Britney Spears has a meltdown at Disneyland, hacks off her hair

Britney Spears Pays Her Lawyer A Visit!

In Touch Weekly has a long, detailed story about Britney Spears having yet another breakdown/meltdown, this time on Mother’s Day. Britney and her boyfriend Jason Trawick had made arrangements (with the help of Jamie Spears) for Britney and her sons to go to Disneyland, have a private audience with Mickey Mouse, sit front-row for a fireworks display and generally get VIP treatment everywhere. But everything went to hell.

When they checked into the Disneyland Hotel, it looked like Britney and Jason has just had an argument. With the boys in another room with their nannies, Britney locked herself into her hotel room.

“She started out crying hysterically and refused to go out,” an insider shares. “Jason and the boys were left sitting with the nanny all day. They never got to meet Mickey Mouse.”

That night, things went from bad to worse when Britney ordered scissors sent to her room and began cutting off her hair. The insider says: “When the cleaners came to the room, so much hair had been flushed down the toilet, it was blocked.”

Sadly, strange scenes like that one are becoming more and more typical. On May 1, she paid a local tattoo artist $5,000 to ink a red crown on her butt, a pal shares, to show “she’s the ruler of her life.” It hasn’t helped.

Britney’s relationship with Jason is more tumultuous than ever, and even her dad has been away lately.

“Jamie’s spent the last two weeks in Louisiana and only checks in with Britney by phone… he is basically relying on her staff to look after her.” Feeling unloved, Britney has begun acting out.

“If things keep going the way they are, she is headed for something very bad.”

[From In Touch, print edition]

Again. She is headed for something very bad again. On one side, I will say again, I feel for Britney because I believe she has some very genuine mental/emotional/psychological problems. On the other side, I want her to know herself well enough to get help, and to really put in the effort to be healthy and put her sons’ interests ahead of her own. With that story of her cutting off her hair in the bathroom, all I thought was “What a petty, self-absorbed little drama queen.” But I’m open to the possibility that she could have seriously been having a breakdown. Ugh… I wonder if it would help if people stopped treating her with kid gloves? I mean, if you didn’t know she was mentally ill, and she locked herself in a room and ordered scissors, wouldn’t you just call the cops? Maybe that’s what they should do next time.

Also: I think the source for this story must be either one of Britney’s bodyguards or one of her sons’ nannies. It’s so detailed, and it seems true, like there was a genuine eyewitness.

Here are some recent photos of Britney with her hair looking hacked off:

Britney Spears Goes For A Ride With Her Bodyguard!

Britney Spears Goes For A Ride With Her Bodyguard!

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  1. teri says:

    She was doing so good, wishing her happiness and close friends who’ll be there for her.

  2. Kimber says:

    Oh no! Brit Brit, I was rooting for you!

  3. Marjalane says:

    Trust. Somewhere along the way she has stopped either taking her medication, or they’ve tried to reduce it, or it’s been changed. I see this all the time at work and it’s tragic. In my opinion Britney is bi-polar, and you don’t get better from that; Even though you think you’re better and want to ease off your drugs- you can’t. Your moods swing back worse than before. If Dad has been gone for a bit and Britney has decided to self- medicate, there’s potential for disaster. Very sad, indeed.

  4. Persistent Cat says:

    So a hotel should call the cops when someone orders scissors? And I wouldn’t call her a drama queen for that. She did it privately. Drama queens do nothing privately.

  5. Azurea says:

    Her hair doesn’t look hacked-off to me. It looks like she got a new hairstyle, (a great improvement) and that someone made up a sensational story to explain it, which I don’t believe.

  6. CiCi says:

    i agree with Azurea. It looks like a nice haircut! So much better than that those dreaded extensions.

  7. malame says:

    she looks unhappy

  8. d says:

    Oh man, I wish her the best. It is sad and with others, it does seem like she has a real problem and I hope people don’t pick on her and kick her when she’s down. Very sad. I wish people from her camp would shut up too; they’re not helping! If she can’t trust anyone, how is she supposed to feel good?

  9. lem says:

    yea how does her hair look hacked off in those pics? you can barely see her hair!

  10. Lilou says:

    OMG… I love how people assume the story is true, just because “it’s Britney and she is crazy”.

    I doubt the story is true, because there were picture of her kids in DisneyLand. So the part “the kid stayed in the room and never saw Mickey” is full of sh*t.

    Therefore, I don’t think the rest is real!

    What upset me is that, because it’s Britney, no one takes the time to double check the story.

    And if its true (which I doubt), it’s beyond sad and dramatic. Britney deserves a calm life…

  11. GatsbyGal says:

    Breakdown of not, she still acted like a crazy spoiled bitch and ruined her sons’ special day at Disney. When you can kids, it can’t be all about you and how you’re feeling and your needs all the time anymore. She needed to just suck it up, deal, let her children have a fun day, THEN come home and chop off her hair. I’ve very little sympathy for her. She just refuses to grow up…which wouldn’t be SO bad, except she’s got boys that need a mom.

    PS – To everyone saying “this looks like a nice haircut,” when a child mauls their hair with scissors, you take them to the barber and ask them to make something decent out of the mess. That’s probably exactly what they did with Britney.

  12. Q says:

    Kaiser, everyone wants to believe people with mental illness can get it together for their kids, their friends, etc. Sadly, many can’t. I see the hair cutting as either her go-to method of destroying the Pretty Britney in the mirror – making the outside match the inside, a way of saying “you only love me because i’m pretty” – or a cry for help, knowing that the last time she did it, everyone finally came running to help her. In any event, it’s so f^&*ing annoying that her father is caring for her from a distance, and has hired people so dumb that they hand her a pair of scissors when she’s depressed. UGH. NOT HELPING.

  13. LindyLou says:

    It looks like a mullet wig to me…

  14. Q says:

    BTW, I do actually like the shorter haircut. Just maybe not the reasons for it.

  15. Wif says:

    I believe it. Poor thing, I wish she’d get help. With her youth fading things are just going to get worse.

  16. Lauren says:

    This story sounds so fake to me. Britney got her hair cut short and In Touch took it as an opportunity to print more gossip. I highly doubt any of her staff would leak a story like this knowing that Jamie would have them fired without thinking twice. I wish she would just move out of LA and focus on her boys and starting a life outside of Hollywood.

  17. anjasmomma says:

    I feel really bad for Britney. I hope she can find happiness.

  18. Larissa says:

    @LindyLou : Totally looks like a mullet wig!

  19. Zelda says:

    If anything, maybe this will stop the insanely delusional fans who keep insisting that “Brit’s doin soooo good! Comeback! She luks hawt! Rock on Brit!” etc.
    Girl hasn’t been anything but a hot mess since 2007. If people would aknowledge that instead of being happy that a mentaly ill woman is doing an exhausting world tour, maybe she’s finally get the help she needs.

  20. Ophelia says:

    I hope she’s ok. You can’t just “suck it up” when you’re mentally ill. Nobody says that to cancer patients and I have no idea why it’s ok to say that about the mentally ill. I’m sure she didn’t intend to “ruin” her kids’ birthdays. If this story is true. She’s trying, give her a break.
    Also, her hair kind of looks like it’s just pulled back.

  21. meme says:

    Very harsh, Kaiser. BritBrit has not had an easy time of it and she’s been whored out by her parents since she was a kid. She has serious mental/emotional issues and is NOT a drama queen. She seems so unhappy. It’s sad.

  22. whocares says:

    Grow up already!!! Jeeez!!! Someone needs to snatch those kids and send them back to their father ASAP before she does something stupid to them! She needs to just stop acting like a spoiled, dumb ass beotch already and grow up!

  23. moi says:

    Mental/depressive diseases are VERY debilitating. I hope she can find a balance in her life, through medication, lifestyle changes, therapy, etc. God knows she’s been given the means to do it.

  24. Marjalane says:

    So who said any of those pictures were after the haircut anyway?

  25. OXA says:

    Besides taking the medications Britney needs a really good shrink. She also has to get that she accountable for her actions that hurt her kids emotional well being.

  26. Samantha says:

    She needs to get out of the spotlight for a while and get her stuff together. They need to stop pushing her to perform and get her the help she needs. I feel bad for her..I wish there was someone in her vicinity who cared about HER and not about her wallet.

  27. kia says:

    I really think that all of this is a result of bad Project Monarch programming. It is NO coincidence that she melted down in Disneyland, the place that is huge in programming/trauma to PM victims. Also, their programming usually starts to break down around age 30, so she’s right on schedule. Her “bipolar disorder”, along with her other issues is likely just her alters coming out, she was probably triggered by being in Disneyland. I’ve never been a fan of hers, I always thought she was a cornpone mouth-breathing moron but I DO feel bad for her. This sh*t is no joke, google it and see.

    And her children DID NOT miss out on anything by not seeing Disneyland. Not like they have a chance to not be PM victims themselves, but hopefully their mother’s meltdown spared them the trauma for at least a little longer. I know I will never take my child to ANY Disney thing, knowing what I know about it….

  28. sharylmj says:

    She looks so sad in these pictures. I really hope this story is not true. She looks great in some pictures yesterday with her mom and she was wearing a red dress. I don’t know if they were actually taken yesterday, probably not.
    There were some really cute shots of her boys at Disneyland, but they did say the boys were there with their nannies on mother’s day, which I thought was kind of wierd that she wasn’t with them. SO maybe something bad did happen.

  29. gen says:

    Let’s not forget this is In Touch we’re talking about. Who really knows if its true or not.
    And the boyfriend should have taken the kids to Disney anyway. Not fair they get to miss out cuz their mom is having a mental breakdown.

  30. CandyKay says:

    I’m reading Gerald Clarke’s great Judy Garland biography right now.

    Judy and Brittany have a lot in common – natural performers who became child stars who became emotionally unstable adults.

    Judy also went through several Kevin Federline/Jason Trawick type lovers – one particularly poor husband was also her manager. At the point I’ve reached in the book – about three years before her death – Judy has repeatedly tried to kill herself and is screaming into a tape recorder about how everyone has betrayed her.

  31. Jillian says:

    @Lem, you can tell those are extensions. I saw some other pics from this same day where you can see her real hair on the top of her head. It’s only 2 or 3 inches long and the rest looks like plastic Barbie doll hair.

  32. Deb says:

    Her thyroid is out of whack. You can see it in her eyes. Check out her throat area in some of the pictures, she may have a goiter.

  33. Raven says:

    Her hair not cut its in a ponytail If you go to popsugar page 3 or 4 they have photos of her and her mom going to their car. You get a good look at her form the side. Not cut just a new hair style thank god she really need one.

  34. original kate says:

    so she cut her hair herself – big whoop. i’ve cut my own hair a few times, much to my hairdresser’s dismay. what gal hasn’t thought “i’ll just trim this one little bit” and grabbed the scissors? not saying it’s a good idea but it doesn’t mean she’s having breakdown #2. on the other hand, she does always look either sad or manic. i hope she is staying with her meds.

  35. jen says:

    May 21st, 2010 at 12:11 pm
    I hope she’s ok. You can’t just “suck it up” when you’re mentally ill. Nobody says that to cancer patients and I have no idea why it’s ok to say that about the mentally ill.

    Thank you Ophelia. Great point, and sorely needed in this discussion. I don’t know if this story is true or not, but I have to say, chopping off her hair like that (and like the time she shaved it off) could be a different form of self harming, or it could be some sort of obsessive compulsion. I’ve gone through periods where my anxiety gets so bad I take the scissors and start chopping, too. I have NO idea why, I just know it’s one way the anxiety manifests itself. I had VERY short hair for YEARS for this very reason.

    Anyway again, who knows if it’s true, but the hair thing, I can relate to, and Britney does have a mental illness (I agree it’s probably BP) so it just wouldn’t surprise me at all. Hope she gets help again and starts feeling a bit better.

  36. cara says:

    it’s those f*&king extensions!!! she’s tired, bored and done with the whole pop star scene it seems. poor girl. she probably HAS to work to keep paying sh*t, lawyers, Kfed, lawyers again, managers, leases, taxes, etc. poor thing. Just IMAGINE her debt. I think she’d be happy taking 5mil and just leaving the scene for good.

  37. Eileen Yover says:

    I hate to sound like a total bitch but I think her “mental problems” stem from her complete lack of maturity and having her every wish met on a platinum platter since she was a child. When you’re a 14 year old living inside a 30 (or however old) old’s body and you get mad or frustrated, you throw a fit. And if your totally and irreversibly spoiled rotten you act out to the max. Like cutting off your hair or taking the kids….because she can always buy hair and I’m sure she loves her sons in the best way she can-but there’s a reason why children aren’t suppose to procreate.

  38. cara says:

    and I think I read her pop’s ma killed herself… cannot deny genetics! poor thing.

  39. djork says:

    She’s mentally ill. And controlled by a father who was a co-conspirator in pushing her into show business when she was a child. She’s forced to work non-stop. I have never seen a photo of her smiling or looking remotely like she is enjoying herself. She must be incredibly wealthy. How much more money does her family need?

  40. Hijinx says:

    You may be right on PM. I’ve been reading up on it and recently saw only a few videos so far.
    It is not too far fetched.

  41. Maritza says:

    She looks better with shorter hair. I thought she had broken up with this guy weeks ago. Anyway who can blame him, she is a nut case. At least she is not cutting herself. I feel sorry for those kids,good thing she has nannies taking care of them.

  42. EB says:

    @ CandyKay – That biography is really great. I enjoyed it immensely, but Ms. Garland’s suffering was really horrible.

    I’ve come up with the theory that the personalities that pursue fame have unstable tendencies, and once they hit it big, with the drugs and yes culture they completely lose it. And drug use can make you insane on its own!

    Britney has an illness and can’t “suck it up” for her kids. Do you blame people with Alzheimer’s for forgetting their family?? It’s a disease!

    Oh yeah, I don’t think that is a haircut in those photos. She’s been wearing weaves forever.

  43. Just a Poster says:

    IMO She always looks more sad when her Mom is around.

  44. Vi says:

    hear hear ophelia!

    oh and eileen- i’m surprised that britney’s therapist is on celebitchy, i mean that is how you know all about her problems. even if your assumptions were correct it isn’t her fault that she was ruined by her parents and the industry, she had no one protecting her. you can’t expect a 14 year old fend for herself like that

  45. Melanie says:

    Has she been checked for a brain tumor?

  46. Susannah Leigh says:

    I’m convinced she has borderline personality disorder. Sadly, there’s no truly effective treatment for it. People who have BPD usually grow out of it, to an extent, as they get older. She’ll probably keep acting out for the next couple of decades, but she’ll gradually get more and more normal.

  47. california angel says:

    You intrigued me Kia, so i looked it up and that PM stuff is ridiculously disturbing and eye-opening. I did see the Manchurian Candidate but I had not yet heard much about the back story. I think it’s even more interesting to back that info up with the fact that for a good amount of time now, a DNA sample of every single baby born in America has been held in storage. Not to mention the recent media focus on genetically “perfect” children being created since we finished mapping the human genome. Think about it, we can create clones and decide what color a baby’s eyes will be, but we haven’t found a cure for cancer? No, because they make money off of treating it and it’s population control. Manipulation, all around, including subliminal messaging in news and advertising on a daily basis. Anyways, good heads up on that info…

  48. shorty40 says:

    Whether or not the story is true, she looks like on seriously unhappy person, which is sad. I hate to see such sadness in someone’s eyes, because I think it’s a reflection of what’s on the inside, and I find myself wishing there was something I could do to make them smile, on the inside and out. That look in her eyes in desolate and heartbreaking.

  49. Darlene says:

    Maybe she just got sick of wearing extensions and cut it all short to her natural length?

  50. hmm says:

    I think her whole story is sad and I don’t think the people around her are really interested in her getting well. Everyone (including her fans) want to pretend that she’s fine when it’s clear that this isn’t the same Britney. She is dead behind her eyes and she seems unhappy all the time. I only wish that some of her fans cared more about her mental health and the lives of her children then they do about a new cd or a new tour. And I really wish someone who loves her would do the right thing instead of trying to maintain her status as a pop star.

  51. gracie says:

    I am rooting for Britney too and agree with @Marjalane about the meds and how they need to be kept steady.

    Her dad needs to get his butt back to California and help her. Not only is he getting paid (which I have no problem with), but he is also her dad and should be there to support her.

    She has a sickness and it needs to be constantly monitored.

  52. Cinderella says:

    The Popsugar photos actually paint a different picture. She had her hair in a ponytail and didn’t look bad at all. When she got in her car, she just looked a little miffed, not like she wanted to drive off a bridge or anything.

    As far as the Disney story, who knows.

  53. CB Rawks says:

    Oh for Christ’s sake! Grow up, you repugnant pathetic trash pile!
    Gee, I wonder if she’s ready yet to assume the motherly responsibility for her kids? *EYEROLL* So undeserving. I know women out there who would love to be mothers and can’t, and here we have this Fertile Feral who continually proves the gods have awesome senses of humour.

  54. fugly says:

    her hair looks way better. even if she did it herself!

  55. Lem says:

    I think her hair looks much better.. in the car shots
    .. and that lem is not me 🙂

  56. anon says:

    I agree with the bipolar guess. My step daughter, who now has her own young children, is bipolar and this rings true for Britney. I also think she’s a product of her environment and being surrounded by those who will not say no or tell her the truth and sadly see her as a product or cashcow. Her hair actually looks really good but it’s not proof she didnt chop it off…it could’ve been cleaned up by a professional after the fact.

  57. Anastasia says:

    I really think she’s bipolar. Not sure this story’s true, but I definitely do think there’s a mood disorder or something. Her dad not being around as much as before would lead to her possibly stopping her meds.

    I used to laugh at her and make fun of her but nowdays she just makes me feel sort of sad. Her life has been a cautionary tale and she’s only in her 20s.

  58. Electric says:

    She is sick. She needs professional help like any mentally ill person would get, and not for people to keep putting her in the public view, whether it is her desire or not. I would be so happy if Brit would just move to Louisiana, marry a redneck, get fat and let her bits hang out everywhere.

    People keep saying “she was doing so well!” Bull$hit! She looks horrible. She looks like someone out of the people of WalMart. Everyday! She is clearly not doing well.

  59. Joanna G. says:

    Eileen doesn’t sound bitchy. Maybe she hasn’t seen psychologically disorders up close,so her point of view is different. Brittney Spears is definitely unbalanced.A thyroid problem seems likely as well.Both conditions are difficult;I hope to God her children will be alright.

  60. Joanna G. says:

    Thanks for the info,Kia. I hated Disneyland as a child,but didn’t know it was dangerous.

  61. Morgs says:

    Why are people saying her father needs to hightail it back? Isn’t he giving her exactly what she’s been asking for? Her freedom? She was allowed to go to Disneyland with her bf and boys and proceeded to throw a giant bitch fit when she didn’t get her way.

    I have sympathy for her bi-polar disorder. As a fellow sufferer, it can suck. No words can ever describe how much it sucks. But her actions come across way more as those of a spoiled brat than those of someone in the grips of a manic episode or a deep depression.

    And if the bitch is too immature to figure out that going off your meds=bad shit, then she is on her own. The idea that she’s a mother still amazes me.

  62. mollination says:

    C’mon Brit-Brit. Please take care of yourself for your kids. You’re a mommy now, not a child (or even a teenager anymore). No more of this. You can be sick, and you can be angry, but you can’t expect you to be everyone’s #1 priority and lash out when you feel like it. I want to root for you, c’mon lady!

  63. kia says:

    california angel-

    Yeah, it’s some scary sh*t, and the more you read, the worse it gets. And you are absolutely 100% correct about them not curing cancer/AIDS/etc., there’s no money to be made in curing something, the money is in the “once a day” pill racket. You get hooked, they take your money and laugh all the way to the golf course.

    Oh, Lohan is another victim of PM, pretty much everyone in Hollywood is under some form of trauma-based mind control, and the ones who aren’t are usually the “handlers” for the ones who are. It’s really, really sick and it’s a miracle that any of them are able to function at all. Yes they have “front personalities” and alters and all that, but still….poor things.

  64. Ming says:

    Her hair looks cute-much better than before she cut it.

    She did a better job on her own than Renee Zellweggers overpaid stylist.

    I’m on your side Brit!!!

  65. Sincerity says:

    Britney’s real problem is that she became too successful very early in life and does not appreciate the advantages afforded to her from her fame. If she had to actually struggle like so many young women like, herself, who are trying to make a name for themselves in the entertainment business, she would have gladly ran back to Kentwood, Louisiana a very long time ago. It’s pointless for her family to continue “to prop” her up when she does not really want to discipline herself to compete in such a highly competitive profession. If she is tired of show business, perhaps she should go back to Kentwood, Louisiana for awhile and see how her classmates actually struggle on a day-to-day basis to survive.

  66. ams1 says:

    brit brit!! pull it together girl. i <3 you!!

  67. Mel Darling says:

    Poor girl. Destroying her hair seems to be her way of asking for help, and I hope her parents get that help for her quick this time. I was going through my own nervous breakdown the first time around, and I can’t imagine having to go through that in the public eye. May not care for her music but I definitely feel for her.

  68. KsGirl says:

    “She’s mentally ill. And controlled by a father who was a co-conspirator in pushing her into show business when she was a child. She’s forced to work non-stop. I have never seen a photo of her smiling or looking remotely like she is enjoying herself. She must be incredibly wealthy. How much more money does her family need?”

    ITA. And for all fo those commenting on her ‘advantages’ and ‘luck’ etc., I am assuming you mean her financial resources? What else could you mean? Given the chance, would any of you go back and trade in your childhood/adolescence for a life of touring and promoting and being sold as a sex object for her bank balance? I know some might, but I sure wouldn’t. She was on Star Search when she was 5, wasn’t she? How is a 5 year old capable of ‘choosing’ to pursue fame? Her parents pursued fame, and Britney was their proxy. Imo they both failed her.

  69. Jackie says:

    Yes Kia I agree with everything you have posted. She is project monarch and is losing/has lost her partitioned mind. And it happened at Disney because either it triggered bad memories OR they were trying “reinforce” her mind control there during this trip. The new “boyfriend” is probably another handler. It won’t be long and she will be dead; a “suicide” will be how they will make it look; overdose or something.

    And $5000 for a tattoo; bull! I don’t believe she paid that much for a tattoo. There is no reason for that at all. Although it being a “crown” is telling; that is an elite symbol; and supposedly it is the elite that run the monarch program. Red is also one of their colors. And a crown on her rear; they are saying they “own her ass”. And they do.

  70. Crash2GO2 says:

    I’m sorry, but I just have to roll my eyes @ the conspiracy theories about Disney and mind control.

    And also about the drug industry’s big cover up that it’s not really trying to cure cancer. I am a researcher and while I do not work in cancer, I know people who do and am familiar with the work that is being done because sometimes there is crossover to what I work on. Cancer is probably something that will never be ‘cured’ because there are so many different kinds, and it has been around as long as there have been dividing cells on this planet. But finding out what triggers it and how tumors grow is a continuous ongoing process. And indeed, some cancers have been ‘cured’ in that you can have it and live a normal life span as long as you continue treatment. Also, my mother is a long term survivor of breast cancer. The treatments she received that cured her were discovered by research.

    I don’t think there is anything mysterious about what is going on with Brittany. She is mentally ill like millions of other Americans. She just happens to be much more public than most.

  71. Kelaa Khaa says:

    What an interesting discussion! I learn alot by reading this site, especially with issues like this.

    Where is Britneys mom in all of this? She must have made a pretty penny form that book and the father is getting some good coin for helping himself to her wallet and made her go on tour when her heart wasn’t in it.

    It seems like the whole family deserted her. Maybe she would just be happy leaving the fame and vampire family behind and becoming a hairdresser in a small town somewhere. It is hard for kids to grow up with a mentally unstable parent and I feel bad for the kids.

  72. hairless says:

    why are all you idiots so obsessed about her hair? if she wants no hair, so what?

  73. Alecto says:

    i said it before im saying it again. she’s seriously mentally disterbed. she needs someone that truelly cares about her that wants her to recover and doesn’t care if she doesn’t do anything but have a NORMAL life afterwards. by normal i mean if she has to work a “peasant” job to make just enough money to get by and give up the millions and fame that she has then that’s what she needs. it seems like there are too many parasites hovering around her. i wish i could straighten he up. i’m prob just as “f’ed” up but i’m not entitled. so i have to learn how to deal. and yes i live in louisiana and grew up here and prob know beter where she’s coming from than alot.

  74. Alecto says:

    before you say it yes i know my grammer and spelling are ignorant. it’s not stupid it’s ignorant. ignorant is not knowing any better. after i see what i typed then i see. i really feel for this girl. victim of her over eager parents that still control her more than a backstreet boy on a puppet string.

  75. a says:

    she needs to be hospitalized until she is better.

  76. p3rp3tu4 says:

    Is there truth to the blood barrier brain hype…Too much of her X got across the channel & now she is an hybrid?

    Actually she may look 100 X better with a short crop & no extensions ever again!

  77. Rosie says:

    I would say that most of the world hopes that her new cut – which looks great by the photos – is the work of a hair stylist. She actually looks really cute. All the best to her.

  78. Orbit says:

    She’s a hair stylist, too? Is there no limit to what this singer/dancer/actress/mother-of-two can do?

  79. ViktoryGin says:

    I, for one, don’t think the girl is crazy. I do think that she’s going through some tough times psychologically in which she need some counseling. Astrologically, I know she has some difficut transits coming up. In fact, when she went “crazy” the first time, things weren’t astrologically auspicious. Not to be the harbinger of doom, they’re only going to get worse. I wish her peace and clarity. I really do.

  80. Sounds like we’re headed for another round with poor Britney and her issues. The last few years have been relatively quiet for the poor girl.

  81. paranel says:

    I don’t believe a word of this stupid story. Is it still “in” to bash and lable Britney as a crazy woman? Sheesh, can’t we move on … ?

  82. malina says:

    I simply don’t believe it.

    Plus she was shooting a candies commercial or something and last time she did she had her hair cut off too.

    Seems like a story made up to match the pictures.

    There is so many fake stories about her only because she quite frankly does nothing scandalous anymore, but any brit news sell so well. Just look at the number of comments…

  83. denise says:

    Poor Britney, she is obviously mentally unstable. I was rooting for her. I wish she finds happiness.

  84. Theyareallok says:

    Oh NO! She’s stopped taking her medicine, I can see it in her eyes. DAD! Where are you? Please HURRY and nip this in the bud NOW! Before something Worse than hair cutting happens! This is too sad for her boys. I can’t imagine why she didn’t just take the boys herself or with the Nannies if she was mad at her boyfriend. She made it about HER. So sick. The nannies should have called her Dad from Disneyland, good lord! A Bi-Polar can’t be without their meds….EVER. They are totally unbalanced otherwise. Just look at how she joined life again so well for so long after she got back on them. She wants to be free of it, like they all do but look what happens when she goes off of them. Kevin, come get the kids! Dad Spears, please come get your daughter and take her home!

  85. Martin says:

    LoL at everyone who believe this story!!
    Some people are really so dump,its really funny!!
    So easy to identify this story as bullshit!
    Her father was NOT in louisianna the last 2 weeks!!! He was with britney on the set for her commercial which was shoot for her candies collection!
    So that was on May 11,idiots!

    Why are so many people are do believed
    everything they read??
    Its a easy game for the tabloids with so many donkeys out there!

    Get a life you morons!!

  86. Theyareallok says:

    Alecto: You are way off base, she has serious, TRUE, mental issues because of being BiPolar, also called: Manic Depressive. Here’s a defination from Wikipedia: “Bipolar disorder is a condition in which people experience abnormally elevated (manic or hypomanic) and abnormally depressed states for periods of time in a way that interferes with functioning. Bipolar disorder has been estimated to afflict more than 5 million Americans—about 1 out of every 45 adults.” It also said this:
    “Some limited long-term studies indicate that children who later receive a diagnosis of bipolar disorder may show subtle early traits such as subthreshold cyclical mood abnormalities, full major depressive episodes, and possibly ADHD with mood fluctuation. There may be hypersensitivity and irritability. There is some disagreement whether the experiences are necessarily fluctuating or may be chronic. A history of stimulant use in childhood is found in high numbers of bipolar patients and has been found to cause an earlier onset of bipolar disorder and a worse clinical course, independent of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder”. There is TONS more information. I have know several Bipolar adults and they differ in many ways but ALL need lifetime meds to stay on course. All but one are able to function out in society well (pretty well) as long as they take their meds and someone keeps an eye out and knows the early signs of a problem. Britney is a talanted girl/woman but needs to be “supported” always. So do a lot of other people. No one has made a “puppet” out of Britney. Mental illness is serious but can be controled. Send her positive energy and not your scorn. I think her DAD RULES. It can’t be easy.

  87. InscrutableTed says:

    She used to be on the Mickey Mouse club, right? I wonder if she has bad memories associated with Disneyland.

    Remember the last time she cut her hair off, she rambled “I’m tired of people touching me”?

    I wonder if she was abused on the set of the Mickey Mouse club or something. Or maybe I’m just thinking this because of the recent Robert Hughes/Hey Dad scandal.

  88. Ashygirlie says:

    Being someone who has bipolar disorder, it’s easy to see she’s not doing so well. An argument can trigger someone, too much pressure, etc. She needs her meds upped if she didn’t take herself off them. It’s going to start getting ugly again if she doesn’t get help ASAP. Having a mental disorder is scary, especially when it starts getting out of control. It’s a shame people make fun of her for something that she has absolutely no control over. People with bipolar disorder carry a big risk of self-harm, hospitalizations and even suicides. It’s no laughing matter.

  89. Juan says:

    Alot of people have no understanding of mental illness. They think “weak brained”. Most do not understand that mental illness is real just like any other illness. The brain is physical just like the heart etc… Miss Spears has a illness that is incurable and has ups and downs. When she is out of the spotlight it will be the same. Hopefully she has some insight in to her illness and hopefully ignorant people will develop some also but the only real way to really understand mental illness is to have one and no one wants to have that.

  90. Janet says:

    I agree with many commentators that her hair looks better. Can you imagine how icky those extensions must feel? I think she would look fantastic with it short and was hoping we would see that after she had it shaved before (about 3 months out would be perfect).

  91. canadianchick says:

    If the story is true, I hope she gets help and her kids need a more stable environment. The conspiracy theories sound just whacked, maybe those posters should head outside for some fresh air, just sayin’.

  92. Hum says:

    @27 Kia—I thought I was the only One who thought that!!!!

  93. Laurie says:

    Britney, meet Kelly Bensimmon. Kelly, meet Britney. Two peas in a pod.

  94. jj says:

    factcheck celebitard….this article claims Brit went to disneyland hotel with her kids, but kids never saw disneyland because she was cutting off her hair while in an emotional meltdown…but then you show pictures of her on the same day at the same time she’s cutting off her hair in l.a. on robertson blvd shopping…you contradict your own story by stating she was enjoying the day shopping and show her with her friend in l.a. at the same time you say her kids are in anaheim at disneyland with the help, but you also say they were not able to go to disneyland because of the trim taking place in her hotel room…but so then she beelined up to l.a. in a fit and quickly grew her hair back along the way? or maybe she does have extensions and her stylist was riding shotgun from anaheim to l.a. just in case of some bizarre incident took place so she/he could quickly do damage control…look everyone has mental issues, why else would we all be on this effed site reading about other people and specualting their sanity?

  95. mia says:

    I have an idea for Britney!
    Check out of her monied life and go work in a grocery store. Make a living like regular folks and see how much time you have to “feel unloved”!!!!
    hahaha! Go to work, come home, pick the kids up from the babysitter, cook dinner, read to your kids, watch t.v. then go to bed and do again all over the next day. Its called “Keeping it Real”.

  96. ~A says:

    Would you tell a person with heart disease who has a heart attack to “suck it up for the kids?”

  97. Ambular says:

    at least she is cutting her hair and not herself

  98. BEEBEEC says:

    She needs God and a decent husband.. walk away from show business and just be a mom and mother.

  99. Jennifer says:

    Britney still has a weave. Her hair is just in a ponytail.

  100. MissyA says:

    Right on Eileen Yover and ViktoryGin – I think she’s a fragile woman with poor coping skills, but I don’t think she’s mentally ill in the DSM sense of things.

    I’m really tired of these arm chair diagnoses – even if you read it in the magazines, it isn’t necessarily true.

    Bipolar I and II Disorder, as well as Personality Disorders have been as over-hyped and over-prescribed as ADD and ADHD. It’s a quick fix to absolve the conscious of moral culpability, while selling pills to the unwashed masses.

    It’s Capitalism at it’s best. In short: the American Dream. A free high with no accountability.

    That’s not to say Britney isn’t a troubled individual. I just think she needs some serious talk therapy and some personal realizations – not pills and handlers.

  101. lway says:

    Oh no, not again…….

  102. Trashaddict says:

    She’s starting to look like Julie Neumar, one of the original Catwoman actresses. Maybe if she pulls it together they can start another series. Oh, and also, It takes an awful lot of hair to stop up a TOILET. I could see her stopping up the sink, but the toilet?????!

  103. Jag says:

    Yep, either she’s not taking her meds or they’ve changed them/reduced the dosage. They need to get her back on what she was on for this long time of her seeming to be calm.

    And no, I wouldn’t call the cops if someone requested scissors like that. But what I would do is try to talk the person down from their “fit,” if she sounded hysterical while requesting them. I’m bipolar, so could possibly get her to see reason since I’ve been there. (Not hacking my hair off, but I’ve wanted to at times, and I’m a self-harmer.) At very least, Jason should’ve called her therapist to see if there were someone local – or even just the therapist on the phone – to talk with her. Not that it would work for me, but if it would work for her.

    As for not going to see Mickey, why couldn’t Jason and the nannies take the kids? They could’ve told the boys that mommy wasn’t well, and then had a good day of it. Something’s really off with those people.

  104. Karen says:

    All I can think of is, “Geez, I called the hotel front desk in Miami to send up a pair of scissors and they told me their policy was that no staff can fulfill my request due to safety reasons”. I guess it pays to be Britney Spears.

    Anyway, it looks like her hair is in a ponytail so I’m calling bullocks on this story. Besides, a Britney meltdown would have been front page gossip news immediately. This supposedly happened on May 1st and this story only comes out now? Whatever!!

  105. Jessica says:

    Oh no Brit, dosen’t do this.
    You have to bee more grownup, I realy love you.
    You can’t just give up now when the things with your life go so god.
    If you just leave this and leave yor boyfriend and start from the biginig whit your life, you can be bigger Than MADDONA

  106. AkhenAton says:

    Alright everyone, lets all send some positive energy towards Britney and wish her happiness. I am sick of seeing stories like Anna Nicholes and many other tortured souls and all we do is point and laugh. For once wish happiness to people who contribute their sweat and blood for our entertainment. We will never know how its like walking in their shoes and thank God we never have to but send her you good wishes so things turn for the better for her. I dont want to hear another Michael Jackson story. I will start with be. Britney i wish you a long and content life.Amun