Jonathan Rhys Meyers is still drinking, still being an a-hole at airports

Jonathan Rhys Meyers loads groceries into his car after doing some shopping with girlfriend Reena Hammer

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is still drinking, and still causing problems at airports. That’s what Radar claims, with a source telling them about a recent incident involving Jonathan at New York’s JFK airport, “pounding drinks” and creating a big problem with his drunken, “belligerent” behavior. He was so bad that he was banned from flying, not just that day, but ever again on United Airlines.

I was trying to research to see just how many times Jonathan has been arrested, created disturbances or been a general drunken nuisance, and I get exhausted just looking at the incidents. At least one of those occasions came right after his mom died, so there’s that one. But there has been at least two more incidents. Also – I believe the count is at “three” for “Jonathan’s rehab stints”. Third time was not the charm.

Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers has had his fair share of run-ins at airports and a chronicled battle with alcohol. Now, a source has exclusively confirmed to that the actor has now been banned from flying United Airlines due to a recent drunken display.

According to a source at John F. Kennedy airport in New York, in early May Rhys Myers was booked on a United Airlines flight headed to Los Angeles. Despite the early morning departure time, airline workers noticed the actor “pounding drinks” in the first class lounge and becoming increasingly drunk and disorderly.

Rhys Myers then attempted to board the plane but was prohibited from flying due to “belligerent” and “disruptive” behavior that “was getting out of control.”

When contacted by, an official from United Airlines confirmed the story but refused to elaborate, citing passenger privacy laws.

The Tudors actor has a history of traveling misbehavior. In 2007, seven months after checking into rehab for the second time, he was arrested at Dublin airport and charged with being drunk and in breach of peace (the charges were later dropped). Then, in June 2009, three months after checking out of rehab the third time, he was arrested after allegedly attacking a number of staff at a bar in Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport.

[From Radar]

Look, I’m not so much of an a–hole that I don’t feel bad for the guy. He’s obviously an alcoholic who is really struggling. And I can mostly forgive some anger and drunken belligerence at airports, just because airports are horrible, and I always feel like I need a drink too. But after so many times, don’t you think Jonathan would wise up? That he would say to himself “If I go to this airport alone, I’m going to end up pounding drinks at the bar and I’ll just cause a disturbance, so I better bring a sober minder with me.”

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers loads groceries into his car after doing some shopping with girlfriend Reena Hammer

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  1. Ethel says:

    He sounds like he has a tremendous “Fear of Flying” along with an alcohol problem.

  2. Crash2GO2 says:

    Lord he’s beautiful. What a shame.

  3. Charlie Dia says:

    I can’t help but feel for the guy more than get tired of him. Been such a fan for a long time. Only so much of it you can blame on his childhood or what have you. Come on, Jonny. I’m rooting for you.

  4. Tia C says:

    It’s funny how we give him a pass, but we all criticize Lilo for pretty much equivalent behavior. 3 trips to rehab and still drinking? Sounds familiar…

    And Crash, ITA.

  5. flo says:

    I think his demons stem from the fact that he is gay and can not find the strength to come out and live who he is.
    He is a ortured soul drowning/numbing himself because he finds this tough to deal with.

  6. LindyLou says:

    I wholeheartedly volunteer to be his “sober minder”. I promise to take good care of him!!! He is so freakin hot!

  7. Jen says:

    He looks coked up in the first pic.

  8. mila says:

    He’s got a serious case of crazy eyes but I love him as Henry VIII, his performance I mean

  9. Dannii says:

    @ Tia, thank you for posting what i was thinking. considering the poor excuses for parents Lohan has i’m not surprised she turned out that way. yet she gets flack and Meyers gets a pass? just because he makes your pussy tingle is no excuse for double standards!

  10. Ophelia says:

    He’s an amazing actor. He really makes The Tudors, despite huge historical discrepencies. I miss Natalie Dormer though.
    He is really a hopelessly symmetrical man. Alcohol could really f*ck up his looks. He doesn’t get a pass from me on the alcoholism. He needs to get his shit together and go to a better rehab and figure out why he’s drinking so much.

  11. MingMing says:

    He’s so gorgeous and talented, it’s a real shame he’s on a bad track with alcohol and whatever else he’s doing.

  12. leilani3 says:

    I think there was a Blind Vice item about a male star who keeps getting kicked off planes.

  13. original kate says:

    maybe he needs to get really down, like rock bottom down before he gets better. everyone was ready to write off RDJ 5 years ago but he’s back, better than ever. i hope JRM can get it together. love the tudors, event hough it is basically a soap opera with crowns. and yeah…boyfriend is HOT.

  14. name says:

    Maybe he is scared of flying.

  15. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on in his mind. It’s common knowledge that you can’t get on a plane if you’re drunk. So…?

  16. Snarf says:

    Look at those eyes. Trust me, JRM’s problems don’t just stop with booze.

  17. Mairead says:

    He gets sympathy because he has something approaching a work ethic, hasn’t been accused of stealing his friends blind whilst being enabled by two cretins for parents and being determined to bring his sibling down with him.

    He is very talented, but there is so much wrong behind the scenes and the drink and drugs are damaging him in every way.

  18. gg says:

    Crazy drunken narcissist. I feel badly for him, but I’m also sick and tired of his BS. Giant Red Flag on this guy. And sometimes being a prettyboy creates a lot of very ugly problems, which is why I do not prefer babyfaced guys.

  19. Danielle says:

    I find him to be very creepy looking…I guess I am alone in this?

  20. Shay says:

    Lordy me…he is a hot hot man. (!!!!!!!!!)
    I’m going to blame you for posting those images!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  21. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:


  22. snowball says:

    You’d think whatever studio he’s currently working for or whatever agency he’s signed with would have someone glued to his butt when he has to fly, just to keep him out of trouble.

    I’m a Tudor geek, the series drove me so insane I had to stop watching it when it first started. I accidentally wandered into the middle of an episode a couple of weeks ago and it took me about fifteen minutes to figure out that this scrawny little guy was supposed to be the fat, aging Henry VIII, judging by the age I knew he was supposed to be by who his wife was.

    Danielle, no, you’re not.

  23. fran says:

    I love him. He is wonderful in the Tudors while looking nothing like the historical figure. He’s aged a lot this year though and will look pretty rough at the end based on photos they’ve been showing. No excuses just because he’s talented and gorgeous. But it’s really sad, just like it’s sad for anyone with this problem. I’m pulling for him.

  24. canadianchick says:

    A cute drunk, wonder if he’s gay also and drowning it out. Hope he gets help and hope he gets his butt thrown in jail if he keeps boozing *throwing a side eye at you Lindsay Lohan*

  25. sdcs says:

    He was excellent in Matchpoint. Really good.

    And a fine job with August Rush, too.

    He’s good, definitely solid. Could become great someday.

    And definitely hot.

    Too bad so many demons in the closet, though.

  26. westcoaster says:

    He is Gay????? Hmmm , my brother and him would make a cute couple

  27. Anti-icon says:

    He is so dang cute. He doesn’t ever court the press, he only gets it from being drunk all the time. He reminds me of Keifer Sutherland. I guess I just like drunks, because I like them both, and wish them both sobriety, like now dudes.

  28. Kevin says:

    He’s the budget Eric Roberts.

  29. Ohforf says:

    Tia, the difference is, he is a functional alcoholic. He’s not dropping work, or missing shoots or any of that crap that Lilo does, as a result of her binges. He’s an alcoholic, no doubt. Perfectly capable of meeting his contractual obligations though it seems. It’s like comparing apples and drunken whores who can’t keep a paying job.

  30. Aitch says:

    I think he is a very troubled individual. But the diff. with Lilo is she couldn’t even show up on the set at the right time or not at all etc etc. Now she can’t even get employed.

  31. Jessica says:

    Jonathan was drunk May 7 at JFK and after calling an African-American employee a N####R, he was banned from flying UAL.

  32. marielle says:

    Apparently it was before 7am, he was drinking Vodka and used the “N” word. I do think he’s handsome but find his performances very one-note, especially Henry VIII, who was purportedly more like Robert Shaw in “A Man for All Seasons”. JRM has gotten a bit better, but unrelenting shouting, glowering and brow-creasing comprise the bulk of his acting in “The Tudors”. He’s still showing up for work now but if he doesn’t stop drinking, it will progress; it always does.

  33. katykay says:

    He has a heart condition from birth but he still smokes a load and drinks like a fish doesnt eat healthy, hmmmm he is only human. I wouldn’t be surprised if he keels over soon.

  34. katykay says:

    I was just reading through some comments and Yes he is messing up at work they had to banned alcohol on the set of the Tudors, someone had to carry him out of a party after the Golden Globes, he missed a Hugo shoot because he was “sick” and a Hugo appearance later to be seen partying that night and took off and disappeared at an another party/appearance his “people” couldn’t even find him for like 2 days. He left that party/appearance with Lindsay Lohan so I have a feeling this guy is another fallen star in the making…. too much, too soon can’t handle fame feels to entitled like a “KING”. Its a shame because he is a talent fairly good looking when edited right on print and its sad it really is. I just wanted to add I don’t think he is racist because if he were he wouldn’t be with Reena Hammer she is of color and darker then most blacks I know, I think he is just messed up in the head……

  35. becky says:

    i believe he needs more help not just about his mother dieing but, other prombles with himsleve he needs presonal help like with his drinking prombles.

  36. Ashley Boyle says:

    Hey maybe he just likes drinking and speaking his mind. If he was a regular person no one would give a shit. As for rehab that’s for quitter’s lol.From one fellow alcoholic flier to another and if any of you have flown Ryan air you’ll vouch this you need to be buzzed to get through those carnival rides. Good on Ya

  37. Melian says:

    All these famous people are like tombs.
    They look so gorgeous at the outside, but when you go to the inside you throw up from the bad smell.