Trouble Between Britney Spears and Jason?

It’s like we’re going back to 2007, when every day there was some new Britney Spears hell. Yesterday, it was the report from The National Enquirer that Jamie Spears still won’t allow Britney to be alone with her sons. Today’s story comes from In Touch Weekly, and it’s partially along the same lines as that article from The Sun a few weeks ago, about Britney’s dad ordering mandatory breakups (with Jason Trawick) and bras. Only in this In Touch Weekly story, it’s Britney who wants to breakup with Jason, and she also wants her daddy to fix her up with someone new before she does the dumping. She even has a list of dudes she’d like to date. Hold your breath, because this list is hilarious:

Britney Spears’ romance with her agent, Jason Trawick, seems to be nearing the end — so she’s asking her father, Jamie, to help her find a new guy! Since Jamie is Britney’s legal conservator, he keeps a watchful eye on anyone with whom the star, 28, is romantically involved.

According to a friend, she has given him a “wish list” of famous men she’d be interested in dating — and Britney’s got high standards. The friend claims that Brit has her eye on, among others, Ryan Phillippe, Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Doug Reinhardt and Avatar star Sam Worthington.

“Britney wants a new boyfriend lined up before she dumps Jason,” the friend explains. “She doesn’t want to be alone, so she has her dad looking for her.”

[From In Touch Weekly]

The Situation? Sure. Ryan Phillippe? I think the guy’s a douche, but I know he wouldn’t get anywhere near Brit. Sam Worthington? How random. And Doug Reinhardt? That’s my pick, honestly. Paris Hilton will be so pissed!

Anyhoodle, is there any merit to this story? Who knows? I’ll buy that Brit doesn’t want to be alone, and I’ll buy that she thinks she needs to have a boyfriend at all times. What I don’t buy is the idea that Britney is making her own decisions about her love life, or anything else. I think her daddy told her to “date” Jason because Jason would be a good “minder” for her. And I think the only way Jason and Brit are going to breakup is if Jason wants out of his contract.

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27 Responses to “Britney Spears wants her daddy to find her a new boyfriend”

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  1. Larissa says:

    Brit Brit, he can start finding you a new hairdresser, and a shower, just for a change!

  2. suz says:

    sigh. this poor girl.

  3. LindyLou says:

    This story is so crazy it just might be true.

  4. meme says:

    i feel for britney. she’s a sweet but dumb woman who really is the victim of fame and greedy parents. britbrit go back to whatever bumfuck hillbilly town you came from and try to live a normal life. it’s for the best, dear.

  5. YT says:

    InTouch is out of touch with reality. They can’t even make up a good story that is somewhat believable.

  6. ogechi says:

    A mother of two? This is a strange story.

  7. Roma says:

    Maybe Kate Gosselin and Brit can team up for a reality dating show together? Oh, the trainwreckedness that would be!

    Their list of possible guys are both random, and hilarious. I’m still on Kate + the Hoff = awesomeness.

  8. Melanie says:

    I want to be Britney’s life couch. I could whup her ass into shape.

  9. JulieNewmar says:

    Ok… Brit and “The Situation” brought an uncontrollable case of the LOLz.

  10. Missfit says:

    What she needs to worry about her is kids and she needs to put them first before any damn man and she needs to stop thinking about the D*CK! I used to think it was just some of the poor girls living in the projects doing that, because they needed someone to support them, but I guess I was wrong. And I will say not all girls are like that in the projects, some are very good self respected girls, going to school, with a job, putting their kids first. As for Brit, she has money and can support herself, why worry about a man? She shouldn’t go from relationship to relationship like that, like changing her underwear. Some men can be WHORES too, and they shouldn’t do it either.

  11. Sudini says:

    I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t believe ANYthing InTouch says anymore.
    I rank them way below The Enquirer, even.

    I really just wish Britney would get out of LA. It would be so good for her to get away from that entire scene and rediscover herself.

  12. kim says:

    i vote she does a VH1 show called Speared Heart, and put a cute logo in there, to find a guy.

  13. Deb says:

    I think she needs to have her thyroid checked ASAP!

  14. prissa says:

    Why does she always wear such dark eye makeup? She’s got the raccoon eye look going – not pretty and it makes her look worse that probably what she really is.

    Still rooting for her though!

  15. malina says:

    Oh really, I don’t think we should be worried about those stories, ppl just come up with them because everything connected with Britney sells and she doesn’t do much nowadays.

    But if you decide to believe them, then I’d like to bring up another story, which is my favourite!

    And that is: Jason being Britney sex slave, not literally, but just worn out by her sex demands 😉 Doesn’t it seem more likely to be the reason Jason is with her? And c’mon if you have ever seen chaotic you know it must be true 🙂

  16. Camai says:

    Maybe she should have a life coach, like Jen! My god..

  17. Jeri says:

    She’s got real problems that taking a pill won’t fix. I can’t join the hate on her. It’s not like she’s Lindsay & chooses to screw herself up every night but they both have never had a normal life, thanks to their parents.

  18. GrnMtGirl says:

    She looks like crap

  19. Ayla says:

    Damnit, i wanna drip Britney in a tub of hot water and run a large lice comb thru that jacked up hair.
    Why does she dress like this??? Yeah, sometimes i feel lazy or have a bad day and i don’t give a damn about my hair and clothes but this is ridiculous.

    I always think, if i had the money these celebs had, i wud have the best skin care regime and a select amount of high fashion clothes………so why do some celebs dress and look like hobos all the time?
    Is that the style?

  20. bubbles says:

    I think Brett Michaels would be a good match. didn’t he just have a brain hemorraghe? oops, below the beltline.

  21. GatsbyGal says:

    Ohhhhh how the mighty have fallen.

  22. Mistral says:

    I’m pretty sure this story was made up and “leaked” by “The Situation”. Because those douchebags are trying so hard to be famous and relevant. Who the hell would fcuk one of those fugly losers? They’re short, roidy, ugly, waxed (including eyebrows–BLEH), weirdly proportioned in the body, and uneducated. Go away you fugly, pointless whores and stop trying to “be someone” in the entertainment world. You don’t belong on my television, you belong behind the counter at McDonald’s, scooping my fries.

  23. aury says:

    i knew this article was bullshit for two reasons:

    1. consider the source.

    2. the second they mentioned sam worthington. the man has had a fcking girlfriend for the past five years. it’s not like he’s gonna dump her for that dumbass.

  24. NovaNightly says:

    They’ve got her stuffed full of anti-depressants. There’s no life left in her…she seems like a shell…a sort of brainless, dull shell. No style sense…doesn’t comb her hair. Always looks dirty. I’m convinced she is just plain out of her mind. The fame has driven her nutty.

  25. The Bobster says:

    The last few years haven’t been kind to her.

  26. Wresa says:

    bubbles- *snicker*

    Mistral–I tend to agree with this. Out of all the names that one stuck out like, “Why the eff would she want to eff The Situation?” Are they even in the same realm of being? She might have tumbled from grace, but she’s BRITNEY SPEARS for God’s sake! Her albums went DIAMOND!!

  27. Slymm27 says:

    This woman looks so sick, and what a weird story about her dad. I am starting to think sometin went down btw these two .