Shannon Price wants inheritance, will declare herself common-law wife


Yesterday we took a break from covering the Gary Coleman story because frankly I was disgusted with it. The details are horrific and point, at the very least, to a non-grieving ex wife with absolutely no sympathy or regard for a man who she pulled the plug on. Shannon Price coldly sold a photo of the man she supposed loved lying dead and helpless on his hospital bed and is granting interviews in which she seems to have only disdain for Gary. At the worst she murdered him in a scheme to take over his future earnings and the licensing rights to his image.

Price is of course pressing on with her claims to Gary’s estate. He may have been broke, but like Michael Jackson his name and pension are worth enough money to ensure that she never has to work again. There’s a battle brewing between Price and the executor of a 1999 will from Gary, his former manager Dion Mial. Price has produced a supposed handwritten 2007 addendum/codicil to a different 2006 will in which Gary names Price as his sole heir. The statement even includes an over the top declaration by Gary of how much he loved Price, which sounds to me like it was coerced. Gary never signed or notarized the 2006 will, though. (Note: People incorrectly reports in their coverage that it’s a 2007 will. The will is from 2006, according to TMZ. The handwritten addendum is from 2007, and was signed by Gary, but not notarized.) The codicil could also be invalid due to the fact that Gary and Shannon were legally divorced in 2008.

Of course Shannon is unrelenting, and is trying to declare herself Gary’s common law wife. Funeral details are still pending given all these unresolved legal issues. Shannon’s rep is giving ridiculous statements about how her client is supposedly all broken up over the fact that she can’t properly deal with the remains of the guy she took off life support without a second though. I hope she gets her ass handed to her in court.

The National Enquirer is reporting in their print edition that Shannon regularly physically and emotionally abused Gary and that they were divorced in 2008 due to an affair she was having with a local mechanic. Shannon started freeloading off Gary again and moved back in with him once that relationship ended.

A lot of you have wondered why there has been no official investigation into Gary’s death. Cops tell Radar Online that foul play has not been ruled out, but that it’s not suspected either. Officially, the investigation is still open, but unless there’s evidence pointing to Shannon as a suspect it’s doubtful that anything will come of that. The executor of Gary’s 1999 will, Dion Mial, tells Radar that he can’t get an autopsy on Gary’s body and that “Shannon Price is responsible for blocking any investigation”.

Actor Gary Coleman speaks during a television interview in Los Angeles in this August 13, 2003 file photo. Coleman died May 28, 2010 of a brain hemorrhage, according to media reports. REUTERS/Fred Prouser/Files (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT OBITUARY)



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  1. Ashdin says:

    Sick fakking freak psycho of freaking nature.

  2. NayNay says:

    She is a disgusting ugly human being that should be ashamed of herself for being the money grubbing biotch, that she is. Gary Coleman has passed away, like almost recently, and she biotch is looking to collect off of it. Gary was very concerned that only the people that truly cared about him, and didn’t have any financial ties to him, that they just come to his funeral. OBVIOUSLY this ugly beaver (have you seen her front teeth), did not love him, for himself, so was after the money. She smelled his money, and attacked. I am beginning to believe that she might have had a hand in his death.

  3. Skins says:

    Will somebody please throw that lowlife piece of garbage in jail

  4. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:


  5. Feebee says:

    This bitch will stop at NOTHING. It’s chilling.

  6. Q says:

    hmmm… Utah might be one of those states that still has common law marriage, but one of the things you have to show is that both people held themselves out as married – the fact that they were married and then got divorced would be a difficult obstacle for her to get past in court.

  7. Q says:

    oh and i hate her too. she’s a criminal.

  8. Gigohead says:

    If there is such as a thing as justice, I’m wishing that this woman gets NOTHING!

  9. Green Is Good says:

    The evil, sociopathic, greedy b!tch killed him.

  10. Jag says:

    Why can’t the police make the autopsy happen? I’ve never heard of that where there might be suspected foul play. If an autopsy were performed that showed he had been killed, then it would be a murder investigation immediately.

    As for her, she’s beyond disgusting at this point.

  11. Sol says:

    I really wish his parents for once could show his kid that beyond all said and done they cared and try to make this case investigated. I saw the photo on a news site on my country and simply cried , he deserved so much better.
    Hope an investigation is truly on it’s way.

  12. Scarlet Vixen says:


    30-1-4.5. Validity of marriage not solemnized (Common Law Marriage):
    (1) A marriage which is not solemnized according to this chapter shall be legal and valid if a court or administrative order establishes that it arises out of a contract between a man and a woman who:
    (a) are of legal age and capable of giving consent;
    (b) are legally capable of entering a solemnized marriage under the provisions of this chapter;
    (c) have cohabited;
    (d) mutually assume marital rights, duties, and obligations; and
    (e) who hold themselves out as and have acquired a uniform and general reputation as husband and wife.
    (2) The determination or establishment of a marriage under this section must occur during the relationship described in Subsection (1), or within one year following the termination of that relationship. Evidence of a marriage recognizable under this section may be manifested in any form, and may be proved under the same general rules of evidence as facts in other cases.

    Sounds like unfortunately she’s done her homework. Hopefully the court laughs her out the door…

  13. original kate says:

    something about her story is really suspect: somehow he “fell” and she was upstairs, and then she changed the story again and again, is that right? she seems like a very cold person.

  14. Kiska says:

    This bitch is a disgusting excuse of a human being. If there is a hell, I hope she gets a penthouse suite.

    RIP Gary.

  15. Majosha says:

    If she doesn’t end up in jail, I at least hope she doesn’t get a dime of his money and has to get a f*cking job. She’s too ugly to pose for Playboy and/or do porn, and seeing as she’s a social pariah at this point (who’s also proven herself to be a money grubbing sociopath many times over), she’d have a hard time convincing anyone to hire her.

  16. Q says:

    @scarlet vixen, what state is that statute from? Common law marriage varies greatly from state to state – many have abolished it entirely.

    My earlier statement stands – the evidence that they were once married and then divorced (recently divorced in fact – only a year or 2 ago) will be almost impossible for her to controvert unless she’s got an actual written contract. Plus she’s been saying they planned to renew their vows (i.e., become legally married). This is evidence that they did not actually consider themselves married.

  17. bellaluna says:

    This woman is evil. My husband & I have actually discussed not wanting to linger on life support, but I certainly wouldn’t be itching to pull the plug on him! And if I had to (or even if I didn’t) I would be devastated by losing him. Money would be about the last thing I’d be thinking about.

    There are just no words.

  18. Kate says:

    Does anyone else think she looks like a neanderthal?

  19. Cinderella says:

    I hope the legal fees consume the cash she thinks she’s going to get.

  20. mai tai says:

    Obviously, she killed him.

    Police, do your job go and investigate this murder!

  21. Lia says:

    How is it that this twat continues to get press? She even added a hand-written addendum to the will making herself the sole recipient of Coleman’s money, according to news reports, and she actually believes this will fly? What a disgusting human being she is.

  22. Kathy says:

    Shannon Price wants Garys inheritance I
    I hope the judge look into the 911 calls. I’m suprise on the 911 she was more calmer if it were me I would not have been calm at all. Shannon shame on you for having the photos publish that is out of rescept for Gary and his friends. How could She claim to loved Gary and have someone to take the picture of him lying in the hospital bed dying. She is a very sick person

  23. Kathy says:

    Their is no autopsy on Gary? Sorry to say this. She is covering up something. When it gos to court the judge should order an autopsy on Gary no matter what she says or not. We all want to know what happended to Gary..RIP Gary

  24. jan says:

    she’s a horrible human being

  25. Almirah says:

    She was arrested in 2009 for domestic violence ——

    This bitch is capable of hurting/killing Gary.