Did Britney and Kevin spend the weekend together?

Britian’s The Sun, which we do not trust, is reporting that Britney and Kevin spent the weekend together and that Britney is upset that Kevin wants to make a movie that glorifies his psuedo-gansta past, similar to “8 Mile,” except “8 Mile” was moderately accurate:

BRITNEY Spears is fuming after discovering hubby Kevin Federline is to make a film about his life.

K-Fed, 28, plans to portray himself in the same mould as Eminem in 8 Mile — a tough rapper who’s risen from the streets.

But Britney, 24, fears he is going to cash in by dishing the dirt on their troubled relationship. A source said: “Britney has heard that Federline is working on a script and trying to get funding for the film.

She is really upset. Britney fears Kevin just wants to promote himself at her expense to further his career.”

The couple have grown increasingly distant. But Britney, above, is desperate to save the marriage before their second child arrives in the autumn.

She and Kevin spent the night in a hotel suite in Laguna Beach, California, at the weekend — and continued talking the next day.


Now, if Britney and Kevin spent the weekend together, why do they mention it as an afterthought? They haven’t been photographed together in over two months and this would be huge news. The paparazzi follow them everywhere and there’s no way this part of the story is true.

It might be true that Kevin is planning a film based on his life though. That sounds like the sort of thing the incompetent rapper would try. He claims to have been in a gang in Fresno, California, but he was vague and declined to give details because there aren’t any.

“A lot of my people got locked up; a lot of my people are dead. I’m not gonna sit here and get into details about what I did.”

“I’m not gonna sit here and say that I’m this grimy, gutter, gangsta. But I have been on the hustle.”

Kevin, you’ve only hustled for Britney’s money, and that’s pretty inventive of you but it doesn’t really make you capable of a film career beyond the unwatchable “Chaotic.”

In related news, a couple of days ago we reported that Britney was going to design baby clothes. It’s probably true because sleuths at Socialite’s Life discovered that Britney has trademarked her infant son’s name, Sean Preston, suggesting that she’s planning a line of clothing under his name.

Here are outtakes from Britney’s magazine spread for Glamour UK. The official pictures came out in early May of this year. [via]

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  1. millie says:

    Oh, NOOOO! I hope they won’t get back together.
    Love the first three pix, hate the hat!

  2. las says:

    Note how none of the pics go below the collarbone. Evidently she knows how rotten she looks on camera.

    A movie about his LIFE? Is he living on Planet Federline where people CARE?