Nicole Kidmans bodyguard beats up photographer

Update: video available at FlyNet’s website. (NSFW language)

Nicole Kidman’s people sure are aggressive with the paparazzi. On Thursday Kidman’s bodyguard got out of the car he was in with the actress and approached the SUV of a photographer who was trailing them. He then proceeded to beat the shit out of the guy, who of course caught it all on tape. The video is above, thanks to Flynet Online.

The photographer had to call 911 to get treatment for his injuries, and from the look of him he was beat up badly. He sure looks like he has a case against Kidman’s bodyguard.

This follows an incident on Wednesday in which Kidman’s personal trainer stole the camera of a photographer who was following them. It was returned later.

Both of these people were employed by Kidman so you have to think she’s encouraging them somehow. If you looked out the back of your window and saw your bodyguard beating the shit out of photographer wouldn’t you get out and tell him to stop? Would you even let your bodyguard get out of the car to approach a photographer? That strikes me as something she would have to tell him to do, or could at least tell him “no, I don’t want you getting into a confrontation now” if he asked the driver to stop.

Given that it happened twice, you have to think Kidman is at least not reigning in her help or at worst encouraging them to be violent against the paparazzi. The paparazzi are annoying and can shout really obnoxious questions, but they don’t deserve to get the crap beat out of them.

There are rumors dogging Kidman that she’s not really pregnant and is either having a surrogate have her child or has lost her baby. Lainey of Lainey’s gossip mentioned the rumor that she could be wearing a prosthetic belly to try and continue looking pregnant. I don’t believe that at all, and it sounds kind of cruel to speculate about it. Kidman was seen lifting up her shirt to show her belly to a photographer last week when she was out running. It certainly sounds like she’s hormonal considering how she’s allowing her people to harass the paparazzi.

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  1. headache says:

    I’m almost with lainey. Something about it all sounds fishy but what strikes me as oddest is how much she seems to work out. Most women who have had miscarriages and fertility issues tend to be very careful about how they care for their bodies once they do become pregnant.

    Of course since all I know is what the paps catch and even that is open to interpretation, who can really say? But still, quite fishy.

  2. Patty says:

    Celebitchy, if you were pregnant would you really jump out of your car and attempt to intervene in a fistfight between a couple of big guys? I sure wouldn’t!!

    Nicole has had problems with the papparazzi in the past, but she has chosen to go through legal channels to address them. She has filed at least a couple of lawsuits against paps for harrassment and she has won.

    Because of this, I wouldn’t automatically assume she’s changed her mind and now wants to deal with the paps by having her bodyguards beat them up. That’s really not her style, she will go through the proper legal channels.

    Why didn’t she get out of the car and ask the driver to stop beating the guy? One, she was probably terrified. Two, she didn’t have time. This all happened in 1-2 minutes. Maybe she was on the phone or reading the newspaper and wasn’t paying attention.

  3. heehee says:

    ‘You cant hit a 53 yr old man’– yea well whys a 53 yr old man stalking/harassing a 40-something yr old woman… DUH thats no better…

  4. CJ says:

    TO be honest if I had someone following me everywhere taking pics of me while I took a walk or shopped for groceries I’d beat the shit out of them too.

  5. J9 says:

    The paps do more then just hurl insults. They physically block paths, push, hit celebs with cameras, fistfight with eachother where ever they are, in the vicinity of children, etc., they create serious traffic hazards and accidents. They are most definetly out of control. No, they do not have a right to stalk and harrass and endanger celebs or the public. How do you stop them? With an ass whupin

  6. Syko says:

    That has to be the most hideous dress I have ever seen in my life.

  7. heehee says:

    Exactly, J9.

  8. heehee says:

    What makes me most sick is how they will lie on the ground to get shots up women’s skirts’ and hang from hoods of cars/balconies to shoot pictures down their shirts. These guys are morally vacant, all for the money. Its so damaging to women – look what it does to the younger stars who now go along with it like its something great. Just nasty…

  9. Tabby says:

    I really don’t like the way the paps behave, they seem morally corrupt at best. However I don’t like most politicians either, but both of these kinds of people are just doing their jobs. Weird profession to choose (to be a pap) but each to their own I guess.
    I don’t think anyone deserves to be beaten up just for being a nuisance or whatever – it’s just OTT. Yell F-off or whatever, but not beat the hell out of a guy for essentially doing his job.
    Patty, I worked in the school from Hell up to 36 weeks pregnant and sometimes I had to intervene in physical situations. You don’t ever put yourself or your unborn in danger, but you sure as hell don’t just let someone take a beating, especially, as in Kidman’s case, you do have the power to stop it.

  10. missbehaves says:

    he deserved it. people can’t stalk someone and have no consequences. the law won’t support them, so who will??

  11. geronimo says:

    Sorry, have no sympathy whatsoever for the paps here. Their tactics are agressive, violent, provocative and dangerous. This is plain and simple harassment. If they end up at the end of a fist, then that’s the price they have to pay. Also, who knows what earlier provocation there was before this incident actually happened. She hires people to protect her and that’s what they were doing.

  12. headache says:

    She did not have to break up the fight herself but her selfish ass could have gotten out of the car and told the dude to knock it off or find himself a new damn job. Or she could have sent the driver in to stop that shit.

    And I’m tired of the paps argument anyway. Johnny Depp doesn’t have a huge problem with them. Neither does Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooke Shields, etc.

    Some people court the attention and then in an attempt to seem less attentionwhorish, cry wolf.

  13. Tabby says:

    Geronimo: Smacking the heck out of someone is not a solution to a problem. Unless the guy was acting in actual bodily defence for Kidman, as in, the pap was in danger of physically hurting her or her unborn, the body guard should not be letting fly with his fists. Even with that in mind, he should just restrain the guy.
    There is a world of difference between hiring someone to protect you and hiring someone to beat the cr@p out of someone else, even if they are annoying you.
    Headache: completely, totally, 100% agree with you.

  14. geronimo says:

    Tabby, never suggested it was a solution, just a likely consequence of ongoing harassment. There’s a difference. I’m not condoning violence.

  15. Lulu says:

    Don’t believe a word Lainey is spreading about Nicole faking the pregnancy. Lainey has a reputation of hating Kidman with an unexplainable passion; she’ll say anything, including making up malicious stories, just to get her kicks.

  16. iheartlasagne says:

    Doesn’t surprise me that this cold woman didn’t do anything to stop this behavior. I can see both sides of the argument, paps are wholly without morals, and are doing anything to make a stupid dollar. It’s hateful, yes, but nothing excuses this behavior. If she was in the car and not in harm’s way, there was no reason for this to continue. One hit might be excusable/understandable, but this seems extreme (I can’t watch the vid b/c I am at work, so maybe it wasn’t as much of a beatdown as the picture implies). I really, really dislike Nicole Kidman, so I know I am biased. I find her to be a really unbelievable actress (meaning I always know it’s Nicole Kidman making a poor attempt at acting), but I am obviously in the minority.

  17. Mairead says:

    I’m on the “pity about him” side of the argument too. Paps are noxious, but the aussie ones seem foul altogether.

    I enjoy celeb gossip, but I never have enjoyed looking at photos of people sunbathing in private property, camera aimed for the crotch shot, and seriouly, how many photos of a ratty Mary Kate and/or Ashley Olson buying coffee do we need?

    They’re not professional photographers as far as I’m concerned. Any dumbass can buy an L-series lens. Why don’t they piss off and become “proper” photo jounalists, if they’re that keen to be in the press?

  18. Phil McCracken says:

    If these self-absorbed celebs would stop running away, the paps would stop running after them. Other stars don’t have these problems because they don’t take off as soon as they see a camera.

    Kidman is a Class-A Narcissist anyways, so whatever legal problems come her way I don’t sympathize with her.

  19. Si says:

    Awww look at the poor little Pap! He got beaten up for FOLLOWING SOMEONE IN A CAR, WHILE TAKING PHOTOS! Awww!

    Seriously… don’t do such a scumbag job, where you basically stalk people and invade their privacy if you dont want to piss people off and get beaten up.

    Good on the guy for beaten the crap out of him.

    “You cant do this…”

    Err… but you can follow people around in cars, flash cameras through their windows and make them crash?

  20. Kivrin says:

    Isn’t that just too bad….paps and celebs…it’s coming to blows now. Eventually someone will be killed, perhaps with their running red lights and cutting drivers off. Laws should be passed so celebrities are not harrassed constantly. The paps should only be allowed at functions like the Oscars and movie premieres, and they should especially not be allowed such free stalking access to celebs out with their children.

  21. Scott F says:

    Being ex-military and actually having known a few guys who’ve gone into personal security when they were discharged, do you people really understand what you’re talking about when you say she could have ‘stopped it’?

    Yeah, it’s really easy for a pregnant woman that weighs what, 100-125 lbs? To just ‘stop’ a security guard who’s keen to put the smackdown on some dipshit cameraman? Most of these guys suck down the ‘roids to look larger and more intimidating, which in my opinion is why you see so many of them go apeshit.

    Bottom line; unless she ordered him to do it, bring charges against the bodyguard, but as far as I’m concerned, she had no responsibility to put herself in physical harm when she wouldn’t have been able to stop the beating anyways.

  22. celebitchy says:

    I’m not saying she could have physically stopped him, I’m saying she could have stuck her head out the window and yelled at him to stop.

  23. Mairead says:

    Phil… so are paps like bees? That should be amusing, all celebs in Hollywood just standing still or slamming on the brakes and not moving when ever their ‘razzo senses are tingline “just stay very vehhhhhwy still lads, and they’ll get bored and move away, and they won’t shove a camera up your nostrils, or knock you over while they to get their “best” shot.

    And what the army bloke said about the ‘roid heads as security guards. Gotta agree. Bouncers are the same, fucking pick a fight with their own shadow. Although usually they’ll go for those they think they can intimidate. They’re usually wrong when it comes to me of course ;-)

  24. LANETTE says:

    i think photogs/paps should get their asses beat down.

    nobody should be followed around and taped like a criminal.

    damn I love NICOLE even more!!

  25. valentina says:

    It will be interesting to see what comes of this. Hugh Grant whacked a pap in the head with a tin of beans and got off…Hopefully this bodyguard will get off too as they are becoming a dangerous out-of-control frenzied mob. A woman can’t even go to the gym without being harrassed?

  26. xiaoecho says:

    the video won’t load for me….whaaaa

    Does anyone know where else I can see it?

  27. telsmkon says:

    it is true i saw the complete video form the beging to the end.

    i saw the video of body gaurd beating up the poor guy . he was siting in his car and the body gaurd came over and broke the window and started beating him up to dead stright 30 min. and by the time body gaurd was done beating him, he was bleeding to death and i think the body gaurd would not have done that if nichole kidman hadnot okay that , so i think it is nichole kidman’s fault and the guy should sue both the gaurd and nichole kidman and the guy should keep the video as prove of what the body gaurd did to him, who do they think they are , they make money out of us and they don’t allow their pictures taken even from far, the bodygaurd/ the man who was with her did the same thing a day before while the he was running with nichole. shame on nichole because i am sure she okayed the beating other wise the body gaurd wouldn’t have dared to do that.

  28. telsmkon says:

    i used to like nichole a lot , but after seeing that video and nichole sitting her car and watching the bodyguard beating the poor guy to death and doing nothing , i hate her and think she is a crul woman with no heart, now i know why tom left her she was a cold , calulated woman with no heart and no feelings and i feel sorry for her current husband and i don’t like her anymore and i will never watch any of her movies.

  29. telsmkon says:

    celbichy ,

    i just read your comment , i saw the video too and i just said the same thing without reading your comment because i saw the video too. that what i said too, she okayed the beating because she was watching it and did nothing so she was the one ording the beating other wise bodygaurd wouldn’t have done that , any one who has any doubt they should watch the vido and judge themselves.

  30. headache says:

    xiao, dlisted has the video as well.

  31. Patty says:

    Actually we don’t know what Nicole did because she wasn’t on the video. Maybe she was calling the police, or yelling out the window, but we couldn’t hear her.

    Anyway it looks like her bodyguard/driver totally lost it. He was very angry, out of control. We don’t know if the photographer did something that provoked this extreme reaction, but beating the guy up was indefensible. If the police get ahold of this video I’m sure they will charge him with assault.

    Even if Nicole ordered him to beat up the photographer (which I find hard to believe), the driver is still responsible for his own actions.

  32. headache says:

    The real test is did she fire him?

  33. Lani Mercado says:

    Halle gets hounded by the photogs too she is giving birth any time but seems taking everything in stride I don’t like Nicole she seems so frosty unlike Halle or Renee Zelweger who are always gracious seems friendly Nicole courts attention if she really does not want to be followed hide in Nashville do what J Lo did.

  34. headache says:

    alright, I know I should have watched it earlier but I didn’t feel like it. Now that I’m bored as hell, I figured I would take a look.

    And what the hell?? How can any of you say this was justified? The pap’s car wasn’t following her too closely, there wasn’t a camera in her damn face or anything like that and this dude pulls over and beats the crap out of him?

    And for anyone saying Nicole couldn’t have prevented this, you think maybe she could have said something when he started to pull over with a pissed off look in his eye? You think maybe she could have said, hey, keep your ass in here and take me where I need to go or I’m gonna fire your ass?

    I doubt she said either of those things so her consent whether expressed, is certainly implied.

  35. Scott F says:

    I’m really sorry, but I think the opinion she could have stopped him is laughable. Watching that video, and catching the look in that bodyguard’s eyes was all the confirmation I needed that the guy was either in full-on ‘roid rage or on some kind of amphetamine.

    Considering a hail of police gunfire routinely fails to stop guys in that state of mind in their tracks, a firm ‘if you get out of the car you’re fired’ probably isn’t gonna do the job.

    The worst you can fault her for is perhaps not being wise enough in her hiring/screening practices, but even that’s a stretch. Remember, most of these celebs hire a security service and THEY choose who they dispatch.

  36. Javiera says:

    No sympathy for the pap. This is the dumb ass job you chose. If you’re going to chase people for their pics and harrass them as well with stupid questions, you should expect retaliation at some point. They’re only human after all and everyone has a breaking point.

  37. frewt says:

    The paps are low life scum in my opinion. Its possible that this one who got beat up is a serial fucking pest and they (Nicole and Bodyguard) were at their wits end as to how to deter him. I’ve no sympathy for the asshole – get a real job mate.

  38. frewt says:

    As for the conspiracy theories regarding the pregnancy I have one question: What possible reason could she have for faking it? Please, its too ridiculous and far fetched to entertain. What she can be accused of is being overly concerned about her appearance but we knew that when the botox and collagen abuse became apparent.

  39. bareknuckler65 says:

    ok let’s say he overreacted, oh well too bad case closed. here is all the argument you need to put all the blame on the paps. we have all watched shows where there is a protest and protesters and cops and cameras. and when the cameras are filming the cops and the cops don’t like it they tell them they have to stop or they’ll confiscate the camera and possibly arrest them. there you go TMZ JERKS!!! i think that celebrities should pay the homeless to imitate the paps and when they leave home rush them with flashes and crowds and pushing. then when the families of the paps leave home follow them to school or the store or the doctor. all day everyday and they would get the message. some high speed chases and taking pics of the little ones ! i would just ask them to stay 20 feet away twice and the third time knock them out!