Chace Crawford formally charged with possession, could do 6 months in jail

41241, PLANO, TEXAS - Friday June 4, 2010. Actor Chace Crawford was arrested by Texas police in the early morning of June 4th 2010 and charged with possession of less than two ounces of marijuana. The 24-year-old Gossip Girl star was booked into the local Plano jail on the misdemeanor charge before bonding out. Disclaimer: BWP Media Inc and their brand Pacific Coast News does not claim any Copyright or License in the attached material. Any downloading fees charged by BWP Media Inc and their brand Pacific Coast News are for its services only, and do not, nor are they intended to convey to the user any Copyright or License in the material. By publishing this material , the user expressly agrees to indemnify and to hold BWP Media Inc and their brand Pacific Coast News harmless from any claims, demands, or causes of action arising out of or connected in any way with user's publication of the material.

Last Friday, the cops in Plano, Texas caught themselves one of the most horrible crimals in the country – Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford. The crime? Chace had one joint on him. He wasn’t smoking it or anything, he just had a joint in his pocket (Chace’s story: there was a joint in the car that he was sitting in). The cops arrested him and hauled his pretty-boy ass in, so now we have this skuzzy-yet-pretty mug shot. I think Chace is about to throw up a gang sign! *Clutches pearls* Anyway, today, Friday the 11th, Texas formally charged Chace with one misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana. Guess what kind of sentence comes with one misdeamenor possession charge in Texas? Six f-cking months at most. Can you believe that?

Chace Crawford was charged on Friday with a misdemeanor charge of pot possession, TMZ reports. The 24-year-old Gossip Girl star could face up to six months behind bars.

Crawford was busted with a pal in a car parked outside a pub in his hometown of Plano, Texas on June 4; police discovered an unlit marijuana joint.

“He is pissed,” an insider told Us Weekly immediately after the arrest. “He wasn’t smoking, the pot was in the car and it was his friend’s.”

Yet an old frat brother of the actor’s from Pepperdine University says the star indulged back in the day. “In college, we use to cut class and go lie on the beach and smoke weed,” the pal says. “It sucks that he got arrested!”

[From Us Weekly]

Meanwhile, Lindsay is doing lines of cocaine mixed with Ritalin and Adderall in between shots of Stoli and tweeting her ass off on probation. And Chris Brown is off somewhere, coloring in his map of the country of Europe. Honestly, if Chace was charged in another state, I think he would get away with probation or some minor jail time, if he was charged at all. But it’s Texas – something tells me that some prosecutor somewhere in Plano is thinking about “making an example.” I never thought I’d say this, but I feel for Chace, and this whole incident does make me like him a lot more. Poor kid! And before anyone cries double-standard, look – Chace isn’t some crackhead like Lohan. Before this incident, I thought he was totally vanilla and goody-two-shoes. And it really does seem like he truly wasn’t doing anything. Eh.

NEW YORK - MAY 20: Actor Chace Crawford attends the 2010 The CW Network UpFront at Madison Square Garden on May 20, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

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  1. audrey says:

    Please. These guys never have to do more that 30 min in jail.

  2. Melanie says:

    Clutches pearls! LOLOL! Kaiser rocks!
    I love this mug shot though, it brings out the cougar in me. RAWR! Texas sucks.

  3. javagirl1 says:

    For a joint??? that’s ridiculous!

  4. Eileen Yover says:

    Don’t mess with Texas baby! They are the most right-winged conservatives out there…in a state with lots of money and power.
    But…seriously? One joint? I thought they wrote tickets for that? I lived in Durango for two years and people smoke pot on the streets and police don’t care. It was growing in the backyard of the rent house I was living in…it grows wild everywhere there. What can you do???

  5. Eileen Yover says:

    Oh on another note…who volunteers to get a job as Lindsay’s assistant and convince her to move to Texas?? She’d be in jail for life!

  6. Ruby Red Lips says:

    god even if he was smoking a joint 6 months!!??? C’mon thats ridiculous!

    Speaking of Lindsay, I think she is a Deity in the respect that she is lawless and lives her life above the rules of human decency and morals basically doing and behaving exactly how she wants with her adoring subjects (read delusional fans)

  7. mslewis says:

    There is some prosecutor in Plano County, TX wanting to make a name for himself so he can run for higher office. That’s the story in a nutshell!! It’s just too bad Chace got caught up in this sh!t.

    I don’t think he’ll spend six months in jail but this will cost him a lot of money for lawyers and possibly a couple of weekends in jail. It sucks but that’s Texas!! You couldn’t pay me to live there.

  8. Fae says:

    COULD be sentenced to 6 months. Chances of that happening really? Probably not high (and damn right too, a joint’s hardly the end of the world).

  9. Mistral says:

    Wow. That’s harsh.

  10. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    He isn’t going to do 6 months in jail. He will get a fine and 2-3 yrs probation and probably community service for a first offense.

    When they say 6 months jail, that is the worst he could get, but the attny’s will do their job and he won’t be doing time.

  11. Carrie says:

    Well, he won’t do time, and he’ll have to pay a fine and be on probation.

    However…the good citizens of Texas will be paying for the court costs for prosecuting/plea bargaining this crime, so a big WIN for Texans!!!

    Here in Oregon we are closing down the courts on Fridays because there isn’t any money to keep them opem and letting real offenders (people with serious DUIs, assaults, burglaries, etc.) out of jail with 30 minute sentences because the jails are so underfunded and understaffed that they can’t be incarcerated.

    [Steps away from my prosecutor’s soapbox]

    The money wasted on these types of charges makes me so angry, because it takes away from the crimes that really need to be prosecuted.

  12. Melanie says:

    This is exactly why the will not legalize pot. Look at all the fees! oh, and you can grow it in a ditch with no water.

  13. iriD says:

    I live less than an hour from Plano (btw, mslewis, it’s Collin County, Plano is the town)and it’s highly unlikely that he’ll have to serve any time for having an unlit joint. Is it a bastion of conservatives and rednecks? Sure. And Plano is a very upscale, pearl clutching kind of city. But 6 months is the maximum. As long as he has no priors or anything he should get out of this relatively unscathed, maybe overnight in jail and some community service. Although the thought of taking a little drive and visiting him in jail… I gotta say it’s appealing. 😉

  14. Kelaa Khaa says:

    This is as bad as what is happening to Marc Emery who is in solitary for selling seeds. The Texans and Stephen Harper should all get together with a big hookah and a couple of ounces and maybe they would make better decisions.

  15. Oi says:

    The 6 months is the MAX sentence. He’s going to get a fine. Big deal. There are varying degrees of ‘misdemeanor’.

  16. Trillion says:

    Stupid law. But loads of easy $$$ for the powers that be- that’s what is important here. There’s not a hint of “serving and protecting” going on.
    Why is our prison system privatized and profit-driven? That is an outrage. And that is the root of this situation.

  17. M says:

    I doubt he will actually get jail time. Celebrities always get off pretty easy.

  18. original kate says:

    mandatory minimums are so ridiculous. chace crawford can go to jail for 6 months for posession of a joint but charlie sheen goes to jail for a few weeks for beating his wife in front of their kids? what about DUIs? they generally don’t go to jail at all, just pay a fine. our legal system is whack.

  19. Lucy says:

    Wasn’t Lohan supposedly working for 6 months in Texas at some point in time according to her? Let’s let her off on this current stuff, send her ass to Texas and see what happens. May never have to see her pathetic ass again.

  20. Dallas says:

    He “could” get 6 months in jail (that is the law) but he won’t. I am certain that he will have a damn good lawyer and he will plead “no contest” which, is neither a plead of guilty or not guilty. He will pay a hefty fine to the “city” and might be on probation………he will receive Defferred Adjudication!

    Melanie…….have you ever been to the state of Texas?

  21. Mika says:

    This is ridiculous. I feel so bad for him. In Texas it’s your right to waltz around with a gun, but Jesus forbid you smoke a doob.

  22. Vibius says:

    Nice to see that freedom is alive in Texas

  23. fee says:

    This does seem to be a tad nuts, but as someone who is from Texas, can we back off of the state just a tad? As someone else pointed out, our entire legal system as a country is out of whack. Violent offenders often serve less time than non-violent ones.

  24. gen says:

    This country is ridiculous. You can buy alcohol at a drive-thru(in LA) but you can’t smoke a plant. LEGALIZE IT & FREE CHACE!!!

  25. hmmm says:

    OH Kaiser come on now. I get the Lohan stuff & totally agree on all that but seriously you think Chace is goodie two shoes?lol. This whole story stinks but its just too too convienent to go with his new movie coming out playing a very similar part. Chace really doesn’t even have anything seriously happening these days either.. he needs attention & publicity. Cabo & the oh so posed pics were just the beginning. Two weekends in a row we get Crawfords looking for some PR.
    Chace is not going to jail & we all know it. Very Ritzy area he was caught in so really the question is what was going on that the cops thought was suspicious in the first place for the cops to approach the car. Were the cops tipped off & if so why & what was then going on in the bar. Who was the friend that was supposed in the car also. Thsi story is not about drugs & Chace there is a whole other story here too..
    MONEY wil talk & Chace will walk guarenteed. Its all Bullshit.

  26. Strawberry says:

    Oof… every time I see his mug shot I think there’s some manscaping needed in that eyebrow area. Stat.

  27. Isa says:

    Before there were people complaining that it would be a waste of tax payer’s money, now there are complaints about a profit being made?!?!
    Anyway, I just have to agree to disagree with most of the opinions, I’m in the minority. 🙂

    Supposedly the GG cast parties pretty hard.

    I still can’t believe no one just swallowed the thing!!! Haha.
    He will probably just get a fine and pick up some trash for a few days.

  28. ChinaCat says:

    I did 30 days in a county jail for ATTEMPTING to buy marijuana… in Seattle, f*cking, Washington… with a f*cking medical deferral for cancer… guess I wasn’t famous enough…

  29. mln says:

    @fee Texas has a particularly bad legal system for instance more people on death row than any other country in the world Texas deserves derision but I am sure you are a very nice person 🙂

  30. poopie says:

    Hey Mika – it’s not just in TEXAS do you have the right to carry a gun, READ THE CONSTITUTION –

  31. Beth says:

    For people saying he’s going to get off easy, that’s LA. I don’t know what the sentencing would be in most states but to get a max of 6 months seems very severe. I would have thought a ticket or probation at most considering it wasn’t even in his possession or lit. Which leads me to believe the book will be thrown at Chase, especially since it’s Texas. It would be ironic if he served more time than Lindsay and Charlie Sheen considering they have had numerous arrests and convictions.

  32. berkie says:

    6 mos in jail for a joint? This is the problem with american legal system, good grief, keep the rapist and pedaphiles in jail, the pot smokers really do they need to waste space in jail, Uh NO! how stupid!!!

  33. berkie says:

    Remind me to NEVER go to Texas. probably legal to kill and shoot a mexican but don’t have a joint.

  34. malachais says:

    @Berkie. That was a really ignorant comment. Any time a celebrity is convicted/arrested for a crime, the news outlet will provide the maximum sentence for the crime in question. MOST of the time (especially if the accused doesn’t have priors), will get probation. Even better chance when they a lawyer.

    Most states have these types of legal consequences, so it is kind of silly to assume Texas is the ONLY state to strict penalties for drug offenses.

  35. Ariana says:

    Why? One joint? Unbelievable. Move to Canada. We’re more liberal and don’t throw people in jail for something this ridiculous. Law enforcement needs to focus on more important things than this.

  36. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Malachais is right, the laws in Texas are not that different than anywhere else. Don’t get so hysterical over what was printed as the MAXIMUM he could do.

    Frankly, I think it is great that these Hollywood types are being treated like the rest of us peons would be.

    If I were caught with a joint, I would be in trouble, and so should he.

    I was caught years ago, with a small amount of pot, and I received probation and a fine. It’s the law.I was punished.

    People are mad about the laws, well do something to change them.

  37. Trillion says:

    Isa, why do you “just have to disagree”? For the sake of disagreeing? Have you put thought into this? Do you think it’s OK for our tax money, which pays for police to protect and serve, to be wasted on victimless crime like this? Do you think it’s OK for the judicial system to incarcerate pot smokers like criminals so they prison system investors can continue profiting from this sham?

  38. Raven says:

    Calm down people. I live in TN. While not as redneck as Texas, it’s close. I have had friends busted for smoking pot or having a little on them. They usually pay a fine, maybe do a little community service, and take a drug awareness class.

    Maximums are very rarely carried out for a first time offender.

  39. poopie says:

    @BERKIE : and we DON’T WANT YOU in Texas

  40. Lindsay says:

    @Kelaa Khaa- “But in 2005, the U.S. government identified Emery as one of its top 46 drug trafficking targets, The Los Angeles Times reported, and last month he was finally extradited to Seattle.” He must have done more than sell a few seeds. If he is in solitary it is for something he did in prisiion. You aren’t sentenced there by a court. Also, he is NOT in Texas.(

    180 days is standard for this class of misdemeanor and pretty much the same across the country. It isn’t typical, it is the maximum. He will probably plead to a lesser charge; even if he doesn’t it won’t be six months. Also, the prosecutor doesn’t set the maximum.

    @Vibius- Stupid Texas, having laws and enforcing them. They must hate freedom!

    Just because you don’t like the law doesn’t mean you or anyone else are not subject to it. As long as the law continues to exist prosecuting people for breaking it one of the state’s jobs. And for people who believe Lindsay should do six months and Chase shouldn’t; that is exactly why they set a high maximum. Deter and punish repeat offenders more harshly. It is Texas’ right as a state to enforce their laws how they see fit – regardless of how Lindsay or Charlie are being sentenced in other states.

  41. The_Porscha says:

    Good to see there are still people with backwards views of Texas. Although Plano and its county, Collin, are still pretty conservative and probably will be for eternity, there would have to be A LOT of extenuating circumstances for him to get any jail time at all. He’ll likely just get a fine and go on his merry way.

    And I’ve lived in five different Texas counties, and only one of them would’ve arrested you for something like this. In Austin, which is in Travis county, I routinely see people smoking out on front lawns, growing in backyards, trading at concerts, etc, within full view of the public and the police and not a damn thing happens to them. So please stop assuming we’re all just Mayberry down here lookin’ to bust the city folk.

  42. knotstu says:

    Legalise Cannabis Campain
    Join Now !!!
    WE LOVE WEED !!!

    Texas Sucks ass

  43. rightgrrl says:

    never carry more than you can eat, chace!

    …just sayin’

    and i can’t believe that all this is going down in plano, where a few years ago rich high-schoolers were falling over from “cheese” overdoses…plano became the big joke as the heroin capital of the metroplex…
    (i’m from dallas)

  44. Kelaa Khaa says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Berkie is right. Texas has a bloody history. Ride the Wind by Lucia St Clair Robson is a good read, she paints the past with her words and it comes alive.

  45. andrea says:

    that is the prettiest mugshot ever

  46. Lindsay says:

    @Kelaa Khaa- You are kidding right? Berkie’s comment was ignorant and hateful against Texans and Mexicans. Yes Texas has had a bloody history. Other countries including our own have had bloody histories too. It doesn’t mean they condone murdering a particular race. In case you didn’t finish the book Texas won its independence in 1836 and no longer allows people to kill other people with guns, even if God forbid they are Mexican. Texas history is interesting but it is disappointing that even after educating yourself about group of people you are still are promoting ridiculous stereotypes about them.

  47. CT says:

    This is insane. In Ohio, you would get a ticket for something like this…so I hear.

  48. Kitten says:

    I’m not gonna lie-Texas has always seemed kinda scary to me. I know I have no right to think that as I’ve never been but..I think it’s more the Dubya Factor…Would LOVE to go to Austin though 🙂
    Poor Chace…I know he won’t serve any time but still-for a doob?!?! What a joke.

  49. Isa says:

    Trillion- Because I have my opinion and it just so happens to disagree with the majority. It doesn’t make my opinion any more or less valid than others. I can accept that other people have opinions that differ from my own- that’s why I just agree to disagree. I have put thought into this- I read all of the comments and they have been interesting. I tried to see it from their point of view but honestly, weed is not important to me or a part in my life so my opinion isn’t going to change drastically. I do understand that there are some pros to legalization but I still have my reasons for disagreeing. I’m not going to try to convince other people that my opinion is the correct one.

    I do not think that tax money is being wasted on marijuana. I don’t think that every law needs to have a victim to exist. Maybe the law will change one day but until then pot smokers are criminals. I think it’s great that Chace is being treated like everyone else. I just hope that other celebrities cases follow suit.

  50. fee says:

    I’m not saying Texas is a perfect state, but I don’t like it when people who haven’t been there judge it. I’ve been an Army Brat my entire life and let me tell you what: Every state and country I’ve been to all have crazy laws that make you raise your eyebrows. It’s not just Texas. This is just the maximum sentence he could recieve-without any priors, he’ll likely get probation and a fine.

  51. Kitten says:

    @Fee-Sorry if I offended! I agree that I’m really in no position to judge as I’ve never been to Tex. No disrespect intended! I hope I’ll get out there to visit in the next few years and hopefully my preconceived notions will be eradicated 🙂
    BTW, I would feel the same way if peeps were prejudging my state!

  52. Trillion says:

    The punishment does not suit the crime and that is something we should be upset over, whether or not pot is important to us. It’s an issue of justice and fairness and judicious spending of our tax dollars. Plain and simple.

  53. Katija says:

    The Texas defenders are getting WAY too hysterical. Nobody here is dissing TEXANS, they’re expressing their differences with the state of TEXAS. There is a difference. I think Texas is a great state with some great, interesting people. But does it have its fair share of problems? Absolutely! Just like a lot of states.

  54. Isa says:

    I would be upset if I agreed with you. But I don’t so I’m not. Hence the whole – agree to disagree comment.
    The punishment doesn’t fit the crime? Chace is a first time offender (correct?) so he will probably get off with a slap on the wrist. He will probably never see the inside of the county jail. And he isn’t going to prison over this so that the “prison system investors can continue profiting from this sham.”


  55. ligeia says:

    haha just one more reason to dislike texas.

  56. fee says:

    Katija-I don’t actually see anyone getting hysterical.

  57. Trillion says:

    The punishment, which according to this article is a maximum of 6 months in jail, does not suit the crime of possession of one joint. What ultimately may or may not happen to this individual is not the point. And if you don’t think people with small possession charges like this are not in jail, you’d be wrong. Jails are overcrowded with this and it’s disgusting. All in the name of money. Not protecting or serving the tax paying public in any way.


  58. Jeri says:

    Plano, TX is not LA/Hollywood CA. Not saying he’ll do time but I don’t think they let people go after 45 minutes there.

  59. Jeri says:

    @ChinaCat – Feel your pain – I’m from Seattle & almost put in my above post – “LA/Hollywood is not Plano or Seattle” but didn’t think anyone would care about Seattle.

  60. Isa says:

    See, I’m trying to see from your point of view, but I still don’t agree. I am trying to be nice but you just seem intent on arguing.
    Why can’t you just accept that I have a diffent opinion?
    Getting drugs off the street= protecting and serving the public in my book.

  61. Isa says:

    And with that last comment, I’m done.

    Will not be checking this thread again so don’t waste your energy. Have a great day 🙂