How Photoshopped is Angelina Jolie on the new ‘Salt’ poster?


Angelina Jolie just couldn’t let Jennifer Aniston have the only grossly Photoshopped face this week. Angelina is a Photoshop-thunder-stealer. She is a ‘Shop-wrecker. Anyway, this is the newest poster for Jolie’s movie Salt. The first poster (below) was just of Angelina’s face, off-kilter, in the black wig. In this one she’s still got the wig, but they’ve done something to her eyes and upper lip. She looks like Alien Jolie. Like Angelina mixed with Xenu. Xenolie? Xenulina?

It looks like Angelina Jolie may have gotten a little work done — via Photoshop — in a just-released new poster for her action flick Salt.

The 34-year-old actress and mom’s face appears dramatically different in the new image for the film, which premieres July 23 in the U.S.

The film centers around Evelyn A. Salt (Jolie) a rogue CIA operative trying to clear her name. The part of Salt was originally written for a man: Tom Cruise.

“She’s a character you never know,” producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura previously told USA Today. “People who think they know the real her may or may not. Those who think they can tell whether she’s in a disguise also may or may not.”

[From Us Weekly]

Is this the worst Photoshop of the week? I don’t know, it’s only Tuesday Wednesday (whatever). What is going on lately with the poster-makers and they’re masturbatory Photoshop adventures? Personally, I don’t find this one as frighteningly offensive as the Sex & the City disasters, where the ladies honestly look like cartoons, but this is not good.

Here’s the trailer for Salt:


Salt posters courtesy of Filmofilia.

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  1. Rachel says:

    She looks like Jennifer Garner as Elektra.

  2. Chico says:

    The wonders of Photoshop! They turn perfectly ok-looking people and turn them into demon aliens. All in the name of “perfection.” What progress!

  3. guesty says:


  4. Annicka says:

    Oh my god she’s like some kind of alien monster. Isn’t Photoshop supposed to make you look better?

  5. Morgs says:


  6. gillie says:

    nasolabial folds like that with such hollow cheeks? dubious.

  7. kim says:

    its wednesday isnt it?

  8. Morgs says:

    They even photoshopped her heinous wig. Dear lord, please let this chick age out sooner than later.

  9. rk. says:

    ‘Who is Salt?’ is such a stupid tag line

  10. lena says:

    is anyone really suprised?? they photoshop everything now a days

  11. lucy2 says:

    Wow, that is some crazy photoshopping. Not quite Sex and the City crazy, but really ridiculously overdone. She totally looks like an alien or some sort of bad plastic surgery victim in that poster.

    Photoshop used to be about smoothing out a few wrinkles, making the skin tone even, and hiding any little blemishes. Now it’s about making stars into unrecognizable cartoons?

  12. Si says:

    The poster looks like an advert for a computer game!!

  13. seVen says:

    I love me some Angelina but DAAAAAAMN… they ruined her.. ick.

  14. meme says:

    i hate the idea that this bitch will have another big summer hit.

  15. koliber says:

    Salt – movie where Jolie tries to convince me that she’s just Angelina Jolie pretending to be Russian spy by playing dress up in a series of bad wigs.

  16. dee says:

    They really messed up the mouth area. It looks like a drawing and less like a picture of a human. Really weird. I like the older poster better, at least it looks like Angelina.

  17. trishy says:

    she looks like an anime character. ugh.

  18. WTF?!? says:

    This isn’t even in the same league as Aniston’s. That was touch-up, this is removing every feature of the face and re-placing it, a la SATC. Actually, if you look at both, what they did to AJ looks very, very similar to what they did to SJP.


  19. Melanie says:

    She’s a character you never know,” producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura previously told USA Today. “People who think they know the real her may or may not. Those who think they can tell whether she’s in a disguise also may or may not.”
    Is this producer drunk? I think so or I may not.

  20. nenasiek says:

    she kinda looks like lucy lawlwess in the beginning of the trailer

  21. Majosha says:

    Damn, she looks terrible! I showed my husband and he recoiled in horror.

  22. denise says:

    Terrible, but not worse than SaraH jessica parker on her sex and the city 2 poster. :(

  23. koliber says:

    @meme:not necessarily

    July, 16: Inception, Warner Bros.
    July, 16: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Buena Vista

    July, 23: Dinner for Schmucks, Paramount Pictures
    July, 23: Salt, Sony/Columbia
    July, 23: Ramona and Beezus, 20th Century Fox

    have faith!

  24. a says:

    in the first poster her nose and cheekbones are so photoshopped she looks like sharon stone in a wig!

  25. original kate says:

    agree she looks like an anime character.

  26. voiceover says:


  27. truthSF says:

    Damn, talk about turning someone’s beautiful face alien-like and ugly as hell!!

    Just like there are terms for barbers being scissor-happy, their should be sayings for photographers and graphic artists as being Photoshop-happy.

  28. voiceover says:

    This show looks like every other blase action movie all rolled into one, topped with a terrible wig and too many shots of jolie’s emaciated rib-cage. I liked her work in “A Mighty Heart”, but this looks like drivel. @koliber: I forgot that Inception comes out at the same time! I’m excited for Leo and Ellen Page in that one…

  29. alibeebee says:

    she is photoshopped to inch of her life! Ha ha ah ah aha this is too funny. Shame on you photoshop shame on you.

  30. julie says:

    i agree with dee. it looks almost cartoonish or drawn. nothing against jolie but it looks awful.

  31. sasha says:

    Dayum! She doesn’t even look like she did before all the surgeries. I would absolutely not have recognised who that person was supposed to be.

  32. sdcs says:

    IT’s perfect, b/c the robotic thing is being hoisted upon us daily-preparing us for our future techno/robotic/virtual world.

    so, yea,t he celebs just do a great job of selling us this concept-
    everything’s fake, technically enchanced or altered, and gradually implementing the idea that this is desireable/progress.

    I can’t wait. It’s going to be great. *sarcasm*

  33. d says:

    Bah, I must counter all this negativity with some unabashed admiration for the Jolie. I don’t care about her or her personal life, or how they change or mess up her looks with makeup or photoshop or airbrushing (to answer the question, I think it’s just make up and airbrushing and it goes on ALL THE TIME, GET OVER IT!). I just find her really watchable in movies, fun to see on film, and I will watch anything with her in it, however bad or good it is (and she’s been in some stinkers). Go ahead and hate/insult/make fun of me, I don’t care! I enjoy her movies – they are a guilty pleasure! And I don’t hate Aniston either (b/c that’s bound to come up). Apples and oranges, etc.

  34. v says:

    Why must she be called a “bitch” what has she done to you?

  35. meme says:

    @v – who said she ‘must’ be called a bitch? i called her a bitch because, well, i don’t like her and i felt like it. that is all.

  36. Green Is Good says:

    Never mind who is Salt, who’s the Asian chick on the poster?

  37. SammyHammy says:

    Wow, meme, you sound extremely jealous! Why do you allow an actress you have never met and probably never will meet to upset you so much?

    I mean, I can’t stand Sean Penn, but I don’t get emotional about it. I just don’t watch his movies.

  38. meme says:

    yes, that’s it SammyH. i am a fat jealous loser beeyotch. isn’t everyone who can’t stand saint angie ho?

  39. Missfit says:

    The truth about Jolie is that she’s a beautiful person in real life, even in paparazzi pics and with no makeup, she’s beautiful, so in all reality, she doesn’t even need photoshop. They only made her look worse in these photos. AND the good thing about her is that she’s actually a good and very talented actress, she can play just about anything and I like that about her. So I guess it’s ok for other actors to play Russians in a movie, but not her cause she’ll get shitted on? If you have talent in acting, I believe you can act out just about anything and she has improved from when she first started acting, unlike some actresses in Hollywood, do the SAME SHIT. I’m not saying all the actresses are bad, but most are and then there are the talented ones such as this. She’s one of my favorite actresses any damn way, I like her as a person…and what???

  40. simone says:

    Xenolie? Xenulina?

  41. simone says:


  42. Chris J says:

    Photoshop has gotten to the point where you can’t even tell who it is you’re looking at. Jeebus.

  43. Jayne says:

    The photo shop doesn’t really bother me. This kick ass role she plays over and over is really getting old.

    I doubt that Angelina can morph into her character and we forget that she is Brangelina with 6 kids and a circus life.

  44. kim says:

    Out of 40 movies she has payed a kick ass role in Tomb Raider, Wanted, Mr and Mrs Smith and Salt.In the last 4 years she has played the wife of an agent in The Good Shephard,A Murdered Journalist Wife in AMH,A mother of a missing child in Changeling, Mother Of Beowulf, A tiger in KFP and and an assasin in Wanted so she has been in action adventures, dramas and animated films everything but romcoms.Diverse films IMO

  45. Anastasia says:

    They were obviously going for a certain look, like a video game female super hero. . It’s not meant to look entirely like a human being. If they were truly going to photoshop her, they obviously wouldn’t have taken it over the top like that. Relax….really, it’s no big deal.

  46. Shawna says:

    This isn’t photoshop to make her look younger or thinner. This is photoshop to make her look more mysterious. Someone had a VERY good idea, IMHO, to make us do a second take to see who it was…isn’t that the point? Good job.

  47. Sally says:

    Agree with Jayne, Brangelina (both) are aged out and were never that great to begin with.

    She chose the goat, the six kids and the anorexia and is now too old looking and frail to compete with action stars like Jessica Alba or Megan Fox.

    To those complaining about the photoshop – what should they rather do – put a real photo of the “worlds most beautiful woman” according to the tabloids and have her looking twenty years older than her actual age, and frail as well.

    She and Brad need to go home and raise their kids. The movie world won’t miss them much

  48. Anon says:

    Jayne, I totally agree that Jolie as the kick ass spy is really getting old. She might have been able to pull off action heavy roles like that back in the Tomb Raider days, but in her current emaciated state who does she think she is kidding? I bet she has trouble getting through daily life tasks, let alone the stunts the movie will try to make us believe she’s capable of.

    As for the photoshopping – no comparison at all to the Aniston pic: Jolie doesn’t even remotely resemble herself and is completely cartoonish. The Smartwater ads were the normal touch ups, this is SATC2 territory.

  49. v says:

    I think they photoshopped it like this to make it more like an action type thing I guess…I don’t like it at all, she is beautiful, I don’t think she has the kind of face that likes heavy make up at all…because she is naturally exotic looking. Maybe her body needs the photoshop, but not her face.

  50. Sally says:

    The thing is I agree with Anon, and can we stop comparing her to Jennifer Aniston.

    Lets compare her to other action stars like Megan Fox or Jessica Alba and who honestly believes she could kick anybody’s a$$.

    LOL @ the loons always saying she got Brad and “happiness”. “Happiness” brought anorexia and six kids doesn’t look or sound that great to me

  51. Janeth says:

    La Jolie looks like a drag-queen version of herself, like an anime drag-queen. lol

  52. Camille says:

    What the hell! That doesn’t even look like her. Talk about photoshop taken too far! Yikes.

  53. Beth says:

    I wonder why they photoshopped this poster to death. She looked fine in the other posters. Maybe this was supposed to be the cover of a videogame?

  54. Sally says:

    Its fine to play a part over and over but then one has to LOOK the part.

    Jolie looks like the grandmother of the woman in Tomb Raider.

    This film should have been called. “Tomb Raider: The revenge of the grandmother”

  55. lisa says:

    OMG.. this is a poster..not a picture. She has nothing to do with this.. MAN. the woman is beautiful. I think more so in candid shots. But whatever. I don’t like the poster because for Angelina it was and is not necessary..

    Can’t wait for this movie..

  56. archiepelago says:

    I can’t take her seriously as an actress anymore (which is a shame because she is very watchable). Her and Brad are just media cartoons to me now. I much prefer watching the up and comers or unknowns because I can get into the movie and I’m not taken out of it by the latest celebrity gossip and nonsense which is pretty much everywhere you turn these days.

  57. Charity is Chic says:

    Don’t fret meme. This is from an article in the Daily Beast today about why stars are no longer selling.

    “Even at the box office, where ticket sales are up year over year, the biggest star vehicles are falling flat. Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, and Mel Gibson’s most recent projects have all been commercial disappointments. Same for Angelina Jolie. In the last five years, only two of her films have crossed the $100 million mark, and the biggest hit of those was Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which seemed to play off of her reported affair with Brad Pitt, who was married to Jennifer Aniston when the film was made.”

  58. fizXgirl314 says:

    I am sort of indifferent to Angelina Jolie… but all the zealots make me want to hate her… I’m with meme on this one, down with the bitch… don’t like the loonies get you down!

  59. gossip_ho says:


  60. Shay says:

    She looks like a young Jacqueline Bisset in the first poster.
    Let’s face it, no actress has Angelina’s face. She is the prettiest actress in Hollywood.

  61. teri says:

    Can’t wait to see this movie and no I don’t like the way they photoshopped her.

  62. Jennifer says:

    Wow, I didn’t even recognize her in that first photo!

  63. lucy2 says:

    Looking at it again, the first poster sort of reminds me of when Lara Flynn Boyle jacked her face all up.

    The second poster is really fake looking too. Jolie has very pretty eyes, but even those they faked. Why?

    The trailer looks OK. I don’t care for her much in dramatic roles, but in action she’s alright. This looks like a Bourne Identity type of film, but some of the stunts look a bit over the top and unrealistic, which unless it’s a superhero film, takes me out of it a bit. I might watch it on DVD.

    I have to laugh though, the trailer shows her dying her hair black, yet the dark hair looks like a really cheap wig for most of the trailer. The blonde wig looks pretty bad too, and neither are a good look for her.

  64. Ana says:

    Why would they mess with her nose? She has an awesome nose.

  65. sage says:

    Now don’t get me wrong- I’d go full on lesbo for Angelina, but this is just plain stupid.

    I think its hilarious that people are insulted by meme using the word bitch on her. What if I said she’s a hot little bitch and a humanitarian bitch-saint? Does that work?

  66. Visitor says:

    One question: Why?

    What is the point to this much photo shopping? I just don’t get it.

  67. DiMi says:

    It’s not just that she looks like an anime character, it’s that she looks like an anime version of a completely different person. She doesn’t even look like herself. The nose is insane.

  68. mojoman says:

    The production must have ran out of budget so they called Maddox to help with the photoshopping.

  69. Larissa says:

    I miss the 80´s and its crappy movie posters

  70. Jimmy Dean says:

    “…a rogue CIA operative trying to clear her name.”

    Yawn. Zzzzzzzzzz.

    Hey Hollywood, are you that bereft of imagination?

  71. Anne says:

    AAAHHHH!!!! We are being invaded by Aliens wearing wigs!! Run for your life. You couldn’t pay me to see this movie. Well you could but it better be at least a grand. It sounds awful.

  72. Ashley says:

    Does she do any movies that dont involve her holding a gun and pretending to be some bad ass? Hate her!

  73. Just my opinion says:

    I love these types of movies, so I’ll see this. And, I think Angelina is the only one in Hollywood who looks ok with a gun (even as skinny as she is). For some reason, she can seem both dangerous and pretty. None of the other femmes in Hollywood can do that.

    Plus, I think the rom-com genre is more stereotyped than this one. There’s a million rom-com queens and they are all bad vesions of Julia, Sandra or Meg. Now, those movies, I never watch–they are a dime a dozen.

  74. Kim says:

    Can’t wait for the movie. AJ one of the rare movie stars whose salary isn’t deffered Google ” new york times article movie stars, big money deferred”

  75. Mistral says:

    What’s the point of this much photoshop? It looks so strange.

  76. Cabos says:

    Well, that’s why they put her name that big on the poster. So we would have an idea of who the heck that is.

  77. mrbaskums says:

    Yes but when it’s SJP or Aniston getting photoshopped Celebitchy has a freakin field day, as if no other celebrity or movie poster has ever been ‘shopped before. The worst part about it is the discrimination towards women that is often shown on this site. How about Celebitchy focus on the next MALE lead movie poster and see if it’s been ‘shopped. That’s if Kaiser can pull her head out of Jolie’s backside first.

  78. julia says:



  79. Nick says:

    You missed that they actually photoshopped her face in the trailer, too. check out the pre-photoshop at 26 seconds:
    vs. the photoshopped version, again at 26 seconds:
    Good times.

  80. Mike says:

    She looks like my asshole!