Gabriel Aubry is dating a 20-something model, Halle Berry is “devastated”


In the immediate aftermath of Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry’s breakup, sh-t got dirty and heated really fast. Almost all of the tabloid reports were based on random insiders and sources gossiping, and none of it made Gabriel or Halle look very mature or classy. By some accounts, Halle was a shrew and a harpie, always nagging Gabriel and calling him a loser. By other accounts, Gabriel had dumped Halle because he wanted to date other women, younger women. In one of the last stories I wrote about them, I pointed out that if all of the sources and insiders have so much information about Halle and Gabriel, why didn’t we find out about their breakup when it happened, several months ago? Anyway, this is just another story based on various bullsh-t insiders, only this time In Touch Weekly is claiming that Gabriel already has a girlfriend… and she’s in her 20s.

Just two weeks after announcing her breakup from model Gabriel Aubry after four years together, Halle Berry was devastated to discover that he is already moving on. According to a source, Gabriel’s been playing the field and has even started dating a twenty-something model in Toronto.

“Halle never thought he’d rebound so quickly – and she’s upset,” says another insider. “It’s been a huge blow to her ego.”

But according to a friend of hers, it was always Halle’s worst nightmare that Gabriel would be attracted to someone else, and now she believes her fears have been confirmed.

“Gabriel was away in Canada a lot, and she’s wondering if maybe he had something going on there with someone else,” says the source, adding that Halle, 43, felt like she had gotten too old and worried when Gabriel, 34, went on modeling shoots with younger women.

“Knowing that he has moved on or that other women want him would make Halle very jealous,” says the insider. And ironically, Halle’s paranoia may have actually contributed to the split.

“They stopped being intimate long before the relationship ended,” reveals the friend, who says Halle thought that Gabriel wasn’t attracted to her anymore after their daughter, Nahla, was born two years ago. “He would always tell Halle that she was the hottest woman he had ever seen and that her insecurities were carried over from past relationships where men cheated on her. Gabriel would say that he still loved her, but the lack of intimacy definitely put a strain on their relationship.”

Finally, it seems that Halle just gave up. Now, she may feel like she made a mistake.

“Halle was trying to make some changes in the relationship, but instead he just moved on,” says the insider, adding that family was always his main concern. “Gabriel wanted two things that Halle was never willing to give him: another baby and a wife. He had no choice but to look for a woman who could possibly make his dreams a reality, and now poor Halle is left with regrets.”

[From In Touch, print edition, May 24, 2010]

Here’s what I now believe about this relationship: Halle is really screwed up about men and relationships, and always had in her head that she and Gabriel weren’t going to last forever. Gabriel loved Halle, but he probably began thinking the same thing, that this whole deal wasn’t going to last. They made it work for a while, and they shared an overwhelming love for their daughter. Then – and this is just my guess – Gabriel began to tire of the arrangement they had worked out, and he wanted out, but he wanted to end it with some dignity and class. Halle agreed, and they worked everything out about how they were going to split, and they kept it classy. And then when their split became public, neither one of them liked the way they were being portrayed, so they started playing games in the media to see who could “win” the breakup. Both seem petty and immature, and both need to move on.

Halle Berry Honored With A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame


Gabriel & Halle on November 14, 2006. Credit: PCN.

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  1. annaloo says:

    I will still take his immature and petty ass… I mean, look at him.

  2. Yelpsin says:

    Like the old saying goes, you show me a beautiful woman and i’ll show you a man tired of f***ing her.

  3. malachais says:

    I agree w/ you Kaiser. I don’t think Halle looked at this relationship long-term, although she seems really down-to-earth and a genuinely nice woman. Gabriel looks like a douche, I’m surprised they lasted this long. They both need to get their sh-t together for their daughter.

  4. flo says:

    Her looks are stunning but her insecurities have doomed all her relationahips. Pity she didnt get therapy for her issues before she reproduced.

  5. Nadia says:

    I’m with Annaloo!

  6. Oi says:

    I don’t know. I think she broke up with him. I don’t think Halle is the victim here. SO he moved on, so what? Shouldn’t she? I don’t see how Gabriel is a douche for this.

  7. Green Is Good says:

    Ooh-Fa. That man is TOO fine!

  8. hstl1 says:

    I think she is truly screwed up when it comes to men. All of her past relationships were colossal failures and she is the common denominator.

  9. Miranda Ann says:

    In one of the last stories I wrote about them, I pointed out that if all of the sources and insiders have so much information about Halle and Gabriel, why didn’t we find out about their breakup when it happened, several months ago?
    So true, Kaiser, so true!! These “sources” are just these ragmags making up stories. They are all mad because none of them saw this breakup coming. Now, for revenge, they are making up these ridiculous stories, just to fill their pages.

    My thoughts . . . both Halle and Gabriel knew it was over and decided to make a clean break. It’s the tabloids and their “sources” who are turning the breakup ugly. I don’t think Halle ever said Gabriel was a “loser” and I don’t think Gabriel ever said Halle was “too old.” These ragmags need to just STFU and move on to their next target. There is no story here.

    I do think Halle is messed up when it comes to men but that’s probably because she was abandoned by her father. That’s tough for a girl. But I seriously doubt Halle is upset because Gabriel has a new woman. If they broke up several months ago, as they have both said, Gabriel having a new woman now doesn’t seem too soon to me.

  10. LindyLou says:

    I totally believe that Halle has some major insecurities when it comes to men. Just look at the way she’s been treated in the past – I can’t really blame her. But that being said, she needs to work through her issues if she ever wants to have a healthy loving relationship.

  11. Lenore says:

    I thought he was pretty good looking til I saw that third picture, him on his own.

    Now I’m disturbed by his resemblance to Kevin Federline.

  12. Cinderella says:

    Gabriel Aubrey could have the worst flu day ever and still look 100x better than Federline.

  13. skibunny says:

    I’m with Annaloo on this one. He is gorgeous!
    I would go with age difference being the big factor here. Nine years is too much. He’s surrounded by young beautiful women all the time. Pretty tempting. Halle is beautiful too but still nine years older. Just my opinion.

  14. Celebuton says:

    Whenever you meet a person that says that he/she will never marry again..then you have a person with trust and insecurity issues (Halle). I say this cause I have those same issues. A relationship will never work until you overcome those fears.

  15. 2cents says:

    I never thought about that before, but you are right Lenore. He does look like a better version of Kevin!

    Any how, I don’t know who is at fault for the breakup! All I know is that he moved on quickly and Halle has another breakup notch under her belt and this time, she is a single mother. I’m sure this woman is suffering from depression at the rate she is going.

    II agree with the writer’s comment on what Halle could be like. I’m not sure if she knows/wants the amount of work it will take to sustain a relationship, never-mind being emotionally healthy enough to find and conduct one.

    I think her mom is a single mother herself and Halle may follow her footsteps. I think this will be the time where Halle could reach out to her mother even more for support.

  16. Carmelatta says:

    The woman has had 4 relationships in the last 14 years. That’s hardly an eyebrow raiser. How many men has Diaz and K. Hudson run through? I don’t understand why people are blowing a simple breakup way out of proportion. I certainly don’t understand how everyone has suddenly concluded that she’s defective and has all sorts of emotional issues. Those are usually apparent in high profile actresses. Halle acts and seems normal to me. She’s never been wild, clubbing, seen drunk or high or running after bad boy. She’s pretty tame and normal to me.

  17. Ann says:

    “Like the old saying goes, you show me a beautiful woman and i’ll show you a man tired of f***ing her.”

    Its the same for a beautiful man. Show me a beautiful man and I’ll show you a woman tired of fucking him.

  18. Whatever says:

    Hmm, if the new girl is that young it lends some credence to the story that he wanted someone younger. Just saying…

  19. whocares says:

    I agree wholeheartedly Carmelatta! You know what makes these comments even worse? That they are coming from women. COME ON. How many women do you know, relatives or friends, who are GREAT, lovely catches, who just cannot get a break? The men they are dating just always end up being flawed? Either by cheating or having committment issues?

    Are we seriously going to throw Halle under the bus when we know NOTHING about her private life? Because we do not. We have never seen her drunk and falling over, never heard any crazy statements that she has made; have never heard an ex malign her in any way. But because she is single again, all of a sudden she is messed up etc.

    As females we need to do better than this. I also know that a lot of women stay in relationships that are less than stellar just to say “I have got a man.”

  20. Marjalane says:

    Happy Friday to me! Luuurrrvvve seeing this man! A pox on anyone who compares him to K-fed.

    I think all the mag crap is just that: Crap. Neither of these two are giving info to the rags and if pretty boy Gabe is “seeing” someone, even in Canada- there would be pictures. I do however, think Halle is out there working the paps trying to get her face in the news- I mean come on, she paraded the baby all over town on Mothers Day! That was wierd!

  21. Snarf says:

    Didn’t Aubry break it off with Halle cause he wanted to see other people? That being said, I call BS on this story.

  22. Vajayjay says:

    I love you Halle.. But you prove my point when I tell my girlfriends, that it doesn’t matter how hot a woman is, when it comes to men….

  23. Deb says:

    At least he was honest and upfront….as far as we know anyway….about his feelings to move on. That is showing her more respect than any of her previous men.

  24. eternalcanadian says:

    “Gabriel wanted two things that Halle was never willing to give him: another baby and a wife. He had no choice but to look for a woman who could possibly make his dreams a reality, and now poor Halle is left with regrets.”

    Halle made it clear as a bell she wasn’t going to get married again. It is possible Gabriel thought he could live with that, but found out he couldn’t.

    I do understand Halle had lots of problems conceiving, but there are options if she really wanted to have more children. I mean look at Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker.

    I’ve said this before in other Halle-Gabriel posts. There is only so long a bloke will stick around when a gal like Halle is so rigid in her statements and from the sounds of it insecure.

    Yeah, he’s hot as heck and hangs around with skinny sharp-boned 20-year old models. He could have been with any of them any time, but he chose to be with Halle and was very aware how old she was, but she couldn’t accept that.

    So now she’s all boo-hoo that he indeed is doing what she feared he would–hook up with a much younger gal.

    Maybe Halle should have called up Juliet Mills who happens to have married a much younger hot as heck Maxwell Caufield and asked what the secrets are to keeping a younger guy interested. Oh, there’s Demi Moore and her boy toy. 😉

    Okay, who is next?

  25. RHONYC says:

    he wanted to marry her, expand their brood and move to canada.

    she refused hoping to still remain a hot commodity & keep her stake in hollywood competing with younger actresses, although:

    a. she’s an oscar winner
    b. she’s still hot a her age

    johnny depp moved to france and is still a hot ‘a’ list commodity.

    she could’ve moved to canada and come back to l.a. for work.

    poor halle let her insecurities f#$k up a perfectly great situation.

    she just couldn’t believe that someone that hot & in demand could want her for the long run.

    what a fool!

    he’ll move on to marry some hot thang and have her push out his pups up in canada.

    i believe this was her last chance. she’s ain’t upgradin’ from aubry. fuggitabout.

    sucks for the kid, tho. 🙁

  26. Red Folder says:

    Green is Good: Ooh-Fa. That man is TOO fine!

    Annaloo: I will still take his immature and petty ass… I mean, look at him.

    Agreed. Agreed. HOT DAYAM he is ridiculously handsome.

  27. original kate says:

    i’m with annaloo.

  28. nycmom10024 says:

    Rhonyc- you had me until the comparison with Depp. He is a man, they can work as actors forever just look around. Woman over 40 have more limited choices. woman of color over 40 (even oscar winners) have fewer choices.

    That is not a whine, just reality.

  29. snowball says:

    I’m a bad person. I can’t even get past that top picture.

    1. He’s pretty.
    2. She needed a better weave.
    3. She’s got saggy boobs.
    4. He’s pretty.
    5. When he puts his hand in his pockets..oooh.
    6. wha?

  30. RHONYC says:

    nycmom10024 –

    you may have a point, but still…

    some broads just don’t know when to step back from the limelight at the top of their game & just live.

    she’s acheived all that success, and still trying to be high in the game…ridiculous.

    she should take a cue from julia roberts:

    -buy a ranch (in canada)
    -fall back
    -& make like cortney novogratz and get 2 birthin’ a bunch of babies from that fine piece of a%s (who’s clearly packin’ a saw-off shotgun in pic # 1!).

    that’s all i’m sayin’ 🙂

  31. Roma says:

    All I got out of that article is that he’s looking for a hot young thing in Canada.

    I’m starting my Stalk Gabriel 2010 tonight!

  32. Chico says:

    He’s really attractive. I don’t think Hallie ever saw the relationship as long term. She met him as a model for a perfume ad? It just seemed like a relationship built more on physical attraction than anything else (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  33. gg says:

    He’s pretty ——– VACANT.

  34. Maritza says:

    Men get turned off when a woman is insecure, she should have gotten married and try to have another baby, if not possible then by surrogacy. The man is to gorgeous to let him go.

  35. mln says:

    I agree totally with RHONYC he wanted to marry her but when he realized he was only their to be eye candy he got restless

  36. alexandra says:

    “Halle is really screwed up about men and relationships, and always had in her head that she and Gabriel weren’t going to last forever”

    This my take on this. We often believe that the the fears from the past can succesfully predict the fears of the future. As a result it feels more important for us to predict that we are going to be miserable the next moment, and then find pleasure in being right.
    She lives in a circle of fear.

  37. Kazoo81 says:

    she looks hot in the first pic. and i love her with long hair.

    that’s all i got.

  38. WTF?!? says:

    God, they’re pretty people.

  39. Ka says:

    I’m with Maritza. Plus, I don’t think the guy is a douche.

  40. Leek says:

    Or she came on Celebitchy and read the comments, realized we were team Gabriel and then planted a story about him dating someone in her 20’s.

    He IS only in his early 30’s. Hardly a predator. I am though. I would totally make him my prey. Often.

  41. Dallas says:

    Good for him!

    I think there are things about Miss Halle we will never know. It sounds as though she has some demons that she has not dealt with and put to bed!

  42. Kara says:

    Unfortunately for Moms, when we give our babies all the attention and love in the first years somebody suffers…..and I think she hasnt even made a movie.Sometimes being a super mom backfires in the love dept. We know it, and you thought he would stick around for her to put on her heels and sexy dress????? No, she’s a mommy…

  43. Anti-icon says:

    Halle Berry is always the “example” I use when talking with friends about beautiful/insecure women. She has been very open about her broken hearts; and even her lack of a racial identity, and in how she talks about her men. I never got the impression she loved this guy nearly as much as she has loved in the past. Probably this broken heart/trust issue thing that plagues her—and actually many women, not just beautiful Halle. Good luck to her and to him and I hope the co-parenting goes smoothly cause that lil girl is precious.

  44. a says:

    Halley B is just ok – never really thought she was that great – just dark. She’s getting too old for his super hot ass — damn, I’m jealous of the 20 year old – he’d be great to ” ” with I bet.

  45. mimi says:

    hmm. Halle has diabetes.

    people with diabetes have anger issues.

    google it to see.

    Gabe is from Québec. we are not into marriage there. just living together as long as the couple gets along well.

    I think Halle is the one to blame.

  46. Orbit says:

    LOL @ GG. You’re saying no Mensa membership for their kid?

  47. thepickle says:

    Team Annaloo

  48. Carmelatta says:

    All this cackling you lonely hens are doing should be over soon. Since she’s done with him he can go back to being an irrelevent K-lister.

  49. Pete says:

    @Yelpsin: You don’t think women ever get tired of fu**ing even men who are, uh, pretty or successful? Seriously.

  50. Shane says:

    Trophy Husband relationships never end well.

  51. gabby says:

    i loved them together and i’m sad i won’t be treated to paparazzi pics of gabe anymore… but the man needs to spread his seed and beautify the planet.

  52. Ogechi says:

    Am with #1.

  53. Aussie Mama says:

    Her track record with men is crap.
    She /her camp always blame the guy.
    Don’t buy it for a second, i reckon it’s her.

  54. pumak says:

    great couple.. too bad

  55. Kim says:

    What is that hideous top she is wearing in picture one with her boobs falling out? why in past years has she been dressing like a slutty 20 year old? All her tops are super low cut or super short, tight leather skirts? Desperate attempt to seem young or to keep younger man? not sure but it chepaens her. She needs a stylist (or a new one).

  56. peter daily says:

    If you wanna stalk Gabe, just hang out on the golf course or the driving range…his drives always need work… he got what he wanted…then he realized all that glittered was not gold… how appropriate… and trust me.. although he’s immature… he doesn’t like young girls… for too long anyhow…

  57. Slymm27 says:

    They just got tired of each oda. Happens al d time!

  58. melody says:

    IF HALLE HAS SURVIVED 2 BAD REALATIONSHIPS ;SHE CAN ALSO SURVIVE THIS ONE , AND SHE HAS TO CONTINUE WITH HER LIFE . Nahla is her main interest . Ihope some day she realyy find the true love.

  59. sarah says:

    Hell I want to date him too

  60. Dani says:

    I never got the impression that he was all that into her and as for the whole Olivier Martinez thing, I don’t think he cares one way or another.

  61. Ya. I agree with you. I think the two of them would not last that long.