Elin Norgren wants $750 million & no confidentiality clause


Several weeks ago, CB reported that Elin and Tiger Woods had already begun negotiating their divorce agreement, and that both of them were concerned with confidentiality. Well, so much has changed in just a few weeks. Allegedly. This report comes from Chicago Sun-Times via the New York Daily News – apparently, Elin has not only refused to sign a confidentiality clause (that would ensure she was never able to publicly speak about Tiger Woods publicly), but she’s also started the monetary divorce bid at a whooping $750 million. Tiger Woods is – by most accounts – worth somewhere in the vicinity of a billion dollars. Is years of cheating with dozens of women worth three-quarters of his assets?

It’s a high price for silence. Wronged wife Elin Nordegren is trying to club an eye-popping $750 million out of Tiger Woods in their divorce negotiations, according to reports Friday.

Woods hasn’t agreed yet, but if he does he wants total silence from his soon-to-be ex about the collapse of their marriage – forever, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Nordegren has so far said no to signing a lifetime “confidentiality clause” that would prevent her from writing a book or doing any interviews about the split.

She reportedly also wants full custody of their two kids even though it was first thought the couple were going to agree to joint custody. Sources said the divorce negotiations “have turned extremely testy” and the couple no longer talk to each other.

Nordegren has spent a lot of time away from Woods in recent months. She went to Arizona alone for nearly a week recently and took the kids to Sweden while Woods played golf.

Woods, meanwhile, is hanging out in Florida with a blond woman, who looks a lot like Elin, RadarOnline reported.

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I think Elin should get a huge settlement, of course. But let’s keep it reasonable. Half of his assets? Sure, I cosign that. But three-quarters? Eh. Maybe it’s just a jumping off point for negotiations, and she’s willing to be talked down to $500 million. But I totally think that Elin should avoid signing any kind of confidentiality clause – those things suck. And she’s yet to tell her story, which many really want to hear.

Tiger Woods Girlfriend

Elin Nordegren At The Ryder Cup

Tiger Woods Girlfriend Elin Nordegren

Header: Elin and the kids on February 9, 2010. Credit: Bancroft/Fame.

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  1. freckles says:

    Yeah… $750 mil is a little much, but she shouldn’t sign the clause. And I think she should get full custody of the kids.. How can he watch them when he’s too occupied with his slew of skanks? :P But really I’m just glad she’s making him pay. I very much hope that he gets robbed blind in this divorce…

  2. YT says:

    I smell a BS story. Some of it doesn’t make sense, and consider the source. Even when the divorce is final, I will expect speculation rather than facts about the final settlement and custody arrangements.

  3. guesty says:

    imo…if (if being the operative word) she signed a pre-nup that actually included an std clause…then she should have been reading between the lines.

    no way is she entitled to $750m. or even half of that fortune.

    she signed onto & into the terms of this arrangement from the beginning.

  4. Constance says:


  5. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Whatever she gets, I hope it is epic! He deserves to be stung where it will hurt the most- the wallet.

  6. Marjalane says:

    I’d love to see her drive a truck up to his bank account and drain it! Especially since he seems to be having trouble getting his golf mojo back; Maybe he’ll have to step down to less expensive ‘ho’s.

  7. Hum says:

    OK, yes he is a sleaze but $750 mil? R u serious? Im pretty sure she will receive alimony and child support.IMO the best way to pay him back is to show him you are independent and can move forward without him.

  8. judyjudy says:

    I think she should ask for as much as she wants.I am sure there is a pretty detailed pre-nup though.

    And if she doesn’t sign a confidentiality claus I hope she still takes the high road and never discusses the details of their marriage or the affairs – for the sake of her children.

  9. Deb says:

    He paid his #1 Whore 10 Mil, and that money was Elin’s money too. Elin and the kids were a major reason Tiger was able to make the money he has made, so why shouldn’t she be entitled to a huge part of it. He can always make more.

  10. Synthia says:

    To Deb @12:52: Excellent points.

  11. oxa says:

    If this is true I do not fault her as Tiger shared his organ with hundreds of whores while endagering her health.So to me its is nice to Elin showing him that she has balls!

  12. Just a Poster says:

    Well played Elin! Fired off the “don’t fuck with me bozo” shot right off the bat!

    We all know she isn’t going to get the 750 mil.. but it does show she will not be a pushover or bullied into some lame settlement.

    And it looks like while tiger was banging everything he could, he kinda forgot she had a brain, and a good one at that.

  13. Beth says:

    I think this story is bull. Asking for 3/4 of his worth is ridiculous. Besides I don’t think that Elin is a golddigger/mediawhore. I can picture her doing a couple of interviews but I have a hard time believing she would milk it for all its worth. If she wanted stardom she would have been more public when she married Tiger.

    I baffled how Elin and the kids made Tiger’s money. He makes a ton of money because he’s a great golfer. A lot of his deals came before even meeting Elin.

  14. Bee says:

    @Constance I’m with you. Get him good Elin! Take it all.

  15. hmm says:

    She is not entitled to 75% of his worth no matter what he did. She should either get what she agreed to in the pre nup or 50% of what he earned DURING the marriage, not his entire career. And please stop with the fiction that Tiger made his money because of her because that is as nonsensical as saying that Michael Jordan made his money because of his wife and family. Tiger made his fortune because of his golfing abilities not because of who he married. He may be a scumbag but please let’s not rewrite history to suit a bogus narrative.

  16. Heather says:

    It’s perfectly fair to say that he made a lot of his money because of her. Athletes may have tremendous ability, but if they don’t have a family friendly image to go with it the huge endorsement deals do not go their way. And I think she should absolutely go after well over half of their assets. I think she wants it for the kids, not her. She will protect her children’s inheritance, whereas Tiger would most likely squander it on Ambien and hookers.

  17. Deb says:

    Thank You Heather

  18. Feebee says:

    Wicked!! Way to start negotiations. No-one including her is expecting a $750 million settlement (god, can you imagine her lawyers’ rubbing their hands with glee) but in order to kick things off, it’s a hell of a place to start. I don’t think he’ll necessarily do it but he’ll have some people to play hardball for him.

    Whatever happens, she’s signalled that if he thinks she’ll go away quietly then he’s mistaken. If he allowed one mistress to rack up $15K and paid another $10 million for silence, oh I think Ms Nordegren has a case for some big bucks on those points alone.

  19. Kali says:

    $750 million is too much. He earned his money from his career and she signed a binding contract with the prenup. He will be paying child support for the next 18 years and I’m sure he’ll take care of their education if they want to go to private school and college.

  20. Heather says:

    Why would you be so certain that he’s going to be willing to provide for his kids’ futures? I think he’s made it perfectly clear that his family is not a priority to him and that he is not trustworthy. I don’t blame Elin for wanting to make sure that she’ll be able to take very good care of her children and guarantee them an inheritance, without having to depend on Tiger’s cooperation in the future.

  21. CIdee says:

    She did just what she should have – she took a hard line from the very beginning and will negotiate to a fair settlement. He needs to PAY, and pay big. I dislike him now even more than I did when the stories first broke.

  22. Victoria says:

    Does Elin know where he hid the money?

    Is this based on future earnings as well?

    Will it be paid over decades?

    Why didn’t Tiger’s lawyers warn him beforehand that his 120 + women would get him in trouble?

    WHat does his pre-nup say about cheating?

  23. Liana says:

    It’s SOP to ask for the moon and the stars to set your point. Then you negotiate down from there. I’m sure any prenup she signed didn’t include sitting back while he enjoyed a parade of whores, so that’s probably been blown to hell by his own actions. She’ll settle for something along the lines of less than half of what he made during their marriage and a good child support settlement. We’ll never know what she ended up getting though. And when it’s all said and done, she’ll probably sign a modified confidentiality agreement.

  24. mel says:

    Well Michael Jordans wife didnt get that or even close to it. Elin’s asking for an outrageous amount but I think she will get atleast $250-$300.

  25. Give it up says:

    I agree with “hmm”. Although this guy is a scumbag and she helped increase his marketability by giving the illusion he was a stable family man, this does not mean that she was the unique tipping factor for his fortune and fame. His golf skills were that factor. She could easily be replaced by someone else without much effect. She was not a Sharon Osborne who practically ran her husband’s solo career.

    No one could make the claim that Tiger Woods could easily be replaced.

    And for the politically incorrect statement of the day (that many spouses probably secretly nod to): maybe if she would have put out more this never would have happened. Statistically, differences in libido in couples are the single biggest cause of infidelity in Western societies.

  26. nick says:

    There was a pre-nup, she was initially entitled to 20 million after 10 years of marriage. After the scandal Tiger revised the pre-nup to a shorter duration for the marriage requirement and upped the amount to something astounding. Now her lawyers likely convince her they should go after his entire bankroll. I know there’s a lot of angry women in here, but is there anyone who can’t live comfortably the rest of their lives on 100 million? I mean really? We all know the second the divorce is settled she’s writing a book for another whopping amount? This doesn’t sound greedy to any of you?
    IMO Tiger should give all his money to charity so Elin doesn’t get a dime! Show the rest of this messed up society that a sweedish blond with dollar signs in her eyes bit off more than she could chew.

  27. original kate says:

    go girl. she deserves every penny.

  28. JJ says:

    You don’t lowball yourself when negotiating. She starts high, he starts low, and they come out somewhere in between.

    She knows she won’t get $750M, but go ahead Elin and sock it to him.

  29. Constance says:

    @Give it up. I think you’re only partially correct in this situation. They have two children in the span of 2 years, which means she was likely preggers for a good long time between 2006- feb 2009. I think she was putting out just fine until Mr. I-think-I-want-a-stable-family-image said get off the birth control and let’s do this! Then he realized some pregnant ladies don’t want sexy times all the time.

  30. grrrlgrace says:

    She deserves the no confidentiality clause. Part of the healing process is being able to talk about what happened…a little bit**ing and moaning. It’s therapeutic. He screwed up, why shouldn’t she be able to dish? The money is irrelevant. He asked for it by messing around, he got it.

  31. Aspen says:

    “I think she wants it for the kids, not her. She will protect her children’s inheritance, whereas Tiger would most likely squander it on Ambien and hookers.”

    Excellent…perfectly said.

    She’s angry and rightfully so. Of course she’s going to try and get him for all he’s worth. ANYONE would. This discussion of whether or not she “deserves” it is stupid.

    She and his children deserve recompense for the life they signed on for that was stolen from them by his hideous behavior. Take care of his kids? Will that be before or after he spends his millions snorting coke off a hooker’s butt?

  32. Marjalane says:

    She needs to be able to go after every penny of his future earnings and endorsements; he earned the money he’s got under false pretenses- only a small part of his fortune is from Golf tournements, most of it is from bull sh*tting the world into thinking he’s a great family guy, and uh, no. He isn’t. I’m sick to death of people, (golf fans) who “just want him to go back to tearing it up on the green”, Uh no. Judge and Jury says no- he’s a skanky slimeball that needs to go quietly into the closest tittybar and just stay there.

  33. Jenny says:

    750mil is not too much, they are going to haggle from there. if Tiger gives generously, he will not have to worry much about a confidentiality clause(which I think Elin will never sign)as well as Elin could not have damaged Tiger any more than he’s done for himself. I suggest long-term therapy for Tiger.

  34. lway says:

    I think she deserves the money and that it’s fair of her not to sign any “confidentiality” agreements. She’s been f*cked so badly by Tiger – she should have a chance to talk about it

    I can’t believe this asshole is already dating…… what a prick.

    ALSO – Joint custody is in the childrens best interest. As hard as it is to go through that and to see your kids hurt and confused. They should have access to both their parents.

  35. boo says:

    Hope she gets it!! go Elin

  36. Mistral says:

    Damn! The amount of money that man has is mind-boggling! I wouldn’t want to sign a confidentiality agreement either–especially considering most of the dirty laundry is aired. Why shouldn’t she be able to say anything about him. I’d want to vent about my cheating rat of a husband, too. If true, that 3/4 is probably just a starting off point for negotiations…

  37. bellaluna says:

    Show no mercy, Elin. Far as I’m concerned, the pre-nup goes out the window due to Tiger’s whoring ways. Consider his future earnings, his endorsement deals, and what Elin helped him earn by bolstering his wholesome family-man image. The bastard! And tell him to stuff his confidentiality clause up his ass (since he likes that sort of thing) and write a book! I’ll buy it.

  38. Lee says:

    It’s all an opening salvo – custody, $$, access. And joint custody has nothing to do with access. It just means one parent doesn’t need the other to sign off on every little thing they want to do – going on a short trip? Notarized permission needed every single time. I think Elin is capable of making the right choices for the children and of facilitating generous access.

    And bingo! to the commenter who noted he used $10 million of the family’s money to pay off “you-can-tell-she’s-a-hooker”. Not much of a family man there.

  39. Jeri says:

    GO ELIN GO. I just read part 2 of the Tiger article yesterday in Vanity Fair. Part 1 (& 2)really made me realize what a douche he is back when I was trying to give him the benefit of the doulbt.

    Read it online if you haven’t. Be prepared for the revulsion to come out.

    Tiger banked money on his “family man” image – Erin & kids are the family.

  40. Paula says:

    “And she’s yet to tell her story, which many really want to hear. “

    Count me OUT. I know too much already. I hope for the sake of the kids, she maintains a dignified silence and doesn’t sell her story to People Magazine for a million dollars.


    Preach it. Tiger’s wife was reclusive, never granting interviews and rarely being photographed. Tiger owes his lucrative endorsements deals mostly to his golf game, not to his pretty wife and cute kids. What Tiger did was crappy and Elin deserves a generous divorce settlement, but not 75%, not even half. This woman had nannies and housekeepers at her disposal unlike most ordinary women who cook, clean, do laundry, and other unpaid labor while staying at home with their children. She shouldn’t be able to rake in hundreds of millions just because she was married to a rich philanderer for a few years and had two children with him.

  41. westcoaster says:

    Considering that the world has heard so much about Tiger’s affairs, what skeletons could he have rattling around in his closet to want Elin to sign a confidentiality agreement? She has never spoken to the media before and from all appearances she just wants to live a quiet life with her children out of the spotlight. Why should she suddenly start to trash the father of her children?
    If Tiger was willing to pay one mistress 10 million dollars( according to reports) and now wants Elin to sign a confidentiality agreement there must be something really bad that he wants kept quiet.

  42. Paula says:

    “maybe if she would have put out more this never would have happened. “

    Put out? I thought the days of women putting out were gone, replaced by relationships of mutual sexual satisfaction. Wealthy and powerful men like Tiger are promiscuous because they can be. Even if Elin and Tiger had sex every day, he still probably would have cheated with dozens of women, just like so many other highly paid athletes.

  43. Sincerity says:

    Realistically, Tiger Woods was a well established money making endorsement machine long before he married Elin. I agree with Paula’s assessment. Elin and her children stayed pretty much in the background and they were very well taken care of. Many of you, have forgotten that Elin signed a “prenup” that was amended after Tiger’s scandalous behavior became public knowledge. Legally, she’s entitled to no more than what she agreed to in the amended prenup. Truthfully, Tiger’s behavior was simply “appalling” but it does not entitle her to 75% of Tiger’s estate let alone 50%. It’s extremely unfair to “excessively” punish Tiger Woods simply because his wife is Caucasian, Blonde and Blue-eyed. If I’m not mistaken, Michael Jordan’s wife was married to him almost 18 or 20 years and she did not walk away with 50% of his estate and his wife actually appeared in commercials with him.