Are Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson having trouble in their marriage?

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds seen walking to the gym in Midtown Manhattan carrying water bottles one day after their 1 year wedding anniversary

Both the National Enquirer and In Touch are running stories this week claiming Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are having trouble in their marriage of less than two years. The rumors seem primarily based on the fact that the two are spending time apart due to their work schedules and haven’t been photographed together in months. Scarlett, 25, recently told In Style that she finds marriage comforting and that she enjoys cooking for Ryan. “You’re married and suddenly you have your own family. There’s a nice comfort in that. That part of your life is certain, in a way. You’ve got your home in that other person.” Does Scarlett still feel at home with Ryan or are their careers and bickering getting in the way? Here are what the tabloids are reporting.

In Touch: Struggling to make it work
Scarlett Johansson had a cute date at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington, D.C>, but it wasn’t her husband, Ryan Reynolds. “Scarlett brought her brother,” an insider tells In Touch. And the absence of her significant other was a topic of conversation. “She was overheard saying that she has issues lately with Ryan because they haven’t seen each other,” explains the insider about the actress. “They’ve been arguing about scheduling. She feels they don’t spend as much time together as other married couples do.”

Enquirer: Trouble in Paradise
Now that the honeymoon is over, sources say the stars have little in common and are so career-driven, they don’t see each other enough.

“Sadly, it looks like they have been growing apart for months,” reveals an insider. “There are very real fears they are headed for divorce.”

Ryan has recently been spending a lot of time in New Orleans while filming “Green Lantern,” while Scarlett has been in Los Angeles. The couple had a brief vacation together in Vancouver in DEcember, but apart from that, they have barely had enough time to see each other, says the source…

When they do get together, it only reinforces their differences in such simple matters as Ryan taking phone calls in the bedroom while Scarlett tries to sleep late, said a source.

[Print editions, May 24, 2010]

In Touch takes it a step further by insinuating that Ryan might be having an affair with his attractive Green Lantern co-star, Blake Lively. They write that Ryan “seems to have plenty of time for his sexy co-star, Blake Lively, 22. They spend long days filming Green Lantern, but still like to hang out after work. Ryan and Blake even had dinner together in New Orleans on April 24.” Blake was also linked to Ben Affleck when she was working with him, but I don’t think there was much to those rumors. The tabloids just like to match up costars when they’re both young and attractive. If there’s a potential cheating scandal there, all the better.

So are Ryan and Scarlett having trouble? Ryan always seemed like an insufferable douche to me and I’ve heard plenty of stories about how difficult and demanding he can be. I like Scarlett and find her smart intellectually, but a little naive. I would be surprised if these two lasted long term, but for now all we have is conjecture.

Scarlett Johansson arrives at the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington

Oscars 2010 - RED CARPET

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  1. Jessi says:

    Smart intellectually? Based on what?

  2. Mistral says:

    Hope not.

  3. Kaboom says:

    What is he supposed to do after work in New Orleans? Fly to L.A. to spend the evening on the couch and then back to the set in the morning?

  4. Maritza says:

    What an ugly dress, it makes her look frumpy.

  5. a says:

    she looks like a zombie in that pink dress.

  6. Kaye says:

    If they really don’t spend much time together, for whatever reason, the marriage won’t last.

  7. Attagirl says:

    He and that other litte asshat Ryan Philippe have the same arrogant, smug smirk on their faces that makes me want to smack it off. Both seem to be pretentious, self-centered, difficult little f*cks. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if RR was catting around on Scarlett.

  8. Just a Poster says:

    Not the best look for scarjo.

    And is Blake the new “everyone is banging” girl?

  9. gillie says:

    heh. i always think of the X Files when I see him. He was in an episode or two before he was a “star.”

  10. Marjalane says:

    I laughed at that “intellectual” thing too! In what universe is Scarlett Johansson considered intellectual?

    As soon as I read that R.R. was working with Blake Lively, who I think is pretty much an “I’ll f*ck anything to get ahead” kind of girl, I figured, yeah that marriage is probably in trouble.

  11. katie says:

    i kind of like them together. is blake still with her costar penn?

  12. padiddle says:

    dude, what she said is normal married couple complaints! I tell my friends all the time that my fiancee and I are having a “hard time” right now because he’s working two jobs – it’s because we miss each other not because we’re breaking up. She was just saying it’s hard to be apart IMHO

  13. Riley says:

    I’ve disliked RR since that craptastic Friends rip off television show, 2 guys a Girl and a Pizza Place in which his acting seem to consist of watching Matthew Perry play Chanler Bing and then go to the set and act like Matthew Perry playing Chanler Bing. I love Alannis and my stomach dropped when she talked about how much she loved him (back when they were engaged). He just seemed so boring and talentless.

  14. Ka says:

    She’s married to RR, so how can she be “smart intellectually”???

  15. kelbear says:

    Gosh I hope this is true because I want Ryan all to myself. Lol Actually I like them together and I saw her on Ellen recently and everything seemed fine with them.

  16. suz says:

    If it is true, I think Scarlett would be a little too stubborn/proud to let a divorce happen so soon.
    And the tabs are always hinting that Blake Lively is a homewrecker, but I really wouldn’t take any stock in that… Have you SEEN her face?

  17. GatsbyGal says:

    Not shocking, Ryan Reynolds is a huge douchenozzle.

  18. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers, even if he is a diack sometimes, oozes chemistry while Ryan Reynolds seems smug and boring, the type of person who thinks he is so hot and handsome that he can just look good and do nothing.

  19. annaloo says:

    DUMP HIM, Scarlett!!! Get your hot back!

  20. lucy2 says:

    Both of them worked constantly before their marriage too, so I don’t know why either would suddenly get bent out of shape about it now.
    They probably are apart a lot, but that’s part of being a movie star and they both know it. When they are together, they seem to stay low key. I do have to give them credit for not talking about their private life much in the press, I often forget they’re even a couple.

    I find RR so incredibly bland. And he is starting to seem smug to me.

  21. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Attagirl I love that term smug smirk! Rihanna has the same smug smirk as well. Remember those clown dolls they had in the ’70s where there was sand in the bottom so you could give it a good wallop and it would keep standing. I wish they would bring those back with celeb faces.

  22. Tia C says:

    I’ve never understood this coupling. RR seems WAAAAAY too in love with himself to ever be a good boyfriend/husband.

  23. Bee says:

    Is Blake Lively still Penn Badgely, her co-star from Gossip Girl?

  24. Donna Wingfield says:

    It’s sad when marriages break up, but maybe this one isn’t. Having said that, I don’t get the appeal of either one of them.

  25. Cinderella says:

    That naughty little Blake. Always stirring up trouble.

    As once said by Nene Leakes: Close your legs to married men.

  26. snowball says:

    Blake Lively = the new Sienna Miller, at least until she breaks up with Jude Law again.

    It was a week-ish ago on DL, but there was a BI about a married guy having an affair with his hot young costar on a movie he was working on and he was promising her he was leaving his devoted and clueless wife. I think MK thought it was Blake and Ben – wonder if it was really Blake and RR.

    I like Scarlett a lot more than RR, who seems dumb as a stump. He reminds me of James van der Beek.

  27. Vajayjay says:

    I’d still bang Ryan. But that is it. He must leave immediately afterwards! Scarjo is my girl! Love her!

  28. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Is ‘smart intellectually’ the new ‘phat’?

  29. Chico says:

    I think she’s a cool chick, and if he’s as big of a douche as some say, it’s best that she leaves him.

  30. Missmilly says:

    I think RR is hilarious. He’s a younger version of Chevy Chase. Personally–well, that’s just it–I don’t know him or ScarJo personally so I just can’t say what they are like–but I like their acting. I hope they can make their marriage last, too many are screwing up royally these days. :(

  31. NotFlawlessBitch says:

    “Explains the insider”, “sources say”, “reveals an insider”, “says the source”… I don’t know should I just laugh or be angry and sad that people actually swallow this thick bullshit made up by tabloids.

  32. yasmin says:

    Everyone kept saying those rumors were about Ben and Blake.I knew it wasn’t because JenGar is not an idiot like Jlo.She has Ben on a tight leash and isn’t going to give up that easily.As for Ryan and Scarjo ,it was bound to happen .They hooked up so fast after his breakup Scarjo should have known she was rebound relationship and it wasn’t going to last.They seemed kinda mismatch anyways.

  33. ELAY says:

    …haven’t been photographed together in months…


    MAY 3, 2010: Scarlett & Ryan Work It Out Together in LA.

  34. Kat says:

    What Attagirl said. RR comes across as a whiny, arrogant douche.

  35. jess says:

    i am on the opposite side as everyone here. i think scarjo comes off as a smug arrogant douche. ryan always seemed nice to me. did anyone read his series in the huffington post? he is FUNNY and SMART. a little self deprecating too. plus he’s smoking hot!

    i always thought the marriage was mismatched because he’s hot and a decent actor, while shes overrated and plays the same character no matter what movie she’s in.

  36. Leek says:

    That dress is awful on her.

    I don’t care about their marriage.

  37. westcoaster says:

    “She was overheard saying that she has issues lately with Ryan because they haven’t seen each other,” explains the insider about the actress.” It must really suck to be a celebrity and have your conversations overheard and be posted in the media

  38. Camille says:

    @jess- ITA! Love him, can’t stand her. She is completely over rated in every way.

  39. fizXgirl314 says:

    smart intellectually? lol… she sounds like her brain is full of nail polish fumes in interviews…

  40. nanster says:

    I saw Scarlett on Ellen recently and when Ellen asked her about her marriage, she really said nothing about it. It also seemed like she moved on to another topic pretty quickly. Because of that, I remember thinking that their days being married were numbered…

  41. LBees says:

    It’s kind of ridiculous that Blake Lively and ScarJo are so close in age.

    Seems like all the guys are falling for Blake– When I heard the rumblings about her and Ben Affleck it seemed like robbing the cradle, but Scarlett and Blake are only three years apart.

    My prediction is that they will separate. Body language in all of their photos points away from intimacy.

  42. Dannnii says:

    I hope it works for these two, but it is widely known that he pressured her into marrying him after just a brief dating time. He has been known to do that.

  43. bellaluna says:

    I don’t care for either of them, frankly.

    She plays irritating characters, sounds like she has marbles in her mouth, and gives off an air of superiority. Subconscious or not, it’s there.

    Ryan, on the other hand, consciously gives off an air of superiority. He seems very ungracious, obnoxious, and acts like he’s OWED something just because he’s him. He may be the physical hotness, but he seems ugly through and through.

  44. Missfit says:

    I think Scarlett is a beautiful person, but I don’t think Ryan should have left Alanis for her. I had a feeling when he was doing more movies and becoming more known, that he was going to get all cocky and Hollywood and go for another hotter bitch…regardless if it would have been Scarlett or not. Alanis was a really pretty person, very nice and talented, (well it seemed like to me) but I guess she wasn’t “gorgeous” enough for him after a while. It’s like that theory of bulls and cows, the bull gets tired of (f*cking) the same cow, so he moves onto the next, that’s how alot of men in reality are. So he got tired of Alanis, now of Scarlett. He will soon get tired of whoever he moves onto next. If he’s spending too much time apart from her and he wants that piece of ass and craving the goods, I’m sure he’ll get it elsewhere. As for what Scarlett said about problems in their relationship, that’s alot of us, nobody’s perfect, alot of us have trouble in our marriage. We just have to keep working at it, (depending the severity of the situation).

  45. Amoosed says:

    but aren’t they both going to be in the same films in the future (all the justice league stuff??) I think they are going for short term separation for a long term gain. (I hope so anyway).

  46. Confuzzle says:

    He better not wreck Green Lantern.

  47. Emily says:

    No way would I cheat on Scarlett with Blake! There’s just something about her that puts me off, could be the way she mumbles her way through every single scene on GG.

  48. I Choose Me says:

    @Emily. Scarlett & Blake are both mumbly- mouthed.

  49. Nancy Stephens says:

    I predict Scarlett is about to get a taste of her own medicine,she has gone after other women’s men (Justin T and Ryan,to name just 2) in the past…Now that Ryan is working with someone younger and hotter than ScarJo and the novelty of sleeping w/ScarJo is wearing off ( who hasnt slept w/ScarJo just to brag about it and then left her after all?),he is going to leave her just like he did Alanis- and Alanis was the REAL DEAL-not just some slut

  50. Nancy Stephens says:

    Ryan and Scarlett got married for totally superficial reasons- he just wanted someone younger and hotter to have sex with and she has a reputation for stealing other women’s men…now that they are both starting to realize that any marriage worth half its salt takes REAL work,love,trust,mutual compromise,this marriage won’t last,plus it happened WAY too fast after they started dating…

  51. Nancy Stephens says:

    Hey is it just me or has ScarJo put on weight now that “Iron Man 2″ has been released? She says she didn’t crash diet to fit into that catsuit but I don’t know about that….her REAL body type is WAY too frumpy to fit into a slinky catsuit w.o. crash dieting and extreme workouts…but of course ScarJo, although she is NO intelllectual by ANY means,is smart enough to tell a few white lies when she has to…

  52. flower says:

    Hey i don’t want to sound like a bad person but i really saw the proposal and all the interviews between Sandra & Ryan and ….i have the feeling they like each other , the way he looks Sandra, the way she want to be close to Ryan and he make her smile all the time , they very funny togheter, you can see so much chemistry and a very long Friendship! they know everything about the other…it’s really weird that now Sandra is single again …and the rumors of Ryan’s complicated marriage….
    don’t hate me but i really believe, that they fell totally in love during the filming of the Proposal

  53. Doesn't Matter says:

    No, Blake is not with Penn anymore. She’s now with her hot hot co-star Chace Crawford that plays Nate Archibald in the famous series Gossip Girl in The CW. She’s not with Ryan or Ben those are just rumours that ppl made up to win money. That’s all.