Sarah Jessica Parker’s enormous headpiece steals the SATC London premiere


When CB and I were looking at photos of Sienna Miller this morning, I asked her what the deal was with all of these women – younger and older – and their recent red carpet appearances where all of them seemed to be applying their makeup with shovels. I call it the “Kardashian Effect”. And it is recent – I’ve been looking at red carpet photos for years, and it seems like the new trend is wearing really, really heavy makeup. Speaking of, here are the brand new photos of the Sex and the City 2 premiere in London. The fashion doesn’t seem as garish as it was for the NYC premiere. I wrote that before I realized Sarah Jessica had a mountain on her head.

I’ve mentioned my love of Cynthia Nixon before. I think she’s great, and I love how Cynthia Nixon looks here. Pretty hair, pretty styling. The dress isn’t hands-down fabulous, but I like seeing her in that color. But stand up straight!


Kim’s dress is probably my favorite, but how garish is her makeup?


Kristen Davis is prettier when she does the girly-girl stuff, I think. When she does this sparkly Vegas showgirl stuff, it kind of falls flat. But her makeup looks good.


Oh, Sarah Jessica. Puffy mullet dress? Check. Hair and makeup overdone? Check. Boobs out? Check. Strange black arm piece to represent her fallen homeys? Check. What did I forget? Oh, right. Her gigantor headpiece. How… ridiculous. One of the biggest tragedies in the world is that SJP thinks she’s pulling this off.


And last, Chris Noth. He looks like he’s sleep-walking through these appearances.



SATC 2 – London premiere on May 27, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Jelynn says:

    I love Kristin Davis’ expression in the last picture.

  2. kim says:

    Cynthia looks good!
    kim = horrid

  3. Celebitchy says:

    lol @ “strange black arm piece to represent her fallen homeys.” That’s priceless.

  4. Kolby says:

    They all look like they despise each other in the last picture. Except maybe Kristen Davis, who looks as if she hasn’t had a clue in twenty years.

  5. Lady Nightshade says:

    Cynthia looks amazing! I love the dress (it does make her boobs look a little weird)

    SJP look like a vegas show girl

  6. Katija says:

    Just got a text from a friend who does PR for a theater in town. *Ahem* “satc2 not sold out if u wanna com. weird. dont think ppl care nemore.”

    I think that text sums it all up nicely.

  7. Scarlet Vixen says:

    i love how Kristen Davis has to cock her head WAY to the side to avoided lose an eyeball to SJP’s ‘hat-astrophe.’ And she’s like, “WTF? Seriously? Get that shit out my face!”

  8. Lisa says:

    It looks like SJP had too much Botox prior to this event, and looks horrible. But she has a great perfume package on HSN today.

  9. padiddle says:

    I love Cynthia, but I think her extensions not only don’t match her hair color, but they make her look like she has a mullet.

  10. toob says:

    They ALL look horrible. I believe the phrase is “mutton dressed as lamb”.

  11. imalawyer says:

    LMAO for a second there I was thinking ALRIGHT! Chris Noth is rocking a serious Mullet! To my own dismay he isn’t :(

  12. Lilias says:

    Kristin Davis: “Are you seeing this shit? Please tell me you are getting this. This bitch foreals put a black sparkly bird’s nest on top of her head.”

  13. Green Is Good says:

    Wow, “My Pretty Pony” Parker screwed up epically fashion-wise this time. Where to begin with this mess?

    Kim should fire the mortician that did her make-up.

    Cynthia Nixon looks lovely. That color really flatters her. Hair color is pretty, too.

  14. rachface says:

    That’s not a hat, its the black cloud of failure that is looming over this movie

  15. Keirelle says:

    I was distracted in the pic of SJP solo because there is a person in the background with a horrid white blouse with gold sparkly things and some really, really crazy hair.
    Sjp looks rather like a peacock– she wants to be the best (ie most noticed) peacock and therefore had to make herself ridiculous. Also, that make up makes her look even older… yikes.

  16. Gwen says:

    I think SPJ looks great. It’s McQueen after all – of course it’s over the top. Kristin and Kim looks good too. Whoever styled Cynthia’s hair should be fired though – it looks awful and the dress doesn’t suit her either.

  17. geneva says:

    SJP – why is she always trying to upstage the other girls????

  18. Maritza says:

    Kim and Sarah look very old but at least Kim has better style sense. Does Sarah really need to be the center of attention? How ridiculous! Kristen and Cynthia look really good.

  19. andrea says:

    here’s the thing, i think the outfit itself is fabulosity. on, ya know, cher. or, maybe, dita von teese. or, gwen stefani. someone with their own actual style, someone who is really a “fashionista”, not this trick. she ruins it with that desperation in her eyes.

  20. N says:

    Cynthia definitely stole the show at this premiere….
    She looks fabulous!

  21. N says:

    @ Lilias, LOL!!!!!!!

  22. DrM says:

    rachface says:

    “That’s not a hat, its the black cloud of failure that is looming over this movie”

    When I saw the pic I thought “Hmmm looks like the stench from the reviews has gone and parked itself on top of SJP’s head”

    Great minds and all that LOL – having said that I will still pay to see it…got a decent review in the local Wellington paper…

  23. DrM says:

    Oh and I HATE Cynthia Nixon’s hair extensions…they look like they’ve been pasted on to her head…yuck

  24. MSat says:

    Cynthia is actually a natural blonde, she dyed her hair red for the role of Miranda. When she isn’t playing Miranda she usually lets the red grow out.

    Kim Catrall used to be the most beautiful out of all of them and now…yikes!

  25. Meglet says:

    No admittedly I have no idea how movie premiers work (do they actually watch the movie??) but the thing that makes me laugh the most about SJPs headpiece is she is going to a movie ….I am dying imagining if you sat behind someone wearing that in a theatre!

  26. cristy says:

    ya, kristen looks loopy. and the headpiece is just rude- no one can sit next to or behind her for 30 rows!

  27. Jessica says:

    Looks like the Lost smoke monster is not dead after all. Thanks SJP for giving smokey a home.

  28. Taya says:

    It is very disgusting and stomach turning to think that the SATC 2 clothing budget was $10 million dollars alone, yet there are many people here who cannot even find a job. That and the fact that it features Dubai which has a long and horrible history of abusing people who are employed for cheap labor to build these beautiful hotels that are ‘featured’ in SATC 2.I wonder if the people of SATC even realized that when creating such a clear representation of materialism, classism and elitist behavior. I realize that it is just a movie, however; Dubai should not have been the place of choice.

  29. Tia C says:

    Really?! You think Cynthia Nixon looks good here?! I think her dress is unflattering, her posture is poor, and those extensions are beyond sh*teous. The only one who looks truly good here is Kristin Davis.

    SJP is as ridiculous as always. The showboating headpiece is bad enough, but why on earth she likes showing off her bony knees is beyond me!!

    They really need to stick a fork in this franchise already. It’s beyond done.

  30. Shannon says:

    She is wearing a black hole on her head, and that fluffy stuff is bits of the universe being sucked into the vortex. Her need to be the center of attention is so juvenile, can she just get over it already?

  31. QB says:

    SJP , got what she was looking for attention. She has to be the center the attention in everything.

    In my opinion SATC was all about Samantha , because with out her it would have been desperate women in the city.

  32. Granger says:

    I’m neither a tech guru nor a make-up artist… but is the recent trend of pancaked foundation and overdone eyeshadow thanks to the dubious wonders of hi-def television? Maybe people are hoping a huge amount of make-up will hide the flaws that hi-def so mercilessly uncovers.

  33. fizXgirl314 says:

    Lol is she having trouble distinguishing between her true self and her character?

    Nixon looks good and relaxed.

  34. RHONYC says:

    chris is probably day-dreaming about getting his ‘mr. big’ back in his wife’s juicy yum-yum:

    hahaha! :-)

  35. Susan says:

    Cynthia Nixon looks so beautiful. As for Sarah Jessica, if you’re writing about her & showing her picture, score SJP. That’s the bottom line, right?

  36. Josie says:

    SJP – desperate for attention much???

    Kristin gets best dressed again, same as at NYC premiere.

  37. fizXgirl314 says:

    Come on girl, this is one of the few movies that really does a service to older women. My friend even said that she hated the idea of getting old until she started watching this series. Let’s not turn on it so quickly.

  38. Chris J says:

    Is that a large stain on Cynthia’s dress in the first pic?

  39. a says:

    SJP’s knees…. I don’t get why she keeps wearing dresses that showcase them. yuck!

  40. snowball says:

    SJP just always looks like she’s trying too hard to be some kind of insane fashionista no matter how shitty it actually looks. I wonder if she ever just throws anything on without thinking about who she can upstage with it. Even when you see pics of her walking down the street, she looks like an idiot, she’s done something insane to her jeans and she’s wearing five layers of crap and stilettos. She’s so odd. Compensating for something.

    Kim is looking weird. I saw her on the Today show and she was unrecognizable. Nicolette Sheridan Syndrome.

    Blue’s a good color on Cynthia, agree about the hair, and my love for Kristen grows. She’s the one who gets more gorgeous, even if this particular dress isn’t her best. She still upstages SJP anyday.

  41. MoMo says:

    Gah! They all look so unimpressed and like they want to be anywhere else but there.

  42. Allie says:

    SJP looks exactly like a feather duster.

  43. Zelda says:

    Why are more people not commenting on those HIDEOUS hair extensions on Cynthia Nixon?!

  44. Hautie says:

    I am not offend by the headdress that SJP has on. This is London where crazy hats come home to live. So it fits into the environment there. I would like to see it in profile to get the full effect.

    Kristin Davis is aging gracefully. I bet she has a Mother who is also aging nicely. And she is the cutest one here.

    I like Cynthia and her blue dress. And she has never had good posture. I am wondering if the weather was humid. It would explain why her and Kim’s hair look off. I don’t think any of them are tragic looking.

    But Kim needs to start wearing foundation garments under her clothes. It would make a vast improvement how satin dresses hang on her.

  45. doublestandard says:

    hahaha Hilarious post, kaiser. Made me laugh. Last pic is the best!

  46. Prissa says:

    I can’t believe no one posted about Kim’s face! Not only is she almost unrecognizable it looks frozen! Something in the eyebrow/eye area is very off. Nicole Kidman part duex. :o (

  47. Nena says:

    Cynthia looks amazing!!!
    She’s the prettiest one! :)

  48. original kate says:

    dear SJP,
    listen, i’ve shown you a lot of love over the years: when people said carrie was a bitch i said no, she’s just evolving. when people said why in god’s name is SJP wearing a weird plaid kilt/gown hybrid, i said, it’s mc queen and it’s fabulous. when people say you look like a horse i say no, she’s just quirky. so why you gotta go wear a piece of dead fan coral on your head today? what i’m gonna do with that?
    damn, girl.

  49. sizzy says:

    I agree Chris J – what is the mark on the front of Cynthia’s dress? thigh sweat?

  50. Listerino says:

    SJP with that crazy getup is just crying for attention. It screams “Look at me! I’m the star! Forget about the other women its all about me”
    and the first picture clearly shows the other 3 women with very strained “OMG what an attention whore trying to upstage us” type smile on their faces.

  51. lucy2 says:

    Kristin looks really pretty, good hair and makeup, but the dress is a bit too Vegas for me.
    Cynthia looks pretty too, her blonde hair is so much more flattering to her, but I’m not crazy about the extensions. Seems an odd thing to do in the middle of a premiere tour.
    Kim looks harsh. Natural makeup would be much better for her.
    SJP…there are some fashions that on a runway are an interesting and beautiful artistic creations, but were never truly meant to be worn day to day. This is one of those, I think.

  52. hellen says:

    You just KNOW there was a discussion between Kim, Kristin and Cynthia before the premiere: “She CAN’T be planning to wear another of those disgusting headpieces again…can she?” “No, don’t worry, she wouldn’t repeat herself.” “She’ll probably just wear a transparent skirt or something.” (Much laughter)

  53. canadianchick says:

    @original kate…awesome comment, I totally co-sign.

  54. Feebee says:

    I think Kristin is the most natural looking one. Cynthia… those extensions… no, no, no, no. They look faker than the shit Britney Spears wears. I think she should have gone the extra mile and stayed red for the premieres.

    Kim, well, the makeup is hurting not helping and the same for SJP with the head piece… didn’t she do something headgear weird at another London premiere? Maybe she thinks London’s the place for these monstrosities.

  55. d says:

    Ah, I like what SJP is wearing. I think she looks good. I’m more distracted by how wierd Kim Catrell looks. Like, SOMETHING is off there. Too much botox, or a wierd facial or bizarre plastic surgery, crazy make-up? She’s been lookly really different lately. Unfortunate.

  56. Bunny says:

    SJP looks like a show pony.

  57. Dannnii says:

    I was thinking they all look so good here. Fantastic!! Cynthia’s hair colour isn’t doing much for her here though. Kim looks like she has had a little juvederm, like all women in HW, but I think she is very sexy.

  58. Kelly says:

    The thing on her head has to be one of the most indiscreet but blisteringly honest paranormal manifestations I’ve ever seen.

  59. Mairead says:

    *glares and shakes fist at everyone who disses the Philip Treacy hat*

    That dress she has on is a blinking crime though. And what in the name of God did they do to poor Cynthia? those extensions should be euthanised! Kim is looking a tad frozen, but I like the frock and the hair. Kristen – meh.

  60. loca says:

    Cynthia has looked fantastic lately….her extensions here? Pretty bad.

  61. Tazina says:

    I don’t want to say anything mean but I hope this is the VERY last SATC movie we will have to hear about. The ladies have made their money, now they need to go away and enjoy it. In the last photo they look like they’ve already heard the reviews and just want to get this fiasco over with.

  62. anjasmomma says:

    I really think SJP’s styling is way off. Her left breast looks tattooed. I also think CN’s hair isn’t so much an issue as her dress. It is very ill fitting. KD and KC look pretty decent.

  63. Kim says:

    I think they all look FABULOUS! and people are just jealous. They all look beautiful and the dresses are to die for. This is personally one of my favorite pics of Kristin. Her hair and makeup and dress lokk great. Sometimes her fashion sense is a little off but i think she looks perfect in this outfit. LOVE LOVE LOVE Sarahs Jessicas dress.

    Even if this movie doesnt do that well the series has made millions and millions of dollars and has been hugelty popular. Only the best shows stay relevant for as long as Sex & The City has.

  64. Kat says:

    Ummm since when did Cynthia Nixon get extensions…. Looks worse than Kate Gosselins busted weave!

  65. I Choose Me says:

    I’d like to suggest a vote for the best description of SJP’s headgear:

    The contenders

    1 hat-astrosphe – Scarlet Vixen
    2 dead fan coral – original kate
    3 black hole vortex – Shannon
    4 smoke monster from Lost – Jessica
    5 indiscreet but blisteringly honest paranormal manifestation – Kelly
    6. black cloud of failure – rach face

    I’m torn between 2, 4 & 5 but if I had to pick a winner, dead fan coral gets my vote. Thanks for the laugh ladies. :D

  66. I think SJPs hat is an attempt to be fashion forward. Hats are really coming back in style, and most of the ones considered fashionable have that old fashioned vintage feel to them. So I’m actually going to defend her fashion choice and say that, though it is a bid outlandish, it’s setting up a trend.