Nicole Richie pissed that Paris is touring with band while she’s home

Paris Hilton is on tour with her boyfriend Benji Madden’s band Good Charlotte, but the fiance of his twin brother and band mate is stuck home with their newborn baby. That may be her choice, but Star Magazine says it’s not and that Nicole Richie is super pissed that frenemy Paris gets to tag along while she’s left holding the baby:

Sources confirm to Star that Nicole was devastated when Joel informed her she would not be coming on the tour. She previously hit the road with the band, even while heavily pregnant, so she assumed this time was no different. She had even begun interviewing nannies to help her with daughter Harlow.

“Nicole begged Joel to let her tag along, but he refused to put the baby through that much traveling,” says a friend of hers. “He thinks a rock tour is no place for a newborn and has put his foot down.”

One insider says Nicole tried to make her case for coming by insisting she was nervous about being away from Joel, 29, for so long and that she was worried about caring for Harlow without his help.

But another source says Nicole, 26, is really just upset that Paris Hilton – who has been dating Joel’s twin brother, Benji, since February – is crashing the tour. And Nicole knows that wherever Paris, 27, goes, there’s usually trouble. “Nicole is livid!” says another source. “The thought of Paris on the road influencing Joel makes her skin crawl. Nicole doesn’t trust Paris as far as she can throw her.

[From Star Magazine, print edition, April 7, 2008]

You can see this being the case even if Star Magazine’s sources all happen to be staffers. It’s got to be hard to be apart from your partner right after you have a baby, and going on tour with a nanny seems preferable to staying home. It’s possible that Benji and Joel didn’t really talk about the fact that Paris was tagging along and that Joel decided that Nicole should stay home before he realized that Paris would be stealing his band’s thunder.

When my husband and I were watching “Wetten, Das?” with Paris on Saturday, he asked “isn’t it bad publicity for Good Charlotte to be associated with Paris Hilton? Like doesn’t that demean their integrity as a band?” It kind of does. They may not be sleeping with tons of groupies but we know at least one of them thinks with his dick.

Paris Hilton is shown clutching her chin after she took a fall earlier in the day on the cobblestones in Prague. The story is that “they were mobbed by fans and photographers, calling Paris to fall to the ground.” Thanks to WENN for these photos.

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  1. geronimo says:

    “The story is that “they were mobbed by fans and photographers, calling Paris to fall to the ground.”

    Come on, a mob of pissed off Germans tried to run her out of town and/or beat her to death. You know that’s what really happened. Fans my ass.

    Re Nicole, can’t blame her if this is true. Any extended contact with Paris is bound to be toxic and irreversable.

  2. cc says:

    geronimo, lmfao….That being said, I agree with you.

  3. geronimo says:

    A mob of pissed off *CZECH REPUBLICANS!

  4. iheartlasagne says:

    What integrity is there to demean? They are sucky poseurs, a lame shitty band, and they all deserve each other. Oh, heaven forbid that Nicole should stay home with her new baby for more than a day in lieu of traipsing around the world. Bunch of Douches. They all make me ill!

  5. slacker chic says:

    ha ha i heartlasagne you made me laugh! those douchebags all deserve each other.

  6. OXA says:


  7. Kattybitch says:

    If the band was any form of puedo-punk to begin with neither one of these guys should be rubbing noses with celebubrats to begin with. THey kinda just ruined whatever underground points they had stashed in their jean pocket with the cocaine dust.

  8. neelyo says:

    They always seemed like a pretty disposable band. This tour will probably be their last.

    I love the idea of angry villagers with pitchforks and torches running Paris out of town, but the fact that she fell over one of her own massive gunboat feet will suffice.

  9. anni says:

    in fact, she did not only fall on the cobblestones, but in a restaurant too, benji almost stepped on her head. i kinda wish he had. gee, i don´t wann be that mean. hm.

  10. geronimo says:

    I think that wonk eye and those ginormous gunboat feet are finally rebelling. Even they’ve had enough and have united in a ‘silence Paris permanently’ pact.

  11. StoatBoat says:


    SO TRUE. GC is one of the absolute shittiest bands in existence. They are just generic pop-punk for the masses of tweens who blindly swallow anything the music industry puts out, so it’s not like they’ve ever had any integrity to lose. Ugh, I hate that band!

    As for Nicole…I don’t think she really wants that baby now that it’s here, and she’s beginning to see that parenthood requires sacrifices and hard work. I think she just liked the publicity and the attention, and didn’t realize that she would actually have to *gasp* be a PARENT FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE! I don’t think she thought that Harlow (God, what a terrible name) would cramp her style. What an idiot. That poor, poor baby. Can you imagine having those two as parents? But it would be nice if Nicole went on tour with them, and left the baby at home, then the tour bus went over a cliff and killed Parasite, Nicole, and GC. That would be AWESOME, and that poor baby would be way better off without those two retards in her life. Harsh, yes, but it would still be fantastic!

  12. Bleh says:

    Please stop posting pics and stories about that waste-of-space, talentless skeeze. We don’t care about Paris, and you are only feeding the monster. If you stop talking about it, it won’t get to feed off the attention that sustains it. We want it to die!!

    How about you post those latest pics of Nicole out with her baby, Tobey Maguire’s wife/baby, and some other chick who is holding THE CUTEST little boy I’ve ever seen…

  13. Rianna says:

    stoatboat… that was my first thought when i read this story too. i was not automatically thinking about how paris is “stealing the bands thunder” but how nicole is being a whiney little bitch for wanting to go on tour with a what? 5 week old baby maybe?
    how selfish could you be. harlow would be much safer and happier at home where she can sleep in her own bed and settle down in the comfort of her own surroundings, not getting dragged around like a mishapen doll all over the continental europe. ridiculous.
    i think that nicole is finally seeing that motherhood is not all roses, daisies, cuddles and sunshine. it is hard work, self sacrificing, sleep depriving and generally grueling.. especially those first few months where you and the baby are trying to get into a routine and work each other out.
    although… i do think it is very insensitive of joel to leave now and leave her home alone. perhaps they could have put the tour off until July or August? it would still be lovely weather in europe ( i lived in holland for a couple of years) and harlow will be older and nicole more confident.
    sorry for the long post!

  14. daz says:

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! That really is some harsh stuff there. If that is true in any way at all, I would understand. Well, if he comes home with some valtrex…….

  15. uttoransen says:

    its hard for the celebrities, fans are really uncontrollable when they see a popular face!