Shannon Price changes her story yet again about why she pulled plug on Gary Coleman

Price’s ET interview. Her GMA interview is below

Gary Coleman’s ex wife, Shannon Price, couldn’t get her story straight in her 911 call about how Gary sustained the head wound that ultimately resulted in his death. Now she can’t get her story straight about why she pulled him off of life support after just 24 hours. She gave three different reasons in a taped interview made just a day after his death, saying first that doctors told her surgery was too risky, then that Coleman would be a vegetable after they operated, then that doctors said that Gary’s heart was too weak.

She told TMZ “The doctors told us that even if they did surgery on [Gary], he would have died, he would have bled to death during the surgery. They said that even if they did take a chunk out of his brain he would not be the same. He would basically be like Mohammed Ali… he would have died sooner or later anyway from that… he wouldn’t have made it anyway, his heart would have just given out.”

Contradicts self again on why she pulled the plug
So which was it? According to a new interview with ET (above) which will air in multiple parts, doctors told her she had to pull life support right away because Gary’s heart was going to give out. She said “They were like, ‘you need to do this soon,’ because they were like ‘I don’t even think his heart is gonna make it overnight.’ They thought his heart would stop overnight.” That makes the least sense out of all the excuses she gave. If you pull life support the heart stops working anyway, so there would be no urgency to take him off life support if his heart was going to give out. Either way, the poor guy is dead.

Then on Good Morning America she gave yet another story, saying “The doctors advised me that it was grim… he went into cardiac arrest as well. The doctors said this was the best thing for him.” That’s not the same story she told ET.

Price also laughably claimed that taking Gary off life support was the hardest decision she’d ever made and that she didn’t want to do it so soon. So why did she, then? Because his heart was going to give out, or because it already did?

Claims to have a new will from Gary
On ET she claimed to have another will from Gary and added that “he wanted me to have everything.” Price contradicted herself when she was asked if Gary had any assets. She said he wasn’t broke but that they did have financial problems. Late last week, a will from 1997 1999 emerged that was held by Gary’s former business manager. Unfortunately Radar Online reports that there is yet another will that was just unearthed that was drawn up in 2007, which may support Shannon’s version. Shannon and Gary were married in August, 2007. They were divorced in 2008, but Shannon told both ET and GMA that they considered that a mistake and were about to renew their vows.

Changes her story on whether Gary wanted a funeral
In an earlier interview with TMZ, Shannon asked fans to help chip in to pay for his funeral, which she said she couldn’t afford. A funeral was originally planned in Utah, where Shannon and Gary were living, for last Saturday. It was canceled in light of a legal challenge from Gary’s estranged parents that was ultimately dropped.

On ET Shannon completely changed her story. She claimed that Gary wanted to be cremated and added “Gary didn’t want a funeral, he didn’t want a viewing, he didn’t want people to see him that way. Gary’s my best interest right now [sic] so I’m going to do what he wants.

Gary’s death photos have been sold by Shannon
If Gary didn’t want to be seen that way, then why is this bitch selling photos of his dead body to the press? TMZ reports that Shannon has already brokered a deal with a major outlet for the photos, for which she was allegedly asking at least five figures.

Arrives at Good Morning America interview in a wheelchair
Price was also on Good Morning America defending herself. She arrived at her pre-taped GMA interview in a wheelchair and tried to play the sympathy card by claiming she could “barely get around.” At one point she stopped the interview, saying she was afraid she was going to have a seizure. She used this same flimsy excuse during the 911 call for not dealing with the blood. She still dealt with the blood, though, and described Gary’s head wound to the operator, as Eyes for Lies pointed out.

Lies about being with Gary during the 911 call
Price claimed on GMA that she was with Gary “the whole time” while she was on the phone with 911. That’s not true at all, because she left the room and had to be asked to return to Gary.

On contacting Gary’s parents
My brother called them, and talked to the mother and was like ‘if you have any questions, let me know.’ And she really didn’t say anything.

Maybe Gary’s mother didn’t say anything because she had just been informed that her 42 year-old son was dead and she was still in shock from it.

It’s hard to document all the ways that Shannon Price is contradicting herself, and sh*tting on Gary’s memory. It’s clear that Gary’s death is probably the best thing that’s happened to her in some time, and that she may even have been waiting anxiously for it. Whether or not she helped hasten it we may never know, but she surely is capitalizing on it. Price may be making money with this interviews but she’s not doing her public image any favors. She comes across as one mean, cold bitch.


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  1. denise says:

    There are alot of holes in this story, and she is not helping her case.

  2. shelbywigglesworth says:

    can they just arrest her for 1st degree murder already? she’s a cold, cold bitch.

  3. ganjagirl says:

    SHE is selling the pics of him.

  4. rundee says:

    If all of this is true: Why isn´t public attorney´s office stepping in?
    Or at least the doctors verifying one of her versions of his death?
    That´s strange, no?
    And if they weren´t getting together again: Why was she there in the first place?
    I really hope that he didn´t get killed by her and she´s just crazy.

  5. Feebee says:

    If her interviews aren’t enough to prompt the police to take another look at their “accidental death” ruling then I don’t know what would. Something’s not right with this picture.

  6. LolaBella says:

    As Michael K would say ‘Something in the milk ain’t clean’ with Gary’s death and this woman’s behavior is just highlighting this.

    It would not surprise me in the least if it turns out that she had a hand in his initial injury.

  7. MSat says:

    I have been in the unfortunate position of having to decide to remove life support. My grandmother who did not have a living will or DNR order was on life support for several days and as her next of kin it was my decision to keep her on it or not. I can tell you right now, the doctors NEVER tell you, “You need to do this soon.” So she is full of crap on that one. The doctors lay out the reality of the situation – the patient’s health, the chances of recovery, etc. – but they are not allowed to tell you what to decide. Unless the patient has a living will or DNR order, it is not up to them.

    By the way, I did choose to remove her from life support and it was an agonizing decision. There is no way in hell I would have been fit to go on TV and talk about it the next day. I couldn’t even get out of bed. So this chick? Boggles the mind.

  8. Kim says:

    Being dumb is not a crime

  9. Fae says:

    Trial by gossips. Surely the police and authorities are a little more trained in the subtle art of detecting than bloggers and commenters?

  10. Anastasia says:

    I hate that the caption on that one clip is that his WIDOW speaks out. They were divorced. She is not his widow.

    So far, I’ve been sort of meh about this whole story, but she’s SELLING THE PICTURES OF HIS DEAD BODY TO A MAJOR MEDIA OUTLET????

    And she’s now saying he didn’t want a funeral or a viewing because he didn’t “want people seeing him that way” but she’s SELLING THE PICS OF HIS DEAD BODY FOR MASS PUBLIC CONSUMPTION?

    Holy crap, she’s lying her @ss off! NOW I think there’s something stinky about this whole thing. That’s just heartless and cold.

  11. MightyMouse says:

    @MSat, Thanks for explaining the ethical responsibilities of physicians in regards to discontinuing life support. I am sorry for your loss.

    @rundee, I don’t think any physician involved in this would get on TV to refute this. It’s not their job to improve public relations. I would hope that an investigation had been started.

  12. Jesse says:

    The Red Widow.

  13. irving says:

    she is a real psycho.

  14. Dorothy says:

    MSat – off topic – Why aren’t you blogging any more??

  15. original kate says:

    she has the eyes of a crazy person.

  16. a says:

    assuming the police are letting her provide plenty of rope for herself, on the record, on tape…

    @MSat: thank you for the information and i am sorry for your loss.

  17. gg says:

    She goes on about how he handled his finances so poorly – well, yeah, since she says she spent his money on lavish pampering in Vegas! Probably all he has are his assets, and she will sell his house and piss off the money in a week. Terrible.

  18. Chris says:

    She looks high. I think she killed him

  19. dread pirate cuervo says:

    MSat, I, too, have had to give a DNR order. My beloved uncle was 89, had fallen in his nursing home & had a heart attack; was unconscious, on a respirator, and not responding to blood pressure stablizers. The docs didn’t give me too much info, but a friend who’s an ER doc, told me the chest compression they would do if he went into cardiac arrest would probably not save him & just make the last few seconds of his life intensely painful. I didn’t approve any extraordinary life-saving measures, but I also didn’t take him off the respirator, just in case he pulled through. He passed about 20 minutes later. The docs gave me so little info (I guess they didn’t want to influence me) that i can’t imagine Gary’s docs were all, “Hey, hurry up & pull the plug!” This chick is shady & karma is coming for her.

  20. girl says:

    @MSat: I am so sorry. That must have been agonizing.

  21. gg says:

    @Msat and dread, I am so sorry for your losses. 🙁 Bless you both and everyone who has had to do this.

  22. judyjudy says:

    I think it is very sad that there is a media outlet willing to buy pictures of his dead body. 🙁

  23. moo says:

    How can she not be a “person of interest”?

  24. Polkasox says:

    I want to preface this by saying she does seem like a nutjob.

    I’ve been an ICU nurse for over 3 years & have been in on quite a few discussions about changing code status (DNRs) or withdrawling care (removing life support) & there are times when we do tell the families that the descision needs to be made soon. His window of eligibility for surgery was probably about to close & the descision would then be made for her.

    There is only so much room in your skull for bleeding before the pressure of the extra blood & clots start to press on your brain. That extra pressure is very detrimental to how your body works. Too much pressure, you die. It sounds like he either needed to have surgery, or he would die quickly – & there’s a big difference between dying peacefully & dying with a room full of hospital staff beating on your chest.

    As for all the reasons she lists, they all are valid arguments for withdrawling care. As a healthcare professional, I don’t see it at all as changing her story. It sounds like he had a pretty complicated history.

    @MSat & others – we never envy those who have to decide big issues like that. That can’t be easy.

    That all being said, she still seems like a nutcase.

  25. MsTriste says:

    While 99 percent of me thinks she’s both mentally ill AND high on something, there’s still a part of me that thinks there might be a tiny part of truth to what she is talking about. The thing is, Gary was on regular dialysis. His kidneys weren’t functioning properly. That complicates any medical matter much more than most people realize.

    And it’s ‘withdrawing’, not ‘withdrawling’.

  26. CB Rawks says:

    If there was to be any organ donation, that’s the thing that would need an immediate decision.
    But just pulling the plug to get it all over with faster? What a crock!

  27. Constance says:

    I’d like to see the scene reports. I mean forensically, I would imagine they would be looking to prove the accident and scene’s validity.

    If it forensically was deemed a possible accident, then I can’t believe she hired a crew to shoot him while hooked up to life support. This is not a youtube “har har you fell off a trampoline and we’re photographing you in a cast.”

  28. abbizmal says:

    I think she killed him, twice. It didn’t work when she knocked him over the head, so she pulled the plug. Doctors do not advise you what to do about life support. Maybe she is being watched and they’re making notes of everything she is saying, all the lies and inconsistencies. This bitch did it. Let Gary Rest in Peace. And selling photos of him like that is absolutely disgusting.

  29. Trashaddict says:

    I wonder if the urgency was just to make the decision DNR or not. My recollection is that surgeons don’t like to take someone who is DNR to the operating room (bad for their statistics if someone dies in the OR), and if the window for surgery was rapidly closing, maybe the doctors weren’t pressing for the DNR, maybe they were just pushing for her to decide one way or the other.

  30. Cakes says:

    Great googly moogly! I really hope she didnt kill him. But if she did I hope she remembers that karma is a BITCH!

  31. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    She is disgusting. End of story.

  32. CB Rawks says:

    Nice catch, MsTriste. Polkasox, you’re supposedly a health care professional, and yet you write the word *withdrawling* twice, as if it was an actual word? Shenanigans.

  33. Wresa says:


  34. Siren6 says:

    I think this was my last GC death/Shannon Price story read. I’m going to start skipping them from now on. Too heartbreaking and twisted.

  35. Lacey Mosley says:

    She’s as nasty as she is dumb. Charge her with manslaughter.

  36. crash2GO2 says:

    @Polkasox: Thanks for weighing in. That does explain a lot of the contradictions.

  37. Kimble says:

    I have to say, when I saw her in interviews when they first got married I thought she had a low IQ – ie learning difficulties/retardation.

    I think this is why she comes across as cold and callous – I really believe she has some form of mental retardation!

    Obviously I am not a doctor and don’t even play one on TV so what do I know?

  38. Anastasia says:

    Withdrawling? ROFL.

  39. nana says:

    his parents certainly screwed up a long time ago. But by all accounts I believe, they genuinely loved him and seemed to be doing the right thing for many years. they must hate this chick to death.

  40. FakeJohnLocke says:

    Based on what we’ve heard the past week, it seems clear that GC’s “wife” is probably at least mildly retarded, and I don’t say that in the snarky sense. She probably really is. It’s easy to judge her and her actions are obviously both dubious and reprehensible even if she had nothing to do with whatever caused his initial head injury. But I do think you’re watching a person with diminished capacity flail around in the spotlight and that kind of takes the sport out of ragging on her. A sad story all around and the sooner it fades back into the shadows, the better. RIP GC.

  41. TxGal says:

    She said “They were like, ‘you need to do this soon,’ because they were like ‘I don’t even think his heart is gonna make it overnight.’ They thought his heart would stop overnight.”

    Ok, so if he was going to die why pull the plug????

  42. gg says:

    Thanks for the medical information polkasox – CB rawks, how incredibly rude to question polka’s medical career over one typo! – we’ve all had a typo or two on here.

  43. heavenasia says:

    It wasn’t just ‘withdrawling’ twice,
    it was also ‘descision’ twice.. in the first paragraph.

  44. Aspie says:

    Remember Shannon: Karma is a bitch, just like you.