Lindsay Lohan’s random drug tests might not test for prescription drugs (update)

Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael has been saying for months that Lindsay is addicted to prescription drugs and that she needs an intervention. He’s been doing it in his typically fame-seeking, talk to every paparazzo with a camera way, so it was easy to ignore him at first. Now that Lindsay has been ordered to take random drug tests and wear a SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet, people are taking daddy Lohan more seriously. Sadly, he seems to be about the only person in her inner circle trying to get her the help she so obviously needs.

Michael was on The Early Show today (video below) to discuss Lindsay’s recent court order for violating her probation. He had praise for the judge and district attorney and repeated his claim that Lindsay needs professional help and not a jail sentence. One thing that really interested me in this interview was a question posed to Lohan’s lawyer (who is representing him in his bid to get some kind of conservatorship over nearly 24 year-old Lindsay) about whether Lindsay’s random drug tests would reveal prescription drug abuse. Her answer was that to the best of her knowledge, the drug tests would only be for illegal drugs. That probably means that Lindsay can keep popping all the Oxy and Vicodin she can get her hands on. Cocaine leaves your system in a few days, so as long as she keeps away from it and doesn’t drink she might be able to keep abusing prescription drugs. As Dr. Drew Pinksy explained in a recent segment on CNN, “if she’s taking prescription medication she won’t have the same drive to use alcohol or an illicit drug.”

Michael’s lawyer said they’re hoping that prescription drugs are included in the random testing so that Lindsay gets the help she needs. Michael explained that his daughter won’t “ever be herself unless she’s off prescription drugs,” and added “she needs a rehab. She doesn’t need jail.

Michael Lohan makes a lot of sense, I hate to say. I do disagree on Lindsay not needing jail time, though. She should get the same treatment as others with multiple DUI offenses.

In related news, the truth expert at Eyes for Lies analyzed Lindsay’s recent video in which she half denies having used the cocaine that’s pictured with her in a photo taken in Cannes. Lindsay is full of sh*t, Eyes deduced, and found many ways her story was full of holes:

I think most people see the truth in this situation. Lohan has a serious problem and is in complete denial. In this video, while she is trying to excuse everything, she fails at it miserably.

The reporter asks Lindsay, “Was that cocaine in the photographs?” Notice how Lindsay doesn’t answer the question.

Lohan says, “I was literally walking back to my room with a few of my friends, um, after doing press for my movie…I was with some of the producers I work with. They went back into my room, and the director as well, and I stopped in someone’s room because someone came out of the room, and said, “Could you just take a picture with me really quickly?”

What is fascinating is how Lindsay first says she was with her friends. Then a second later, she says she was with the producer and the director. Which is it? If they are friends, you continue to refer to them as “friends”. If you say producer/director, you would stick with that. Why is she flipping them here? Notice the stutter with the word “um”?

Notice, too, the details are missing in her story.

Supposedly everyone went to her room, but she stopped. Who let them in her room then, if she stopped? Why doesn’t she talks about the details of handing over her key? Is this the cart before the horse–because it is a made up story? It sure looks that way!

[From Eyes for Lies]

Eyes’ assessment of Lindsay is consistent with what Dr. Drew told Larry King about her issues. Like Daddy Lohan, I hate to agree with Dr. Drew, but he’s correct when he says that Lohan is in denial. “She’s an addict… she’s not thinking clearly. She doesn’t have the usual priorities that the rest of us do… how far down is she going to have to go?” Dr. Drew doesn’t think that Lindsay will get busted on a probation violation for setting off the SCRAM device, but assumes that she’ll be unable to make her court ordered alcohol education classes.

Whatever happens, I don’t think anyone expects Lindsay to get through the next six weeks before her next hearing without incident. If her drug tests don’t look for prescription drug abuse, though, she has a better chance at squeaking by.

Here’s a link to the CNN segment on Lindsay. It includes video footage from inside the courtroom that I haven’t seen before in which Lindsay looks both high and completely pissed off to be there.

Update: TMZ reports that Lindsay can take legally prescribed drugs under the terms of the drug testing program, specifically the two she has prescriptions for: the sleep aid Ambien and the ADHD drug/stimulant Adderall.


Lindsay Lohan attends probation status hearing in Beverly Hills, California

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  1. Juice in LA says:

    Never have there been more truthful words spoken about Lolo: “Sadly, he seems to be about the only person in her inner circle trying to get her the help she so obviously needs.”

  2. Crash2GO2 says:

    Oh, they will test her for opiates. I would be extremely surprised if they didn’t. Someone who is being monitored for alcohol abuse would never be prescribed narcotics, so she would have to be obtaining them illicitly. So they will likely test for them. There is one easy urine test that tests for a whole screen of commonly abused drugs including opiates, benzos, barbituates, marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, etc.

  3. Joseph says:

    She should be also drug tested for narcotic medications. Hollywood addicts are getting high, hooked and then killing themselves on them.

  4. YT says:

    The court can only do so much, and they are doing a lot without putting her in jail where she could exit in minutes because of overcrowding. She is bound to do something wrong in six weeks.

    She should be embarrassed by her situation rather than laying the blame elsewhere. The paps haven’t caught her partying the past two nights. Maybe today will start her usual rounds of shopping and partying today. She is in need of an attention fix.

  5. WTF?!? says:

    “Someone who is being monitored for alcohol abuse would never be prescribed narcotics”

    Untrue. If there’s a legitimate medical need, they would absolutely be prescribed. Many people with severe chronic pain self-medicate with alcohol as well, and if they’re busted for DUI, they get the anklet and keep their prescriptions.
    Not that that applies to LiLo, but I had to correct the faulty information.

  6. Jackie says:

    I know she has a lot of problems, and she definitely needs to clean up. But she has said over and over again that her father is not a part of her life and she wants nothing to do with him. So he really does not know anything about her to keep spouting off his famewhore mouth. Him being a lousy father, along with her pathetic mother, is part (though not all) of the reason this girl is so messed up to begin with. I don’t understand why she can’t sue him to keep him from ever muttering her name to the press/media. She sued that company for the “milkaholic” term for attaching her name to it (I know they have much more money than her Dad) so I would think she could sue him or get a restraining order to shut up too especially since he is definitely referring to her and her alone. Personally I don’t believe anything he says about her, drug-related or not, because it is so obvious that he is in it for his own attention. I also don’t think judge gives a damn about her either. She is just covering her own ass and she is pissed that Lyndsay thinks she can do what she wants and doesn’t have to abide by the court. So the judge is not doing it all for Lyndsay’s own good, but for her own “I’ll show you” self; also if she OD’d, everyone would be yelling bloody murder that the court didn’t do anything. So the judge is making sure no one can point the finger at her when LL dies. I know some will say, well she didn’t comply with the court’s order re the alcohol classes. That’s true, but even the alcohol class place wrote a letter saying she was in compliance, she just wasn’t in compliance the way the judge wanted. I also don’t understand why she was fitted with the scram bracelet if she wasn’t even tested positive for drugs or alcohol yet. We all think we know she partied all the time, but she has been doing that for months and months, so if that is why she was fitted with the scram, then why wasn’t it done sooner. Don’t get me wrong, I think she does get a lot of leniency, but I also think the judge is using her as a scapegoat now to save her own face.

  7. Anonandonandon says:

    Forget the random drug tests. The judge should have ordered random beatings. Our celebrities suck. Amen. :p

  8. DBK says:

    she is being forced to wear the scram bracelet because she didn’t show up for her hearing. Not showing up for her hearing–>arrest warrant–>post bond–>conditions on probation–>no drugs, alcohol, scram bracelet, random drug tests. These are not conditions relating to her original DUI’s, but rather conditions placed on her because she didn’t show up, and was thus a fugitive from justice. Those are the conditions that permit her to stay out on bail while she is waiting for a hearing on whether she violated her probation (which will take place on July 6). If she is found to have been in violation of her probation (which she almost certainly will be), then she will face a new, different punishment (possibly jail).

  9. Jeri says:

    They can definitely test for perscription drugs, it depends what is requested by the authority (probation officer?) and if she has been told not to take perscription drugs unless ok’d by her probation officer.

  10. Jeri says:

    Jackie – it’s not the judges job to “care” about Lindsey. The judge’s job is to enforce the law and impose punishment when applicable. (in a nutshell)

  11. Crash2GO2 says:

    @WTF?!?: True enough. Thank you for the correction. I was thinking in terms of ‘Oh, you have a migraine? Here is some Fioricet with Codeine.’ to someone like Lindsay. Not of someone with cancer, for instance.

  12. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Jackie, hate to say it but your logic is part of the reason why Lindsay never accepts any responsibility for her actions and is always blaming somebody else…

    Come on, she is obv a huge addict and liar to boot, yeh her dad is an A-hole, but he actuallly is talking sense, even if his motives are for self-publicity…

  13. bellaluna says:

    They should test for ALL drugs. Blohan should be required IN ADVANCE to submit a letter from her doctor explaining what the medication is, why it is MEDICALLY necessary, and the correct dosage & amount of time she’s expected to be on said medication. It’s then up to the judge to decide how to proceed.

  14. lucy2 says:

    I don’t think the judge is doing anything besides looking at the facts and acting accordingly. Lindsay has had plenty of opportunity to do the required classes and attend all court dates (considering she doesn’t have a JOB, she has all the time in the world), but she didn’t because she has no sense of responsibility or consequences. If she had behaved herself after her original arrest and done everything she was supposed to do, then she wouldn’t be here now.

  15. Ally says:

    Considering that two recent young actor deaths happened amidst a buffet of prescription drugs strewn about their house (Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger, even Michael Jackson), I certainly hope they’re able to test for these things, too.

  16. Feebee says:

    Didn’t Robert Downey Jr repeatedly fail at rehab and it wasn’t until a stint in jail did he manage to be set straight?

    I get a little tired of people who treat rehab as a joke and have their people/family whatever continue to say rehab is the answer.

  17. xxodettexx says:

    quick response:

    this is just my experience with my own sister [whom i have nicknamed KaBritney]: the courts will and do test for prescription drugs… if they show that they have used it, they have to provide medical proof for why they tested positive for the prescription drug… this happened in Florida just recently so i cannot imagine it being much more differnt in california…

  18. Billy Baloney says:

    Prescription drugs will show up in a drug test, depending of course on what drugs they are. Any pain meds will show as opiates (like heroin), they’re all chemically related. Stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin will show as amphetamines (like meth). Benzos (valium, xanax) are usually included in tests too. Pretty much every pharmaceutical drug that’s used for recreational purposes will show up in tests and if she doesn’t have a valid prescription for a doctor-verified condition it will be assumed she’s obtained & used those drugs illegally. I very seriously doubt that there’s a doctor out there willing to write her any scripts and get themselves involved in her “not going to end well” drama. I could see some quack writing her a prescription for xanax or Ambien or something, but there’s no reason for a healthy 23 year old to need Oxycontin or any other potent painkillers.

  19. Beth says:

    Medications aren’t illegal unless obtained illegally. If Lindsay was taking oxycotin, she wouldn’t be arrested unless she didn’t have a prescription for it.

  20. Kelly says:

    I swear that girl is turning into her father. Addicted to drugs, senseless, always out of her mind, not caring about anyone around her… she is destroying herself and her father is still a huge culprit. He isn’t trying to help her. He just wants attention and thinks that he could save her. He ruined her a long time ago and she has never been able to recover from the hell he put her family through.

  21. Lindsay says:

    WTF?!?- Adding to your point some doctors probably are more willing if they know she won’t mix them with alcohol. However, she has to have doctors that give her what she asks for. For example a while ago she dropped so much weight allegedly from ADD medication. She had to have been abusing it and a doctor was over prescribing because she wanted a quick way to lose weight. There have been celebrities that time and time again have doctors that prescribe unnecessary medication to keep them happy. Addicts will find a way to get them – online, on the street, Mexican phrasebooks, ect and has the drug connections to figure out how to do that. However, even if she gets caught with an opiate or whatever other prescription drug if she can provide a valid prescription it is not a violation.

    Jackie – I don’t think the judge is out to get Lindsay. Two DUIs would not be taken lightly. Any one who was flagrantly disrespecting a judge and the court would get on any judge’s bad side. She has been late to court, told bold face lies, is unwilling to take responsibility for anything, not following pretty easy instructions for someone that didn’t have a job, and made it clear her desires are more important to her than following court orders. The judge is just trying to avoid “celebrity justice” and keep her from being in jail for 30 seconds like she was before. The Scram bracelet was not out of the ordinary. A lot of people have to wear them after DUIs or some similar requirements like a breathalyzer in their car. Drug testing is almost always required for people on parole. The judge has no responsibility for what Lindsay does now or what happens in the future. But she is trying to make it clear that this isn’t a joke. I really don’t think she will lose any sleep over public opinion.

    She may be at a disadvantage because she is talking about all this in interviews and constantly photographed partying. There is an obvious way to stop that she just flat out doesn’t want to. But the non-famous people in her situation could get away with more bad behavior than she does.

    The alcohol education program’s only requirement is you go to class every 21 days, that is there only requirement. If the judge has a specific way she wanted Lindsay to complete the classes to meet the requirements of her parole. She has to obey that order to be in compliance with the court despite any uniform requirements of the program, unless the judge doesn’t specify how often you have to attend.

    They sent the judge a report saying she was in compliance with THIER standards and gave a record of when she was there and left it to the judge to determine if she was in compliance with her order. She was ordered to to go once a week and complete the number of classes the judge ordered before her court date. She failed on both counts.

    The alcohol education place has a lot of people required to attend. It is not their job to hold her hand and remind her of her obligation. It is a lot to keep track of each individuals and remind them how to stay in compliance. So they set a uniform standard at least one class every 21 days or they will report your failure to attend to the court.

    DBK – This isn’t a result of her being a fugitive. I don’t know if she has even been charged but high bail is the only standard requirement after that. Everything else is for breaking probation due to the DUI and a requirement for her to be able to be out on parole. Being a fugitive is part of that as well as the alcohol classes. If she wasn’t being charged with drug related offenses, she wouldn’t be given a scram bracelet. They are trying to make sure she follows the rules of her parole until the nest hearing. Fugitives or even people on house arrest can drink if it isn’t due to an alcohol related charge.

  22. tooey says:

    She just looks old and used up well beyond her years.

  23. anukexpat says:

    Could that blouse have been any cut any lower?

  24. LLove says:

    As another poster mentioned earlier, she will be tested for prescription drugs because usually pain killers are made from opiates and any court required drug testing tests for opiods because that’s the main ingredient for heroin. And if she’s abusing prescription drugs it is most definitely the stronger pain killers like codeine, oxycontin, and crap…I hate to see someone suffer but I admit I think jail time would do her some good.

  25. Julia says:

    Didn’t she have to wear the anklet before? Pretty sure I read somewhere that she was wearing one in some photos at a beach party but that it apparently wasn’t working (because she was drinking vodka) or wasn’t on.

    Yeah, she’s a Hollywood hotshot, so getting a scrip for something she wants to abuse won’t be hard. ADHD? Really? More like “wants to lose weight easily”. Ambien? That’s not insomnia, hon, that’s called “using cocaine”.

  26. M says:

    @Lindsay, she is NOT on PAROLE, she’s on PROBATION! As of right now, she’s not a FELON! Her crimes were misdemeanors.

  27. Lindsay says:

    M- Yep. You are right. Sorry. I knew that but when writing it I thought of the wrong word. She couldn’t be out on parole because she was never in jail, probation was meant to keep her out. Thanks for pointing that out, the point is the same but that part of it wasn’t factually correct.

    Ally: To be fair to Brittany Murphy, she didn’t really have a buffet of drugs. maybe a little more than some people but it wasn’t over the top. Heart medication, over the counter stuff, some Vicodin for cramps (wasn’t that Nicole Richie’s excuse too?) She died with hydrocodone,acetaminophen which is in Vicodin, chlorpheniramine (found in some allergy medications), L-methamphetamine (used in decongestants). The medical examiner’s report said their was no evidence of drug abuse.

    Does anyone know what the lawyer was talking about when he referred to credits?I know any time you spend in jail is factored into the sentence but I have never hear it being called credits before. Plus, she has spent almost no time in jail she was out quickly after being arrested and booked both times and served 83 minutes according to the video of a longer sentence so how would she have extra credits?

  28. sad says:

    Death took the wrong person when it took River Phoenix.

  29. Lindsay says:

    Also, does anyone agree with the opinion in the CNN clip that the judge is setting Lindsay up to fail? Or do you think she should be given this chance to turn her life around knowing the consequences if she doesn’t comply?

    Do you think she has a real shot at this or it is only a matter of time she will mess up and won’t last until the next hearing?

    Will she learn from this or is she going to have to hit an even harder rock bottom?

    I do agree this new ruling is harsher than sending her to jail for another hour and a half.

    Also, for someone that has already annoyed the judge by not taking this seriously and not respecting the judge or the court, why did her lawyer let her wear that shirt? Did they both think that was appropriate attire for a hearing like this? Most people have the common sense to know to dress professionally and modestly for court. She has spent enough time there she really should know that by now.

    I am beginning to think she just can’t or won’t learn, probably because the mistakes she should be learning from she believes that her actions had nothing to do with it; it is always someone else or someone else’s pants that are to blame.

  30. lway says:

    She has a face that says “i shouldn’t be here, this is a waste of time” – like it’s someone else’ fault that she’s there …….

  31. moncs says:

    I hate to put myself in her category, but I was once upon a time.
    I had random drug testing for alcohol and cocaine, but I had a prescription for adderoll. So, everytime I tested, I was ‘clean’ because I only had amphetamines in my body, not cocaine or traces of alcohol. If she’s got a prescription, it doesn’t matter if she tests positive for amphetamines…she is allowed to take the adderoll.

    She won’t be able to have as much fun, but she can still get her little crack fix.

  32. mollination says:

    Oh, well there it is right there!

    I had no clue she had scripts for ambien and adderall – are you KIDDING me!?!? Those are the two I abused when I was 18/19 yrs old! You can snort ambien and get high as all get out (and that’s DEFINITELY what leads to the crack tweets she takes down the next morning) and adderall is an amphetamine based stimulant. Looks like we weren’t too far off with the meth-accusations.