Oksana Grigioreva: Mel Gibson & I were together for three years (update)


Since Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson announced their split a few weeks ago, Mel has not made any public statements. Oksana did, though – while in Russia for a charity concert, she gave a press conference and told journalists:“I can tell you that after three years of relationship we have split up – suddenly and recently. Unfortunately, I cannot give you the reason. But you will find out everything quite soon. Here is the official version: We split up by mutual consent and we will raise our daughter together.” I found her statement deliciously cryptic, and awaited the next scandalous, Sugart-ts-filled chapter. I didn’t expect for that chapter to come in the form of a Polish porn producer alleging a three-month long affair, but there you go.

But now Oksana is laying down her side of the story in a new interview with Hello Magazine. We don’t get our copy of Hello until tomorrow, but The Daily Mail had excerpts from Oksana’s interview, in which Oksana claims (probably truthfully) that she and Mel were together for three years, not one, and that Mel never asked her for a paternity test on baby Lucia. Oh, and Oksana says Mel never cheated on her…? Crazy woman.

The mother of Mel Gibson’s baby daughter has spoken for the first time of her heartbreak following her sudden split from the star. Oksana Grigorieva, who is 14 years Gibson’s junior, gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Lucia, last October.

But in claims that will shock Hollywood, the 40-year-old Russian musician claimed she had been in a relationship with the Oscar-winning actor for three years – not the one previously reported.

It means they first got together when Gibson, 54, was still married to his former wife Robyn, with whom he has seven children. Their 29-year marriage officially ended after it was revealed Miss Grigorieva was pregnant.

Calling Gibson ‘the biggest love of my life’, Miss Grigorieva also denied rumours he had cheated on her and demanded a paternity test for their daughter.

She told Hello! magazine: ‘We were very much in love. He was the biggest love of my life and that’s what Mel always told me.’

Miss Grigorieva, who also has a 13-year-old son, Alexander, by former James Bond star Timothy Dalton, said of their breakup: ‘The reasons I cannot talk about but it will come out at some point. The truth always comes out. We’ve been together for three years – not one year as people have been writing.’

And she insisted Lucia was Gibson’s child. ‘She is the spitting image of him,’ she said. ‘She is very beautiful with blue eyes. It’s definitely Mel. Little Mel.’

Gibson and his estranged wife Robyn announced their split in April 2009.

In divorce papers, Gibson listed the couple’s separation date as 26 August 2006 – a month after the actor’s infamous arrest for driving under the influence.

[From The Daily Mail]

So in Oksana’s point of view, throughout their three-year relationship, he never cheated on her? Not even with his wife? Not with a Polish porn producer? Sure. And what do you think about “He was the biggest love of my life and that’s what Mel always told me”? How will Timothy Dalton feel about that? (Grateful.) I do believe Oksana about the lack of paternity test though – I can see Mel’s ego being big enough where he couldn’t even comprehend how the baby wasn’t his. And to their credit, I’m sure Lucia is Mel’s child.

UPDATE: We just got the new Hello so I’m just going to pull some more quotes from Oksana’s exclusive interview. By the way, Hello Mag describes Oksana as “sweet-natured, funny and undemanding”. We’ll see.

On the split with Mel: “It’s obviously helping me with my diet. I’ve lost like 10 pounds, unwillingly. I think I’m still in shock actually. It’s very sad. It happened so suddenly.”

On not bringing Lucia to Russia: “Every minute away from Lucia and Alexander (her 13-year-old son) was heartbreaking. I decided not to take Lucia at the last minute – she’s too young. I will never leave her – I can’t do that again.”

On Mel as a father: “He loves her very much… [he’s] an amazing person, very kind and generous. And tremendous as a dad.”

On being with Mel for three years: “The truth always comes out. We’ve been together for three years – not one year as people have been writing. So over the past three years, there have been a lot of untruths, written by the yellow press mostly.”

On giving birth five weeks early: “You see I had her on 30 October and her due date was 2 December. She came a whole month and two days early – probably because the yellow publications were giving me such a tough time, that the labour began a month early!”

On reports that they would marry: “We never talked about marriage, ever. I was not into marriage, I’ve been married before – although I believe in the institution of marriage, it’s a wonderful thing. But we didn’t talk about it because it wasn’t important at the time.

Did Mel do the dumping? “No, no. I can’t get into this without telling you what it is. I can’t, unfortunately.”

Did Oksana dump Mel? “No. It was amicable actually. I had to leave Malibu – that’s where we were living together.”

Any chance they’ll get back together? “I don’t know.”

How did they get together, three years ago? “When I met him he was a year a half separated from his wife, and for another six months, it wasn’t even an option. We were just working together. I thought he was married… then it was explained to me what had happened and I thought, okay. And he was very much trying to woo me, is that the right word? He wrote me a lot of poetry… it was very beautiful, impressionistic, like an edgy modern iambic pentameter. Mel has a really good grasp of language, he’s fantastic with words.”

edge of darkness 010210

Oksana and Mel in Spain on February 2, 2010 & Oksana in Russia on April 19, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. g says:

    look away jesus

  2. CathyT says:

    Everyone knows they were together for more than one year, but the legitimate news sources couldn’t write that without a source on the record.

    Poor Robyn. This is an insensitive move by Oksana.

  3. YT says:

    Oksana must be looking for a huge payoff to keep her mouth shut, or maybe she likes the attention and will be leaking details of their relationship from now until doomsday. Does Mel and his convenient religion believe in doomsday?

  4. Kelly says:

    What’s that saying? “A mistress who marries her lover leaves an opening in the position”?

    I realize they didn’t marry, but whatev. Holds true regardless.

  5. Whatever says:

    Are we supposed to feel bad for her “heartbreak”? Please.

  6. lucy2 says:

    I think all this “the truth will come out stuff” is to make him pay up. Gross.

  7. JulieNewmar says:

    With any luck, Mel will stop spreading his seed.

  8. Lee says:

    You’d think with all his money he could spring for a tooth whitening kit. Jeez.

  9. Leek says:

    @Lee – I was thinking the same thing! His teeth look disgusting!

  10. canadianchick says:

    Omg what a legacy for the child “Little Mel” *eyeroll*. Some people should never have kids.

  11. Whatever says:

    I definitely agree she is trying to get cash from him. He probably is hesitating on the amount, so she gives another cryptic comment in an interview, hoping he will pull out the check book.

  12. Joan says:

    Further proof that Robyn deserves every single penny from her divorce settlement. Mel is a pathetic excuse for a human being …

  13. journey says:

    the biggest love of her life? yup, he’s probably twice as hefty as little timmy dalton and all her other slimmer sugar daddies. probably has the biggest wallet too.

  14. Serenity says:

    How many people really believe that they have been together for 3 years? Do you really think this “fame whore” could have been silent for the first 2 years of their relationship? I don’t think so.

  15. Green Is Good says:

    The only thing this conniving mistress-wh@re is missing is Mel’s wallet.

  16. susieqinBA says:

    This is all one big pile of BS. She believes in the institution of marriage? SHE had to leave Malibu? Mel “wooed” HER (is she saying that Mel seduced her, not her seducing him?) when they met? Mel was separated from his wife, but then she says “I thought he was married” (she makes it sound like Mel told her he was not married)? They were very much in love? (why do I barf at that?) She had the baby early because of the “yellow press” was so hard on her? She never mentioned marriage (but conveniently got pregnant)? Mel not requesting a DNA test? With the money he has I find this hard to believe. Mel wrote her poetry? Not leaving Lucia/her son, but left her son several times when she was in Mexico with Mel? Especially the part: “sweet natured, funny (I do find all her words hilarious), undemanding???? (Hello mag must be a bunch of lesbians; I think they were the ones who reported her as “gorgeous”).

    She has the same problem Mel has about facing reality that she does nothing wrong! Boy, she sure is trying to protect her image, but like she says “the truth will come out” and honey your lies are being exposed!!!! Her “career” is damaged no doubt and she can’t deal with her actions. Obviously, she is trying to defend herself because Mel’s career and his marriage is severely damaged BECAUSE OF HER.

    She doesn’t think of herself as a homewrecker, sex toy? Is she truly trying to get sympathy from people here? Oksana is a lot like Mel, the more she opens her mouth the more her foot gets put into it!!!

    I truly believe she is trying to kill Mel, knowing how unstable his mental state is and how confused he is.

  17. Uzi says:

    Delusional Oksana does it again! I have no doubt they were having sex for three years, but if it was “true love,” why did she have to get pregnant to break up his marriage? And why can’t she tell us why they split? Now that the Polish whore’s sold her story to the “Enquirer” Oksana seems to be trying to convince the public that she wasn’t just another side piece, that she and Mel were a real couple. Yes, a mistress trumps a rent-by-the-hour hooker, but a whore is still a whore. And I love how she says the baby’s “early” birth was due to the stress caused by the “yellow press” that said bad things about her. Boo hoo! I agree that Oksana’s playing some sort of a game, maybe trying to squeeze more money out of Mel. Or if the reports about him wanting to reconcile with his wife are true she’s adding more fuel to the fire to insure it doesn’t happen. Sorry “Hello,” “sweetnatured, undemanding” Oksana is anything but that!

  18. susieqinBA says:

    I don’t believe this fling with the porn woman: if it was before Robyn filed for divorce I think I would have but I strongly believe this story with “Violet” is genuinely made up, false, and Oksana is behind it. Mel’s sexuality is gratifide by “secrets” not necessarily in sexual intercourse itself. It’s a power issue, he has a “secret”, money to keep his secret and that empowers him and gives him his sexual virility. His “secrets” are arousing to him because they are “taboo” and he wants to get away with it, he was married, had a wife (which gave him a “covering”, so to speak, over his “sins”), and flings/affairs made him feel empowered because somehow psychologically he was in power over his wife/marriage and the women he had because of money (that is why his ego reached higher than God). So, when Robyn filed for divorce his mistress was no longer a “secret”, also her getting pregnant she no longer sexually aroused him. I feel that sometime after the filing for divorce Mel’s sexual virility went impotent (pregnancy and Robyn stepping out with the divorce “crippled” him). He no longer has “secrets” because there is no longer a wife/marriage in the background, no covering over his sins to hid his sins, and like I said Oksana no longer was sexually arousing to him because she was no longer his “sex toy”, Mel didn’t want a “mother”. So, I strongly feel Mel has been temporarily impotent sexually since after the filing of the divorce because he has “lost” power (so to speak). Mel’s psychological state is in very serious condition because his “life is being passed before his eyes” and he is getting a “visual” of his “sins” and he is afraid of punishment.
    This Violet’s story just doesn’t make any sense and it sounds TOO MUCH Oksana talking and that she is behind it maybe paying this woman to say these things. Oksana didn’t get what she $$wanted$$ before getting dumped and she is out for R-E-T-A-L-I-A-T-I-O-N.

  19. Sugar Tits says:


    If he was 1½ year separated from his wife when they first met, then they met at the end of february 2008, at which time Mel Gibson was seeing Britney Spear..
    And February 2008 to april 2010 thats 2 years not 3.
    Then she says working together.. with what? she is not in his buisiness and he didn’t had bought the Icon Record company yet, so she lies.
    And if for 6 months “it wasn’t even an option” then we are back into the end of august 2008, which is when she met him, on the set of the movie Edge of Darkness, in Boston.
    I do not beleive for one second that he wrote her a lot of poetry, this woman is dellusional.

    I really regret that oksana was not get to pass a polygraph detector test during the interview.. It will have made a lot of noise..

    I really call the bluff on her story of loving Mel and him loving her, it is very obviously an attempt by her to cover up that she tiped the NE on Kowal to make that scandal happen, as a revenge that Mel Gibson dumped her, and to remind him of what she could do if he was to come up with the truth.

    The fact remain that he is not the father of lucia and this looks very much like a smoke screen interview to cover up for it, as well as the kowal story was a fake to cover up the real reason for the split.

    She announced herslef that ” we will all know soon the REAL reason for the split!!” so after 3 weeks already, she had to come up with something.. LOL

    And she also come with a NEW due date for the baby! GIVE ME A BREAK!

    She must have tried real hard to put herself into mathematic,and got some help there too, even she is very bad at it.
    Trying as hard as she could to make it look plausible that the kid could be Mel’s seen from Mel’s side..
    For me to se this is a bad attempt to cover up about the fatherhood of the baby. She talk far too much about it still talking of due date and of baby carring from Mel its all BS!

    Her and her mother are far too insisting that no DNA test was done.
    The truth is more certainly that a test was done and returned negativ, but that she hold Mel Gibson silent wiht threats of unveiling his kowal affairs and maybe some more.
    That will explain why they still showed together even after Mel was aware that he wasn’t the real father.

    oksa should pass a lie detector test and should go back to school and learn som math skills that could help.
    And where is her story that she told on TV to AP that they met accidentaly and it was the love story immediatly?
    It doesn’t hold one inch.
    She is remaking her story each and every time to fit new developments and always trying to make it be in her favor.
    But she is very carefull what she says about Mel Gibson, because he got a bigger knife on her throat: the paternity of lucia who is fake.

    Mel Gibson is not the father of Lucia and thats all there is behimd all those smoke screens she is trying to present, and what all revolves around.

    She insist on:

    The split was sudden.
    Which we know to be faulse.

    That there was no DNA test done.
    Which we know is faulse.

    That Mel Gibson is the father of Lucia, Which nobody ask her about either, nor did any tabloid nor media even mentioned it nor doubt it, which make it very suspiciuous for her to even mention it and so heavily, like scared something might come out, and to do so in all her interviews to the media!

    - That the baby was due in december, which she herself told in november was not, saying that the baby was due 3 weeks later, and her mother told that the baby was due for the 13 of november!
    Hello, here, her telling it was due the 2 december, make it of exactlty 3 weeks later than the original 13 November.. and we know what 3 weeks means in a pregnancy.. she pushed of a whole month the date of when the pregnancy OCCURED!

    This is not baby talk, this is politic!

    Get your stories together, liers!

    Oh and she says that he never cheated on her, to cover up that its her who leaked the KOWAL story to the national Enquier! of course!

    3 years, hello oksa, you were together with David foster back then, and was pictured on the red carpet on the grammy in september 2006 and march 2007!
    So give us a break!
    And David Foster bought her a house in 2008!
    So spare us the lies.

    So we are back to start line:
    She tried to hook up on Mel Gibson in december 2007, in vain, stalking him in his trips to Latin America, but it didnt work out..
    So she tried again in february 2008, when Mel Gibson went to the Romanov restaurant with Britney Spears and her friends, but it didn’t work either, and then she got the help of her russian biggest pimp, Peter somethig who is also from Ukraine as herslef and form Saransk as herself, and gave several interviews to the pravda and to an ukrianian local newspaper abou tit.. okjsa alæegdly contacted him in 2007 and 2008 to help her reshape her life and future after her break up form Timothy dalton.. The man is owner of the biggest rusian dating agency and is clal in russia “Russia’s Pimp”, and oksana was aksed by the pravda recvently about her aquintance with that man, the 19 april 2010, and she didn tdeny knowing hiom and being a dear friend of him as well..
    This man told the Pravda that it si him who introduced her to mel gibson usiong his contacts and heæped her to get into the movie set in Boston.
    So thats how she did it.
    Once there she made a big splash attempt at the end of august begining of september 2008, on a movie set in Boston, walking in Mel Gibson’s trailer and giving him some scarry blow-pump-jobs for free (of for 400 $ ?) to hook him up, to make an album for her, as an excuse to her crazyness, but as Mel Gibson dumped her again in february 2009, she freaking stalked him to Guanacaste, wherefrom she was send away, but managed to take some very compromiting pics of her nad him on the beach, thanks ot Peter Russian pimp help, and then came with her pregy news 8 weeks after seeing Mel Gibson for the last time…
    Sorry dudette, but if you were due in dec 2, then you were not pregy in april 2009, and couldn’t know so!
    She is just trying to come out white like the snow!

    We do know that Mel Gibson wiht more and more certitude, that Mel Gibson is not the father, and cant wait for this charade to have an end!






    Interesting too how she hold the door open as they could get together again.. heheh.. smart, cause now that she is out, she got no say, nobody is interested in her.. But by saying they might get together again, she keep herslef as interesting stuff to the media.
    What a garbage she is!
    And she does so AFTER it came out that Mel Gibson had an affair with a porn star while with her!
    OOOH! MONEY! We get never tired of you, dont we!?
    I have seen sopme of the faboulus poetry Mel Gibson used to write her, they are singed too!
    They are US check, American Express!
    WOAW! what a fantastic mand so good with words!
    “was very beautiful, impressionistic, like an edgy modern iambic pentameter. Mel has a really good grasp of language, he’s fantastic with words.”

    Yeah and a good grasp on big fat american dollars! :P
    oksa LUV US dollar’s poetry!

    The American Express check company thanks oksa for the kind free pulicity she just gave them! :D

    BTW she left lucia too when she went on a trip to Europe.. so wasn’t the first time. What a lier. bring me that lie detector test, we need to nail that chick.

    I do deeply understand why Mel Gibson was SOOOO fed up with her and her shenanigans! Damnet!

    Oh btw, since the split she stopped supporting the kids in Ukraine BAHAHH!
    Her facebook profile is now totaly free of talk about the poor kids and so is her website,. she never gave a darn about them, in case anyone doubted!
    But we understand that, ’cause she is now much more taken by the DNA test now, and having a kid looking like Mel Gibson’s own.. heheh
    I even wonder if we shouldn’t have a motherwood test on that kid to know where its coming from.
    Looks like she doesn’t have much attachement to it, for a mother to be.

  20. Moe says:

    This chick is sickening. I’m guessing she’s going to come out with some kind of tell-all book on Mel or something similar.
    I really cant see anyone caring enough to actually buy it tho, we pretty much know he’s an ass.
    All of these celeb. mistresses make me sick, even sicker when they try to profit from their affair.

  21. call-in says:

    good god sugar tits. got anything else to say?

  22. Lem says:

    the comments here are far more interesting than the story was

  23. Sugar Tits says:

    Did Mel do the dumping? “No, no. I can’t get into this without telling you what it is. I can’t, unfortunately.”

    Oh really?
    she cannot get into it wihtout revelaing what the real reason was? She cnanot say “Mel dumped me” without us knowing immediatly why?
    Thats new!
    Thats because she fear to come into that subject because it is Mel Gibson who dumped her because she is not the father of the child..
    But he certainly warned her that if she came up wiht anything that he will have to back up after, he will certainly come with his say on the story!

    Did Oksana dump Mel? “No. It was amicable actually. I had to leave Malibu – that’s where we were living together.”

    Hello, she jsut said she couldnt tell if Mel dumped her or it will be too revealing.. and now she got no prob telling so??
    Makes no snese to me.
    and all the sudden it was all fine. Thats 2 opposite version and she said bnoth.. menaing what she said above is a lie. It wasnt amicably at all.

    Any chance they’ll get back together? “I don’t know.”

    Yeah sure., she dont know if Robyn will get back with Robyn but hse surely hope not and do al for it to dont happen!

    How did they get together, three years ago?
    “When I met him he was a year a half separated from his wife,”

    They separated officialy after the 28 of august 2006, so a year and an half later, thats after the 28 of febraury 2008, meaning march 2008..
    From march 2008 to march 2010 its 2 years, not 3.

    “…and for another six months, “it” wasn’t even an option.”
    What deos she mean “it” sex?
    She cannot pronounce it? It hurt her sillicone filled lips, or what?
    6 month over 1½ year, thats 2 years after Mel’s official separation form his wife..
    So we are now at the end of august 2008.. after the 28 of august.. thats when first pics of her were taken, meaning she met him first there and was very fast at getting paparazi on the case..
    From end of august 2008 to March 2010, thats 1½ year, and not 3 years! So thats excactly what papers have reported!
    And I dont call “Sex in the trailer” for a relationship..

    “…We were just working together.”

    DANG! working on what exactly???
    Mel Gibson didnt bought Icon record before the 16 of August 2008, so we will like to know what you worked with together with Mel Gibosn.
    You are a zero at movies and not an actress and he dont dig movie music.. so spare us the BS. Thanks!
    ANd BTW at that time in 2007 and 2008, Mel gibson was filming 3 separate movies at the same time, among which Sam and Georghe, who was droped later on, after he was done with edge of darkness.
    But oksa is not even aware of this, which prove that she wasn’t in the vicinity of Mel Gibson and certainly not working with him at that time.

    “I thought he was married… then it was explained to me what had happened and I thought, okay.”

    WOW! “it” was excpalined to her?? by whom? before she said Mel told her so, but now she make it sounds like someone elsessss did so..
    Who told her the detials of Mel Gibson’s private life?
    and she thought “okay” ??? what does she mean by that?
    “okay lets fuck the guy and suck his dick and get lots of money out of it!” or ” Okay lets fuck the man life and make sure he never is able to get back to his wife”??
    or did I missed something here??

    “… And he was very much trying to woo me, is that the right word?”

    oh she dont know woo, but she know the rest right? She understood his poetry too? and I like a lot the “VERY MUCH” not just a little right? a LOT! Meaning what dudette?
    He put his dick on your face? or you opened his zipper suddendly and plunged your head in his pants like a kid after goodies?

    “…He wrote me a lot of poetry… it was very beautiful, impressionistic, like an edgy modern iambic pentameter.”
    OOOPS pardon me here but i lost it, is this coming form the same woman who wasnt sure 1/4 secodn ago if “woo” was the right word???

    ehem.. We love the discrepency and paradoxe that this whooory has made us used to.

    “… Mel has a really good grasp of language, he’s fantastic with words.”

    yeah she must mean “that she dont even grasp nor understand,” hallas!

    This is such a joke!

    Too bad oksa you missed too many math class, now you look really dumb unable to perform a simple addition.

    Did he send you the poem call
    “Just a little Violet, (Kowal).. to remind you that you aint the alone one..”

    Nice movie btw.

  24. Tru says:

    she is crazy, they were working together?? yeah right.

    I know children can be born early but I always give the old side eye to anyone that supposedly had early labor and the baby is normal size..the numbers have to add up.

    he’s too cocky to get a test huh?

  25. poppy says:

    As much as I hate her gold digging ways, I have to admit she looks amazing, she has a very young face, over 40 and could easily pass for someone in their 20′s. Especially compared to the other Hollywood plastic Barbies in their 20′s.

  26. fizXgirl314 says:

    What the hell? why is she doing this… it makes me so curious… oh… BINGO!!!

  27. susieqinBA says:

    poppy: I have to admit she does look younger than her age, I’d say 10 yrs. younger, and that she has the emotional immaturity of a twenty-year old. I never thought she was a “mature” minded 40 yr. old, her actions/conduct have shown she is not a mature “woman” but a very immature “child”!

  28. mojoman says:

    Dang, someone is obsessed with this Oksana chick. Sugartits, take it down a notch will ya?

  29. CathyT says:

    WARNING! What follows is partially sympathetic to Oksana.

    Oksana is on Facebook and Twitter. She reads what people write about her in tabloids and online. She may even be reading this. (Hi Oksana! You’re not a singer, so please stick to playing the piano!) She is fully aware of all the press about her being a home wrecker, her using pregnancy as a trap to force a divorce, Mel’s family not trusting her and demanding a DNA test, Mel dumping her because he refused to marry her, and now the latest story about the adult filmmaker/star/prostitute/whatever.

    Oksana wants to clear her name. Granted, her two recent interviews do sound a bit like she is trying to extort money from Mel, but she doesn’t see herself as a golddigger. She is out to set the record straight. She couldn’t speak out before because Mel’s people instructed her not to comment on tabloid stories and of course Mel didn’t want her to speak about his family situation.

    Now she can speak out. What is her message? That the tabloid stories were false. That she was truly in love with Mel for reasons other than his wealth or willingness to give her a shot in music. In fact, she still sounds emotionally attached to him and doesn’t exclude getting back together again. She denies that he cheated on her. She speaks admirably of his character and his love for their daughter.

    Sometimes the simplest explanations are the most accurate. Maybe Oksana is telling the truth as she sees it. Everyone has assumed that the breakup of Mel and Oksana was because of some major event, like Oksana dumping Mel for cheating or Mel dumping Oksana for because she insisted upon marriage. So what else could have triggered it? Oksana is too coy and it’s anyone’s guess at this point. Maybe she discovered that Mel didn’t view their relationship to be the fairy tale that she did. This might have been a big shock to her, because she never acknowledged the pain and guilt the divorce has caused Mel. Nothing in Oksana’s romantic history indicates a willingness to fight for a relationship through the rough patches, so the shock of Mel’s unhappiness may have been too much for her.

    What’s interesting is her timeline. 3 years of dating plus 6 months of non-dating acquaintance plus 1.5 years of separation is 5 years. Oksana is saying that Mel and Robyn have been separated for 5 years, since Spring 2005. When Mel listed August 2006 as the separation date in the divorce papers, most commenters thought he was exaggerating the period of their estrangement. Maybe not, since Mel and Robyn haven’t been photographed casually together since 2004.

    My main problem with Oksana’s recent interviews is that she fails to realize how hurtful her remarks are to Robyn Gibson and her children, EVEN IF THEY ARE TRUE. Why boast that Mel called you the love of his life? So maybe Mel felt forced into marrying Robyn, but there’s no reason to shout that out to the world. Why broadcast how long that she and Mel were “together”? This is all very humiliating for Robyn.

  30. Eye Opener says:


    But thanks to the WONDERFUL investigating skills of The National Enquirer – we KNEW THAT 3 YEARS AGO!!

    Remember – your exit from his trailer that they caught on camera?!?!? Ok then.

    Don’t take loyal Enquirer readers like myself, for FOOLS – yah homewrecker!!!


    What goes around…COMES AROUND!

  31. Debbie says:

    Uzi ans susieqinBA Brilliant You guys have hit the nail on the head, why someone does not beat the living crap out of her, Hey I’ll do it.

    Married once I thought she has had 3/4 marriages also engaged 4 times.

    Please, this makes me laugh so much talk about contradict yourself and tell bulshit. There is just so much lies here.

    She was dating David Foster and has not been with Mel for 3 years, And it tears her apart being away from her kids.

    She had no problem being away from the going to Spain and France. Does not seem to upset at being In Russia promoting her self absorbed pathetic career.

    Delusional big time Mel has certianlly done the right thing in dumping this piece of shit, And never interested in marring Mel, She told UK magazine I wouldn’t mind one day being Mrs Gibson.

    Crazy ass Russian slapper

    Some one should sort it out once and for all.


  32. Sincerity says:

    It’s quite obvious that Oksana and company are pulling out all of the stops to derail a possible reconciliation between Mel Gibson and his very classy wife Robyn Moore. Girlfriend, knows her “roots have been dug up” and she is going to ruthlessly cling to Mel Gibson for dear life because she has “woefully sabotaged” her own future prospects. This woman seems to lack the ability to begin or end relationships in a mature fashion. Her warped and calculated attempts to further enrich herself at the Gibson’s expense will backfire because she simply does not know when to “move on” and “let bygones be bygones”. You’d think she would think twice about digging ditches for other people to fall in, especially since she obviously has “no real means” to legitimately support herself or her children. Gold digging and home wrecking are not “very healthy” career choices. Oksana needs to “wake up” and work towards acquiring some solid marketable skills instead of living in a fantasy land that’s only occupied by her before someone “snatches her bald headed” and ruins all of that expensive plastic surgery. Her fifteen minutes of fame ended a long time ago and the sooner she realizes this the better.

  33. Sugar Tits says:

    The pictures from the movie events were retouched as they are for sale..
    Those taken in Moscow show that she got signs of aging who usualy only occur on people who are 50 years old and above.

    Like the mark around the eyes and on the outside corner of the eyes, making like a bird foot mark, 3 distinctive marks, very deep, who are so visible, thus her very constant use of special creams and facial operations to straighten the skin….
    Those specific deep wrinkles on the external corner of the eyes and under it, never appear before late in age, add to it that she is doing collagene treatement and has performed several plastic surgery on her face recently, as soon as late 2008 and in 2009 too, with cheeks implants as well, shortening the noze several times, and retouched the line on and around her chin, it is not explainable, if she was only 40 years old.
    Specialy the shorter nose help to give a face a younger look. On that pic, just add a few cm on her noze and she will look immediatly much older.
    Its because only the noze and ears keep growing on the face, making older people having a bigger noze, while young one have a smaller one.. but here she got the nose of a 5 years old girl (which fits her IQ perfectly btw)

    She must also be using a lot of specialy creams they get after facial plastic surgery, and anti-aging creams and serums, and honestly she cant be the age she pretend to be, whith all what she did and collagene she used, and still having those old womenes’ wrinkles on her face.
    A woman that dont take care of her look at all, and never use cream, will only seldomly have that kind of wrinkles at age 40. Therefor I do not buy that she is that “young”.
    She also dress like a late 40 woman, trying to look young. The kind who at 49 still try to appear 20-30, wearing blue jeans and hippy sweat shirts, with batic prints on it, not out of personal taste for it, but simply out of an idea that it will make them appear to be younger and more “cool” than what they really are, but wearing with it high heel tramp shoes, and make a fool of themselves, totaly unaware of how other see them.

    There is other pics from that day taken from the side, where you can see this even more clearly.
    On that pic here, up, she looks really mad and trying to contain it.
    I have a friend who do that thing with their noze when they are angry, and trying to cover it up with a fake smile: the side of the noze get bigger. Like a buffalo! lol
    Good that her nose was cutten off, or she will have look really ugly!
    You can also compare that in the pics taken in Spain, her lips are dobble as big as in the pics taken in Moscow.. She had just refilled them wiht botox, over the sillicone they are already and permanently filed with, for the special occasion.. and the face too with lots of fresh collagene, while in Moscow, she didn’t had time or money, to put as much plastic on her face.
    Poor thing!

    And there her aging was very visible.
    With all the surgery she had done on her face, she shoudl at least look 10 to 12 years younger than what she really is.
    She is 40, do the math. She must in reality be 50-52 years old.
    Some women can still conceive at that age, but most have gone over to Post MS since long.
    I will bet she is in that league.
    Which also will explain why she was in such a satanic hurry to get that album made and out and FAAST!! No time to waist!
    The other very central reason of so much care on her side to appear young, was that without the young look, the pregnancy will have suddendly bee transformned into a mystery, and the baby into an immaculate conception. Simply to can hidde the fact that she cannot conceive.

    Which also take us back to Violet Kowal, and the fact that oksana couldn’t risck to have sex with Mel Gibson, passed the 4rth month, without awakening suspicion on his side.
    She pretexted that they couldn’t have sex because of the risck for the baby to be born too early, which is now confirmed by herself since november, or of provocating an abortion.
    Therefor too she pretended that the baby was born too early, even now! She got many different people to lie to, and so many different needs to meet, Aw! its so hard to be a pro golddigger! LOL!
    So Mel had to wait to have sex, for the baby to be born.. :P
    And he fced with Violet Kowal instead.
    Maybe oksa even knew they were seeing each others, and/or was tiped about it by kowal, and updated all along.
    Better have him fc around with someone that her friend P. Listerman could control, than having Man Gibson trying to found joy elsewhere…

    So Mel Gibson was never 100% sure if she was pregnant or just faking it..
    But we have pictures taken of her in late june last year, and wearing a size 0 blue jean! and some pictures from the 28 of july looking flat as well, then in ealry august (10 days later) looking lake a Montgolfiere balloon, and in early september, having flat out quiet a bit..
    And then giving birth while Mel Gibson was away.. well not so much since he was actualy in Malibu at that time, as it was halloween week, and several movie shooting in NY that week had simply waited for it to be over, and the location of the Beaver was first for the following week.
    Mel was there, in CA, but never attended to the birth. Why?
    The story of cigar anybody was a totlay made up show by RoL, as nobody can smoke in a hospital, specialy on birth area.
    And who will have been invited? his wife and family?? His lawyers? Give me a break!
    A story was made up afterwards, totaly made up by the media themselves, trying desperatly to found an excuse and a plausible explaination for why Mel was away when she gave birth, and only showed up + 12 hours later. An absurd story of airplanes from New york to LA, and that oksana avidly used much later on in an interview..and that nobody ever checked simply by looking at movie locations at that time, thus they are widly available to all, even online..
    “Sanks ze yellow prrress”…

    Mel left town very fast too..
    He was on a plane and in new york alreaty early sunday, and attended a rock concert that same evening in New York, while the kid was born late friday night, and the movie was only shooting from monday morning 9:30 am, That says it all.
    Something was very odd.

    Thats old stuff but a good refresher, when we put the puszzle pieces together. Mel Gibson was already very aware that something was wrong and that he couldn’t be the fahter of that child.
    He only went to see her with his 2 lawyers to take samples of the child and have a DNA test made ASAP.

    Born too early?? As someone already pointed it out above, the pictures of the baby, taken only 1 weeks later, show a very healthy baby, not premature at all, and in fact looking like a 4 weeks old full term baby!

    So whomever gave birth to that child is not oksana, and it wasn’t born the 30 of october!
    I wont say that it was imported from Ukaine, thanks to her mother or her friend Peter Listerman’s contacts, althougth if an 8 year old adopted russian kid, officialy american, can fly back to Moscow ALONE, why couldn’t an accompagnated baby fly the other way around?
    So not to say its the case, but the thought is clealry there, also her sudden involvement with the Tchernbobyl project exactly at that time, and those kids, that she most suddendly and unexpectedly, specialy after her first visit there, so very recently, left forever, and has no contact with that organisation nor project, right after coming home..
    It cannot be the split, since they had already splitted before she went there.. so her attachemnt to it, as well as her leaving it, only show that it was all politic, and not real engagement for an unswelfish cause. (in case we had dounbts).
    But more than that it was maybe wherefrom she had get that baby, or used it as a cover up for her tractations.. Just a thougth.. ;D

    The thought might seems far out and/or shoking to some, but it cannot be more shocking than all the rest of what she already did and enormous lies she said. I dont think that enacting monstruosity are unfamiliar territory to her.
    She had made herself being pregnant she had to deliver something.. Therefor too the sudden birth giving, and her much later on allegation that it was well known by her docs and herself, even EXPECTED, when she had told earlier on, after the birth, that it was “sudden and totaly unexpexcted”.
    Wait, now that I quote her, it sounds exactly as the sentence she used to describe her split with Mel Gibson! Maybe she is going to tell us soon that it was ” expected by her docs and that she knew so”.. Sorry, I mean, expected by Listerman.

    If oksa was a bit more clever, she will come out with a confession about the paternity of the child right away, on her own, to the media, to avoid near future serious legal problems, and losing her and the child american citizenship, and to avoid ending in jail for fraude, and falsification of official documents as well.
    I dont know what offical and legal authority has a see and say on that kind of affair, but someone should look into it.
    But I doubt that she is courageous enough to tell the truth by herself.
    She is not used to it.
    Ukrainians did a very courageous thing with the Orange Revolution, but she wasn’t even there, so.. and only came to “rescue” Tchernobyl victims, 20 years too late..
    Soo.. :/

    Unless some unexpected development occur with an attached miracle file in change of mentality and attitude, we can expect her to say to that:

    “Beut beut, Zis iss all FÔÔOlsse”

    and try to look on her big charabia mixed up paper, supposed to help her recall what she was supposed to answer, and that she can’t found around herself, because its such a mess, and say something stupid, like pretending she dont recall what the offical statement was, just to create a fart noise, and hope someone will recall her stinck after she is gone, and talk of her some more….

    Gone with the wind!

  34. CathyT says:

    It does seem like she’s trying to cling to Mel, doesn’t it? As you say, she isn’t good at ending relationships. What’s interesting is that she refused to answer whether Mel had done the dumping, while somewhat denying that she had dumped Mel. This split must have thrown her off balance because she didn’t have a wealthier man lined up to replace Mel. One of her old boyfriends said she left her British husband to move in with him because he (the boyfriend) had more money. She later left that boyfriend for Timothy Dalton only 1 week after meeting Dalton at a party.

    What exactly did she mean by wanting to be with her chidren? Maybe her son was with Dalton, but did Lucia stay in Sherman Oaks with Grandma while Oksana was in Malibu? That doesn’t make sense. Mel is not allergic to babies.

    About her relationship with David Foster, judging by the photographic record at WireImage, Foster dated Oksana very briefly. He made a number of red carpet appearences in 2006, but there is only one picture of him and Oksana in August 2006. By October 2006 he is photographed with a new girlfriend.

  35. Sugar Tits says:

    @ Cathy T.

    You ARE RIGHT CATHY OKSANA IS ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER AND SHE CONSTANTLY READ WHAT POEPLE POST ABOUT HER AND HAS SEVERAL TIMES QUOTED WAHT I POSTED AND MENTIONED ME IN INTERVIEWS.. WHICH IS VERY FUNNY, and I could immediatly recognise it was about me, as I was the alone one telling the things she was telling were so faulse.. (FOOLSE!)
    She tried to get me banned from twitter and from Facebook too, on fake accusations, who were proven wrong, and I must say that she made a war against me online, from the moment I begin to mention the DNA test.
    I never mentioned it before, but I think its about time that people know whats going on backstage.

    It is because she read so many comments that she keep talking of the DNA test and that even her mother told the pravda, in june already, and several times since, that all accusations made by THE AMERICAN MEDIAS (!) about the DNA test were faulse, it was all lies!
    No DNA test was done!”
    They got mixed up between what is actual articles from a media and what are comments from the population.. and oksa also told the pravda, while she was in Russia, and other russian media in april, that all accusation by american media about the dna test were a lies.. but, oksa, no media at all have ever said that there was a DNA test done, nor questioned Mel Gibson paternity of lucia!
    But she is so dumb that she never noticed..OR.. very concerned that actual media, TV or tabloids or newspapers, will actualy take what I said up, and ask about that DNA test.
    So she was doing damage control before any damages had occured, but did it so heavily, and for so long now, that its starting to backfire on her, making an arse of herself each and everytimes.. In doing so she simply accused herself of having something ot hidde.
    Showing that she was going into panic.
    Why should she, if she has nothing to reproach herself?
    If Mel is the real father why should she care about a DNA test or not, and its result? huh?
    Why is she so worried about it?
    Why does she fear the DNA testing?

    Cathy, I am sorry, but you are too naive. I cant beleive it!

    She cannot talk bad of Mel Gibson, as she is depending on his money, and he got a secret on her that she cant afford to have getting out: That he is not the father of Lucia.

    Dont be so naive please.
    She recently told a story to the pravda, while in Russia, from “a very closed friend” of Mel Gibson (sounds like the NE, doesn’t it?? ;) ) – who speak russian and tlak ot the Pravda?????!! – That the reason of the split was that Robyn and Mel’s DAUGHTER HANNA (!)WERE ALL THE TIME FIGHTING AGAINST HER AND WANTING HER OUT OF THE HOUSE..
    So try to think a bit longer.
    She was never in love of Mel Gibson its all a fake, and no, when the question was about getting back togehter it say “them”, not her and Mel, but Mel Gibson and Robyn.

    Go watch her video “evening with daddy” (sugar daddy) and remember that she wanted it that way and said Mel gibson wrote or cowrote the lyrics.. Its clealry about a whore, getting with the old man cause he got money. And see what fall on his head at the end.
    Its made as a dream at the end, and in psychology, a piano represent sex, a vagina, and a weapon.
    she sing ” I dont want to spend the evening with daddy, but I dont have any money, … a girl got to do what a girl got to do..” :/ Sorry for your desillusion, but thats herself her own story. And she isn’t ashame of it.
    As for oksana being aware of what peole think of her, she is so since september 2008.. Since she started it.

    No, she cannot speak out, and wasnt refrained earlier either, she was HELPED BY PROFESSIONALS TO DONT BE SO DUMB AND DONT LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT.

    (see at Contact Music)

    Mel’s unhappyness, a chock for her??
    But she was making him totaly unhappy all along, and was telling lies to the national enquier since novemebr 2008, to hurt his family wilingly and she is stil doing so now!
    She even told the pravda in april while she was there, under the cover of ” a friend of Mel gibson” in that same article accusing both Robyn anbd Hanna of having provoicated the split, that it was ROBYN AND HANNA WHO PLANTED THE STORIES IN THE NATIONAL ENQUIER (ALL ARTICLES IN THE NATIONAL ENQUIER RELATED TO MEL GIBSON) AND OTHER MEDIA, TELLING LIES ABOUT OKSANA…
    BUT from what we observed most of those articles depicted a favorabloe image of oksana, and a terrible one of Mel Gibson and Robyn!

    Like when she threatened him and declared he was violent and drinking…
    or like when she humiliated him in front of friends of hers and people he didntt knewn in july 2009, telling him he look old and that he needeed “new hairs implants”..right during a party that was celebrating the released of the album that MEL GIBSON HAD FINANCED AND PRODUCED, AND MADE ALL VIDEOS OF, AND WROTE 4 SONGS OF..


    All what she does is hurtfull for Mel and his wife and family, and what an akward time to come with a love story when Mel Gibson is trying to get back with his wife huh?
    Did you look at her? seriously??
    and her story with T. dalton? and david foster, who was married too?
    Dalton was in a relationshipt with a beautiful woman since 14 years, when oksana came and broike them apart by “getting pregy”…
    She know what she is doing.

    cathy get a coffee!
    I honestly cant believe that you could be duped by her shenanigans!

    oksa never said she knew Mel Gibson 3 years plus 6 months !
    she says that they knew each others for 3 years, in all, and that they met for THE FIRST TIME, 1½ YEAR AFTER MEL WAS SEPARATED FROM ROBYN, read my post above, I explained it already!
    Which mean that they first met in march 2008.
    She said they “only” worked together the frist 6 months, (which is a lie as they never worlked together, Mel’s rep had never heard of her in september 2008, and didn’t even knew her full name….. so 1½ year plus 6 months before they had a relationship of the “romantic” sexual kind, thats 1½ year + 6 months)= 2 years after Mel separatred from his wife.
    So we are in late august 2008. (august 2006 + 2 years!)

    She first met Mel Gibson on the boston movie set and thats it.
    Nohting we didn’t knew.
    And the first pics of her appeared the 7th september 2008 on radar online (already ROL was on it…) taken a week earlier..
    That gives a realtionship thjat lasted from Septemenr 2008 til march 2010, 1½ year exactly, not 3 years, but the half of it.

    She cannot count, and you got all mixed up..

    It also mean that she had a baby only a year after meeting him! WOW and was pregnant of him only 6 months after meeting him! Thats darn fast!

    A Teen, maybe, but at 40 years old and dating a married man??
    Its also what she is trying so hardly to cover up for, cause she simply looks like a tramp and a home wrecker, with that record on her.
    She became pregnant of Timothy Dalton less than 2 months after meeting him for the first time!
    While she had lived with men for several years, including the one she was married with, and the one she was engaged to, right before hooking on Dalton, without getting pregnant ever!

    and cathy, Mel Gibson was dating a woman from oct 2005 to jan 2007..
    and it wasn’t oksana, but the daughter of known people in hollywood..
    and in case you need some more coffee, (JK) oksana was dating David Foster in 2006 already.. and pictures of her together wiht him in undoubtfull pictures, as what was the state of their relation together, were taken at official occasions, as red carpet appearances, and are available on the internet, for both 2006 and 2007..

    Mel Gibson and Robyn were not separated, they were living together in their family compound in Malibu.
    Things first went south at the end of november 2008, with the pics of oksana entering and leaving his trailer for the second time that fall..
    What can make you think that she isnt protecting her own butt by saying what she says, and doing osme good old fashion butt licking to dont lose her primary source of income!??
    Dont forget where she lives! its rented!
    she live in a house rented since decemebr 2009!
    She never lived with Mel Gibson, its a fabrication she made.
    the story of the NE, a few weeks back, stating that Mel Gibson bought her a house, talk of a house that is the one she lives into since december last year.
    She was thrown out form the icon production owned house in sherman oaks, to move to that other house, more modest, and still in sherman oaks, but the other big house mentioned and described, by the enquier, is owned by the pediatrist that live in that area and who check on the baby.
    Photo of that pediatrist outside her home and of okssa coming to deliver the baby and taking it back, are available at Bauer Griffin.
    The NE was msitaking and made up a big hoax out of a pic!
    Onb Griffin you can see oksana entering “her” real home. Much more smaller and modest.

    I honnestly dont see what made you thought those things about oksa.
    you didn’t knew she had an account on twitter?
    and on Facebook?
    well she changed it 2½ weeks ago, after she came back form Russia, from being a fan club advertising for herself and her album, by claiming all profit will go to Tchernobyl project, and using the project icon and the tchernbobyl project as being her own project wihtout mentioning any of the real foundators of it, who started it over 15 years ago, she changed all that and removed it all, making it into being her personal account profile, but keeping there all the friends list of poeple who jhad previously joined in to support Tchernobyl, also russian.
    All the sudden she wasn’t involved in it.

    Cathy, I am surprised that you didnt knew that she read comments.
    She also post comments sometimes and have friends to do so as well.
    oh, and for your knowledge Oksana was stil living with Timothy Dalton, in London, in 2005.

    Timohty Dalton first officialy separated from her and sold their home in London in March -June 2007, after he found out that she was dating a man in England and a Swedish business man, and Daviod Foster, whth whom she still was when he droped her and throw her out.
    She was dating several men at the same time and was regualry cheating on Timothy Dzlton.
    trying her luck here and there and seeing what was coming and if a big fish will bite..

    So your rosy picture of her doesn’t fit at all whith the reality of the personage.

    Time to remove the rose color tainted glasses.

    We are dealing whre witha golddiger who have no morakl and no feelign for ohters but herslef (not even for her son or she wont cary him aroiund like a shopping bag and dump him when she dneed to be alone to screw some old guy for mney, and she wont make his life a msiery and a nightmare by doig what she does.
    and a homewrecker who only think of herslef and doesnt care whos life she destroy and whom she hurt, and a VERY SICK PERSON WITH A CHRONICAL LYING SYNDROM.

    She lies all the time and about everything , big and small things, important and totaly irrelevant.
    She make up stuff that she is unable to make fit later on.
    She tells you lies as she talk.
    Like she say she knew Mel 3 years, and she talk, and in fact it was 1½ year.. Which is what everyone else had already said..
    She talk of Mel and the baby, when Mel never attended that baby at all.
    She talk of living together wiht Mel, when they never lived together.
    She create story of Mel’s wife leaking stories to the NE, all of them, to cover up for the fact that it is what SHE did herself.. which is kind of funny because it is so totaly unbelievable that she totlay unveiled her own doings by saying that.

    and she tells lies without even thinking at what consequences could result of it..
    like tellig she stude ballets and piano in 2 diofferent cities, the same year and graduated in both, altho she never in her life had ballet class nor attend a ballet school, She lived wiht a ballet danser old one in England for a few eyars, but thats the closest she was ot ballet, the rest is entirely made up.
    She walso said she stude piano in a conservatoruim all she did was basic music school in saransk.
    And nothing more after it.
    She said she played concert she never played concert in her life until this charity one..
    (2-3 songs for 20 people is not a concert)
    One of the best must be her totaly fanstamagorical story that she had her appendicit removed wihtout anesthesia.
    Yeah of course.
    nobody in medical history ever had their appendicit removed wihtout anestesia, for the simpliest reason that it cannot be done!
    And they do have anesthetic and gaz in russia!
    too much of it even!
    She said she just watched it.
    yeah right!
    and helped them too?
    or read hello mag until they were done?

    The most intertestig part is htat ZERO media even questioned it or any of what she said at any time nor even tried ot verificate it.
    Thats ahow good she is at lying, and how natural it coems ot her, and how bad Meia and journalists an reporters are today at checking htheir stories or using their common sense, and doing some basical search.
    wiht the alone thing in common being that none of them have a timeline, no year given, no school names, no graduaton, no place of concert, no speciaifctation!
    All a bunch of lies,. all coming directly form her lying mind.

    you want to know where form the rachmnaninov story comes form?
    DAVID FOSTER who is a fan of him!
    Any man she dated she took what that man was into, and put in her biography as if being her own area of expertise adding another degree!
    she also got 3 profile on myspace where she was in contacted with david fostger all the time shje was pregnant.. so who was cheating whom here?

    so let me guess now, she is movie director and actor?
    oh she did that she said she was record producer bahaha!
    you can also read in comments in the pravda russian teling all the music she stole from russian compositor and what part, with name and all, and used in her album as being her own!
    She is fake de fake.

    But she reads people c0mments, oh yes she did as after I several times commented on her biographies discrepencies she deleeted some websites and changed others..
    She had a website before where you coudl hear her previous original recording, the demo of it unfiltered by studios. My God!
    She was singing sooo faulse worse than the videos! and playing piano 100% out of key!

    Sorry for telling you so much, but right is right and things have to be put back where they belong when they are being distorded so much.
    I know she is good at lying, but with a bit of common sense, once should be free for falling into her traps of beleiving what she says, and have a good laugh instead.

  36. Sugar Tits says:

    cathy, David Foster was married! he wasn’t going to show off with her later on!

    he bought her a house in in Santa Monica in late 2008.

  37. susieqinBA says:

    I don’t believe Robyn is even considering taking Mel back (her heart has been broken for the last time-there is no trust), it’s too close to finalizing the divorce (she might be thinking “you made your bed, darling, now sleep in it”). Mel is going to have to be cut off, be alone, all by himself with no “covering over his sins” and do some serious conversions in his heart and make a serious life change. Even if Robyn were to take him back he would be right back to his adulterous relationships as soon as “the dust settles”.

  38. Uzi says:

    @Sincerity…Well said!

    @Cathy T…Loved your comments as well, and very interesting about Oksana on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Obviously Oksana doesn’t consider herself a home wrecker (neither does Rielle Hunter!) or gold digger and she doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong. Could it be a cultural difference? Does she not realize that most American women have a negative opinion of women who get involved with married men, regardless of the state of the union or who initiates the relationship? And does she also not realize that most American women have an even more negative opinion of women who get involved with married men and “accidentally” get pregnant? I hope she or some of her friends DO read posts and comments like this. To them I say, “Oksana, STFU and go away! If Mel was truly the love of your life you wouldn’t constantly be hurting him and his family with your insensitive remarks and ridiculous interviews. Your coyness is annoying. If you won’t tell us why the two of you “broke up,” then don’t tell us anything.”

    IMO Oksana is becoming the Glenn Close character in “Fatal Attraction:” “I WILL NOT BE IGNORED!” Now that Mel is no longer lavishing her with constant attention and another woman has gone public with her own Mel liaison (which I do believe, and I’ll bet there are others too!) she’s trying to paint herself as an innocent, well-meaning woman who’s been vilified by the public. Claiming that she went into labor early because of the stress caused by the horrible “yellow press” is just plain sleazy (and hey, Oksana, if you’re reading this, here in America a baby that weighs six pounds is not “early” or premature). Judging by comments made in some of her interviews promoting her fake music career (which she thinks is legitimate) I do think that Oksana lives in a fantasy world. Like Rielle Hunter, who apparently still believes John Edwards is going to marry her, Oksana may have seen her relationship as a fairy tale. Maybe she thought that once she had his baby she and Mel would ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. This is a forty year old woman? How pathetic. Let’s just hope she doesn’t start boiling rabbits!

  39. Debbie says:

    I’ll try and explain a little beet about the comment about her kids. She said She would never go away again because she missed her son and daughter. To painful.

    Really She had no worry’s about that when she followed Mel to Spain France and Germany to promote his Movie. Going out sight seeing taking pic’s of all the sights.

    What about her kids then?
    Believe me she is one dangerous slapper, and the sooner she is put in her place the better.

    I too have heard through other sources where she has said the she blames Mel’s wife and daughter for everything as well.

    So sad if she has to stoop down to that level to cause more pain foe Mel’s family. But the point is everyone knows her real truth I mean her past just speaks volumes so many men , marriages, engagements, so called various career’s? what fake Modeling, singing ones.

    She is full of shit and as I said earlier all this is Karma Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. Funny how all these other so called story’s are coming out after Mel want’s to win back Robyn.

    some people will do or go to any lengths to try and get noticed and $$$


  40. CathyT says:

    @Uzi…Yes! She was in her perfect fantasy world and now she is craving attention more than every. As you say, she should either give her reason for the breakup or not say anything. Her teasing comments at the press conference sounded like she was promising that another woman would come forward. That puts a part of the blame for the Violet story on Oksana.

    @Debbie…Her comments about her kids seem designed to highlight what a devoted and loving mother she is. Isn’t it truly remarkable how she can juggle both a baby and her music career? (;

    I don’t blame her for the rumors about Hannah and Robyn kicking her out. It isn’t surprising that the Russian tabloids took her side.

  41. Nguyet Moreci says:

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