Katy Perry says Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” video is “blasphemy”

Photo by: Quasar/starmaxinc.com 2010  6/6/10 Katy Perry at the MTV Movie Awards. (Universal City, CA) Photo via Newscom

Yesterday, we got to see Lady Gaga’s new video for “Alejandro”. It was a nine-minute long opus of militaristic themes, bowl/mushroom haircuts, latex and love. Go here for my recap. All in all, the quality of the video was good, although much of the imagery and general “vibe” did seem like early 1990s Madonna. Lots of “Vogue” and “Express Yourself”. And much like Lady Madge, Gaga has a thing about crosses and crucifixes and being a general blasphemer, all in the name of “art”. At one point in the video, it’s obvious that Gaga’s bikini bottom has a big red latex cross on her vadge. Oh, and Gaga deep-throated a crucifix and some rosary beads. Here’s the video again:

Remember Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and the burning crosses and how big of a deal that was? Like, Madge pissed off so many people with that one – of course, she also made out with a black dude AND Jesus (Christ, not Luz) in that one. So maybe Gaga has a way to go, controversy-wise? Probably. Because so far, the only person Gaga has pissed off is one little Katy Perry. Katy got on her high horse and tweeted this message:


[From Katy Perry’s Twitter]

Eh. Sure, I guess some religious people will find some of Gaga’s imagery to be tasteless and/or offensive and/or sacrilegious. They’ve got a point. However, this is one of those moments where I think the offended should pick their battles. If you’re really and truly offended, then by all means, say something and speak your mind. But if you’re only mildly peeved and just want to vent (like I suspect Katy Perry is), hold your breath because you’re just giving Gaga more attention. Plus, there’s a little matter of the Gaga-to-Katy comparison. In my humble opinion, Lady Gaga is a much more talented artist/pop star than Katy, so Katy needs to sit down and STFU. I mean, really. Oh, and Katy’s just upset because her thunder got stolen by Gaga – Katy released her video for “California Gurls” yesterday too.

Some of Our Lady of Blasphemers’ worst images:



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  1. Leticia says:

    I’m not Catholic, but this subject matter would offend me, so I won’t be watching this video. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. olympia92 says:

    How do we even know that Katy’s talking about Lady Gaga? She didn’t mention her. How about not instigating anything?

  3. Sarah says:

    Pop music now days sucks. I seriously don’t get the appeal of Lady Gaga. I won’t be watching the video, I haven’t watched any of her videos. Heard one song by accident and it did nothing for me. Bleh.

  4. Bored says:

    A bra ejculating whipped cream is ummm not cheap entertainment!!!

  5. Ben says:

    I love that Katy Perry thinks she can fling the word ‘cheap’ around when the reason she’s in the limelight is an offensive, man-pleasing, lipstick lesbian song. She’d know cheap.

  6. ruru says:

    Katy Perry is the LAST person to criticise anyone for being cheap.

  7. anonymous says:

    I’ve never watched a Lady Gaga video and have no desire to. Still pics of her are nauseating enough for me.

  8. Oi says:

    This really is one of those ‘who cares’? moments. I think you’re right Kaiser and this is not something to get overly worked up about because that’s what Caca wants And I actually have to agree with Katy Perry (just this once). Religious bashing in pop culture is getting old. To make a valid point is one thing, but that happens very rarely.

  9. ElizabethM says:

    Says the woman dating Russell Brand.

  10. Riley says:

    Evidentally, Gaga pisses the wacky granddaughter of Fred Phelps (the nasty “God Hates Fags” preacher) and she (wackadoo granddaughter) has made her own video reinterpreting if you will, Poker Face. Ever since I read this and watched the video done by wackadilly granddaughter, I have liked Gaga more, and have downloaded some of her music to workout to at the gym (Alejandro included).

  11. embertine says:

    Katy Perry is cheaper than Top Ramen. According to the Christian beliefs she professed to hold, making out with girls and walking around with your tits out is blasphemy too, but that doesn’t seem to stop her.

    Plus, her singing sounds like an antelope with a chest infection.

  12. Shay says:

    The only offensive thing I notice about GaGa is that the more she produces, the more obvious her copy-cat style is and the more euro-trashy her songs become. I give her five more years.

  13. SusanneJ says:

    Yes – I am catholic and I am offend by this kind of video. Why should I not? Wasn’t this reaction in the first place the cause to make such a video? To “proof-relevance-through-controversy-by-offending-other-people”? This can be extended to “riskless-offending-bystanders” as the christian religion HAD some serious fights by being easily offended – several centuries ago. But nowadays it is not pc to feel offended and trashed when religious feelings are trashed. But it is pc to look the other way and feel totaly enlightened. (Unless the trashing involves certain celebritys, like let’s say JA, then it is totally ok to feel offended and tell it the whole wide world.)

    But when you’re an artist and looking for impact and controversy by trashing religious beliefs, why not move ahead to another religion? Let’s make fun of buddha or an islamic branch! This can get you waaaay more controversy . Ask some danish caricaturist about it. If he is still alive.

    I’m so sick of it all.

  14. jules says:

    Did Gaga get the rights to Ace of Base’s song for Alejandro?

  15. Samantha says:

    Didn’t Katy Perry used to be a Christian singer before she realized that there was more money to be made in being a whore? Let she who is without sin cast the first stone.

  16. bros says:

    I second embertine’s comment. Perry is nothing if not derivative, and her holier-than-thou thing is more than a little misplaced. go back to singing christian pop if you love jesus so much. Her real success started when she ditched the wide-eyed choir girl act and started prancing around with her fauxmosexual songs, put her tits on a platter, and got a dirty shocking fiance. so please perry, save the distain, because coming from her, it means nothing.

  17. aury says:

    i agree w/ #3. the only way i’ve heard this song (& poker face) were through american idol, & frankly, i was not impressed. her so-called music just sucks. & it’s bad enough my nieces listen to that crap, not to mention sing along to it (i’ve heard “paparazzi” more times than i care to count).

  18. klash4life says:

    Everything Gaga does is just a rip off from someone else. She is not an artist, she is a mimic! She will fade into the background soon enough where she belongs and for me, it can not come soon enough!

  19. serena says:

    I don’t think nobody should be offended, sure it’s a bit extreme but it’s show, you know.. it’s business. Don’t compare it to religion and stay calm, it’s better.

    Anyway, what the fuck is with kate perry? It sound like she’s pissed off like hell. and what’s with the marmeid look in the photo? urgh.

  20. koliber says:

    Where does she say she’s talking about Gaga?

  21. yadira says:

    I am a Catholic and what offended me was the copy catting. This was so similar to like a prayer by Madonna. I like Lady Caca’s music but she really needs to do something more original instead of taking large chunks from others style.

  22. Kitten says:

    Katy Perry is jealous she didn’t think of it first. She’s also bitter that Gaga pulls off her “quirky” style better than Katy.

  23. loca says:

    I am Catholic, and while this isn’t THE most offensive thing I’ve seen, I agree it’s definitely sacrilegious. Am I offended enough to stop listening to Lady Gaga? Heck no. LOVE her.

  24. L says:

    Neither of them are artists. They are entertainers; Perry is like the elephant in the circus who learns to perform great tricks to make the audience clap and Gaga is like the tiger, a little bit scary and kicks it up a notch with her tricks by jumping through rings of fire and getting everyone one to oooooh and aaaaah. Nothing we all haven’t see before though. Marilyn Manson anyone? It’s been done.

  25. nana says:

    whatever, i still like Lady Gaga. You can easily recognize her no matter what and her songs are known WORLDWIDE. Go to China, people there will ask you, do you know lady GAGA? its in my MP3! telephone, just dance, poker face, bad romance… name it! Kat perry? im sorry but i cant really keep one in my head.I only know her as engaged to russel brand. kathy should make a good song to match Lady Gaga before she says anything. All i can say is… INSECURE.

  26. jover says:

    I agree Shay but I give CaCa only a couple of yrs at most. Alejandro was from her second cd Fame Monster released Nov. 2009 so that song is 8 months old Her pr ppl and label are spacing the release of these videos to maintain her buzz as long as possible because they must know she can’t sing live and her songs are crap listen to the non-lyrics in them. Yes, SusannaJ artists should take on a hard target like the Islamicists version of Islam but we both know the consequences ergo an easy shopworn target like the Catholic church.

  27. ViktoryGin says:

    Not any cheaper than using faux-bisexuality to sell records, Katy.

    Honestly, keep in mind that the guy who did the art direction for this video worked on Vogue and Express Yourself. That is why visually it is similar to Madonna. I add, why not? Both of them come from Catholic backgrounds and both have ideological contentions with it. So, it doesn’t have to be conspicuous pastiche. Now, if Gaga came from from the Protestant Bible Belt and was doing this, then that would lend more validity to the argument,

    Moreover, she did this song as an homage to the gays and while most commentators seem to focus on the most basic of homo indication in the video, I think it doesn’t have to be seen as sacriliegious so much as contentious criticism of the potential oppression of religious dogma for people whose proclivities alienate them from the doctrine. I have to say that I dislike the song, though. Just a thought.

  28. ViktoryGin says:

    @ jover

    She probably wouldn’t take on Islam less because of the probable violent backlash and more because she is not Muslim. Gaga comes from a Catholic background. She attended a Catholic school. So, her commentary has personal significance. This has nothing to do with whether or not she has the balls to criticize Islam.

  29. Melinda says:

    @ Bros and Victorygin- Perfectly said!

  30. Lady LaLa says:

    They still make videos? Really?

  31. Sookie says:

    Katy is just mad because Gaga is getting more attention then she is. Katy is just cheap and corporate manufatured – whereas Gaga wont listen to what any agents and publicits tell her, she does it her way no matter what.

  32. Jason says:

    HA… like Katy has ANY room to complain about “blasphemy.” LoL

  33. Vibius says:

    Im not a big fan of either, but where does kissing girls and liking it fall in the whole religious scheme of things?

  34. denise says:

    The video has definitely dark overtones. I refused to watch it more than a minute. All these artists are satanic, so Katy is not one to judge.

  35. Anon says:

    It’s (the video) symbolic of the struggle between religion and homosexuality.

  36. grace says:

    The term art is used very loosely nowadays.

    If being offensive and stupid equals being an artist, so the Jersey Shore’s cast, for example, are the new Picassos.

  37. denise says:

    Is that an inverted cross on her crotch area in the first pic???

  38. sdfsd says:

    The “California Gurls” video has been released? where can i find it?? I’ve searched around and i dont see it.

  39. erika says:

    Lady Gaga is derivative, sure. She’s recycled, among other things, Madonna, David Bowie, Abba… but I say, more power to her on this one. Religious imagery – especially Catholic imagery – is potently sexual, as Madonna correctly noted. Why not exploit it for entertainment? It’s something a lot of people respond to, positively or negatively. And now everyone is talking about it – which is exactly what makes her record sales rise.

  40. Sorry but provoking the Catholics is old and pathetic, we all know that all the vatican will do is issue a statement.
    If Gaga wanted to really make a statement about Gay persecution she’d say something about the muslims who actually stone gays to death in the Arab world.
    But no she knows that she would get some serious shit from that so she just copys madonna again lol
    Even though Katy Perry isn’t as good a singer as Gaga she is entitled to her opinion. Besides that Katy’s vid is more fun that Gaga’s borefest lol

  41. dizzybenny says:

    How many gay guys it takes to pick up Lady CaCa??well it looks like 7.
    And people said she looked to skinny these days.tsk tsk

  42. Steeze says:

    I wish Lady Gaga would just go away. Just spewing nothingness into the world and calls it “art”.

    Katy Perry is just a big boobed empty headed girl. Just like all the rest of the pop girls.

    Why is it all that we see in pop culture today is shocking people with sex. There are so many other interesting things to explore… Sex is awesome but I’m bored with the pop industry just obsessing over it. Unoriginal.

    I don’t respect any of these people and really question the future of our world if these are the role models our kids look up to.

  43. Jenna says:

    Hasn’t Katy Perry sited Madonna as one of her ‘inspirations’ and or ‘influences’? If so then pot meet kettle. Could she have been saying this because she’s beginning to be yesterday’s news? Perhaps.

    The girl needs to stop coloring her hair all these ‘wild’ colors and go back to the studio.

  44. mockey says:

    and I say perry is irrevelant.

  45. yorkshire says:

    you know wha ti think? i think lady gaga wants to prove how much of a woman she is by showing how many guys “want” to suck her tits and actually volunteer to have sex with her. it’s kind of like an “look how many guys WANT Me”.. i think she’s trying to prove the obvious: she’s HIDEOUS

  46. Kim says:

    Finally people are agreeing with what i have said since day 1. Katy is a TOTAL hypocrite. Singing about girls kissing isnt total blasphemy?! Wearing clothes that barely cover oneself to kids choice awards isnt blasphemy? Im not getting religious on anyone Im just saying blasphemy is blasphemy period regardless of your religious background.

    She is untalented and unintelligent.

  47. Kim says:

    By Lady Gaga standards this video is pretty boring as is the song.

    What i am SO OVER is the shock factor. We need some singers with true talent who dont have to wear crazy outfits or claim bisexuality etc. for fame (Katy, Gaga, Miley, Madonna, Beyonce). Just some good old fashined good songs.

  48. Lemon Drops says:

    Haven’t seen the video but can’t understand why such heavy themes were used in such a light-hearted pop song. I guess I just don’t get it. And I won’t be watching the video.

  49. snowball says:

    How funny that a day after this idiot Perry tweets this dumbass comment, her fiance comes out and moronically tweets about how much she burps and farts.

    What a pair. And they complain about other people? That’s comparing Gaga’s video to the portrait of the Madonna done in shit a while ago for those who remember it.

  50. Jenna says:

    Kim, I’ve been right there with you from the start. :)

  51. asiont says:

    I’m a catholic and I don’t mind.

  52. Julia says:

    Embertine, I frickin’ love you.

    Best. Analogy. Ever.

  53. Trillion says:

    What’s wrong with fart jokes?

  54. Fae says:

    GaGa? Trying anything for attention?


    Seriously. Expect 1 GaGa 1 Cup before too long.

  55. gg says:

    WOW, Katy’s really treading on rich territory isn’t she? Her dad’s a preacher isn’t he – and she sings teasy sex songs (and poorly), wearing bras made of innuendo? Yeah, thought so.

    Rule Number One: Don’t slag on other artists unless you want to look really, really small-minded.

    Don’t see Gaga doing that – at least she is respectful to other people and doesn’t tweet immature BS like this.

  56. Katija says:

    You know what else is cheap entertainment, Katy Perry? A straight girl talking about kissing women to sell records. Or a song called “You’re So Gay” to describe an effeminate man.

    I think Katy Perry should go join the effing Westboro Baptist Church and leave the rest of us blasphemites alone. She’s homophobic trash, and Gaga is genuinely talented.

  57. alexandra says:

    I love the video, the song, and the theme. Plus love, love the bowl haircuts. The last guy in the video is muy caliente. Two hooves up

  58. Aleksandra says:

    That’s funny Katy Perry… Doesn’t your FIANCE use blasphemy as entertainment?

  59. SusanneJ says:

    Wow – over 55 comments. I never realized that this topic would come so far.

    BTW, celebitchy is surely a great place to visit for some light-hearted celebrity gossip and to be bitchy – not mean. (There is a difference.) This thread seems to be a nice exception. But it is not as celebitchy will move into another category of “seriuos-issues-of-culture-clash-and-gobal-warming”bitchy. i totally love CB as it is – and kaiser – and totally fell in love with the comment section.

    But could you give me a hint where to find such a seriousley-serious-bitching blog? With an american flavour, please? (I read mostley CB, Dlisted and Laineygossip.) To be honest, I would not understand the thing about Peaches Geldorf “Confederation-Flag” Shirt, because basically I would not recognize the confederation flag itself. As for being an ignorant european, I know there was the american civil war, I know how won – but have no idea about details. (Not teached in european schools, mostly, and not part of pop culture or everyday conversation.) Which details can still be relevant. Ask Peaches Geldorf…

    Without sounding like a total idiot, but could please provide me with a link to an appropiate site with a discussion section? Thanks!

  60. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Lady Gaga is boring. She reeks of desperatation and her attention seeking antics are just stale now.

    Also, the Catholic/Christian bashing/parody/using for controversial purposes=attention is also getting very tired. Why not another religion, say Islam? It’s way too easy to pick on the Christian folk nowadays.

  61. georges2 says:

    It’s like Madonna,
    but more like R rated video, more sex suggestion, more gay, gay porn, more sado, more offensive towards religious or military, and a pro-latino video, plus very little musical talent in there, YUCKY VID I DONT LIKE IT

  62. Amy says:

    “I love that Katy Perry thinks she can fling the word ‘cheap’ around when the reason she’s in the limelight is an offensive, man-pleasing, lipstick lesbian song. She’d know cheap.”


    also-great point Aleksandra!

    Imo gaga/perry are as bad as each other.

  63. mollination says:

    This coming from the failed-Christian-music-making-turned-faux-girl-kissing-for-shock-value-wannabe?!?!?! Oh, please katy perry. Sit down.

    I’ll never understand how a person confident in their own beliefs, sense of identity, nationality, or gender will allow themselves to geet offended over others mocking of said thing. Get over it.

  64. Twez says:

    She actually has the nerve to say something about blasphemy as entertainment when she’s engaged to Russell F’in Brand? Does she even know any his work beyond the Aldous Snow character?

  65. The_Porscha says:

    Ok, honestly, I don’t think Katy Perry was trying to start a barnstorm against Lady Gaga. This comes across as an incidental venting, like she saw the video and decided to post on it right afterward. I just don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

    And all of the people that are criticizing Perry for being a hypocrite are tired, too. It’s not like she wrote an opus about Lady Gaga’s abuses of Catholic doctrine; it’s a tweet, FGS! I have no idea why people are up in arms about Perry’s statement when she doesn’t even mention LG by name. Relax. It’s just one disposable pop star’s disposable statement to another.

  66. dovesgate says:

    “Didn’t Katy Perry used to be a Christian singer before she realized that there was more money to be made in being a whore?”

    Why yes, yes she did. She even goes so far to say she sold her soul to the devil for fame and success. And yet she’s going to complain about blasphemy from Lady Gaga? Not exactly in a position to complain.

  67. naye in VA says:

    My two cents….

    So Katy Perry said it, while she isnt the best example of Christianity still respects the sanctity of the religion. Im not even Catholic and i wouldnt do that with a rosary. Secondly, she has said before her paeents are deeply and devoutly religious and that they approved of Russell, so i dont think there is any argument there. Tying into what i said at first, sinning and blashphemy are two completely different things so comparing Katy to Gaga is very far off.
    Its not entertaining, it is offensive to disrespect the actual artifacts of a persons religion.
    It equal to her taking pages of the Koran and rubbing them up the crack of her ass
    Really, any less offensive??
    no becuase Christianity is the “it” religion to poke fun at nowadays. Blasphemy

  68. Orbit says:

    Isn’t she engaged to an alleged comedian who’s about as funny as a fart joke?

  69. Trillion says:

    zzzzz (#60) Did it not occur to you that Gaga is making commentary on Catholicism because she was raised Catholic?

  70. WesLyN says:

    sooo why pick on Islam at all? (most people/Westerners have no idea what Islam is about neway and let’s not act like there aren’t some fundamental/extremist Christians who can be just as violent as the VERY SMALL percentage of Muslims)..as for GaGa, the more i am exposed to her, the more she gets on my last nerve..she’s not talented imo and is way too extra for my taste

    on a lighter note, i was channel surfing last nite and i thought they were just playing the video over and over cuz it was still on 10 minutes later

  71. Annabelle says:

    im not religiious but she DOES use a lot of satanic symbols in her vids — you can look it up. While it doesn’t mean anything to me, i think it means something to her which is worrying because if she’s into satanism and she is purposely projecting that crap onto like, children & teenagers, then that’s just AWFUL.

  72. yorkshire says:

    agree with annabelle.

  73. LoveMeBlack says:

    Ummmm wasnt she the one singing about kissing girls??? thats blasphemous to me….broad need to sit down somewhere.

  74. Trillion says:

    Satanism. right.

  75. bi-chick25 says:

    I like Katy and all, but she can’t say anything about blasphemy when her soon to be husband has had sex with over 2,000 women..ewww…

  76. ViktoryGin says:

    @ Annabelle & yorkshire

    Care to educate us?

  77. Steeze says:

    @ Annabelle & yorkshire

    ya, id also be curious to know what these satanic symbols are and if they are hidden in her videos… wouldnt surprise me at all and im not a religious nut!

    i love conspiracy theories and secret society type stories!

    i just googled and found this VERY INTERESTING read on the symbolism in her videos: http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=2737

    not satanic really, apparently more related to the illuminati…

  78. Steven says:

    Kate Perry cant complain as in the bible it does not like lesbians or gays. kate perry did i kissed a girl and so she cant complain.

  79. SusanneJ says:

    (I visit this thread for the third time and it is maybe too late for another comment to be read by anyone. But for what it is worth, I would like to put in a last 2 cents:)

    Definition of Blasphemy via Wikipedia

    “Blasphemy is irreverence toward holy personages, religious artifacts. customs and beliefs. The Abrahamic religions (e.g. Judaism, Christianity, Islam) condemn blasphemy vehemently. Some countries have laws to punish blasphemy, while others have laws to give recourse to those who are offended by blasphemy.”

    Sooo #75 – Russel Brand having lots of sex is definitely NOT blasphemy in the strict sense of the holy bible It is not illegal either.

    You should realize that it is no where stated in the bible, that sex itself is evil. In fact where is a direct order in the genesis (part of the bible) after the creation of the world, that that man and woman should go on and propagate. There is also another order not to be a home-wrecker (one of the ten commandments: “Neither shall you covet your neighbors wife”) and there is an order not to divorce – ever.

    But sex itself? Not evil. It was declared “evil” is later extensions which never made it into the holy bible itself… People use this term too loosely by branding anything that they do not like, e.g. other people fashion choice.

    But Lady Gaga f*** christian symbols? Knowingly? That IS blasphemy by definition. Thank you very much.

  80. anon says:

    clearly gaga fans are so brainwashed they had to defend her actions…

  81. Ashley says:


    If anything I don’t think she’s slighting God, I think she’s fed up with the way the Church misuses its doctrine. They speak out against homosxuality, yet carry on homosexual relationships (and with children). They are constantly teliing people what they cannot do, yet do the exact same thing behind closed doors.

    She can still be religious and mock the Church. If we didn’t have that right we’d be Muslim (Theo Van Gogh). Anyhow I don’t see how this makes her the antiChrist. I was raised Catholic but am now Agnostic should I not be able to criticize the Church? It is not beyond reproach?

    As for the song, it’s my least favorite on both cds (The Fame and Monster), but that song still has more originality than all of KP’s crappy cds combined. The only reason she’s angry is because Gaga has completely blown everyone out of the water. Rhianna, KP, they all try and fail in comparison to her. Face it they are old, their act is old, and Gaga is the future. The public is no longer impressed with cheap, ugly wigs and slutty costumes.

    KP don’t hate Gaga for turning pop into a [new] art form. Yes, some of it’s borrowed, but that doesn’t make her any less fresh. I doubt most midWesterners (unless gay) know who Grace Jones or Roisin Murphy are.

    And to the posters saying Gaga can’t sing, go to youtube and type in Gaga BBC Sessions. Listen to Poker Face with nothing but her voice and a piano and tell me the girl doesn’t have a set of pipes on her. The only sad thing is that someone with that much talent had to resort to putting on a “show” to get noticed. It says somehing when a great voice can no longer land you a record contract, yet KP who sounds like a 40 year old truck stop hooker who smokes two packs a day and sings lame somgs get a record contract before her.

    If KP wants to talk blasphemy she should speak to her soon to be husband, he’s made a career out of it. I know she’s too into herself to look up anything pre-Sarah Marshall, but maybe she should before she opens her mouth (and FYI you fiance uses fart jokes, js).

  82. Nic Hock Last says:

    nowadays everyone thinking that only 90′s 70′s80′s musics are musics….what you guys know about music??!?!? u guys know nothing but shit…shes making music,welll maybe the video might be a little bit offensive to some of you but damn come on get over yourself….its 2010!!! im not a fan but i like her musics…its way more better than those singers that make commercial musics like Katy Perry….

    and i have to make one thing very clear here…SHE”S NOT SATANIC! damn shes from Catholic schooll..how can you guys say that shes satanic!??!? this video is about the struggles between religion and homosexuality!!! better than Katy Perry’s California gurls…”WET WARM WILD!??!!?!?!” WTF!?

    She is more talented than some other singers like Britney Spears who’s favorite is lip syncing during her concert! she wrote songs for many other singers.You guys should really listen to some of her songs and DONT JUST KNOW HOW TO JUDGE AFTER LISTENING TO ONE DAMN SONG! well i dont care if she does copy Madonna’s vogue,SO WHAT!?!? shes making it better!

    That thing(Katy Perry) is just a little too jealous about lady gaga cause lady gaga got more attention than here and thats all.

  83. jORDANBLAiN says:


  84. maria grifaldo says:


  85. maria grifaldo says:


  86. CelestialBeauty24 says:


  87. wannabe says:

    Screw off Katy! like I kissed a girl is all noble? Your one of those bitches in the club who do it for a free vodka drink!

  88. Moniker says:

    I love how you guys just throw around this term “Blasphemy” without even checking the meaning. Blasphemy is basically disrespecting holy personages (A Christian God, Saints…), their religious artifacts, customs, and beliefs. Sure Ms.Perry sings about faux bisexuality and has a bra spewing whipped cream in her latest video, but those actions are on her and the need for this pop industry to encourage their artists to sell records with overt sexuality and shock. She isn’t a holy person or object so how are her actions blasphemous? The only person she is disrespecting is herself. Sure she might be a tad hypocritical for calling out others when she isn’t an acting Christian but her criticisms are correct. So what if Lady Gaga or Madonna were Catholics, does that give them the right to trash it? If you aren’t satisfied with the teachings of the church move on, go to a religion that has similar thoughts, heck create your own. It’s similar to the idea that it’s okay for black people to use the term Nigger or other variations of the term but other people can’t. Yeah I went off on a tangent but the point is it isn’t right either way. Instead of taking the easy route and trashing the church why not trash the damn Government. In North America specifically the Church and State are separate, therefore if gay people have no rights its the state that is keeping gays oppressed still. Be original like the Dixie Chicks, you know…take it to the source. No matter what, people will have an opinion of how humanity should live and and expect us to be homogenous in our beliefs. So the church is against homosexuality for whatever reasons they have but are they really the ones oppressing them now in North America? Has harming people physically based on beliefs or sexuality ever been right, no…anyone who engages in that and claim to be “religious” do not know God in my opinion. Whatever, this video is already out there and me even commenting has given Lady Gaga the attention she craves so guess she won out in the end.

  89. jojo says:

    the video was a sort of “for arts sake,” but my point here is not to include such anti-religious clips for it really is a senseless act!. just please respect.

  90. milli says:

    excuse me. Katy Perry is dating Russell Breand, once he has changed and gone good. her parents\family are very religous so duh. yes this would offend her.. and she is not cheap.. all her outfits are tastefull and she wears them because they have something to do with the event she’s at.

    lady gaga is filth. and this video was disgusting.