Prince Harry prefers the African bush to spending time with his family


These are some new photos of Prince Harry looking dashing in Botswana on Monday. According to The Telegraph, he was there because he was there to do something with his charity, Sentebale in Lesotho, and to help the British High Commission celebrate the Queen’s birthday. These photos are from the birthday celebration, which, honestly, looks rather meager. Like, a bottle of champagne and a cake or something. Harry enjoyed the champagne, though. And he gave a speech about how he prefers Africa to spending time with his family. Ha.

With a girlfriend from Zimbabwe and his own charity in Lesotho, Prince Harry spends as much of his Army leave in southern Africa as he does visiting his family – a fact which has not escaped his father’s attention, he has admitted.

The Prince, who has spent the past month backpacking through some of the area’s national parks, joked about the Prince of Wales’s “worries” about his youngest son’s love affair with Africa as he addressed guests at a reception in Botswana.

Prince Harry and his brother Prince William will spend this week on their first joint official foreign tour, visiting charity projects in Botswana, Lesotho and South Africa before watching England’s crucial World Cup match against Algeria on Friday.

At a reception to mark the Queen’s official birthday, held at the residence of the British High Commissioner to Botswana in Gaborone, Prince Harry said: “Botswana is a country very close to my heart. The fact that I spend more time here than at home worries my father a lot!”

He also poked fun at his brother, who arrives in Botswana tomorrow, saying: “My brother William arrives here tomorrow – unfortunately! This will be the first overseas tour that we’ve been on together. It’s no accident that we so wanted to be here in Botswana in this beautiful country.”

Botswana’s trade minister, Dorcas Makgatho-Malesu, pulled the Prince’s leg about his passion for trekking through some of Botswana’s more remote parkland, saying: “I was wondering when he would come into town, because we often hear that he is somewhere in the bush, so today certainly is a good day for us.”

The princes’ busy schedule for the week includes visits to the Tusk Trust wildlife charity in Botswana, of which Prince William is patron, and to projects in Lesotho run by Sentebale, the charity Prince Harry helped found to educate and support children in one of southern Africa’s poorest countries.

On Saturday the princes will join the England footballer David Beckham at a reception for officials of soccer’s world governing body, FIFA, to promote England’s bid to host the 2018 World Cup.

Prince Harry, who is understood to have spent part of his backpacking holiday with his girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, has funded the cost of his stay himself, while Prince William’s travel costs are being largely funded by the Football Association, of which he is president.

[From The Telegraph]

Did anyone else feel the need to cross their legs with the quote “because we often hear that he is somewhere in the bush”? SOMEWHERE?!? How about just “in the bush” or “getting ready to enter the bush roughly” or “treating the bush with love” or “making sure the bush knows who’s boss”? I get it, I really do. Prince Harry just prefers to spend all of his time in (his girlfriend’s) African bush rather than spend any time with his Dullsville family. Chelsy is a lucky bitch.



Prince Harry, out of the bush in Botswana on June 14, 2010, credit: Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. LisaMarie says:

    His looks have certainly improved as he’s gotten older. I remember when he was a kid and looked just like his dad.

  2. snowball says:

    I’d rather spend time anywhere but with the queen and the rest of them too. Who’d have thought Harry would have grown up into the hottie with an apparent backbone?

  3. Leticia says:

    Yeah, Snowball, I agree.

  4. Bobby the K says:

    Personally, I prefer the Norwegian bush.

  5. Julie says:

    Harry is not the sharpest knife in the block but has so much more spirit than his plodding, dull brother. He’s just more interesting and getting better looking than William every day, regardless of who his father is. Good for Chelsy.

    Wonder if Waity Katie will show up and crash the World Cup party. She doesn’t have anything else to do, after all.

  6. SammyHammy says:

    Interesting. His brother was so good looking as a teenager/young man, and Harry was always-unfortunate in looks department. But how the tables have turned! I still wouldn’t call William ugly, but he certainly has lost his youthful good looks. Harry just keeps getting better and better.

  7. ViktoryGin says:

    Evocative title, indeed. lol.

    I’m sorry, though. Both of them are hard on the eyes.

  8. bellaluna says:

    I have to say I’d rather spend time in Africa than with the royal family. No offence to English posters, but I don’t think my skin can take that much dehydration – and I have been told I possess a very dry wit.

  9. Miranda Ann says:

    Not only does Harry have the backbone to stay as far away from that family as he can but he also has a sense of humor and seems like a nice guy. He has his mother’s sense of charity and caring for others. I hope he eventually moves permanently to Southern Africa, especially if he marries Chelsy. I can’t imagine why anybody would want to spend time with the Royals. What a bunch of useless people.

  10. erika says:

    I agree – he is so much cuter than his brother now! Both of them resemble their mother’s side of the family (thankfully) more than their father’s, though William is starting to look more like Charles … poor kid.

  11. RHONYC says:

    ain’t nothin’ wrong with a lil’ tush-tush-in-tha-bush! lol

  12. truthSF says:

    I remember when Harry and his bro were younger and Princess Diana was still alive, she predicted that while William seems to be the handsome one then, it was Harry that would grow up to be the more handsome son and would attract all the girls. Judging from what we see now, I don’t think anyone can doubt that their mom knew her sons like no one else.

  13. meme says:

    boy howdy harry’s a hot hot hottie!

  14. Obvious says:

    He is gorgeous. I was watching Princess Diaries 2 the other night with my niece, and they showed a picture of Prince William and I was actually shocked by how hot he used to be.

    But now, I will take Harry any day of the week.

  15. Electric says:

    Best headline and lead photo EVER. made my day 🙂

  16. skibunny says:

    he’s so cute

  17. nefer says:

    All jokes aside, Botswana is a lovely country. I spent my teenage years there and lemme tell ya – Botswana is my territory, not Harry’s! (Can you tell I’m jealous that he’s there and I’m not…)

  18. Ruffian9 says:

    Ok, I must be seriously deranged, ’cause I took “African bush” a completely different way…..

    Ok…just read some the other comments…and I’m not alone….

  19. M says:

    I read somewhere that he is not Charles’ son… rather James Hewitt’s, the riding instructor’s who had an affair with Diana. Makes sense, he looks just like him. But William looks a lot like Charles.

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