Halle Berry delivers a girl

Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry has given birth to a baby girl. This is her first child, and the labor and delivery weren’t without a few complications, according to Star Magazine.

At age 41, Halle Maria Berry is finally a mother! After an initial scare earlier in the day, Halle gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Sunday morning in Los Angeles.

An insider tells Star, “Halle Berry had a 7lb 4 oz girl at 10:17am Sunday morning, March 16, at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. The actress had checked into the hospital for the second time that day after feeling contractions earlier Saturday morning.

“Halle had come to the hospital at 4am in the morning because the felt like she was going into labor. It was a bit scary because her blood pressure was skyrocketing and everyone was a little tense. She’s a diabetic so that was complicating matters as well. The doctors checked the fetal heart rate and everything seemed okay. After a while Halle’s blood pressure came down. She wasn’t dilating anymore so at around 2:45pm they let her go home.

“Halle felt her contractions come on a lot more intensely later that night so she came back to the hospital at 11:00pm Saturday night.

“Halle was overcome with emotion when she finally held her little girl. She said everything she had gone through was worth that moment. The tears kept coming as Halle didn’t even want the nurses to take her baby to clean her up and measure. It was a truly beautiful scene.”

[From Star Magazine]

Glad to hear that Halle’s age and pre-existing condition didn’t stop her from having a healthy labor and delivery. She seemed to take very good care of herself throughout the pregnancy. No word on whether Halle’s super-hot model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, was in the delivery room with her, or on what she named her new daughter. Congrats to the ridiculously gorgeous couple. I am curious to see pictures of the little one soon.

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  1. Arwen says:

    I’m glad everything went well and everybody is healthy, but how the hell does the press get this kind of detail? It must have been someone inside the delivery room who leaked the details – and if I was Halle that would absolutely infuriate me.

  2. Herman B says:

    i’m glad that bit of drama is over. i hope halle and her little b’tard are fine.

    have fun and laugh at the insanity together, and life will be beautiful.

  3. Cidee says:

    That Gabriel never seems to be on the scene. Sperm donor me thinks. Good for her. She deserves a little happiness after her two crappy tries at marriage.

  4. judi says:

    Can’t hardly wait to see that little girl, bets shes beautiful..good luck to Halle.

  5. Carrie says:

    I saw that some outlets are reporting the name to be Clara Stella Berry-Aubry. Meh.

    Well, they could probably name her Mabel (no offense to any Mabels out there, it was my grandma’s name) and the girl will be gorgeous, I’m sure.

  6. anni says:

    ah good for her. can´t wait to see the little cuteness

  7. Herman B says:

    oh no cidee. don’t do that aubry wanted desperately to pay, let me pay. lol.

  8. Herman B says:

    the way i look at it, is the girl could buy you a rolls royce, and you’d still owe her your life, daddy. so don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  9. headache says:

    Congrats to Halle but whoever this insider is should be shot. I imagine there has to be a reason that Halle has never mentioned being a diabetic. I doubt she wanted to some attention whore blabbing it to the media.

  10. Anna says:

    Congratulations Halle! I’m glad it’s all over for her. Being pregnant and diabetic is something that is stressing, if only mentally. I’m happy that she is fine and the baby girl too, I think it might also help getting over losing India to her ex-husband.

    Headache: the news about her being diabetic is, well, not news. That has been known for a long time and she never hid it, on the contrary, she has spoken out about it time and time again. I’ve known that fact for at least 5 years.
    However, I agree that the extreme details that have been leaked are a little concerning. I wouldn’t be too happy about all that info coming out the minute after I’m done giving birth. At least it seems she didn’t pull a J.Lo and disrupted the entire maternity ward with partying relatives, obnoxious bodyguards and silly requests.

  11. Megs says:

    Its good to know that Halle has a healthy baby girl. I just admire her alot. You go halle. Just give her all the love she needs. I cant wait to see a photo of her though.