Angelina and Brad did not buy a villa in France

The “Angelina and Brad buy a French villa” story is false, according to the guy who owns the estate. This week’s Star Magazine features “exclusive photos” of “Brad & Angelina $20M French Dream Home,” but In Touch talked to the owner, who says he only wishes Brad and Angelina would take that money pit off his hands and doesn’t know how the rumor got started:

Although US Weekly reported that the couple made an offer on the 850-year-old Mas de la Chappelle St. Sixte in the Provence region, the real owner, James Butler, tells In Touch… “I wish that it were true, but it’s completely false. Don’t know where they got that one. Our house is for sale, though. They are welcome to come look at it!”

[From In Touch, print edition, March 31, 2008]

This story had a lot of people, including us, speculating that Angelina would give birth to the Shiloh sequel(s) in France. US Weekly even added the convincing detail that “According to a second source, Jolie, 32, has had ‘long conversations’ with the American Hospital of Paris about delivering there.”

It looks like US Weekly’s “source” was wrong and that Angelina may chose a stateside location for the birth instead. OK! Magazine had the story in their March 17th issue that Angelina was probably planning to give birth in the suburb of Austin, Texas where the family is holed up while Brad shoots the film Tree of Life. OK! didn’t claim to have much insider information, and just said that “it seems highly likely that the rapidly approaching birth of the second Jolie-Pitt biological baby will occur on American soil.”

The Jolie-Pitts are also said to be building a house in Berlin, Germany and they already own an apartment there. Until the magical moment comes, we don’t know where in the world the baby(ies) will be born and if Angelina will be inking domestic or foreign digits on her upper arm, or if she will be adding one line or two.


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  1. John says:

    Good, because their asses are going to be broke sooner than they realise. The private jets, the busting brood and the flopping movies are not a good combination.

  2. Anastasia says:

    You know, if I were them, I’d plant these stories on purpose to throw people off. But then again, why plant them when the tabs just straight up make them up, LOL?

    Here’s hoping this one IS born in Texas and is a Texan like myself! (I think it’s one and it’s a girl.)

  3. Syko says:

    Even a flop movie makes more money than we peons can imagine. I doubt that they will be standing in any welfare line any time soon.

  4. Bodhi says:

    What?! Another false rumer about AJ & BP?! No way!

  5. Syko says:

    I just saw an article that says they gave $8.5 million to charity last year. I repeat: no welfare lines for the Jolie-Pitts.

    Of course I am aware that Angelina gave this money to charity to get attention because she is such a media whore and she also probably did it just to show Jennifer Aniston that she can, to make her feel bad. So you trolls don’t have to tell me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The stories about them are getting boring he and predictable, why do people care about these two, what real impact does their actions have on the lives of people that post here, journalists, writers or else where. other people probably donate to some of the same

  7. Anonymous says:

    charities that both jolie-pitts do, so why make such a big deal over their charity donations. There are more important things going on in the world to worry about and pay attention to. And whats the big deal if they do or don’t buy a villa in france, who really fucking cares.

    My finger accidently touched something while i was typing during the first post.

  8. headache says:

    Big woo.

  9. Bellatrix says:

    Big woo bis.

    Chapelle St Sixte. That is one P only in French and no dots after the saints.
    Not that In Touch cares, of course. Not that anyone cares.
    This is the kind of comments one makes when one is bored.

  10. John says:

    Michael Jackson is not making welfare lines – YET and he still has more money than Brangelina combined. I say that brood and the flopping movies, don’t forget the inevitable aging are not exactly top combo.

    Only $4 million each, less than Britney and Jessica Simpson, yet they still remind us at every turn at every turn (Of course their PR machine released this info). Paul Newman, gives 50 million a year, $250mln a while back, and they do not ask us to get out our flags and declare a public holiday on the occassion.

    What is it that makes Bangelina so cheap? No pun intended.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I agree. Every rich/celebrity person has the chance to waste most of their fortune before they know it and although that I do not think that Bradangelina will ever be exactly ‘poor’, all this private planes/jets, exclusive villas and hotels and their whole extravagant lifestyle which they seemed to have adapted to, will be harder to maintain once their popularity will soon calm down (which it always does in the celebrity world as soon as a hotter and younger person/couple come along) along with their looks and movie offers and any other million dollar projects.

    Look at MC Hammer and many others that have blow most of their fortunes away.
    Bradangelina should cash as much as they can as they seem to be in the pick of the popularity right now and just gracefully step away into a more private life with their children before they live a bitter taste in people’s memory with their over exposure.

  12. Anonymous says:

    PS. They should take George Clooney with them before he is forced out of the limelight.

  13. Ling says:

    Apparently they (or Brad) have a villa already on the Cote d’Azure. Or the trip leader was lying two years ago.

    He also showed us Brad’s boat in Monaco.

  14. mollination says:

    no, George Clooney can stay as long as he wants anonymous. 🙂

    Does anyone else cringe when they see/type “brangelina”? BLECH!

    Don’t give two craps about where they spawn at, just curious what gender the baby(ies) is(are).

  15. Anastasia says:

    Syko you are cracking me up. And for those of you predicting their financial ruin (the newest wrinkle, I gather, in the doom and gloom predictions of their life?), haven’t you ever heard of interest income? Do you know how much money is generated by a LOT of money? Money makes money. They could never work again and probably be fine. Anyone giving away 8.5 million in one year ain’t hurting.

  16. headache says:

    Not to mention royalies and profits from past movies. Plus don’t both of them hawk shit now and then in Germany and Japan?

  17. Kait says:

    It’s amazing to me how these two don’t even have to do anything and they still make headlines. How ridiculous.

  18. John says:

    Hey! hey! Head ache, Michael Jackson had all that and is still broke. Don’t forget that, in his broke state, his fortune is still more than the Brangelina fortune combined.

    Still, 4 million is cheap compared to what celebrities give. Wait for the official list to come out and you will see what am saying. It would be generous if they did not sell pictures of their children and actually use charity for their images. But they do and so 8 million is cheap. But these two are very cheap.

    Any one can become broke if they mismanage their money, Ok may be not the Rockfellas. Showbiz is not for forever and these two are not even that wealthy. Brad is worth about 120m and Angelina 25m. Private jets are rather an extreme and though they may never have to line up for state benefits, I doubt they can sustain that life style 10 years from now with 8 kids. Look at Whitney, she was richer that Brad and Ange combined and she still has interest and royalties, but her sorry ass is a mess.

    You have to be careful and not get carried away like these two are getting.

  19. Rianna says:

    they wont run out of money people!
    brad sells stuff in Japan, Angelina gets paid by the UN and they both get royalties off movies, products, brands etc. People pay them to drive a certain brand of car or wear a certain item of clothes, hell even putting their children in certain things because we are all looking at it and will copy. Maddox quite often starts child trends. and as Anastasia said… money makes money. the interest on their combined incomes would be plenty to live on. and i am not even counting investments and schemes that the two of them have.

  20. mattieb says:

    John, they are not about to run out of money. Your estimates of their wealth is way below all other estimates. Brad has real estate in CA worth $25 million or more alone (all fully paid for), plus their NOLA home, plus his production company, plus their acting jobs, and their, especially Brad who makes millions in Japan and Germany alone, commercials. They do not have any real estate in Germany, just another LIE. They both usually get paid large amounts for their films. Most of their living expenses are paid for when they work on a film, that is negotiated in their contracts. They appear to be homebodies centered around their family, not an extravagant lifestyle.

  21. headache says:

    Let’s not forget the untold amounts of money Michael Jackson has paid out in please don’t sue me money along with don’t let me get convicted money and paying for a huge ass ranch full of exotic animals, before he stopped paying for it of course, extravagant birthday parties to collect potential victims and a lavish lifestyle that has never matched his earnings.

    Whitney Houston had a raging drug problem, Bobby’s legal fees and child support to pay for.

    Plus, the royalty game for music back in the 80’s and 90’s doesn’t begin to match the potential income of today’s stars. They are successfully negotiating not just paychecks but a percentage of the proceeds as well. Today’s stars make far much more than yesterday’s pop icons ever did.

  22. countrybabe says:

    I think it’s funny that they are hanging around the US now that the economy is in the tank. Nobody goes to the movies anymore, and those were the tax returns for 2006. Meaning they gave the money in 2005. This is 2008.

  23. countrybabe says:

    What liars. I doubt Angelina gets paid by the UN. Why would they pay her and turn around and take money from her royalites? Doesn’t make sense. Do they pay every celebrity ambassador George Clooney etc? It’s a charity not a clothing comapny.

    What they get paid overseas is nothing compared to what they make here.

    I’m not saying they’ll be broke. But kids cost alot of money and she probably could get rid of the chef and learn to cook.

  24. Anonymous says:

    countrybabe, Angelina does not have to learn to cook, that is why she has Brad so he can do everything.