Diddy gets defensive about baby-mamas & giving his kids extravagant gifts

Photo by: Suzan/AAD/starmaxinc.com  2010  6/10/10 P. Diddy at a photocall to promote the single Hello Good Morning . (London, England)  Photo via Newscom

Bossip previewed P. Diddy’s Nightline interview, and this sh-t is too good to pass up. ABC released a 10-minute long clip of the interview, done by Martin Bashir (below), and the whole thing is worth a watch. However, if you just want to see the part where Diddy gets defensive about his six kids, his three baby-mamas, the extravagant gifts he buys his kids (like the $300,000-plus Mayback he bought for his son‘s 16th birthday), and whether he should be considered a role model, just go to the six-minute mark and watch it get good (full Nightline article here):

Here are some of the quotes:

“Marriage for me is something that I see differently than a lot of people,” Diddy said.

“Based on what I see out here, I don’t see it as a commitment. I don’t know a lot of people that are married are happy. Ninety percent of the people that I speak to that are married are miserable. Ninety percent of the men I know that are married, they are not really as committed. … And also my background, I never grew up seeing that. … My mother never had a man around us. My father was killed when I was 3. So just based on the way what I was accustomed to, I wasn’t well-versed in that.”

I asked Diddy about what Barack Obama, then a senator, said on Father’s Day almost two years ago, about how children who grow up without a father are nine times more likely to drop out of school and 20 times more likely to end up in prison.

Might Diddy be setting a bad example, by being a man with multiple children who have multiple mothers?

“I think it depends on how you look at it,” Diddy said. “All of my kids are well taken care of. They all go to the best schools. … All of the mothers are taken care of financially, and I’m there for my children as a father.

It’s true that Diddy takes care of his family financially. For his 16th birthday, he bought his son Justin a Maybach car worth almost $400,000. Was that appropriate?

“I think its appropriate to give my kids whatever I want to give my kids,” he said. “I feel the way I raise my children, I don’t have to explain to you or anyone else, ’cause nobody knows the way I raise my children. So nobody knows the lessons that I’ve taught my children to understand, if they are mentally ready for that.”

Does he think giving a teenager such an expensive car was a valuable lesson about money?

“It wasn’t even about a lesson; it’s what I wanted to do,” he said. “I could do whatever I want to do and you can’t question me about it.”

[From Nightline]

There’s more juicy stuff earlier in the interview too, where Bashir is questioning Diddy’s street-cred, whilst simultaneously asking Diddy if he had anything to do with Tupac’s death. Diddy says: “Of course, I feel the loss of my friends… I feel the loss of Tupac … and I feel the loss of African-Americans. … Not just African-Americans, but anyone who has died with guns.”

My take? I think Diddy is a very smart businessman, and there’s nothing wrong with that, and he shouldn’t have to apologize for selling himself (or selling out) the way that he has. But what’s funny is that Diddy wants to have it all – he wants to be seen as a smart businessman, someone who hasn’t sold out at all, someone is still hardcore and “gangster” all while simultaneously putting himself out there as a nice, decent family man. Diddy, king of branding, needs some help with his own branding issues.

Photo by: Genesis/starmaxinc.com 2010  6/6/10 P. Diddy at the MTV Movie Awards. (Universal City, CA) Photo via Newscom

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  1. bite me says:

    hmmm, diddy was never a “gangster” however he is a user… jesus help the children

  2. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    He irritates me.

  3. Jeri says:

    He comes across as ignorant & entitled. Hope the mommies teach the kiddies better.

  4. yourmom says:

    It looks like Diddy’s goatee had a little help form Just for Men. It looks painted on!

    Speaking of goatee help, watch Pirates of the Caribbean on HD. Orlando has a lot of that facial hair drawn on- it’s hilarious!

  5. MoMo says:

    God Bashir is annoying to listen to doing interviews, and I’m not a Diddy fan.

  6. Sincerity says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the mother of Notorious BIG (Biggie Smalls) wrote an interesting book a couple of years ago about her experiences and impressions within the Rap/Hip Hop music arena. She was not very impressed with P Diddy at all.

    I certainly agree that it’s his right to do whatever he pleases with his money in regards to his children; however, if he does not want anyone judging him about his choices, he should really take lessons from Jay-z and keep his family affairs “on the down low”. Everyone knows what he does simply because he enjoys “broadcasting” his entire life like a “neon sign”. If he prefers to go through life as a “libertine”, so be it! Of course, if he does not feel comfortable justifying his personal choices then why is he discussing these personal topics in the first place? It’s a well known fact that Martin Bashir “takes no prisoners” when he interviews his guests. Diddy should have saw that one coming and I don’t feel sorry for his discomfort.

  7. Slymm27 says:

    Well, Diddy is spot on about marriage. No man can ever be faithfull and commited to any one woman, so whats the point? And yes, its his damn money, he can buy the world and give to his son, and its nobody’s biz.

  8. annaloo says:

    Why, in this world, are idiots rewarded?

  9. RHONYC says:


    i mean did paris hilton’s dad get questioned for buying her an expensive 6-figure car for her 16th birthday?

    what bullsh%t questioning. give me a break.

    these are the children of the ‘wealthy’. this is how they do.

    get over that raggedy-a$$ed pinto you had to drive when you were a teen.

    you are not on the same level, duh-duh.


  10. Sha says:

    I have to agree with RHONYC and others- WTF cares how much he spent on a car for his son, with his $, whom he is responsible for and takes care of? Bill Cosby he is not- but is he any different from any other wealthy hollywood celebrity dad we see today? No.

  11. Eileen Yover says:

    He’s an egomaniac and he is raising little egomaniacs. My Super Sweet 16 is my closet reality show I watch and I saw his son’s bday party and it and the kid were ridiculous! It was nauseating. And it had nothing to do with the price tag-the kid was so full of himself. I would be horrified if I saw my kid talking and acting like that.

  12. Kim says:

    The OLD statistic of boys without fathers being more likely to go to jail comes from olden days when mostly poor, minority women had kids and the fathers chose to not be involved in the kids life. Now everyone is having kids as single parents. You have rich celebs providing for their kids like 2 parent families cant do so that old adage is outdated. The statistics of kids raised in single parent households now versus 20 years ago are vastly different.

    I dont agree with buying a 16 year old a Bentley simply because you can. This gives the child nothing to aspire to on his own and does nothing positive for the child except give them immediate gratification. I think it hurts the child in long run when they grow up and dont make the money their father makes and cant afford these things and cant understand why since as a child they were handed everything on a silver platter. It also seems Diddy does it for an ego boost – like see what i bought my kid.

  13. qb says:

    Did they ask him , how he is going to explain to his daughters(twins and another girl) why they were born only a couple of months apart.

  14. juliana says:

    Another paste-eating, mouth-breather…

  15. BReedy says:

    E-w-w-w-w! He is SO ghetto and always will be. Money doesn’t buy class and obviously does not buy intelligence. He’s a creep.

  16. piedlourde says:

    He’s a mouth breather!

  17. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Haha @ all the mouth breather comments.

  18. Mistral says:

    Once again, the rich will do what they please. Personally, I don’t think it’s smart for rich kids to get stuff like that. Better to learn the value of money before getting your hands on it.

  19. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Forget luxury vehicles, this man is staging an all-out War on Syntax. Home-Breather comes from the Don King school of interviewee gobbledygook that makes a listener or reader wonder, ‘was that even a sentence?’ Heck, Judge Joe Brown does it a lot too. Joe, I’m sure you’re great, but stop it with the ‘suchlike’. What is that?

    If he never wants to get married, fine by me and everyone, but did he really have to say that his reasoning behind it was because shrieking harridans rob men of their life essence? Thought I was watching Dr. Strangelove there for a minute. Maybe it’s discussed in more detail somewhere else, and he can talk about his own experiences, but clearly the guy who buys his kid luxury items and provides the best schooling imaginable is an exceptional case. Then again, since that is the case, maybe he’s not a good case study.

    True, they’re his kids and he can raise them as he pleases– a father can certainly do worse. But don’t come creeping about our coops when those chicken come home to roost.

  20. emma says:

    well i know billionaires who are way richer than Diddy and they didn’t get their kids maybachs or any 6 figure car. there’s such a thing about teaching kids the value of money and work ethic. he’s right though, it’s his money and he can do whatever he wants. however, by broadcasting his activities he is inviting criticism. personally, when i turned 16, i got a old mercedes – was i happy about it? no, not really. of course i wanted a new sports car – but hey i was 16, spoiled and materialistic. but as my dad always says, it’s car, it’s job is to get you from point a to point b, if it does that, then it’s fine. Ironically, it’s what I’m now telling my youngest sister who recently turned 16 and desperately wants a new car. Looking back, I’m glad my parents didn’t buy me a new car…

  21. joselizette06njPhillyTri-State says:

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    or slyy WRONG”maybe your a scorn woman or a wanna be player male but ALL men like i am a MAN real dude niggaz straight up can be LOYAL FAITHFUL 1 WOMAN MAN straight up i have SAME wife to be for THREE long and great healthy years i can see us married i ask her last year so again bottom line is i am faithful look GREAT and CLEAN no std and i love being FAITHFUL as my boyz in nj to philly tri state ny ct. straight up so i take offense as ALL men cant be at all faithful.your just meetin wrong peep as GREAT BRANDIN BIZ/PRODUCER p diddy who still look barely late 20s as i am in my late twenties,p-diddy just talk bout again MEN WHO HE KNOW ASSOCIATE WIT SO I SEE WHY he turn out as he is with women again look at the word body movement as he say it”MEN he say he around and or know”again YOUR the product of your ENVIRONMENT PEOPLE nuff said. this is jose fine lookin MATURE loyal nigga born raise in straight hood of philadelphia now in surburban nj near by.and we are happier then ever LOYAL IN LOVE FAITHFUL REAL PROVIDER NO MAMA BOY
    = A REAL MAN somethin i m not sure many are now a days but i surround myself with real women/real men= REAL LOVE

  22. Ruffian9 says:

    Slymm27: Uh, no, he’s not correct.

  23. Solveig says:

    I’m wondering why he’s still relevant…

  24. Missfit says:

    I’m not a big Diddy fan, but I can relate and I understand in a way what’s he saying. (As for me)…I’m not a wealthy person, no, but I do try to give my kids my best and whatever I can. And if I were as rich as Diddy, I might be doing the same. My dad says I spoil my kids too much, but I’ll be like…DAD…you spoiled me too when I was a kid,lol. I’m basically trying to be the kind of mother to my kids that my mom wasn’t to me and I try to give them the things I hardly had and would have liked as a child. I am a very involved parent in their activities and I want to teach them right from wrong, I also want to try to teach them it’s ok to buy name brand stuff or cheap stuff. All we can do as parents, is the best we can, there are no perfect parents. What I also like to do is donate lots of things to charity, and I can only hope that most of these WEALTHY celebs do the same, considering they have so much more money…you can’t forget where you came from. I do like and appreciate the genuine down to earth celebs who have a heart to be considerate in charities, humanitarian work or what not, not the ones who do it for show or pretend.

  25. CB Rawks says:

    “It wasn’t even about a lesson; it’s what I wanted to do,” he said. “I could do whatever I want to do and you can’t question me about it.”

    The child will take a lesson from it though, as I’m sure Diddy will eventually notice.

  26. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    Good thing he’s rich. His kids will need the best defense attorneys.

  27. palomino says:

    I can’t stand this man. His talent for fakery and eagerness to prey on other people has made him a multimillionaire. Punk ass puffy is a punk.

  28. Moocow says:

    @annaloo – hells yes! Why?!

    I hate this douche, fucking egomaniac, tacky bastard.

  29. cprincess says:

    Hes an irritating tedious dickhead who has no class even though he thinks hes so smooth and as far as Im concerned he happened to be around at the right time and in the right place.
    As for buying the kid a Bentley-yeah he can buy what he wants when he wants for whoever he wants but by doing that it shows what an idiot he really is because the rich who have style and class would never do something like that.
    I actually like the way JayZ carries himself as well-we all know his history but he shows such restraint and discipline in the way he acts-he seems really cool-take note puff daddy/diddy or whatever you call yourself…

  30. Slymm27 says:

    @Ruffian9. He isn’t correct about what exactly? Marriage? Sorry, but he is very correct about that, its a farce, and no man on earth is capable of staying faithfull, so wtf? And yes he is correct about giving his son anything he wants, its his money. @Rhonyc, you took the words out of my mouth.

  31. poopie says:

    more worthless human flesh doing nothing but what he wants WHEN he wants and YOU can’t do NUTHIN’ ‘BOUT it. god only knows why anyone listens to or CARES about these uneducated overrated overpaid douche bags

  32. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Pretty petulant response to the inquiries about the car. ‘Wahhh, me wantee’. You’d almost forget that they were talking about someone else. Whatever, his money, his legacy.

    I just don’t see how he can presume to talk about all men as if they’re just this undifferentiated monolith enslaved to the reptilian sections of their brains. Perhaps not seeing it as a commitment, or pawning off all the reasons for failures in a relationship on women because ‘that’s what you get for making us act against our true nature and trapping us’ is too facile, mean-spirited and smacks of the preemptive ‘get out of jail free’ card. If long term commitment isn’t your thing, why get yourself into a situation wherein you’re legally bound to a woman for a long, long time in the form of child support?

    Why paint so many people with the same broad brushstroke? If we’re to base our opinions on the examples given to us by him we could deduce:

    -seeing something differently from most people and taking the same view as millions upon millions upon millions of other people are identical phenomena. What, is he going to say he invented purple now?

    -all rappers have got flow weaker than newborn pixie piss. ‘Uh, uh, yeah’. Yeah, we GOT it, move along.

    -the closing of the mouth for more than five seconds at a stretch causes the most bilious of humours to be trapped within the body, leaving it primed to set off the radar of a nearby and concupiscent cockatrice. Evade that, Jack.

  33. georgiagrl says:

    People can do what they want with their earnings, the larger concern I have with him, and millions of men like him is this; It takes more than child support, expensive gifts,and weekly/ bi monthly visitation to make a “good father’ And when men and women stop these foolish, selfish choices they make and put children first, then we improve this World. Just cause you can afford children outside of marriage doesn’t make it any better for the kids. Real fathers are there at 3 am for feedings, nightmares, vomiting ect
    And I don’t even have kids!

  34. Cheyenne says:

    If it was my kid, he’d go out and get a summer job and learn how to earn some money before he got to spend any. But he’s not my kid, and it’s not my money, and Diddy has a right to spend HIS money on HIS kid any way he wants to.

  35. Kitten says:

    @ Jo Mama-FANTASTIC and so well-said.
    I agree that Diddy is no different than any rich-ass Mofo that spoils their kids in lieu of showing love and genuine interest in their lives. All I can say is-thank god he wasn’t my father. I would take good-old fashioned fathering over a Mayback any effin day of the week. Not surprised he’s a Fakers fan either..ugh…

  36. Camille says:

    Can’t stand him.

  37. Charlesyme says:

    Slymm27,u r wrong…u dnt trust yrself dats y u cant trust a guy.learn to trust.we ve got gud guys out de…believe it or not

  38. badunkadunk says:

    When is Diddles going to go flat broke?

    tick tock tick tock

  39. Mairead says:

    oh f*ck off “John” John, you tedious wanker!

    @Emma – interesting comment. I regularly visit a forum which looks at deaths of members of a certain social networking group. The one scary thing is the sheer number of teenagers who die in car crashes; most go too fast for the road conditions, some are under the influence, and many – a scary number actually – don’t wear seatbelts. Chances are that that old Merc would be far safer than a sportscar in a crash and maybe even save your life.

    The thing about the Maybach is that it’s best to be driven in, because of the gizmos in the back. Sure it has a big engine, but the real genius is the technology and his son won’t be able to appreciate it fully if he’s driving. He actually probably would be better off with a Bentley, or even a second-hand Merc, ironically enough

  40. ogechi says:

    Love him. My father treated us same way but he is not as rich as diddy though but I drove cars, lived in a little posh house, had so much that most of my mates couldn’t before the age of 20. Then became responsibly independent at the age of 23 till now, so it depends on how the parent[s].

  41. Jimmy Anthony says:

    Diddy is extremely talented but that’s where it ends. He is certainly not a father. Why do you think he feels he has to buy his kids expensive gifts? Sure diddy doesn’t have to justify to anyone what he buys his kids or how many kids he has or who he has kids with…Diddy just provides a perfect example of being a bad father and even worse member of society. Without his money, he really is nothing. I feel sorry for the guy. He’ll either die rich and lonely or dead and broke. It’s obvious which way he’ll end up.

  42. emma says:

    @mairhead, you’re right maybach are supposed to be ridden not driven. people who have maybach generally have drivers, they don’t drive the car themselves.

  43. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Thanks, Kitten.

    It’s interesting to think of the future. Assumimg his kids grow up, pursue marriage or don’t, and have children it’ll be interesting to see how the dynamics change. I’m assuming heterosexual relationships or encounters since pregnancy is the issue. We’re still living in a world in which it is seen as a matter of course for men, even very young ones to have multiple sexual relationships or encounters. I don’t know who creates these hologram women, since all of the ones around men are expected to be blushing virgins. Everything’s ‘I’m okay, you’re okay’ until somebody gets pregnant, which is often when a parent’s conservative stripes could exhibit themselves. Unmarried kids, multiple parents of said kids, whatever. I’m not saying that it’s bound to happen, but it’s not uncommon and it’s usually at the moment you see your own juvenile patterns taken up by your kids that you realize that all of your puffed up macho posturing made for a legacy of overgrown and feckless boys and girls. No one wants to see the apple rotting not far from the tree, and it’s not just in relation tangible things where you find yourself in a ‘buy now, pay later’ situation.

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  45. Alison says:

    As anyone who is defending P.Diddy’s actions seen his son’s behaviour. If it wasn’t his fault, I would have felt sorry for Diddy. I can’t help but think the kid is damaged behold repair.